So, it's really amazing how once I get a break from being forced to write research papers all the time, I actually want to creatively write once again. So while I cant promise I'll keep this pace up forever, I do promise I have a lot more fun writing for this story than I have in a very long time!

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"If he's not dead I'll kill him." Erza Scarlet growled at the shrinking figure of her crush as he disappeared off the edge of the cliff.

The gentle sound of air being disturbed was her first response, before Goku and Wendy appeared at her side, Goku blinking innocently after having just arrived, "Kill who?"

Meanwhile, Wendy was confusion incarnate. While she had managed to grab onto Happy and Carla before teleporting, she still had no idea how she had gotten from where she had been to where she was now! Merely mindlessly blinking and snapping her head back and forth. "How did… We just… We… Ahhhhh!" Wendy squealed as her mind was overloaded.

Unfortunately, no one was able to help Wendy as the rest of the group took a moment to gather their bearings, and Natsu… continued to fall. So far only Gray, Lyon, and Sherry had managed to keep up with Erza, excluding the falling Natsu, and the teleporting Goku and Wendy of course. Behind them however, came a cry of "I CAN'T BELIEVE THOSE JERKS LEFT ME TO FEND FOR MYSELF!" announcing the arrival of Lucy. "WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO LADY'S FIRST?"

Of course, with a girl being in trouble, the Trimens were soon on Lucy's tail, Hibiki leading the charge with his suave tone, "A woman like you should be treated with care." he crooned seductively.

"What can I do to make you smile, dear?" Eve followed up in an effeminate tone.

Ren soon appeared at Eve's side, "Stay beside me! That's an order!"

From a distance, Goku watched with a sideways grin. "They're kinda creepy, aren't they?"

Erza laughed and nodded, smiling as the Trimens and Lucy caught up. Below, they could hear Natsu shouting for them to catch up, to which Goku would offer his services. "Everyone just lay your hand on me! I'll get us there in no time!" he ordered. Even though most people had no idea what Goku could do, they did so after seeing the Fairy Tail group do it.

In a flash, they appeared at Natsu's side, who had just reached another cliff, "Hey! It's about time you guys showed up!" he laughed.

Anyone not in Fairy Tail was stunned, save Wendy and Carla, whom both had experienced it once before. "Wh-Whoa." Lyon muttered.

"Teleportation magic?" Hibiki muttered, staring expectantly at Goku.

"Yeah, it's really impressive!" Sherry agreed, smiling at the Saiyan.

But for once, the Saiyan wasn't smiling back. His eyes were wide, his face gaunt with concern. While most of the group noticed this, it was Erza who rushed up to him. "G-Goku? W-What… What is-"

"Erza, Natsu," Goku barked, making his daughter blink in shock and Natsu spin around. "What do you sense around the mansion we were just at?"

Erza's eyes narrowed while Natsu's closed fully. Both of them sending Ki probes to the mansion to scout out what Goku was talking about. It didn't talk long before Erza's eyes widened. "I can barely sense Jura and Ichiyia!" she gasped

"Me too! What happened to them?!" Natsu stared at the other two for answers.

"Wait! What? Did something happen to our teacher?!" Hibiki demanded

Lyon ran up to the trio, "And what about Jura?!"

Goku, Erza, and Natsu remained silent for a moment while Christina whirled overhead, moving over the cliff to hang over the greater part of the Worth Woodsea. The older Saiyan cleared his throat, "I'm going to go back." he decided, moving the index and middle fingers of his right hand to his forehead to focus on Jura's flaggering power. "You two explain."

However, an explosion stopped Goku in his tracks, and everyone's gazes turned skyward towards the flying airship. "What's wrong wi-" Hibiki started to say, before the entire starboard bow erupted in multiple explosions, bringing down the mighty magical bomber while the group watched in terror. Then, six energies appeared.

"Erza?" Goku asked calmly.

"Yeah." she responded, calming her mind and preparing for battle.

