"Miss...MISS PLEASE HELP!" Usagi awoke, her heart beating fast and tears falling down her face. That was
when she saw them. *Trowa.* Usagi looked at the 4 boys in her bar.

"What is going on? How did you get in?" Usagi growled not noticing a pool of dark blood slowly growing
under one boys feet.

"We are sorry miss. But we really need a place to stay, just for the night." The brown-haired boy spoke,
he had changed in the past months. His long braid was cut, and his violet eyes became dull. He seemed
less cheery then before. It took awhile for Usagi to recognize the four infront of her. The ones that
she spent years with had changed in a matter of months. And not for the better. Her blue eyes looked
at the others. Wufei seemed well he seemed normal except for his clothing and the fact that he didn't
have his sword straped to his hip. She knew Hiiro the perfect soldier would never change no matter what
had been going on, she was wrong. It was not what was on the outside, but the inside. Usagi always had a
gift, she could read eyes. Hiiro's seemed almost evil, they reminded her of 'His'. Wipping away the remaining
tears on her face, she turned quickly before her eyes met Trowa's.

"Our friend is hurt. Will you help or not." Her blue eyes locked with Hiiro's steel ones, it was the first
time she noticed that he was holding up Trowa. Nodding slightly, Usagi lead them to the back of her bar.

"You may stay here, but only for one night." She began to walk away still not looking at the wounded Trowa.
"There is food in the kitchen if you are hungery. My staff will becoming back in 2 hours." with everything
said, Usagi left the room the smell of blood and the emotions that were surrounding her was making Usagi sick.
She needed air and sleep.
Hiiro placed the wounded Trowa on the old couch before scanning the room. It was painted dark orange almost
red with thin curtians covering the windows and a door that was at the back of the room. There was the old
couch which Trowa was occupping as well as a few bean-bag chairs and a black swivel chair. Even though his
mind was trying to assess the situation at hand, Hiiro was still trying to figure out why Trowa chose this
place to hide.

"There was something fimilliar about that girl." Duo was also looking around, while Wufei looked after Trowa.
"Didn't it seem like she knew us?" After Quatra left, Duo changed. Chopping off his hair was not a drimatic
change compaired to his aditude towards everyone. He became suspicious ad closed off, not saying anything to
anyone unless it was important or useful to a mission. He locked himself in his room alot, typing on his computer.
His personality did a 180, from a funny, eazy going guy to Hiiro.

"She is like any other girl Maxwell, there was nothing fimilliar or new about this one." Wufei had finished
bandaging Trowa and now sat on the hard tiled floor. The solitary dragon had changed quickly, from being
passionate about justice and trying to find an equal way to attain peace to a cold warrior who killed for fun.
But he did not kill with a gun of sword, no he killed with his bare hands, watching as the life was being
pulled from man's body by his own two hands. He only cared about one thing, his compainions.

"No, Duo is right. She is fimilliar." Hiiro had changed too. Taking on the role of his father. He became
an assasion. A deadly viruse. Where ever he went, death soon followed. Duo may be called the God of Death,
But Hiiro was hell itself.

Trowa coughed, blood and siliva dripping out of the corner of his mouth. He gasped for air, as his lung slowly
began to fill he hissed. Pain shot threw him, his life was slowly being pulled from his body. But he would not
let himself die. Not till he found Quatra. "I...I must talk to...her." his words were rough and horse, the others
knew that he was dying, but didn't want to speak it aloud. If no one said anything then it wouldn't be true. Hiiro
nodded and left to find the girl who owned this bar.
Her hair lay limp, even as the wind blew, it seemed like she was untouched by time itself. Her head was down,
but her eyes were up. Looking at the night sky, at the scared moon. The creaking sound of footsteps brought
her back into time. Her golden hair swayed with the night breeze, her baggy shirt softly moved and her tears
began to fall again.

"You are wanted." Her head turned slightly.

"Why? none of you know me, why am I needed?" His hand shot out grabbing her upper arm. His cold eyes bore into hers.

"I will not let a dying man's wish go unfafilled."

I know there is alot of spelling mistakes. Oh well I dont mind, and neither should you. ^_^