Madness is Like Gravity

Written By Starswim

Disclaimer: I don't own anything that belongs to DC Comics or Dark Knight Trilogy films; except my original characters and plot.

Plot: Kathy attempts to gain back her sanity from the night of terror; but the task becomes difficult when chaos returns to Gotham, only this time it's caused by a certain clown. Following TDK...

A/N: Here it is! The sequel to Love is Merely a Madness - the remake of Madness is Like Gravity. I remade Book 1 last year, and after reading this story, there were parts that didn't feel right to me, same with the epilogue of Book One. If you didn't read the epilogue or Book One in general, I suggest reading Book one before the sequel. You don't have to, I just recommend it. I know nothing about politics, some of the names and info were mentioned in the awesome TV show Gotham and Gotham Tonight, I watched on Youtube. If I misused Gotham news or facts, I apologize; but this is fanfiction. Anything could happen! Right?! Anyway, hope you enjoy the remake.

OC Cast

Kathryn Knightly - Lucy Hale

Lacey Donaldson - Blake Lively

Jennifer Knightly - Lily Collins

Anyway, on with the story...

Chapter 1: The Story Continues

Armed thugs set up shop inside an abandoned Gotham Cathedral, storing the remaining drugs, money, weapons, and plans to control Gotham. A couple nights ago, their boss noticed the dark knight chasing his tail in, destroying canisters of the drug at every hiding spot in Gotham. Hopefully, Batman won't find the last one in the church.

A mobster with a long beard approached a bald gangster, who was locking a canister inside an iron cage.

"Just got word that the boss is on his way," the mobster said.

"Got it," the other thug replied, finally locked the cage shut, password protected. "It's a shame that the boss won't rise for power over Gotham."

"What do you mean? You don't have faith of the boss?"

"Think about it, man. Batman tracked down and destroyed every canister he can find. What makes you think he won't find this one here, along with the other goodies?"

"He has better things to do than stop a new crime boss. Rumor has it that Scarecrow is back and has teamed up with the boss to take over Gotham."

"I heard that Scarecrow made business deals with every crime family!" Another mobster with a red beanie spoke up.

"Has any of you ever seen the Scarecrow?" the bald man asked.

"I have!" a random gangster stated proudly raising one hand in the air, "And he isn't intimidating in person."

The red beanie man let out a laugh, "Be glad that Scarecrow didn't hear ya say that. Don't forget that he's the one who put Falcone in the loony bin."

"I heard one rumor about him screwing with one of the docs in Arkham," a mobster declared with a cross necklace around his neck.

"Oh yeah. I remember. I'm surprised she is still working there. Knowing Crane, he wouldn't let her go without taking a taste of his medicine. Then again, she is pretty to not let her go."

The bald mobster scoffed a laugh, "Let's not forget that other rumor - her cozying up with that billionaire playboy, Bruce 'freaking' Wayne. His money could influence anyone especially keeping a girl's job."

"What a slut," the red beanie man declared.

"Tell me about it!" A mobster stated going around a corner of a dark column, "If I have Wayne's money, I would have many ladies begging to su-" His words were cut off by someone muffling his mouth and nose with one hand, then choking around his neck with the other, until the thug was knocked out cold.

Some of the thugs looked over their shoulders toward the direction of the unconscious mobster, curious to know why he didn't finish his sentence.

"What was that, Mike?" the mobster with a long beard asked. "Mike? Mike!"

"Keep an eye on the loot!" the bald man instructed, "I'll check on him." The bald man rushed to Mike, while the mobster with the beard was alone with the canister in front of him. His heart suddenly started racing as if something wasn't right.

"I need some help over here!" the bald man cried, "Mike has passed out!" He thought Mike passed out, but the man with the beard knew better. He had arrived, and a lot of his friends will have bruises, bloody noses, cracked teeth, and broken bones. He let out a scream immediately rushed towards the door.

"Hey! Where are you going?!" a mobster cried out to him. The man with beard didn't want to hear it. He needed to get out of here and fast. He reached to end of the aisle near the old seats, only to get tripped. His gun went off with a bang.

The mobster, that called out to the now tripped man, rushed after him, but stopped, now spotting a husky, dark man with pointy ears like a bat. The mobster immediately pointed his gun at him to shoot, but the dark man was quicker. The dark man pulled out his own gun and shoot the mobster at the shoulder. He aimed at the locked canister at the other side of the aisle, but the mobster who tripped before aimed his gun and shot the dark man from behind. The dark man cried out in pain and collapsed to the ground, clutching to his wound.

The mobster slowly came up on his feet, still pointing his gun at the dark man, "Since when do you use a gun?!" He took a closer look at the so-called dark knight who swore that he won't kill, and noticed up close that he had a black chest pad, that was supposed to protect his body from harm.

The mobster narrowed his eyes at the dark man in confusion, "Is that football pads?"

Meanwhile, the mobster with a red beanie on his head was moving one direction to another constantly. After the screams and gunshots he heard, he was trembling a bit. He heard stories of how the Batman would take down each thug one by one. He didn't want to be Batman's next victim. He can't be a victim! Who would take care of his kids? Who would support them, while he'll be in prison, or worse, a coma?