Out of the smoke, the Oracion Seis showed their faces for the first time. As they approached, Goku could sense both the fear and eagerness that poured from his allies. While not scared, he wasn't about to let his guard down. Already, they had taken out two of the groups best.

"Lowly Maggots." their leader, Brain, murmured. "Swarming together."

Goku growled and bared his teeth at the man while Angel bragged about how they were able to take out Jura and Ichiyia. The rest of them also following up with threats of their own. However, when Natsu charged forward with Gray, Goku acutally swiped his hand out in their direction. "Strike together!" the battle-hardened warrior barked.

They didn't listen, and soon, the Oracion Seis member named Racer rushed to engage them. While to everyone else, he might have been a blur, Goku saw him clearly maneuver around behind Gray and Goku. With a shout, he rushed to their aid, catching Racer's foot mid-kick. He smirked as he saw the confusion etched on Racer's face at having been outpaced, before throwing the man back towards his own group, meanwhile, all around Goku, the two groups engaged one another.

He noticed Lyon and Sherry both try to rush the guy with the angular face, and quickly ran in to assist them. Whatever magic he used, Goku could tell it affected the ground, and both of the Lamia Scale Wizards were being dragged in like it was quicksand! That was simple enough to sort out. He shot into the center of the quicksand tube, grabbed both their hands, and pulled them out, then flew them to safety. "Stay on your guard!" he barked, both of them nodding a shocked, but gracious thanks.

He noticed Erza was fighting the guy with the snake, but didn't think anything of it. After all, he knew she could handle her own. What was more concerning was Racer, who had flanked the Trimens as they tried to attack Angel. Goku rushed over to their aid, and this time, rather than just tossing him, he delivered a quick, weak for him, strike to the man's center. Racer stopped dead in his tracks and crashed to the ground, skidding along the dirt and holding his stomach. "That should at least deal with you for a while." Goku growled at him, however, the damage to the Trimens had already been done.

Looking to his side, he noticed a frustrated Natsu trying to attack the sleeping member of their enemies, which made Goku smile. However, the next instant took that joy away. A high pitched, feminine scream of pain pierced through the battle. He turned to see Erza being blown away from Cobra by the massive purple snake that hung to the man. It's fangs sunk deep into Erza's arms

"ERZA!" Goku roared, finally having enough. He screamed at the top of his lungs, a massive influx of power flowing into his body. His hair turned gold, his eyes green, and his battle sense heightened. Faster than anyone could see, he moved to Erza, grabbed the snake just under its head, forcing it to release Erza, and threw it back at its owner.

"CUBELLIOS!" Cobra shouted in anger, growling at Goku, "That doesn't matter! His venom is still-"

His next words were cut short by Goku disappearing, reappearing in front of him, and kneeing him so hard in the stomach, he flew back to where Brain and Midnight were. With a Grunt, Goku moved to where Hoteye stood victorious over Sherry and Lyon, the Saiyan sending him to the same location with a well placed kick to the chest.

Racer had managed to get back, but was still recovering, so that just left Angel. Without even thinking, Goku instant transmission to in front of her, but faced away, and merely snapped his hand up to punch her in the face. By the end of it, the Oracion Seis might have been in a better state than the allied forces, but each of them had a new bruise to show for it. And all from one man, who now stood wreathed in golden flame, glaring at the six members who had taken out his allies, and more importantly, Erza.

"How pathetic." Brain grunted as he overlooked the fallen Allied Forces. "Only one of you still stands. Prepare for oblivion!" he shouted, tapping his staff against the ground. From underneath the Allied Forces, an eerie, deathly green and black light sparked to life.

In response, Goku silently extended his left arm, and a bright ball of blue-white light flared to existence. The saiyan's light being that of life, opposed to the sea of darkness that surrounded them. "End this." Goku snarled, the light hovering just inches above his palm while bystanders on both sides watched the exchange between these giants in awe.

