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Irey sat at the back of the classroom with a frown. She listened to her math teacher groan on about ratios and rubbed her tired eyes. The clock combined with Mr Stanton's voice was enough to almost send her to sleep, but the ever present noise of a tapping foot from the boy in front was pushing her to insanity. Iris West was a tired heap of limbs slouched over her desk by halfway through the period.

The only source of entertainment was a girl named Louise, who was also in her music class, and was currently passing her notes when the teacher wasn't looking. The back of the notes were covered in random doodles which made Irey laugh to herself.

are you brain-dead yet?

Irey grinned and shook her head at the blonde, " Sadly, no." Irey whispered back.

" I wish Miss Clerk would have her baby and get her ass back here." Louise groaned, doodling a very unflattering blob that was supposed to represent their new, supply teacher, Mr Stanton.

" I know." Irey agreed, leaning a little closer to the other girl, "This new guy hates my guts-"

" Miss West, would you care to keep your mouth shut? I'm sure you can tell me the answer to this question."

Irey glanced at the question on the board, " X equals 12."

Mr Stanton gave her a sceptical look over his shoulder, " That is correct, but stop talking to Louise she's in enough trouble for not doing her work as it is." He turned back to the board and continued his lecture.

Louise snorted and covered her mouth with the back of her hand.

" Don't worry, he hates mines too."

Louise was in Irey's next class too, but she didn't sit at her bench so they couldn't communicate any further than the odd stupid face or wave in the other's general direction.

Biology was one of Irey's favourite sciences and subjects. She also adored her teacher, Ms Kerr, who was a very stout, dark haired woman who had a real passion for teaching and was very sweet to boot.

Irey finished her work early and glanced at her phone, glad to see she'd received a few text messages. Two from Lian, one from Bart and another from an unknown number. She squinted at it and clicked on the message from the unknown number to scan the text.

[text] Iris, are you staying at the cave or is your brother giving me a lot of bull?

She checked the teacher wasn't looking before texting back.

[text] Sorry, I don't recognise the number, who is this?

She got a reply right away.

[text] It's Damian, you imbecile. And before you ask, I only have your number in case of an emergency.

Irey rolled her eyes. Of course it would be Damian Wayne of all people.

[text] Yeah, I am staying tonight. Why?

[text] Grayson has informed me that both Nell and Mar'i are ill, Milagro is off-world on Oa and Lian is going out on patrol with both her father and Green Arrow. Which means you shall be the only female company. We are going to watch a movie later on if that will suit you.

Brilliant. Sure enough when she checked the text from Lian it said the same thing. She replied that it was fine and that she'd just bring her school stuff to study or do her English poem homework. Bart had sent her a bunch of emojis indicating someone had shown him how to get them on his keyboard. The redhead rolled her eyes and sent another text to Damian.

[text] Make sure Chris picks a good movie.

Irey sighed and put her phone away, busying herself by highlighting her notes on multicellular organisms. This should be fun.

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