He came across a dirty stain glass window with his back facing it. He looked up at the gargoyles above him, making sure that the Batman wasn't up there. Then, he realized that he would know that the dark knight was up there. He and his men planted explosives on the gargoyles. Any weight on one the creepy things above, it would go boom.

He was taken by surprise when the glass shattered behind him, his neck was locked in a deep, rear naked choke. He screamed then dropped his gun, struggling against the guy's grip from behind. He lowered his eyes at the man's arm around his neck that was covered in a black. Could it be him? He noticed that man had an elbow pad. Did the Batman wear pads? He could've sword that he had sharp blades on his arm that could cut someone's throat clean. Refused to be knocked out and become another one of Batman's victims, he flipped the man over the shoulder, earning a yelp from the guy. They eventually started tackling, fighting over the gun.

Armed thugs scattered all over the church to find and capture the intruders. At the end of aisle, another dark knight appeared in front of the canister, attempting to open the iron gate that kept it inside. The only option he had was to shoot the canister through the bars. It's dangerous, the man get that; but if that's what it took to stop this operation, it's worth it. He took out his long shot gun and placed it's barrel through the bars.

Before he had a chance to pull the trigger, a gunshot was already made, and the man felt a piercing pain from behind. He grunted in pain and collapsed, before he completed his mission. The guy who shot the Batman imposter was a man dressed in white with a black skull-like, wooden mask over his face - Black Mask.

Black Mask's men managed to tie up and unmask all three men who claimed to be Batman. They had the imposters on their knees in the front aisle of the church. The first and third imposters were suffering gunshot wounds; while the second one's nose was bleeding, after the mobster with a red beanie managed to grasp his gun and knocked the imposter out.

"Well. Well. Well," Black Mask began, pacing back and forth casually with a silver handgun in his gloved hand. "If it isn't Batman... or should I say Batmen. I have to say, I am a little disappointed. I expected a better performance. A part of me was hoping that the real Batman would show up to stop me."

"We are here to stop you, you son of a bitch!" the third imposter hissed out, then screamed when the bald mobster squeezed the wound on his shoulder.

"Yeah, and you and your Batman want-a-bees succeeded beautifully," Black Mask retorted sarcastically. "As you can see my plan to take over this damn city will come to play." He examined the shotgun in his hand.

"What are you going to do with them boss?" the bald man asked enthusiastically, squeezing the first imposter's wound tighter, causing the fake Batman to bite his lip, holding back more cries of agony.

"Normally, I'll shoot a man who dares waltz into my operation, but I'm in a... generous mood. I'll let you gentlemen have a choice." Black Mask turned his attention to the three imposters, "Gentlemen, how do you want to die? Option one: I'll let my boys beat you to a pulp."

His men laughed eagerly, while some cracked their knuckles.

"Option two: I hang you up on one of the birdies above." He pointed at the gargoyles with his gun. "Must warn you, that option will be a blast."

He made a deep chuckle, before clearing his throat and continued in a business manner, "Or option three..."

He aimed his gun at the second imposter against his temple, making the guy whimper a bit in fear.

"I'll blow your brains out myself!"

Neither of the imposters replied. They just stared at Black Mask, who returned the gesture.

"I'm waiting..."

They still didn't respond, letting Black Mask have no choice but to choose himself. He pulled the hammer back of his gun and aimed at the second imposter, "Option three it is."

All three imposters closed their eyes, refusing to meet their murderer's gaze. They waited for the sound of death.

Black Mask finally pulled the trigger. All three imposters let out a squeak of fear, waiting for death to come. After seconds of waiting, they felt nothing. Were they dead already? They didn't feel anything. Was death really painless?

The first imposter took a risk, and opened his left eye to see what's happening.

Black mask looked at his gun in confusion. He pulled the trigger again, no bullet came out. He pulled it a couple more times, still no murder was committed.

"What the hell is wrong with this thing?!" Black Mask cried in frustration, before he snatched a gun from one of his men, "Give me that!" The Batmen imposters resumed their frightened position, knowing that this was it.

Black Mask pulled the trigger from the weapon, but somehow no bullet came out. He checked to see if there was ammo inside. There were bullets inside, so why wasn't the gun working?

"Men! Shoot your guns!"

All his men complied, no sound was made, no bullets came out.

"Why aren't our guns working?!" Black Mask demanded out loud.

His question was answered when he heard a scream from one of his men. He looked over to see the mobster dragged across the church and eventually hang upside down. His leg was attached by a rope at one end, while the other end was stuck to a gargoyle nearby. Even with the man's scream of protest, the rest could hear three beeps from the explosives that was attached to the gargoyle. After the third beep, the dark bird statue exploded, letting the man fall back to the ground, screaming and hitting his head on the ground, knocking him out instantly.

The men looked up to see if anyone was up on the gargoyles.

"Look!" the second imposter cried, looking over his shoulder.

Black Mask and his men looked towards the entrance of the church to see something - someone was hiding in the shadows. Black Mask chuckled, walking down the aisle, twirling his gun around his hand like a pro, "Don't tell me this is another Batman want-a-be!"

