Title: Secret Santa Stars Hollow Style

Feedback: Yes please.

Summary: After their first term at Harvard, Rory invites Paris to stay in Stars Hollow for the Christmas Break, smack dab in the middle of the town's first Secret Santa Christmas celebration. Craziness ensues as everyone (especially Lorelai) tries to figure out who's their Secret Santa.

Spoilers: Everything up till Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving.

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: definite possibilities for Paris/Jess, Luke/Lorelai, and other ships.

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from Gilmore Girls

Note: This is a first for me on many levels. Not only is this my first GG fanfic and the first fluffy fic but my first fic in answer to a challenge from Ditch the Logical. I was thinking about this as I came home from school and wondered what it would be like if Taylor made the whole town participate in a Secret Santa. And after much consideration, I decided to have it take place during Rory's first year at Harvard. Reason? Well, as much as I have no qualms about Literati, I wanted this to have Dipper goodness and open up the possibilities of other UC ships that I love on the show. I won't say anything more but the reason for this story isn't exactly as clear as you would think. (ie. It's not totally Paris centric but I wanted Paris there) It's a surprise! (this is totally an experiment cuz I don't know if I can write GG well enough…just try it)



"So it's okay that I stay with you for Christmas?" asked Paris as she dragged the last of her bags into the house.

"Yeah of course!" Rory said as she plopped her last bag into the living room.

"Cuz I mean I don't want to be burden. It's just that my parents, out of a whim, decided to take separate vacations to Cuba and Hawaii and I just didn't want to be at home alone and…" Paris explained.

"Hey," Rory interrupted. "I invited you remember? You're my friend and I didn't want to see you moping around, alone in your empty house."

"Thanks." Paris said with a small smile as she shrugged slightly.

"You're welcome." Rory replied as smiled back. "Anyways, we both need a break from all the studying that we did for our midterms. God, that was killer!"

"Yeah." Paris said in agreement as they both plopped themselves on the couch. "I didn't think that I'd make it."

"I thought you were going to pop a blood vessel or have a stroke through it." Rory remarked, as she looked over at Paris.

"I was sort of intense for a while wasn't I?" Paris confessed as she looked at Rory.

"Intense wouldn't be the word I'd use…"Rory admitted as she looked away. Psychotic madwoman more like it! Rory thought to herself as stared at the ceiling, hoping she didn't have to elaborate. Thank God they didn't have to room together. Man, did she feel bad for Sophie. That girl should win a prize for being the most tolerant, patient person in the world to room with Paris. Three months in Washington was enough Rory thought to herself as she remembered their summer together before senior year. She drove her crazy then. Imagine what it would be like to live with her with college stress. And don't even remind her about her rants at night. The crazy things she would mumble… "Anyways, that's over now. For the next two weeks, you're going to forget about everything about college and just relax. And that is one thing you can definitely do in Stars Hollow."

"So what are we actually going to be during the holidays?" Paris asked as she wondered what surprises laid ahead for her.

"Probably nothing. Just some traditional holiday stuff around town and Christmas dinner at my grandparents." Rory speculated. "I mean, my mom didn't say anything to the contrary."

"Okay, that I can handle." Paris sighed with relief. "Just as long as there is no crazy smalltown ritual involved, I'll be okay."

"Rory?" a voice called from the outside as keys could be heard jangling from the front door. "Are you home?"

"Mom!" Rory exclaimed with excitement as she ran to the door.

"Rory!" Lorelai squealed as she burst open the door and jumped to hug Rory tightly. "God, I've missed you babe."

"I've missed you too Mom." Rory exclaimed as she held onto Lorelai. "But could you loosen the grip a little bit…I don't think I can breathe."

"Well, that's too bad cuz it's a mother's prerogative to hold on tight." Lorelai rationalized as she kept on hugging. "Especially to a daughter they've haven't seen in forever."

"Mom, I came home for Thanksgiving remember?" Rory remarked as she looked at her.

"Well it felt like a lifetime." Lorelai replied as finally loosened her grip and took a moment to look at her. "So how were your exams?"

"They were crazy but we survived." Rory said with a smile, as she looked over at Paris, sitting a little uncomfortably on the couch. It was just so unusual for her to see a mother and daughter love each other so much. She didn't think ever once hug her own mother like that.

"Hey Paris!" Lorelai exclaimed, as she walked over to Paris to give her a hug as well, much to Paris' surprise. "I'm so glad you came to stay with us."

"I'm glad too." Paris admitted with a wide smile. "Thanks for letting me come."

"It's no problem!" Lorelai replied as she shrugged it off. "The more the merrier I say when it comes to Christmas!" as she sat on the coffee table.

"You're really in a good mood." Rory remarked as she noticed the extra wide grin on Lorelai's face.

"I'm just so happy that you're home." Lorelai explained as she pulled Rory towards her for another hug.