"Hmmm. I'm afraid I cannot." Brain smirked before raising his staff over his head. "Dark Rond-"

"HAA-" Goku started to shout, but paused as he noticed Brain cut himself off. The light that surrounded the allied forced began to fade, and so did the light of Brain's staff. Even though he allowed his own attack to fade, he still stayed on edge as he watched Brain mutter a single word. "Wendy."

The Saiyan cocked an eyebrow and without looking for her, sense her location out. She was cowering behind a rock, safely behind him. "What about her?" Goku barked to his opponent.

"There's no doubt about it. That's Wendy." Brain said softly, his face starting to show true happiness for the first time. "The Maiden of the Sky!"

Feeling annoyed at being ignored, Goku barked louder, "What are you talking about?!" Behind him, he could feel Wendy's fear and confusion. It only served to fuel Goku's righteous anger.

Just then however, Brain would seemingly gather his composure, then with the first look of joy he'd shown so far, look to Hoteye. "Hoteye, do it."

Seemingly knowing what he met, Hoteye slid his middle and index fingers of his left hand under each eye, then thrust his arm outwards. Behind Goku, the very earth seemed to cave inwards, threatening to swallow the allied forces. "Damn it!" Goku shouted, turning around and dashing through, grabbing Natsu and Hibiki first, and flying them through the tunnel of earth to safety, shooting back for every person, and moving as a blur to anyone who tried to see him.

Then Wendy screamed.

Goku shot around, flying in midair with Lucy tucked under his arm and Gray over his shoulder. A purple hand of magic energy had gripped the young girl, and was dragging her, screaming, towards the source, Brain's staff. The otherworldly warrior dropped both of them off, then snarled and shot skywards once again, this time facing towards Brain with his hands cupped at his side.

"KAAAAAAAMEEEEEE!" the familiar, signature white-blue glow shone between his fingers.

"HAAAAAAAMEEEEEE!" it grew in intensity, until Goku shone like a second sun.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he roared, thrusting his hands out in front of him. The bright, shining light formed a barreling beam of destruction that headed right towards Brain, Goku about to end this in one blow.

Suddenly Brain pivoted, and Wendy changed trajectory… now between Brain and Goku. In a panic, Goku roared and sent his own attack flying skywards, the beam fading into the distance, and eventually, disappearing into the cold reaches of space. He watched helplessly as Wendy grabbed onto Happy's paw, and both of them disappeared.

"I have no need for the rest of you!" Brain grunted once that business was finished, "Begone!"

Above the allied forces, tendrils of deathly green power quickly started to rain down. Goku growled and dashed backwards, floating in the sky above his comrades. He roared his frustration then. His frustration at having Erza be injured, at his allies being hurt, at him failing to save Wendy. He roared with all the power in his chest, and around him, his aura extended to form a shield, every one of Brains attacks dissipating uselessly into the overwhelming might of Goku's raw spirit energy.

Once it was over, Goku looked where the Oracion Seis had been, and sighed. They were gone. He checked for their power, but there were so many other power levels in the forest, it was hard to distinguish one from the other. And he wasn't familiar enough with Wendy to be able to recognize her power level in a crowd. Landing, Goku sighed and release his energy, fading back to his normal form, with black hair and eyes.

"W-What is he?" Lyon muttered to Sherry, who shook her head. The rest of the group having similar reactions to what just happened, save the Fairy Tail members.

"There was only six of them." Hibiki muttered.

"Yeah, but they were stronger than us." Lyon muttered, before staring at Goku, But appearently not stronger than him.

Behind them, Jura and the real Ichiya made their presence known, and Hibiki assured everyone that no one was harmed when Christina fell. With that Ichiya would declare that while they were beaten, they weren't done yet, and healed everyone using his painkiller parfume. As everyone was healed up, Goku sighed, relieved that everyone was okay.