The man in the shadows threw a something at Black Mask's hand that was holding his gun. Black Mask yelped in pain, dropping his gun. A sharp metal stuck to his palm. He pulled it out and examined it to see that metal was shaped like a bat. He stared ahead as the man in the shadows stepped forward revealing himself to Black Mask, the real Dark Knight has arrived.

"I'm here to stop you, Roman Sionis," Batman stated in his husky voice.

Black Mask let out a cocky laugh, "And you need help from your so-called army?"

"I don't need an army. I'll take your men and destroy your last drug canister alone. We can do this the easy way or-"

"Or the hard way!" Black Mask finished for him, rolling his eyes in annoyance. "Yeah! Yeah, we know!"

"Quit now, Roman!" Batman warned him, slowly approaching him. "This is your last chance."

"Hmm..." Black Mask turned his head to the side as if thinking about Batman's words carefully. "What do you think, men? Should I quit? After all that time we've been working our asses off?"

"YES!" Batmen imposters stated, including one of Sionis's that cost him a bullet in the head.

The rest of his men reluctantly raised their fists, declaring the opposite, "No!"

Black Mask chuckled wickedly, facing Batman while popping his knuckles, "I thought so."

He and his men charged after Batman, who had no trouble fighting against ten men including Sionis. Batmen imposters were tied to their knees helplessly, watching their hero taking out each man one by one. They were amazed how Batman was able to fight back a dozen men, when he was just one man.

Eventually, Black Mask and his men were defeated and tied up in a straight line. Batman faced Roman Sionis who had his skeleton mask removed, revealing his raven hair, his scratched up face, and a missing incisor.

Roman looked up at Batman with a smug look, chuckling deeply, "You know what's so great about you, Batman? Even when I lose, I win. So go ahead - call the cops. They'll lock me up, sure. But my lawyer will have me out on bail before the sun's up. And you know what I'm going to do once I get out? I'm going to dedicate every waking minute to tracking you down and taking you out! And you know what the best part is? There's not a thing you can do about it!" He laughed some more.

"And I will be waiting," Batman stated softly. He walked down the aisle, facing each man who was looking away in fear, until he came across one man who claimed to have seen Scarecrow.

The man let out a yelp as the Batman grabbed him by his throat and lifted him in the air.

"Please! Please don't hurt me!" the mobster begged.

"Tell me what you know about Crane!" Batman demanded, before punching the man in the face.

"I-I don't know! I-I swear-"

"SWEAR TO ME!" Batman shouted, throwing another punch at the thug's face.

"I-I..." The man gasped for breath, trying to pry Batman's fingers off his throat with no avail. "Sionis a-and C-C-Crane talk by phone. W-We met his men at a - uh - parking garage, but we didn't see Scarecrow! I swear!"

"Who else deals with Scarecrow?"

"The Chechen m-mentioned stri-striking a deal for Crane's d-drugs, that's all I know!"

"I will cut your tongue for opening that big mouth, you idiot!" Roman snapped from the end of the line Batman created.

"I'm sorry, Black Mask - Sir! He made me!"

Batman had the answers he needed, he punched him again, knocking the man out cold.

"Thank you, Batman!" the second imposter cried, "Thank you! You saved our asses tonight!"

Batman ignored the imposters, making his way to the last canister. He pulled out a device and hacked into the password protected lock. Once he unlocked the device, he placed a bug on the canister, then walked away. He pulled out another device, a push of a button that activated the bug. It exploded in flames. Before he makes his exit, he approached the three men who were intimidated by his presence.

"Don't let me find you here again," Batman threatened them, before walking toward the entrance of the church.

"We're trying to help you!" the first imposter named Brian cried.

"I don't need help!" Batman snapped.

"What gives you the right! What's the difference between you and me!"

"I'm not wearing hockey pads!" Batman replied, leaving the church.

The men sat there in silence, until the thug with the beard said quietly. "So it's not football pads." That comment earned a head butt by his companion.


The sun was rising, the skies had the mixed colors of purple and red. It was a beautiful sight in Gotham. Kathy walked up the steps, opening the door to the rooftop. She entered and analyzed her surroundings with amazement.

The rooftop was decorated. Normally, this area would be empty, nothing but Gotham's view. Now, there were lounge chairs, pots of beautiful flowers, a table with red cloth over it, along with breakfast - hashbrowns, omelets, a large coke bottle in the middle instead of a wine bottle. Perfect place for a romantic date. Standing near the roof's edge was a tall, dark man dressed in a white dress shirt and black dress pants. He didn't seem to notice the woman's presence.

Kathy smiled at the man and ran her hands through her white dress, dusting and smoothing out wrinkles the best she could. She approached Bruce in small, quiet steps with her high, black sandal shoes.

"Hello, Bruce," Kathy greeted him in a sweet tone.

The handsome man whirled around, and by judging the look on his amusing face, he couldn't believe that Kathy was up here. He didn't expect her to come. He thought that she was going to wait a while, before she came.

"I changed my mind," Kathy explained.

