Zoey and Mike, the finalists of All-Stars, had just gotten home again. It felt good to be home again, especially since Wawanakwa had been so uncomfortable and dangerous. Luckily, they lived not too far from each other.

"Doesn't it feel great to be back?" Zoey asked as her and Mike looked around, relaxed and happy.

"Yeah." Mike smiled at Zoey, and then sighed. "It does."

"You okay, Mike?" Zoey put a hand on her boyfriend's shoulder, trying to make him feel better. "You look worried."

" Uh... nothing." Mike struggled to make up an excuse. "I miss my personalities?"

Zoey looked a bit suspicious, but nodded. "Okay..."

Mike sighed again, looking away from Zoey. He hadn't told her, but in the beginning of Revenge of the Island, he'd mentioned something about his personalities ruining his chances with another girl, and he was kind of worried that Zoey would find out and the other girl would actually want to date him now that he was just Mike.

The thing was, he really liked Zoey. They had been through so much, and he knew they couldn't be broken apart. So why was he so nervous?

"Mike? Mike!" Zoey shook Mike, making him look at her again. "We should head home."

"Okay." Mike and Zoey held hands as they made their way to their houses. It wasn't long before Zoey was dropped off, and Mike walked to his house by himself.

"Hi, Mom!" Mike yelled once he got home. "I'm back!"

"Mike, we're so happy you're home! We missed you!'

"I missed you too, Mom."

"Hi Mike!" Dave, Mike's brother, came into the room. "How was the show?"

"Good." Mike smiled at his brother. "How have you been?"

"I've been good." Dave smiled dreamily. "While you were gone, I met the most amazing girl ever!"

Mike was happy for his brother, since Dave had fallen in love before and had been turned down. "Does she like you back?"

"I don't know! But I know I really like her."

"What's her name?"

"Elizabeth." Dave smiled just thinking about her.

"What does she look like?" Mike could remember someone named Elizabeth, she had been the first girl Mike really liked. That was before he met Zoey, but he hadn't seen Elizabeth in years.

Dave pulled out his phone, after wiping it off so it was neat enough for him. He held it out and showed Mike a picture of a girl about 16 years old. She had blond hair with pink tips, blue eyes, and wore a tight pink T-shirt, short jean skirt, and white flower-print sneakers. "This is her."

Mike was honestly a little surprised. Years ago, Elizabeth had been wearing glasses and hoodies. Her hair had been longer too, and now she looked prettier than ever. "Cool."

"Yeah, I know."

Mike excused himself to go to his room. He was still in shock over Elizabeth's new look, and started hoping Zoey wouldn't find out about her. Zoey was the first person to ever actually like him even with his personalities. He actually wanted to stay with Zoey, and he knew Dave already was interested in Elizabeth. He didn't want to hurt his brother.

"Mike!" Mike heard his mother calling his name.

"Yeah?" Mike made his way downstairs, and honestly was shocked at the person at the door.

"It's been years, Mike."