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A/N: Originally written for Fag End's Halloween 2014 Zombie Uprising challenge for the prompt "Spiritual Song."

The setting can be taken as either season ten or post-series.

Dawn pokes her head into the gap between the front seats before Buffy even finishes her attempt to talk Spike into wearing a seatbelt (which is a losing battle as always). "Can I be DJ?"

"No," says Spike with the same irritated tone he's been using to claim that his immortality makes him immune to be thrown through the windshield. "I'm driving. It's up to me."

"Then can I drive on the way back?"

While Buffy agrees that Dawn in control of their soundtrack is unappealing, she also has no interest in sharing such close quarters with screeching, screaming, yelling, or anyone telling her to rebel. She's pretty sure she's doing all right with the last one already. "This isn't a roadtrip," she reminds them. "We should be thinking about attack strategies."

"But I have 'Bohemian Rhaphsody,'" says Dawn. She shakes her iPod at them. "Come on, it'll be like Wayne's World."

"Not bloody likely," says Spike. He reaches his arm back and pushes her out of the way while he backs out into the street.

"Guys, come on," says Buffy. She taps her fingers against her scythe, held between her knees, and looks first at Spike then behind her at Dawn. "This is serious. People's lives are in danger. We have an hour to plan, we should use that."

"Whatever you want, luv," says Spike. God, she missed having him on her side. And by her side. And just in general. Their being back together now is good and comfortable and it's nice not arguing with him about everything (though his seatbelt is still not on).

"Or maybe some music would give us high spirits and make us more prepared to fight, instead of thinking about how we might possibly die in an hour," Dawn suggests, just to prove, once again, that it's apparently easier to stop arguing with your nemesis than with your sibling.