Bruce narrowed his eyes at her confusingly, "I thought you said-"

"I know," Kathy cut him off, before she walked closer to him, "but after all that thinking... I realize that you're right. I need to be with someone, who can navigate me. Someone who can take me in the right coarse. How about somebody like you?"

"Are you sure?" Bruce asked her once more, "Is that what you really want?"


Bruce cut Kathy off, by shushing her and placing his finger over her rosy lips. "Don't answer that. Not yet. I need you to be sure you're ready."

Kathy thought about this. She wanted to be ready, she needed to be ready. She wanted to move on, start a new. What can be better than moving on with a sweet, thoughtful, handsome gentleman like Bruce Wayne.

"If you are..." Bruce whispered, "If you give me a small chance... I promise you that I'll be the best decision you ever made."

That was the most beautiful and amazing vow, Kathy has ever heard. Nobody, not even her exes had ever said that to her. He must truly care for her, and her feelings were just as strong as his.

Kathy smiled as she took his hand in hers. Bruce looked down and stared at their entwined hands, then felt Kathy's other small hand underneath his chin. She lifted his head up so they give each other eye contact.

Kathy's smile grew bigger, letting out a girlish giggle, "I never doubt that for one minute."

Bruce pulled her into an embrace, and Kathy closed her eyes in content when she felt his lips on her head.

For the first time ever, Kathy felt something was going right for her for a change. Maybe she'll end up with Bruce, maybe she'll have a happy ever after with him, maybe they could get married, have children, grow old together. Bruce definitely had the package, every girl wanted for a man. He was sweet, generous, intelligent, thoughtful of others, strong, not to mention handsome.

Kathy felt a cold breeze through her arms and legs, giving her chill bumps. But that's not all, a sound of wicked laughter and slithering snakes. Kathy opened her eyes and frozen still in horror. She heard those sounds in her dreams- no, nightmares. They're the kind that made her afraid to fall asleep at night.

Kathy felt she was safe now that she was in Bruce arms. She couldn't be anymore wrong. His grip around Kathy tightened, more aggressively. Bruce hugged her before, but this wasn't his normal gentle ones. This wasn't Bruce. Kathy struggled to get out of the stranger's grip, but the grip grew so tight, she couldn't breathe or talk. She felt a cold breath against her ear, hearing a quiet, but familiar evil laugh and a horrid whisper.

"And at the end of fear... Oblivion!"


Kathy woke up with a gasp and widen eyes. She noticed her heavy breathing and pounding heart against her chest. Kathy put her hand over her chest to control her breathing. It happened again, she had another nightmare.

However, this time it was peaceful at first with another man of interest. Bruce Wayne. Who would've thought that a petite doctor who makes hardly a hundred dollars an hour be socializing with a billionaire like Bruce? People say how big a player he was, or a backstabber for stealing back his own family's company from another. As it turned out, he has a heart of gold for people, especially her. After what happened with Crane, Bruce tried every trick in the book to make Kathy feel better. Being with Bruce made her feel 'safe' physically. The mental aspect was the challenge.

Back to her dream, it turned out to be like any other dream that she had for months. A nightmare. Just because Jonathan or Scarecrow left Gotham, didn't mean that the fear joined the ride as well. She had the fear of seeing him again as Scarecrow, the dark one who dragged her down to Arkham's basement, performed experiments on her, played with her fears, and stole a bit of her dignity.

She hated him. Why couldn't the crows eat him alive, when they had the chance?

Trying to push the thoughts out of her mind, she resumed her routine with a smile on her face. When someone says 'How are you?', she will respond with a simple 'I'm fine, thank you'.

She expected her blonde roommate to be asleep groaning at the noises and lights flickering whenever Kathy gets up early for work. Instead she found Lacey on the couch, eating her cereal and drinking her latte, watching GCN.

"Hey," she greeted her friend with a smile. "You are up-"

Lacey shushed her without taking her eyes off the TV.

On the small screen appeared the pantsuit dressed woman, standing tall and proud, ready to address the people of Gotham. Kathy wasn't fond of the woman, but only because of her former lover. Now the two have a mutual respect for each other. They weren't exactly best friends, but not enemies either.

"Hello. My name is Rachel Dawes, I'm an assistant District Attorney for Gotham City, and I work with Harvey Dent."

Harvey Dent. An attorney of Gotham in line for the title of District Attorney, along with two other candidates - Dana Worthington and Roger Garcetti. The competition was fierce, but the women in the living room knew who to pick.

Roger was a fraud, a corrupt. He even wanted to put Batman behind bars for doing something right in this city. They couldn't let Roger be the new DA. There were rumors about him being a part of the mob. The last thing Gotham needed was a corrupted DA. If the girls had to be pick, it would come down to Dana or Harvey.

Dana Worthington worked as a Victim's advocate, who believed she's representing the people in Gotham. As far as Lacey could tell, she's fine with the Batman on the streets, fighting crime. She knew that desperate times called for desperate measures.

