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None of them have figured it out yet. None are even suspicious. I guess that is how
they planed it. It was how they all wanted me. To be hidded, unknown to the rest of the
world. To him. He could have died long ago, and yet here I am continually living, hidding.
I wish...I wish things could be diffrent. That the real Quatra Rababa Winner lived and my
soul finally died.

Flames surrounded her fragile body, licking her flesh. She tried to scream in agony,
but nothing came out. She had lost her voice long ago due to him. She had lost more than
just her voice. Her friends, her family, and her life. She was now dying, not her body but
her soul. *HELP ME!*

"Quatra...Quatra wake up!" His eyes quickly opened and he shot out of bed, covered in sweat.
"Quatra man you okay? I have been trying to wake you up for ten minutes." It took a while for
the Arabian to catch his breath, but once he did..."Ya Duo I am fine, I just had a bad dream."
Quatra smiled happily up at the braided boy.

"You sure? I mean I am no expert but it seemed more than just a bad dream. I know when I wake
up from a dream like you just had it usually is a past memory. Like this one time I had this
dream where Wufei went crazy and cut off my braid then ate all of my cake. And when I woke up
he had my braid in one hand and chocolate on his face." Quatra smiled, knowing that his friend
was just trying to help. But he was on the right track.

"Thank you Duo." He sighed "I think I am going to take a shower." Quatra crawled out of bed,
and slowly made his way to the ajoining bathroom. During his very cold shower, Quatra's mind
kept wandering to his dream. *When will they set me free?*