Chapter 18

A Little Bit of Answers, Plus More Questions

Tucker was seriously starting to hate this trip.

With a lost dragon, a prophecy, untrusting campers, and striking out with every girl he's talked to….

And now he was sitting in the dark with a gash on his leg, no signal, and no sign of anyone. Yeah, this trip was starting to suck.

Tucker shifted in his seat and winced as pain shot up his right leg. He still had his weapons thankfully, but his PDA cracked in the fall and his phone didn't have much battery left. He held up his phone and squinted in the darkness.

"Crap." Tucker muttered. His glasses had fallen off.

Something moved to the left of him and he pulled out his bow, aiming in that general direction. A blurry blob moved towards him.

"Don't shoot." A familiar voice said. "It's Annabeth."

Now that he was looking, he could see some orange and blonde in the blob that made up the daughter of Athena. "Still tempted to shoot," Tucker said, but lowered his weapon anyways.

Something scattered over the rock ground and Annabeth picked it up. "Did you lose your glasses?"

Tucker nodded and she passed them over. "Have you seen any of the others?"

Annabeth ripped the bottom of her shirt and started wrapping his leg, causing him to squirm in pain. He put his glasses on and blinked his sight into focus. Annabeth's princess curls were gone, her hair a tangled mess of hair and dirt. Her face was smudged and scraped, a thin trail of blood leaked from her nose.

"No." she replied, "But we need to find them soon. This isn't really a good place to split up."

"So you know where we are." It wasn't a question.

Annabeth bit her lip and finished tying his leg up. "I have an idea….I just hope I'm wrong."

Annabeth stood up and held out her hands. "Can you walk? We need to get moving."

Tucker scoffed. "Of course I can walk! It's just a scratch." He winced as Annabeth helped him to his feet, putting very little weight on his right leg. "A really painful scratch that hurts a lot."

She threw his arm over her shoulder and he leaned on her. "...Thanks."

The pair of them started making their way to the other side of the room. "No problem."

And then Tucker's phone died, taking what little light it provided away. His groan echoed through the room.

Annabeth nudged him in an unknown direction. "There's some red light coming from that way."

"Aren't people supposed to go away from mysterious lights?"

"Do you have a better idea?"

She took his silence as a 'no' and the two of them started walking again. Well Annabeth walked, Tucker limped.


The shout echoed through the tunnel they could barely see with the dim red light. Tucker hissed in a breath and urged Annabeth faster.

The two of them eventually made their way into the cavern where almost all their friends were.

Sam glanced their way and immediately ran to Tucker. He took his arm off of Annabeth as Sam forced him to sit down.

Nico was in a glaring match with a twelve year old Annabeth didn't know. Grover was leaning over Thalia, who had her left arm in a purple, makeshift sling. But Percy and Danny weren't anywhere to be seen.

"You haven't seen Percy have you?" Annabeth asked Thalia and Grover. The two of them shook their heads.

"He's alive." Grover said, tapping his head. "That much I know. I think he's unconscious though."

Annabeth sighed. "Thanks Grover. Care to fill me in on what happened?"

While Grover talked to Annabeth, Ellie had stormed away from Nico over to Tucker and Sam.

"What exactly has been going on?" She demanded. "I know you guys went to the godlings camp cause Dora filled me in, but what happened with Aragon and what's McEdgy's deal with me?"

Tucker snorted out a laugh. "Is that what you've been calling him?"

Ellie frowned at him. "Don't change the subject."

Tucker continued laughing, but Sam filled her in on the past few days. When Sam told her about the demigod's plan of testing an ectogun on Danny, Ellie's eyes started glowing in rage.

"They did what?" Ellie growled.

"They didn't do it." Tucker piped up unhelpfully. "But that's kinda how we all ended up in the woods."

"So that's our vacation so far. What's your story?" Sam asked.

"Dora came by to see me when Danny never sent word back about Aragon. Asked me to come visit him and see if he was okay." Ellie said.

Sam gave her and incredulous look. "And you just left Amity unprotected?"

Ellie rolled her eyes. "The Fenton's and Val can handle anything that pops out of the zone. Not that there were any ghosts to fight anyways."