Same with Harvey Dent, who was currently wiping the corruption from the police department. A shame that Arnold Flass missed his turn of prosecution, may he rest in peace above or underground. That being said, the women's vote was on Harvey. They weren't the only ones that agreed on the vote. According to Gotham, he was the city's White Knight. Strong, brave, charming, and handsome. He's like the blonde version of Superman. The people in Metropolis had their hero, Gotham had theirs - two heroes actually.

Lacey cheered for her best friend and boss, "Yeah! Go Rachel!"

Kathy rolled her eyes, suppressing the giggle.

"I know first hand, the integrity which Mr. Dent brings to his job. He commits all his energy to fighting crime, and the corruption, and making the city a safer place."

"Seriously?" Kathy asked, "Did you record the press conference from yesterday?"

Lacey shushed her roommate once more.

"Now a group of individuals attempted to smear Mr. Dent's reputation."

Lacey had a flashback on that day at Gotham City Hall. She wasn't in line to vote, but she was merely helping out - stacking pens, handing out buttons, folding election T-shirts. That night went by smoothly, until three men came to the polling station, threatening people with baseball bats and destroying all Harvey Dent's posters and signs. That's when Batman came in and tied the three men to a tree, saving the voters and Lacey from harm.

"But rather than discredit him, theses lives have only validated his campaign to take back our city, making the criminals and the corrupt both desperate and afraid; and that is the greatest endorsement of all. Harvey believes in two things: justice and Gotham City. This is why I believe in Harvey Dent, and why you should too. Thank you."

Lacey cheered, clapping her hands, nearly spilling her cereal.

"Uh, I don't think she can hear you, Lace," Kathy commented. "Though, I'm sure she appreciates the love."

Lacey rolled her eyes, smirking up at her friend, "Where's your spirit?"

"In the afternoon," Kathy retorted. "Why are you up so early?"

Lacey turned back to her cereal, "Because I want to be there when Allen announces the winner of our new DA."

"Or paying a visit to your new son?"

Lacey smiled at the mere thought of that boy she encountered at the Narrows. Nathan Machin. The sweet, young lad who lost his dysfunctional parents by the mayhem, terrifying night. He was currently staying at the St. Swithin's church. It's not just a place to worship but a sanctuary for young, orphan boys like Nathan. Whenever she wasn't studying pre-law at Gotham University or interning at the DA's office, she would visit him every week with games, movies, and ice cream. She tried to help him with his homework, but it ended him helping with her homework. He was prodigy when it comes to math, science, and politics.

"Maybe," Lacey teased, sipping her coffee.

The recording ended, resuming back to Gotham Morning News, specifically Vicki Vale with her gossip segment.

"Good morning, this is Vicki Vale telling it like it is."

Lacey rolled her eyes, "Not really."

When she said that, a picture of a certain billionaire appeared on screen. The ladies couldn't help but watch, against their better judgement to turn the TV off.

"Now we all know Bruce Wayne, the hunky playboy who won't stop at nothing to get the best seat in the house, the fastest sports cars, and the hottest gals in town. Bruce Wayne lives his life as a monopoly board, and he's playing all by himself... However, last night is a different story."

A film was playing for the viewers, showing a video of a couple surrounded by flashing cameras, they were trying to get into their car. Lacey instantly recognized the couple, and she instantly dropped her mug along with her jaw.

Kathy groaned, burying her face into her hands.


Bruce was up all night, spending half his time on the monitors and the other out in the city to catch some criminals and copycats. Right now, he returned to his bat lair to research Crane a little bit more. With Wayne Manor burned down, he created a bunker for a temporary hideout.

This former doctor didn't take responsibility for his actions. He helped a terrorist create a weaponized toxin, and used it to hurt his former students, former patients, Gotham and more importantly he almost killed Kathy with it. He needed to pay for all he done, instead of hiding like a coward he was.

This morning, he didn't show up to the business meeting he was supposed to go. He made a call to Lucius Fox, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, telling to start the meeting without him and that he was tied up elsewhere. Lucius understood and obliged.

He worked non-stop, he didn't let his phone earpiece distract him. He took the call, while he was looking up Crane's history. He didn't have to guess who was calling him.

"Yes, Alfred?"

"Master Wayne, I'm sorry to disturb you, but..."

"Alfred?" Bruce questioned him, "Alfred, what happened? Is it a matter of life and death?"

"It is a matter of social life and death."

Bruce scoffed, "Vicki talking about me skinny dipping with the Russian ballerinas?"

"I suggest you turn your monitors to the news, Sir," Alfred suggested, not explaining it any further.

As much as Bruce wanted to continue working on tracking down Scarecrow's next drug run, he cursed his morbid sense of curiosity. He changed his big monitor, that had a mug shot of Crane, into Gotham News.

"Taken place in the city's famous Italian bistro, Bruce Wayne was there not taking multiple pretty girls like he normally does, but only one."


The girls watched the news interview the owner of Pasuale's bistro - Pascuale himself.

"Yeah, so we were booked all night. Tables filled, waiters and waitresses running around, costumers eating. Mr. Wayne showed up with a pretty lady, demanding a table. I said 'Mr. Wayne, I know who you are, but I got twenty tables here. I'm booked all night. There is no where to seat you. He puts a piece of paper in my hand, and tell me 'You make the best risotto in town. It's time for a little expansion, right?'. I opened the piece of paper - it was the deed to the place next door, and now I got a hundred tables in my name."

