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Mumble's POV

My life is absolutely wonderful. My friends and I saved the colony from starvation, went on wild adventures together, and even found true love. My wife, Violet, and I are now the proud parents of three chicks: Erik, Erika, and Skyler.

My firstborn, Erik, is my only son. He has my eyes and the cutest little face. He's mostly shy, but he seems a little bit more outgoing with his friends around.

Erika is my second born. She has my eyes and her looks come after her mother. She loves to twirl and dance just like her too. She has a very girly personality and she loves to laugh.

Skyler, or as we call her Sky, is my youngest. She has brown feathers forming a sort of crest over one of her eyes, which strangely enough, are brown, a trait that I can only assume came from her grandparents. She is kind, sweet, and shy, and loves to hang out with her best friend, Veronica, who is one of Gloria's and Seymour's chicks.

Gloria and Seymour have there own trio of chicks: Atticus, Boadicea (Bo for short), and Veronica.

Atticus is the oldest and he has his father's complexion and body. He also loves to rap and beat-box. He is brave and likes to spend time with his friends.

Boadicea is the second oldest. She takes after her mother. She is smart and very agile and can do many gymnastic feats. She also likes to yodel, and takes lessons from Miss Viola.

Veronica, or V as we call her, is their youngest. Like Skyler, she has brown feathers on her head, but they form more of a ponytail in the back. For some reason, she has aqua blue eyes, probably getting them from a recessive gene of some sort. She is sweet, generous, and very smart, though she has a habit of memorizing things quickly and blurting them out at random times. She loves to spend time with Skyler.

Skyler and Veronica are currently going out doing there own thing. There just standing there near some snow banks discussing things. I decide to go over to them and seeing what they're doing. Both appear to be talking to one another while looking off to the distance.

"Hi sweetheart. Hi Veronica. What are you girls off doing," I ask. They turn to look at me and Skyler runs up and hugs my leg.

"Hi daddy," she replies. Veronica also comes up and hugs me to.

"Hi uncle Mumble. Skyler and I are just pretending that we are narrators in the story. We tell the story and make our comments about it," she replies. I turn my head in confusion. Sometimes the games they play make no sense, but as long as they are both happy and having fun then I cannot complain.

"Okay. Have you've seen your siblings anywhere," I ask.

"I think I saw them hanging out near the blue ice pools," Skyler replies.

"Thanks sweetheart. You two be good and have fun while I'm gone," I say, before heading off.

"Bye daddy!"

"Bye uncle Mumble."

Skyler's and Veronica's POV

"So V. Which chick do you like most of all?"

"Honestly, I like Andrew."

"Why Andrew? Mom and dad says that his parents were really mean to them and your parents."

"He has a nice voice and I like how he's bold and brave. Plus I'm not the only chick who likes him. Your sister, Erika, also has a crush on him."

"What? I thought she has on his brother Nathan."

"Really? Hmm, well Nathan is nice to. He has a very nice pitch and his eyes are a nice shade of brown."

"Ooh, you like him to."

"So what if I do? I also know that you have a crush on my brother."

"How dare you.. okay. Yes I have a crush on him."

"Well don't worry about it. Maybe one day you two will get married and I'll have you as an awesome sister-in-law. Wouldn't that be so cool?"

"That depends on how you look on it. Besides, what if he doesn't like me back?"

"Oh he does, he told me."

"What, and you didn't tell me this earlier!"

"You didn't ask. Ha ha."

"Oh its on now. Snowball fight!" (throws snowballs at V.)

"Pfft. Hey, no fair. You had a head start. Skyler!"

Meanwhile, with the other chicks.

Erik, Boadicea, Atticus, and Erika were all hanging out together with the other penguin chicks. They were just discussing things between them, things like 'what is their favorite fish' and 'which chick do you like best.' Erika and Boadicea were discussing there favorite boy while Atticus and Erik were saying who was there favorite girl chick.

"I like Andrew best," Erika says.

"Cool, but I think that Veronica has a crush on him top," Boadicea replies.

"Hmm, well good for her. I personally thought she liked his brother, Nathan, but she can like Andrew too," Erika says. "So, who do you like best?"

"Honestly, I really like your brother, Erik. He's so sweet," Boadicea replies dreamily.

"Well you can have him. I'm sure you'll be great together," Erika says sweetly.

"Thanks. So who do you think the boys like?"

"Hmm. I'm not sure, but I hope its us."

"Me, I personally like Skyler. She's got swag and she's as sweet as the best melody," Atticus says to Erik.

"Nice. Do you think I have a chance with Bo," Erik asks.

"Oh sure. I think my sister may even like you," Atticus replies.

"Really," Erik asks, incredulously.

"Sure she does. Look, she's over there with your sister. Why don't you come up to her and tell her how pretty she looks."

"Oh no. I can't do that. What if she laughs at me?"

"Come on. I'll go back you up."

"Okay," Erik says as he starts waddling towards Boadicea and Erika. The two giggling chicks stop and turn to the boys coming to them.

"Oh hey Erik. Hey Atticus. What's up," Boadicea asks. Erik looks down to his feet. "Come on Erik. Come on. Just say it. You look very pretty today Bo."

"H-hey Bo. Y-you look very p-pretty t-today," he stutters out. His feathers on his face glow bright red. Bo also blushes. "I can't believe he said that." She then comes over and wraps her flippers around him in a hug.

"Aww, thanks Erik. You're really sweet," she says. Erik is stunned by the hug, but then hugs her back after awhile. Some of the penguin chicks nearby aww and make adorable faces at the sight, while some of the make gagging noises and mutter something about 'cooties'.