"I know you're happy that I'm home but there's something else." Rory said suspiciously as she looked at her mother. "You're giddy. And I know it's not the snow cuz it hasn't snowed yet so you must know something that I don't. Come on! Tell us! Tell us now!"

"Okay. You got me, but I am happy that you're though." Lorelai insisted as she looked at both Rory and Paris, both wondering what she was about to tell them. "Guess what Taylor has planned for Christmas?"

"What?" Rory asked with a heavy heart. This is bound to be crazy, she thought to herself as she looked at Paris' worried expression.

Please God, don't let this be a weird smalltown, beatnik custom, Paris thought to herself. She didn't have a clue who Taylor was but she had a feeling he didn't come up with something good.

"A Secret Santa! For the whole town!" Lorelai exclaimed with enthusiasm. "And I signed us all up for it, including Paris!"

"Great…"Paris mumbled softly as she folded her arms. Her worst nightmare was about to come true and she didn't even know what Secret Santa is. "Umm…what's a secret santa?"

"You don't know what a Secret Santa is?" Lorelai said in a state of shock. "That's..oh my God…where have you been living? Honey, it's game where people put their names in like a hat or something and everyone draws out a name and whoever name you pick, you have to get them a present. But the trick is that you don't tell the person you've got that you have them and by the end, you tell them."

"It's fun." Rory insisted as she watched Paris and the puzzled look on her face.

"And this one lasts a whole week! So you can imagine what kind of stuff you can get." Lorelai said with amusement. "I mean, never underestimate the power of a gift."

"But what if you get someone bad and you don't know what to get them or what if the person who has you is awful and gets you the worst gifts possible? I don't know.." Paris exclaimed as became increasingly worried.

"Yeah, that would totally suck." Rory admitted.

"Oh come on girls! It's going to be great!" Lorelai said with encouragement. "If you can't find something to get someone, there's no going wrong with a gag present. And you don't have to get them someone a lot of gifts. You can get them one really good gift. All it really has to be is fun."

"So Paris, are you in?" Rory asked, hoping that her mother had convinced her. Sure, she was skeptical at first as well but this could turn out to be something not half bad.

As Paris looked at the hopeful expressions on both Lorelai's and Rory's faces, she couldn't help but concede. "Yeah…I'm in." she said with a sigh. "I just hope that I don't regret it."

"Great!" Rory said with a smile. "Don't worry. It'll be fun, I promise." as she hugged Paris' shoulders.

"I haven't even gotten to the best part yet." Lorelai said with a devilish smile.

"More surprises?" Paris cried out.

"Guess who I got to join in?" Lorelai said in a singsong tone.

"No…" Rory said with a shock.

"None other than our very own Luke aka. Butch Danes." Lorelai exclaimed in triumph.

Butch Danes? Paris asked herself in puzzlement as she watched both Lorelai and Rory in hysterics.

"How did you do it?" Rory said in between giggles.

"Well let's just say that a certain grumpy coffee shop owner that we both know lost a very important game of bagel hockey this morning." Lorelai explained with glee. "And let me say this: the stakes were high my friend. So high in fact that I told him if he lost, he would have to partake in this year's festivities."

"You played bagel hockey without me?" Rory said with a fake look of disappointment.

"You're missing the point, honey." Lorelai continued. "I, Lorelai Gilmore, single handedly got Luke to cave in."

"But he must have tried to weasel out of it." Rory observed.

"Weasel he did, but nothing could make me budge." Lorelai proclaimed. "Yes, it got ugly. Messy even, but in the end, he had to admit that he lost and I won."

"Wow…you won." Rory said with admiration.

"And then he got so mad, he forced Jess into it as well." Lorelai added. "Boy, that was hilarious *sigh*"

"Jess is home?" Rory asked as she looked at Lorelai as she mentioned her ex-boyfriend.

"Yeah, he came home from NYU yesterday." Lorelai explained.

"How did he look? Did he look fine?" Rory asked.

"He looked like the same old smug looking kid when he left." Lorelai replied.

"Mom!" Rory exclaimed.

"I was just teasing! He looked fine Rory." Lorelai insisted. Although she didn't much like him when he first came to Stars Hollow as well as when he started to date Rory, during the course of his short-lived relationship with her daughter, they basically came to an understanding and sort of came to respect each other. Sort of.

"That's good." Rory said with relief. Although her and Jess had broken up at the beginning of summer and it was a bit heart wrenching, it was an amicable breakup and no one was left with hurt feelings. They just decided that they would be better off as friends and since they were about to leave for college, it would be best if they just parted ways. Towards the end of summer, it really seemed like they had started to become just friends.

"So when does this so-called Secret Santa thing start anyways?" Paris interjected suddenly as she felt awkward about being left out of the conversation.

"On Saturday." Lorelai said with a cheerful smile. "I can't wait!"

"Me neither…"Paris said with a heavy sigh as she watched Rory and Lorelai huddled in laughter. Of all the crazy towns I decide to stay in, I'm stuck in Stars Hollow?!