Lacey's mouth dropped, glaring at her friend with widened eyes. Kathy shook her head, still upset that Bruce bought the place ahead of time just for a table. People would think it would be romantic and considerate, but it was crazy, snobbish, let alone creepy. Who does that?

A video camera zoomed in him and his mystery friend. Her back was turned, only showing her dark curls and purple dress.

"There they are, seated in the dark building (next to Pascuale's). From the looks of it, this girl really enjoys Pascuale's rolls."

"Well, she was right about that," Lacey grumbled. "No one can eat faster than you."

Kathy blushed when she saw herself stuffing her face with bread rolls, that quickly disappeared in her mouth. She couldn't blame herself to be a fast eater, she was hungry, and the rolls were delicious.


Bruce was outraged by what he's watching. Normally, he didn't care for Gotham Gossip even if the story was about him, but the fact they brought up Kathy and made it look like they're a couple was sickening.

He saw the waiter entered the scene, warning them about the reporters. The couple quickly fled through the back, only to be surprised by flashing cameras.

"The two were holding hands, enjoying a nice romantic dinner until it was trashed by the paparazzi. What's odd about this picture is that normally Bruce Wayne enjoys the spotlight..."

That's not true. Bruce hated the spotlight. He liked to live a normal life in broad daylight, but apparently that's never going to happen. The screen showed Bruce leading Kathy through the crowd of reporters, holding her close, protecting her.

"But now Prince Charming was leading the young maiden away, shielding her from the flashing cameras, putting her in his carriage, and keeping her identity a mystery."

He watched himself, sending threatening gestures to the reporters before getting inside the car. He also watched Alfred's car driving away from the restaurant, running over a few photographers in the process.

"It seems that the Prince of Gotham became a fire breathing dragon tonight, protecting the young maiden by running over a few soldiers with his car. No one was killed fortunately. However, a few were injured, but so far no lawsuits were made."


Bruce's picture popped up again, along side with another picture of Kathy inside the car with her jacket over her head.

"The Knight and Shining Armor was willing to do anything, almost kill a few people to save this young damsel in distress. Could it be that the young playboy found his princess? According to one of the witnesses at the restaurant, Bruce specifically called her his date when he requested a seat at Pascuale Caliolo (the owner of Pascuale's Bistro)."

Lacey turned to flushed Kathy with a sly grin, "Did he really?"

Kathy rolled her eyes, "Since when did you believe in Vicki's gossip?"

Lacey raised a brow.

"It wasn't a date, okay! We were going out as friends."

"Yeah, at the most famous and expensive Italian restaurant, where Crane..." Lacey trailed off, immediately regretted speaking the name. "I'm sorry-"

Kathy raised her hand, cutting her roommate off, "Don't worry about it." She picked up the remote, muting the television. Just in time for Vicki to list off the suspects of women who could be Bruce's chosen princess - models, actresses, and ballerinas.

"I think its time that you settle down," Lacey suggested lightly, careful with her choice of words. "You know?"

"Lacey, Bruce Wayne-"

"Likes you! It's been months with cafes, dinners, and helicopter rides! From what you told me, he is not like the guy that people says on TV. He wants you, I can tell! He expanded Pascuale's for you!"

"Still creeped out about that."


"Lace, he is a billionaire. I am sure he does that to all the girls. Trust me, he doesn't want someone like me! Okay? Someone who screwed with a madman."

"That makes two of us..."

Kathy shook violently at the voice inside her head. He was creeping in the back of her mind, echoing the truth. The truth that she refused to hear.

"Kathy, that was months ago. You got to move on from the past. No one is talking about it. No one is whispering about it. You need to be happy with a good guy for a change."

Kathy sighed, glaring at her phone, "I need to get to work. Wish Team Dent good luck for me?" For that she walked back to gather her things for Arkham.

Lacey nodded, turning back to the TV with the volume up.

"There is one woman who was close to Bruce Wayne. His childhood friend and assistant attorney - Rachel Dawes."

Vicki showed the picture of the woman on screen, but it was immediately crossed with a X.

"However, we have seen Rachel's support for one of DA's candidates and Gotham's White Knight - Harvey Dent, but recently we saw there was something more."

A video shot the woman and Harvey exiting the cab together.

"When the two were seen each other occasionally with a peck on a cheek and holding hands. Whether Bruce approves... that's hard to say."

The image made Lacey's face contorted slightly, clearly disapprove of the couple. Not that Lacey wasn't happy for Rachel, because of what happened to Carl, but there was that voice inside the DA's intern that wanted to scream. Why did Lacey screw up with the attorney on the first day? Why can't she keep her mouth shut about the stupid slogan - I Believe in Harvey Dent? Why can't she be the lucky girls like Rachel and Kathy to have great guys like Bruce and Harvey? Why can't she be happy with a man for a change?


"Patient interview #3," Kathy stated after pushing a button on the recorder. She was sitting across her patient, Pamela Isley (aka Poison Ivy).