Natsu, of course, was the first to hop up and make a beeline for the forest, declaring his intent to save Happy and Wendy, but before he could make it too far, Carla would appear behind him and grab onto his scarf, yanking on it and making him fall backwards. Even Goku had to look surprised in his own goofy fashion at that. "Stop you fool! You can't just rush in without a plan of action!" she scolded him, while everyone else gushed over Carla's wings.

Save Natsu, whom glared at her unimpressed, "You're trying to copy Happy, aren't you?"

As the conversation continued, Goku let his mind, and eyes wander, looking from Natsu on the ground, to Lucy and Gray, standing together a short distance away. The Trimens were standing together, as were Lyon and Sherry. And, fittingly, Ichiya and Jura, the two oldest save himself were together. That's when he noticed something… Erza wasn't there! His head snapped around and he searched for her, finding her near a tree, and that's when he saw the purple glow on her arm.

"ERZA!" he barked, disappearing and reappearing at her side, gently reaching out for her, "What's wrong, are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

She didn't give an answer, only gasped in pain and held her hand over the wound on her arm.

Lucy ran up moments later, "I'm not a doctor, but I think the venom from her bite is spreading!"

It took Goku a moment to remember what she was talking about, but when he did, his heart sank. He was so sure that Erza could handle herself he didn't think about something like the snake being a variable. It frustrated him beyond belief, and the only thing that helped to calm his nerves was when Iichiya declared, "Don't Worry my friends! I've got this!" he turned to Erza, and suavely declared, "I know what you need my honey, some of my painkiller parfume! Aroma increase!"

Once again, a soft green mist wafted from the small glass vial towards Erza. She winces as the smell graced her nostrils, and a moment later, gasped in pain. Goku winced, hating to see her in such agony. "Hey, are you sure this is working?" he asked Ichiya.

It was Hibiki who responded, "It's not just a painkiller, this particular parfume also has a cleansing effect that clears the body of toxins."

"I see!" Goku said excitedly, turning his attention back to Erza, but he was disappointed as her expression didn't relax. Instead, she looked like she was in growing pain, and Ichiya was looking nervous.

Through her pain, Erza would stare at Lucy and wince, "I-I'm sorry… I need… to borrow… your belt!" she growled, yanking it from Lucy's skirt without asking. As Lucy's skirt fell, the Trimens were more than pleased, while Goku narrowed his eyes at his foster-daughter suspiciously.

"What are you doing?" he demanded.

She stared at him as she squeezed the leather around her arm and stared up at him and the rest of the group, before throwing a sword out and growling. "I know its harsh…" she muttered, biting some fabric from her top. "But I need one of you to cut it off!"

"OUT OF THE QUESTION!" Goku barked, infuriated by the prospect. "Give us time to find an antidote!"

"We don't have the time!" Erza argued, her brown eyes glaring fiercely in protest. The two of them glared at one another, unwilling to give and inch, until behind Goku, Lyon made a declaration.

"Very Well," he said gently, reaching out and grabbing the sword. He pulled it out of the ground and bore it across his chest, "I will do it."

Goku spun around and growled, "Put it down." he said in a no nonsense tone, his onyx eyes narrowed and angry.

"Do it!" Erza barked.

"Don't!" Goku growled, staring angrily at his hardheaded daughter.

"We can't afford to lose one of our strongest when we're faced with such a powerful foe!" Lyon declared, lifting the sword with both hands out in front of his chest.

Goku growled and grabbed the blade, squeezing the metal and glaring at Lyon. The younger man looked shocked that Goku would go so far, grabbing onto a sharpened blade, and when Lyon went to pull the sword away, Goku's grip would tighten, the metal bending around his fingers.

"You can't actually do this!" Lucy protested.

Sherry let out a disgusted and haughty huff. "I can't believe we got stuck with you wimpy little Fairies! Your friend is going to die if we don't do something to help her!"

