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Chapter 1

Danny was having a bad day. And that was before he crashed into an open air pavilion full of armored kids with swords eating dinner.

He was supposed to be on vacation. His parents had brought him, Jazz, Sam, and Tucker with them to a ghost hunting convention in New York. It was supposed to be a vacation from fighting ghosts for the teenagers. Valerie (aka the Red Huntress) was back in Amity Park protecting the town from ghost attacks. But it seemed that all the ghosts decided to follow them all the way to New York. Yay. (Insert sarcasm here).

Danny had fought off three ghosts today alone. And one of them was the Box Ghost, who attacked five times! Then it was Youngblood. Now Skulker was having fun throwing Danny around.

Danny, Sam, and Tucker were walking near some strawberry fields when Skulker decided to join them. Of course the three had put up a fight. Eventually it led to Danny being shot out of the air by a gun which (like always) shorted out his powers. This led to his icy core pulling back in him, transforming him back to human, and Danny falling out of the air to land on a table full of food and a very angry teenager with black hair and a sword.

"Danny!" He heard his friends yell in unison as they rushed into the pavilion.

Skulker descended down and grabbed a very sore Danny by his shirt, pulling him off the table into the air.

"I will have your pelt now, whelp," Skulker sneered.

Sam, thank goodness, shot Skulker with a couple rays from her silver gun.

"TUCKER!" Danny yelled angrily as he fell, again, on the table.

"I'm trying, I'm trying!" Tucker was typing furiously away at his PDA.

Skulker, regaining his senses from Sam's attack, boasted, "I have upgraded since you last saw my child. You will not-" beeping from his suit drew his attention.

"Got it!" Tucker exclaimed, pressing one final button before Skulker's suit powered down. A high pitched voice was heard complaining loudly inside the now useless robot suit.

Danny jumped off the table and rummaged inside the suit's head, earning some disgusting sounds from the onlookers. He pulled out the tiny green blob of Skulker earning some shrieks from a group of Paulina Sanchez wannabes.

Danny tossed it up in the air and Sam caught it with the Fenton Thermos.

"Well that was fun," he said before looking around. Kids of all ages were staring at the three with shock, surprise, and suspicion.

Danny scooted backwards to Sam and Tucker. He put his hands up showing the universal gesture of peace saying, "Sorry for ruining your dinner. Hope you don't stab us those very pointy swords. We're just going to leave now." Then him, Sam, and Tucker raced away from the pavilion before anyone could react.

The place they had landed in looked like a cross between a summer camp and an Ancient Greek park. They didn't have time to awe over all the strange things they saw but ran as fast as they could to get away from all the kids with weapons. Danny was pretty sure some kids were following them. They passed a smooth tree standing at the top of the hill and didn't look back as Danny went ghost, grabbed Sam and Tucker, turned invisible, and flew them almost all the way back to the hotel they were staying at.

Percy wasn't having the best day. He woke up late and missed breakfast. He got singed pretty well by the rock climbing wall. Clarisse decided to dump a very sticky, slightly smelly, bucket of something on him for revenge for something he did during capture the flag a couple days ago. (It wasn't exactly his fault that the monster left a present in the woods for them.) Plus he had to do the dishes again after supper. Then a kid about his age fell out of the sky and landed in his dinner.

Two other kids ran into the pavilion both shouting , "Danny" which Percy assumed was the black haired kid's name. One was a pale gothic girl carrying a silver gun. The other was a dark skinned boy with a red beret (seriously, who wears those anymore?) typing furiously on a sleek piece of technology.

Percy was actually shocked (and it takes quite a bit to shock him) when a floating robot with green flames on his head flew down and grabbed the kid, talking about pelts and whelps. (Hehe, rhyme not intended).

Percy was just about to jump in and help when the goth girl shot some green lasers at the floating robot, knocking him back and making him release the kid, aka, dropping him on Percy's food again.

The robot got up and started to boast when the beret kid yelled something and pressed a button. The robot stopped glowing and fell to the ground. The kid on his table (and dinner) jumped off and started to rummage in the head.

Percy made a disgusted sound unintentionally (though he wasn't the only one). Who the heck does that?! He thought. Then the kid pulled out a tiny green glob of something. The Aphrodite table shrieked while the kid threw him in the air. Goth girl pulled out a thermos and a blue light erupted from it catching the ghost and sucking it in.

"Well that was fun," the black haired kid said looking around and finally noticing all our weapons.

He scooted back awkwardly towards his friends. He put his hands up showing the universal gesture of peace saying, "Sorry for ruining your dinner. Hope you don't stab us those very pointy swords. We're just going to leave now." Then him and his friends ran out before any of us could react.

Percy looked at Annabeth for a moment then they both raced after the trio.

They were fast, Percy had to admit, and didn't even slow down in shock as they ran through their odd camp.

The trio passed Thalia's tree and disappeared from view for a minute. After a bright flash of light, Percy and Annabeth got to the top of the hill and stopped. The three teens who interrupted dinner was nowhere to be found.

Annabeth sighed, "Come on Percy, let's talk to Chiron." And at that they walked back to the dinner pavilion.

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Now I know I split the story into a version kinda from Danny's view and kinda from Percy's view. I won't do that every time, especially when the two groups meet. This story is kinda third person omniscient and I want to keep it that way.