Tucker raised an eyebrow. "So all the ghosts really did come after Danny? Cause we've fought pretty much all our usuals."

"It's not that. Some of the ghosts have been disappearing from the Zone."


Ellie flinched back as Tucker and Sam yelled in unison. The demigods and satyr that were conversing on the other side of the room quieted and turned to look at them.

"Why didn't you tell us this earlier?!" Sam hissed.

"I was going to!" Ellie stressed. "I was on my way to the camp to talk to you guys but then that ghost attacked me and I ran into you guys in the middle of a fight, we were all ambushed and then woke up here!"

Annabeth spoke up, looking at Ellie curiously. "Wait. You were the white haired girl who came flying in, weren't you?"

Tucker froze, Sam sighed, and Ellie shrugged.

"I told you guys we would tell you the full story later." Sam said. "But right now we really need to find Percy and Danny."

Tucker glanced at Sam and she shook her head in response.

Frowning, Tucker turned back to Ellie and asked, "What did you mean by ghosts are disappearing from the Zone?"

"Exactly what I said. They're disappearing. Leaving. Gonzo. Vanished." Ellie gestured.

"We get it." Sam deadpanned. "Care to elaborate? Anyone we know?"

"Monsters from Pandora's maze, Skulker's trophies. Frostbite had some monsters disappear from their posts guarding artifacts."

"They're all monsters?" Thalia asked. "No people type ghosts?"

"Ghosts that have more animal instincts than anything." Ellie corrected.

"Wulf?" Tucker asked.

Ellie grinned. "Enjoying Brazil when I left to babysit Amity Park for Danny. But yeah," She addressed Thalia. "They're all monsters."

Annabeth hummed in thought, "So they're ghosts as well as monsters….and we're in the ruins of the labyrinth."

Sam scowled, "And there are nine of us at the moment. We need to find Danny and Percy now."

Danny's head was really hurting. Well, he was hurting all over but his head hurt the worse and therefore took top priority.

He moved his hand to hold his head in a vain attempt to alleviate the pounding, and discovered that he couldn't move his arm.

His eyes snapped open and blinked. It took a moment to process why his vision was so distorted: he was hanging upside down.

Across from him, he noticed Percy was in the room as well. Except he was trapped in a box with only his head visible.

Danny struggled a minute before groaning at himself. Intangibility, duh. With a smirk he reached inside to access his ghost powers. As soon as he he attempted to use his ghost powers, a violent shock ran through his system.

He screamed in shock and pain, the electricity stopping as soon as it started.

"Danny!?" Percy had been jolted to consciousness when Danny had been shocked. "Is that you? What happened? Are you ok?"

Danny sagged in his restraints, "What is it with everyone shocking me?"

"...Why am I in a box?"

Danny opened his eyes and looked at him. "All very good questions. Maybe you should square up and figure out a way to get us out?"

Percy stared at him. "We are currently locked up and you're making puns?"

"Default response. It's a little upside down, I know."

Percy snorted. "Those are terrible."

"But you're laughing anyways!"

"It's a pity laugh." Percy grinned as he pulled Riptide out of his pocket. After several moments of struggling and nearly slicing his foot off, Percy stood free of his box.

He walked over and poked the wheel Danny was strung up on. He turned it till Danny was right side up. "Need a little help?"

"It would be appreciated."

Percy cut Danny out of the restraints.

"I'm sorry." Percy said. At Danny's questioning look he elaborated, "For earlier. But we just….i don't understand why you're lying to us."

Danny squirmed, "Dude, you look like a kicked baby seal, please stop making that face."

Percy reached out and grabbed Danny's shoulder. "We know you aren't fully human-" he ignored Danny's flinch and continued on, "-but we don't care. My brother is a cyclops, my best friend is part goat, and my dad is a Greek god. Why are you trying so hard to hide who you are?"

Danny hung his head, refusing to look at Percy.

"You don't have to tell us. Just know that you can trust us."

Danny still had his head down. Percy patted his shoulder before withdrawing his hand. "So how do we get out of here? There's two tunnels but we don't-"

Percy stopped when he heard a sound coming from Danny's direction. "Danny?"

Tears dripped from Danny's eyes as he broke down crying.

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