"This is Doctor Knightly with Pamela Isley-"

"Oh, please, Doctor," Ivy said seductively. "Call me Ivy. That is my name."

"Not according to your records, Miss Isley," Kathy pointed out. "You know the rules. We must keep things strictly professional."

"Of course." Ivy was taken back by Kathy's attitude, but kept her voice cool and suave. She laid her arms on the table, leaning closer to her.

"You know... you seem tense. Mind if I suggest a backrub to soothe your stress?"

Kathy scoffed and shook her head, "Nice try, Miss Isley."

"Not from me, silly, though I am touch that I am your top choice." Ivy winked at the woman. Kathy rolled her eyes. "There are a few plants you can use for aromatherapy, make you feel... alive, a new woman."

"Tempting," Kathy grumbled.

Ivy frowned, "Haven't you heard, Doctor? Stress isn't good for the soul. Why your negative energy is affecting me and my babies."

"You mean your plants?"

"They're not just my plants!" Ivy snapped angrily, slamming her hands against the table. "They are my children, I am their mother - their protector from killers like your kind!"

"Easy, Miss Isley," Kathy cooed. "We don't want this hour filled with negative energy." She patted the table, indicating the panic button underneath it.

"You are the cause of the mood change, doctor. Let us not forget. You are worse than the last doctor, they placed before me..." Ivy smirked at the thought of the last doctor who attempted to treat her. "Ooh, that reminds me. How is darling Stephen?"

Kathy frowned, knowing fully well she was referring to Dr. Kellerman, "Still in the hospital, no thanks to you."

"Whatever do you mean?" Ivy asked innocently, acting like she did nothing wrong.

"You almost killed him!" Kathy snapped, "You kissed him with your venom lips, poisoning the poor guy."

Pamela wasn't showing any sympathy. She leaned back against her chair, folding her arms and pouting her lips.

"So?" Ivy asked.

Kathy scoffed, "So?! You're lucky that we found him before you did anymore damage! He has a wife and child! How do you think the kid feels if he lost his father?!"

"How do you think the plants feel, when you trample them underfoot?!" Ivy snapped angrily, asking her own question, "The spores, you breathe in and destroys, have children. Why does Stephen deserves anything more than them? You people are ignoring what is happening in front of your eyes."

"So are you, Miss Isley. You are refusing to deal with the man who left you to die in that greenhouse. The place where it all started."

"I did deal with it. I spoke my peace, and he has bloomed. Because of him, my eyes opened to who I was born to be. I AM Mother Nature!" Ivy slammed her fist against the table, expecting the good doctor to jump, which she didn't. Kathy wasn't afraid, only frustrated.

"Miss Isley, I suggest you sit down before I call security."

Ivy's angry expression softened into amusement. She laughed as she slowly sunk down on her seat, "You seriously believe the guards would be helpful. All the men here in this facility have an attraction for me, even Arkham."

"Not every man," Kathy whispered quietly.

Ivy heard her statement, smirking wickedly at her, knowing fully well who she's referring to, "Ah yes. The former doctor. Our status is different, but our past is the same."

"I am nothing like you."

"We both had men who betrayed us..." Ivy roamed her eyes up and down Kathy's body, then her lips snarl in disgust, making the doctor slightly self conscious. "You remind me of him. He too had this negative energy and seem so tense all the time. Maybe he is the key to making you into something special... Though not as special as me, but something. What could you be? I wonder..."

Kathy clenched her jaw and tightened her fist, hearing the Master of Fear laugh heartedly. It's clear that Pamela was obviously trying to make her snap. The way that Kathy made her snap when she downgraded her 'babies'. Pamela hit a nerve, Kathy gave her points for that.

"It is a shame that we don't have a toxin in your pocket. We could put the 'goddess' power to the test."

Kathy shook her head, tempting put the plant lady in her place. But what could she do? Slap her? Threaten her? Acting unprofessional could cost her job and a law suit. Ivy may be crazy, but sane enough to file a law suit.

Kathy took a deep breath, pushing the stop button on the recorder, and closing her notebook, "I think we're done here."


Kathy finished her session with other patient. She was currently resting in her office, fighting through the flashbacks by focusing on her current surroundings - what she sees, tastes, hears, smells. She was in her dimly lit office, smelling Febreeze troprical spray, tasting the onions from her sandwich, feeling the grease of her curls through her manicured fingers. For a split second, she felt someone else massaging her head down to her shoulders.

"You can't stop thinking about me, can you?" he challenged breathlessly against her ear.

She gasped when a musical jingle echoed through the intercoms of Arkham. The owner himself was about to make his 'important' announcement.

"Attention, all doctors and security in Arkham, I need your help with a very important task. If anyone finds a black Verizon cellphone here, bring it to me immediately. I repeat if anyone finds a black Verizon phone here in Arkham and brings it to me, that person will get a fifty dollar reward. That will be all."

Once the announcement ended with a click, Kathy heard loud footsteps and voices outside her office.. Doctors must be desperate to find Dr. Arkham's phone, same with the guards. She really wanted fifty dollars in her pocket. She planned on finding the phone in her to-do list.

