"Well, we have to head back to the castle, and see if the defeat of Charon has ended the siege of Twilight Castle," Malcolm said. Jason nodded, the five of them got into the minecart, and they set off.

On the way, Link said "Oh, by the way, Jason, I need the Twilight Sword for something. So please, don't return it yet"

"Alright, I won't. I think I know what you're planning" Jason said. Link nodded, then pulled back, and asked Zelda "Would the little cycle between us and Ganon be disrupted if I stayed in the Twilight Realm with Midna?". Zelda then looked back at Link's Master Sword, then said "So long as I take Master Sword with me back to the Realm of Light, it should be OK"

"Alright," Link replied. This was the confirmation, to Zelda, that Link wanted to stay with Midna in the Twilight Realm.

After a while, they arrived at the passage which leads to the Twilight Castle, fifty kilometres south of the North Castle. When they reach the area out the front of the castle, they are greeted by a mass of cheers from the populace, the soldiers, and the people working in the castle.

"WOW!" Midna said, shocked. Everyone was cheered on, and treated like a hero, even though the four of them were extremely tired and sore from their fights.

"Midna's safe!" was one of the major chants that came out, while another major chant was "THE HERO OF THE TWILIGHT!"

"Alright, calm down guys," Malcolm said, and the cheers died down. Link then said "We need to rest and recover, we've had a very tough fight"

"But I can promise you, people, now, tomorrow, we PARTY!" Midna said, to renewed cheers. Link, Zelda, Midna and Malcolm then enter the castle.

"So, what do we do?" Malcolm asked. Link then said "Well, I want to reveal the decision I've made about whether I'm returning to the Realm of Light, or remaining in the Twilight Realm"

"Alright," Malcolm said. Link the added "I'm going to use a sword selection to decide. If I decide to return to the Realm of Light, I'll pick up the Master Sword" and at this, he set Master Sword on the table.

"If, however, I decide to stay in the Twilight Realm, I'll pick up the Twilight Sword" Link added, and everyone nodded.

"Alright, now, make your choice," Malcolm said. Link nodded, then said "Could you please turn around?" to which Zelda, Midna and Malcolm said "Sure"

Although Link was VERY tired and sore, his mind was clear about what he was going to do. He decided to wait thirty seconds, then picked up the Twilight Sword.

"I have made up my decision," Link said, and Midna, Zelda and Malcolm turned back.

"So, you've decided that you're going to stay in the Twilight Realm," Midna said, to which Link nodded, then gave Master Sword back to Zelda.

"You'll be needing this" Link said. Zelda nodded as she took Master Sword. Malcolm then said, "So, is that gun still working?"

"My people managed to get it back," Jason said. Malcolm nodded, then said "Well, we'll send you back to Termina, then you can return to Hyrule that way"

"Why Termina?" Zelda asked, to which Malcolm replied "Because you need to return the Fierce Deity's mask to Termina"

"Right," Zelda said, taking the mask from Malcolm. Link then said, "So, I'll see you in another time, Zelda?"

"Yes, I'll see you in another time, Link" Zelda replied, smiling. She then turned to Malcolm, and asked: "Can we get back now?"

"Once we use the last of our fairies to heal up," Malcolm said, getting out the last of the fairies to fully heal themselves. Then, Malcolm and Zelda head towards the courtyard.

"I'll fire off the gun, and you pass through the portal. This should bring you to Clock Town" Malcolm said. Zelda nodded, and the gun was fired. With one final wave to Link and Midna, she passed through.

"Link, have you stayed in the Twilight realm for the reason I think you have?" Midna asked, to which Link replied "I may not have realised it during our first adventure, but during this adventure, I've come to realise something"

"Link," Midna said, and Link, after a quick breath, said "Midna, I love you", to which Midna gasped, then smiled, and said "Aw, I love you too Link" and at this, they engage in a long, loving kiss, and they tightly embraced. After a minute or two, they broke apart.

"We'd better get some rest, we've had a tough fight," Link said, winking. Midna giggled, then said "Alright, I know what you really want before we go to sleep" and they headed back to the castle.

Meanwhile with Zelda

After making a couple of call-arounds, Zelda found where the Fierce Deity's mask was stored, in the clock tower of Clock Town. Zelda then headed back to Hyrule and returned Master Sword to its plinth. Then, we returned to the castle.

"So, how did it go?" one of the guards said, to which Zelda replied "We did it, all three realms are safe. Link decided to stay in the Twilight Realm with Midna, but, because Master Sword's here, the cycle hasn't been broken"

"Good, I think," the guard said. Zelda then headed inside Hylian castle.

A/N: And that is it, that is the fanfic. I'M FINALLY DONE! 4-and-a-third years this has taken, but it's DONE! Thanks to everybody who has read it, I appreciate it.