Chapter 1: The Beginning

My first ever collaboration fanfiction story. I feel so honored. This story was requested by Skyler the Elf Owl. She will be assisting me in writing this. This story is her idea on how an alternative Happy Feet would have gone. So Gloria, Seymour, Violet(her OC), and Mumble all were dropped as eggs and can't sing but they can dance. The story follows the Happy Feet movie plot with some changes added to it.

I own nothing. The movie, Happy Feet 1&2 and all its characters belong to their respectful owners. Skyler and I only own our OC's: DJ, John, Skyler, Erika, Veronica, and Violet.

This story is dedicated to American actor and comedian, Robin McLaurin Williams. (July 21, 1951 to August 11, 2014. Age 63) R.I.P Robin Williams. Nanu Nanu. We miss you so much.

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The universe contains a vast majority of space. Galaxies, nebulae, planets, moons, and stars. Only one planet we know supports life. The planet know as Earth. Even in the harshest climates, life exists. One of such places is Antarctica.

Antarctica. At the bottom of the world. A frigid desert with glaciers and great chunks of ice covering the land. Home to leopard seals, skuas, orcas, whales, and most of all, penguins. This is where our story takes place. In Antarctica with the penguins.

Penguins are an aquatic flightless species of bird native mostly to Antarctica, but can exist in other places. The main species of penguin in Antarctica is the emperor penguin. They have black and white feathers like a tuxedo and gold feather-trimmed necks. Different species of penguins can have different traits though. They spend most of their time in the water, hunting for fish, squid, and krill.

Skyler: "Veronica, you're going overboard with the facts again."

Veronica: "Oh hi. Sorry, I tend to go a little overboard with facts. Its a bit of a habit I've picked up. Well at least let me allow me to introduce myself and my friend over here. My name is Veronica and this is Skyler. Say hi, Skyler."

Skyler: "Hi there."

Veronica: "Okay, so first off we are both girl emperor penguins. Emperor penguins are the largest type of penguin there is. I have already described the basic traits of penguins in the first bit so Skyler and I will both tell you about us. You can go first Skyler if you like."

Skyler: "Thanks V. So first up my name is Skyler, but you can call me Sky. My parents are Mumble HappyFeet and Violet HappyFeet. I have two siblings, Erik and Erika. I have brown eyes and brown crest feathers which cover my right eye. I am also kind, sweet, and shy. I will be narrating the story with my friend Veronica over here. Tell them about yourself a little bit V."

Veronica: Thanks Sky. Okay so first off, my name is Veronica, but you can call me V if you want. My parents are Seymour and Gloria and I have two siblings, Atticus and Boadicea. I have aqua blue eyes and brown crest feathers in a ponytail-like style. I am kind, generous, and I like to blurt out random facts about animals. Like this: giraffes have necks that are about seven feet long!"

Skyler: "Thank you Veronica for that interesting fact about giraffes, but we're talking about penguins now, remember?"

Veronica: "Oh yes, right. This is the story on our parents journey from chicks to adults to saviors of penguin kind. Now penguins are born with heartsongs which we use to find our mates that have heartsongs that match theirs. If the heartsongs match, then the penguins become a couple and then raise a family together. But what happens if a penguin doesn't have a heartsong? They can't be truly penguin, can they? This is where our story begins..."

Skyler: "Uh Veronica, lets just let the story narrate itself for a little bit, shall we?"

Veronica: "Oh, right. Sorry."

Antarctica. The continent on the bottom of the world. A land covered in sheets of ice and snow. Icebergs rule the sea around it and glaciers spread out across the land. The seasons are categorized by the hours of daylight and number of snowstorms throughout the year. Spring and summer is the time when the land receives the most hours of daylight. It is also the time when large chunks of ice break off from glaciers and into the ocean, creating ice floes and icebergs. Icicles melt and the ice cracks underfoot. It is also the time when penguins find their mates after they had been gone for the entire winter.

You see the females lay their eggs and give them to the males before leaving them to take care of the for the entire winter season, while they go fish. The males then last through the entire winter season, facing blizzards and harsh cold weather to keep the eggs safe. When spring returns so do the females. The eggs have hatched and so the females bring back fish from their time at sea and they feed the chick and raise it while the males then go back out to see and feed. Both parent will each leave a day to go fish and feed their chick.

Though sometimes the egg doesn't hatch at all. Sometimes the harshness of the winter or the irresponsibility of a male with his egg will cause the chick to die before it even hatches out. So there's one rule all father penguins must obey during the winter.

Never drop the egg.

Unfortunately for four males, this happened to them during the season. They had all kept faithful to the rules of watching their eggs, but unfortunately another male had smashed into them in the winter, sending all four eggs into the icy winds and snow. They all hurried to find and picked up there eggs. Then they had all prayed fervently to the great Guin, the penguin god, to turn the earth, bring back the sun, and for their chicks to be alright.