As if responding to her, Goku snapped his wrist to the left, and the steel of the sword snapped like a twig, completely silencing Sherry and shocking Lyon. However, it would be Jura who next took Lyon's side, walking up to Goku's side and taking the broken, but still sharp blade from Lyon. "You have no right interfere in Miss Scarlet's wishes." he said coldly, but respectfully.

Goku turned to face him and narrowed his eyes. "I have every right." he snarled. This is when the Fairy Tail group really started to feel intimidated. All of them knew what Goku was capable of, and him coming to blows with a Wizard Saint was the last thing any of them wanted.

"You say you care about her, but her arm is more important to you than her life." Jura accused.

Accusing Goku of not caring about Erza's life proved to be a mistake, as Goku would grab the blade and rip it from Jura's hands. "THIS WILL AFFECT HER FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!" the Saiyan barked, throwing the sword to the side, where it embedded itself hilt-deep into the wood. "I really thought you were smarter than everyone else!" Goku barked angrily.

"GOKU!" Erza shouted, her face flush with blood and her form covered in sweat, she tried to stand, "This isn't your choi-"

The redhead gasped as Goku spun around, then smoothly delivered a light chop to the joint between her neck and shoulder. Erza wordlessly and smoothly slipped into unconsciousness, and her slender form fell into Goku's. He hugged her lightly and sighed, "Yes. It is." he told her sleeping form, before cradling her sleeping body to the ground and sighing.

The Fairy Tail group all stared at him sadly. They knew the relationship that was shared between Knight and Saiyan, and Natsu met Goku's eyes for a moment. The two of them nodded at one another, determined to protect Erza, and keep her whole.

The rest of the allied forces however, shouted angrily. "Are you insane?! How will we fight without her?!" Hibiki demanded.

"You say you care about her and do that?!" Jura demanded.

Goku glared at them, "Do any of you really think she wouldn't have passed out from the pain? And how were you going to close the wound?" he shot back, to which the rest of the group remained silent. And I'm normally the one who doesn't think things out. Goku thought with mild annoyance.

Carla then spoke, "We need Wendy! She can heal Erza! Bickering amongst ourselves won't solve anything!"

As they discussed finding Wendy, Goku would pay mild attention, but would stare worriedly at Erza, his gaze flickering from her to the surrounding forest, then back. It was during this survey he saw something that surprised him, it was a small herb growing next to the root of a tree. He gathered from the conversation that Wendy was able to heal Erza, and that's where they would focus their efforts. This however, the others could figure out.

He walked over to the herb and bent down in front of it. Smiling when, moments later, he recognized the shape and smell of the herb! Quickly snapping a leaf off of it he made his way back to Erza, where Lucy and Natsu had noticed what he was doing.

"Goku, what are you-?"

Natsu interrupted Lucy as he noticed what Goku was holding, "Is that what I think it is?!"

The Saiyan smiled and nodded, leaning by Erza's arm and then tearing off half of the leaf. He chewed on it for a few moments, while the others gathered around, then took the sweet tasting herb out of his mouth and pressed it into one of the snake bites.

"Ewwwww!" Lucy squealed squeamishly, but was hushed by Natsu.

"What are you doing?" Jura demanded as Goku plopped the other half of the leaf into his mouth, and repeated the process.

"That herb will slow the poison while we search for Wendy." Goku explained.

"That's amazing!" Lucy gushed with a bright smile.

That brought a smile to the saiyan's face as he stood, and shocked the rest of his own group by bringing his index and middle fingers to his forehead.

"Goku, what are you going to do?" Natsu asked, blinking as he recognized the stance.

The Saiyan smirked, and looked to Natsu. "Start looking for Happy and Wendy, okay?" he smiled, "I'm going to get back up."

And a moment later, Goku was gone.

I know this was a bit shorter, but I really liked this as an ending point, before I got too deep into it and ended up with a 15 page monstrosity, so I hope you all enjoyed it, and I look forward to delivering more soon!