"You're welcome, Bo," Erik says. Then a pair of familiar voices is heard.

"Atticus! Bo! Erik! Erika! Hi" Skyler and Veronica say, waddling up to them. The four come up to greet them.

"Hey sis. Where you and Sky been," Atticus says to Veronica.

"Near the snowfields. Guess what," Veronica joyfully says.

"What," the four ask.

"Sky and I just met the one and only Lovelace. He said that he could sure use some chicks with our awesome narrating abilities. He said we got the right touch for the job," Veronica and Skyler say, taking turns speaking. The two are so excited that they can barely stand still.

"Wow, congrats," Atticus says.

"Yes. Congratulations you two," Bo agrees.

"Thank you all."

"Just one question sis," Erika says, coming up to her sister, Skyler. "What's narrating?" The two chicks look at each other before bursting into a fit of laughter. It takes a few minutes until they calm down enough to explain.

"Ha ha ha. That's a good one Erika," Skyler says.

"Yeah, really funny. Seriously though, narrating means that we can tell the story from any kind of way we want. We can tell the story from a standard view or we can add in character's point of view in the story," Veronica replies.

"Lovelace says we can tell our parent's story to the entire colony if we want to. He's going to teach us some ways how to do it," Skyler says. The four chicks nod in understanding.

"Oh! Well good luck on it," Erik says.

"Thank you," the two reply.

"Hey V. Skyler! What's up," a chicks calls out. A medium-sized boy chick with brown eyes walks toward the group, followed by a similar looking chick. It was Andrew with his brother Nathan.

"Oh hey Andrew. Hi Nathan," Veronica and Erika greet.

"Hey, I heard the news about you becoming the new storytellers with Skyler for the colony, and I wanted to congratulate you two on it," Andrew says.

"Oh thanks Andrew," the two reply. Veronica's cheeks are turning pink. Erika sighs and looks downward.

"H-hey Erika. Y-your eyes look very pretty. I've never really seen blue eyes like yours before," Nathan says. Erika looks at him and also blushes.

"Oh, thanks Nathan. I think your eyes are pretty too," Erika replies. Nathan blushes to and scratches his head with his flippers.

"Oh well t-thank you," he replies and smile sweetly at her.

"Nathan! Andrew! time for dinner," an unknown voice calls out. A penguin lady is shown walking towards the blue ice pools. It was Krista with Cole following right behind her.

"Coming mommy," the two brothers call back. Nathan says goodbye to Erika and Andrew to Veronica and Skyler (mostly to Veronica) and run towards there parents. Mumble and Violet then come up as well, along with Seymour and Gloria. They nod there heads in greeting to Cole and Krista, and come over to get there chicks.

"Hey kids! Did you have fun today," the four parents ask. They are immediately answered with replies of yes and hugs from the girls.

"Nathan told me my eyes were pretty," Erika says to her mom.

"Andrew complimented Skyler and me on our storytelling," Veronica adds,

"Erik said I looked pretty" Boadicea brags to her dad.

"Boadicea said I was sweet," Erik said. The four parents are stunned on the compliments there chicks have been receiving. A single thought goes through there mind, "There just chicks and they already know who they're going to be with." With Violet's and Gloria's minds, there also thinking about their future grand chicks, while with Mumble's and Seymour's minds, they're thinking "Oh my Guin. What do I do? What do I do? Should I tell them now? Should I wait longer?" As you may assume, the dads were very nervous about the situation before them, but the handled it under a mask of calmness and happiness. Though luckily for them, the mothers took care of it.

"That's awesome sweetheart, but it's time to go home now," the moms replied. The were answered some by whines of complaint, some please for five more minutes, and some 'okays' and goodbyes to the other chicks.

Mumble's POV

After some minutes of frustration to get our chicks on line, we finally have them all ready for bed. I have Erik and Skyler on my feet while Violet has Erika on hers. They are all warm and cozy, nestled against my feathers. Violet is already asleep with her head laid down on my shoulder. I tweak her head softy, eliciting a sort of purring sound from her as she snuggles closer.

I gaze upon my sleeping wife and kids. How blessed I am to have such a wonderful family. It would be very hard to imagine that this would happen a few years earlier, back in my chick phase. Its seems so long ago since I first discovered my lack of singing and my amazing tap dancing talent. Then growing up alongside my friends, escaping dangers, going to new places, confronting new species, exploring new worlds, and even saving the colony.

A glow flashes before my head. I turn my head up to the sky. Pale ribbons of glowing light flicker between the blackness of the night sky and the stars. The auroras are shining out tonight. I gently nudge my wife awake.

"Honey, look! The auroras are out tonight," I whisper insistently to her. She opens her violet eyes and focuses them on the sky. They widen as the light bounces of the reflection of her irises.

"Whoa dear. They're just beautiful this evening," she says, amazed by the wonder of this night's bringing.

"Yes, lovely. But not as lovely as you are," I whisper back.

"Aww sweetheart. Should we wake the kids up," she asks. I turn my direction to our kids. They are fast asleep on our feet.

"I think we should let them rest. They had a full day," I say.

"Yeah, let the chicks sleep" Seymour says, coming up to us quietly with Gloria, their chicks fast asleep. Violet and I nod and together, we watch the auroras decorating the night sky, bathing with its ethereal light. How gorgeous it appears that now we are here together as one.

The End.

To be clear about Andrew and Nathan, remember that it has been several months after the last chapter, so Krista has calmed down and is now the mother of Andrew and Nathan. She is also married to Cole.

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