Miraculously, three of the four chicks pecked through their egg shells and to their fathers. The chicks father's Maurice, DJ, and John were overjoyed at their chicks being alive. They then spotted their friend Memphis, who's egg still hadn't hatched. They walked over to him with their new chicks: Gloria, Seymour, and Violet.

Gloria had her mom's looks, a slender body, and both her parent's brown eyes. Seymour was a little big for his age like his dad and had hazel eyes. Violet had her mom's slender figure and pale violet eyes.

Memphis was looking down at his egg on the ice, feeling very depressed. What was he going to tell his wife, Norma Jean? His friends came over with their chicks to cheer him up. But what could they do? All of their eggs had hatched despite being dropped during the winter.

"It happens sometimes Memphis," Maurice tried to say.

"I can't hear anything inside. What am I going to tell Norma Jean? Hey, honey. Our son's dead," Memphis said, visualizing it in his mind. He then turned away from his friends. Meanwhile, his friends chicks: Gloria, Seymour, and Violet went to check out the white oval orb in the snow, while their dad's talked.

"What is it," Violet asked.

"Honey," John said to his chick.

"Is it empty," Seymour asked.

"Can I have it," Gloria asked Memphis.

"Gloria," Maurice scolded.

"No, i-it's fine Maurice," Memphis replied.

The three chicks grinned as they surrounded the weird object. Violet then began to peck on it. It made a nice tapping sound. The other two soon joined in. Soon all three were tapping a little tune on the egg's shell. Then suddenly the egg began to wobble and another noise was coming from it. The chicks backed away as it began to wobble faster. Memphis turned and grinned when he saw the egg move.

"Hey Maurice! John! DJ! Look at that. He's alive. My little boy's alive! See that's his little foot," Memphis joyfully cried as a foot stuck out of the egg. Then it was followed by its other one. But then the weirdest thing happened. The egg with the two feet started walking/tapping away. The three other chicks gleefully began to chase after it.

"That's different," Memphis said as he watched his boy skip away, still in his egg.

"Hey, get back here Mr. Mumble," Gloria cried out.

"Ah ah, Gloria," Maurice started.

"Oh, she can go on forever, just as she like. Hey, slow down their, little Mumble," Memphis said, right before the egg fell off the side of some ice and the egg broke, revealing the chick inside.

"Mumble, mumble," the other chicks called out.

"You okay," Memphis called out to his chick.

"Freezing, freezing," the chick, now dubbed Mumble cried out as his feet clacked against the ice beneath him.

"Oh, you get used it. Come on boy, come over here and get warm," Memphis replied. Mumble came over to his dad, his feet tapping against the cold floor as he walked. A few of the other penguin fathers saw this and began whispering things to one another.

Memphis came over to his son and said "Are you alright son?"

"I'm happy, pa," Mumble replied, still tapping.

"Whatcha doing with your feet," Memphis asked.

"They're happy too," Mumble replied. The other chicks behind him giggled as they started copying his tapping movement.

"I wouldn't do that around folks, son," Memphis said.

"But why not," Mumble innocently replied.

"Well it's just not penguin like. Okay, now come over here and get warm," Memphis said.

"Okay pa," Mumble replied as he walked closer to his dad. Unfortunately for Memphis, Mumble rammed head-first onto his feet, eliciting a yelp from him. The others chicks giggled and ran over to meet their new playmate.

"Hi, I'm Violet and these are my friends, Seymour and Gloria. What's your name," Violet giggled.

"Hi. My name is, uh, dad what's my name," Mumble asked.

"Mr. Mumble," Gloria called out.

"Gloria," Maurice scolded.

"Dad, is my name Mumble," Mumble asked.

"It's fine Maurice. And yes, son, your name is Mumble," Memphis replied.

"Mumble! Mumble," the other kids cried as they went to meet him as their fathers talked.

"Hey, can you show us the thing you were doing earlier? The thing with the feet," Seymour asked.

"Uh, sure. Watch this," Mumble said as he began tapping a beat on the snow. The other chicks giggled as they started to copy him. Soon they were all tapping beats and tunes in the snow. They were having so much fun they almost didn't notice how much time had passed before the sun started to set.

All four chicks father's called them over to them for bed. The other chicks said goodbye to each other as the came over to their dad's feet and snuggled into their egg pouch. Mumble raced over to his dad, less faster than before, and hopped onto his feet.

"Goodnight Pa. I love you, pa," Mumble sleepily said, before falling asleep.

"Goodnight son. I love you too," Memphis replied before falling asleep as well. Tomorrow the female penguins would come home and he would get to see his wife, Norma Jean, and Mumble would get to see his mama.

With this last thought, Memphis closed his eyes and fell asleep along with the rest of the penguin colony.

So Chapter 1 of the Happy Feet: Alternative Version, done. So just so you know John is Violet's dad and DJ is Seymour's dad. They are both OC's owned by Skyler the Elf Owl, of whom I will be collaborating with on this story. She also owns Skyler, Violet, and Erika. I own Veronica the emperor penguin. All the rest goes to their respectful owners. Please review and Happy New Year! Sincerely, v.t.7