Her phone buzzed inside her desk drawer. She opened to see a text message from her so-called love interest.

'Saw the news, just checking in to see how you are from last night.'

Kathy didn't notice the smile the crept across her lips. Bruce Wayne was sweet. She could hear Lacey repeating the words from this morning.

"Aww, how sweet."

'Why make fifty dollars ...' Kathy's face slackened at the voice again. His voice. 'when you already have a billionaire wrapped around your pinky?'

"Jealous much?" Kathy argued. Her eyes closed and shivered at the wicked laugh, forcing her fist to curl into a tight ball.

'Of course not, because we both know that you are not as linked to him as you are with me.'


'Why? It's the truth, isn't it? You and I are inseparable. Two peas in a pod.'

Kathy huffed, opening her eyes only to widen at the image before her. The smirking Doctor Crane himself.

"Go aw-"

She was cut off by her phone buzzing again. A new message.

According to the caller ID, it said to be Jeremiah Arkham, but didn't he just announced that he lost his phone. This wasn't from Arkham for he normally would email or call her, not text. Her body froze with dread at the creepy little message.

"Roses are red. My heart is black. If I tore your head, I'd mail it right back - J"

"Gee, I wonder who that could be?" Her hallucination circled around her desk with hands folded behind his back.

"How could he get a phone?" Kathy questioned. "He was supposed to be in solitary confinement."

"How indeed. Maybe that nutty old woman couldn't help herself and visited the clown with Arkham's supervision."

Kathy suppressed the urge to narrow her eyes at Jonathan's unnecessary remark for Gretchen Whistler, the new head of Arkham. Kathy was happy for Whistler to have a recognition after decades of working with Arkham and his family, though Doctor Arkham has his reluctance considering the woman's age. He required someone with experience and young like Crane. If only the crow didn't betray the family and its foundation.

"Aren't you going to jump for the woman's defense?" Jonathan challenged a brow at her.

"What difference would that make?" Kathy grumbled. "You are not leaving me alone any time soon."

"Yet you are not doing anything about it, because you are afraid to be locked up in a strait jacket."

"A jacket that has your name on it," Kathy hissed.

"Yet you didn't seem to mind wearing my other jackets when we were together." His smirk deepened, "Maybe we could share one."

Kathy rolled her eyes, but jumped with fright at another buzzed message.

"Come see me some time, I want to offer my share of love advice."

Kathy had her personal experiences with the John Doe, not the friendly kind. She remembered Valentine's day when she received flowers and expired chocolate, made her stay in bed for a week. She knew from Crane how deep the clown can dig under her skin. She felt her own skin crawl at the notes she received Crane and Arkham got involved. Now John Doe found his way around isolation and continued to creep into Kathy's damaged mind.

"Someone really needs to put that clown in his place," Jonathan growled at the single letter in the text message. "I thought the exercises the guards gave him were enough." He grasped the woman's shoulders, tightening in white grip. Fortunately for Kathy, this was a hallucination, she could hardly feel it, only the man's rage from behind. "If it were up to me-"

Kathy turned off her phone, standing up from her seat.

"Where are you going?"

"To Arkham. He needs to know what's going on." Kathy reached for the door knob, but stopped at the man's chuckle behind her.

"Arkham? You think Arkham will do anything to help his doctors?"

"At least he doesn't neglect his work - actual work."

Jonathan's lips formed an O, hissing in mock pain, "Ooh. Now there is the fiery kitten I know. I sure do miss her sharp claws... running down my back-"

"Enough!" Kathy snapped, whipping her head at his direction.

"What are you afraid of, Kathryn?" He challenged. "You put up with my presence for months, still refusing to break. Just like I did."

Kathy scoffed, turning her head to the door.

"Though the rage is building inside you, isn't? Surrounded by traitors who could be our experiment."


Jonathan huffed with exhaustion, "Fine. If you wish to pretend that those people are your 'friends', play along with the delusion, I am only here to play my part. But if you have to choose one person to snap, it would be the one person that no one gives a damn about. Am I right?"

Kathy didn't reply. She wanted to argue him, but he was right. No one gave a damn about John Doe. She didn't care for the clown's existence. He was a cancer that needed to be taken away. She knew that she wasn't the only sane one to think like that.

"No one would care if he lives or dies. If you go to the guards and tell them that you were going to slay the joker where he lies, they would've been happy to take their seats and watch the show while eating popcorn."

Kathy closed her eyes, tightening her grip on the door knob. She knew that deep down that the suggestion was a bad idea. Intimidating John Doe was a big no-no. It would create a target on your back. She didn't want to look over her shoulder and wait for the clown to strangle her with his purple gloves. It was bad enough to have Scarecrow haunting her. Though Arkham, Crane, Cash, and Whistler appeared before Joker, and lived to see the light of day. Could she be one of the lucky ones to survive after sending a threat of her own? It's a gamble with one percent chance in surviving.

"You are a big girl, Kathryn. Instead of tattling to the teacher, why not put the clown in his place? Show him who is in charge. I did, and look at me."

Kathy didn't look at him, nor want to. She merely huffed, turning the knob and exiting the office.

It was time to end this.