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Ch. 5 The Tournament Begins

Krillin gulped as he stared at his enormous opponent. It was bad enough that his match was the first of the tournament. His opponent being bigger than Master Roshi's house didn't help matters either. Krillin hadn't even begun to describe the ugliness of his opponent.

Then there was that smell. There was something about the smell that went all the ways to Krillin's bones.

"Okay! Let's keep this nice and clean!" The announcer bellowed, before pausing. "Oh scratch that! It's clearly not possible. So just try not to get anything on the audience okay?"

The gong sounded and Bacterian charged. Krillin managed to dodge the bull charge rather easily. The large man laughed as he skidded to a stop.

"Ah…we have a tricky one!" Bacterian breathed out a foul-smelling fog. Krillin couldn't help but gag at the incomprehensible smell.

Then the man did the most disgusting thing anyone could imagine that even made Jiraiya cringe. He put his hand down his soiled underwear and rubbed his hand against his privates.

"That's just plane gross." Jiraiya said from the sidelines.

"Ugh, vomit." Bulma said from the front of the audience.

"Smelly Finger!" The man pointed his horrid smelling finger towards Krillin making the poor boy scream at it's terrible stench. The poor boy began to stumble from the smell, and his vision was blurring, until he fell on his back.

The announcer was wearing a gas mask at this point as he finally began his cometary. "And Krillin goes down after he's hit by the "Smelly Finger Attack."

"One! Two! Three!" Came the voice of one of the monks. He two was wearing a gas mask.

"It seems the horrid smell is too much for the little warrior. It's an assault on his senses." The announcer said, as Krillin twitched.

"I think I've been traumatized." Bulma said.

Oolong decided to say something to help Krillin overcome what he just endured. "GET UP KRILLIN!" Soon after more and more people began to cheer for the small warrior. He slowly rose to his feet, regaining his balance, and catching his breath. He put his guard up ready for anything... Except for Bacterian grabbing him by his neck making his face turn red.

"You say goodbye." Bacterian said holding him up in the air.

"Bacterian has caught his opponent in a chock hold. Krillin's smoothly shaved head is looking like a 'cherry'." That was when his face turned blue, and the vanes in his eyes could be seen by the large man. "No wait a 'blueberry'."

"Quick Krillin! Hit his arms away from you!" Goku shouted from his place on the wall.

"Common Krillin!" Naruto shouted from his place right next to him. Both boys were holding their noses.

Krillin began to struggled for a moment but quickly deflected his arms from the large man, which was quickly followed by him jumping to his chest, and kicking him in the chin. He sent the fat man flying a few feet and Krillin landed on the other side of the ring quickly returning to his stance.

"One! Two!" The monk responsible for the count began, only to see him begin to lift himself up with ease.

"You made me hurt." Bacterian said, and he got up, and started walking up to him, his arms stretched for him. This frightened the young monk and caused him to drop his guard slightly. He backed away from him until he felt the edge of the ring on the bottom of his shoe.

"Krillin made a strong counter assault, but now he's dangerously close to a ring out!" The Announcer guy said.

Krillin was looking for anyway to get out when he saw it. Right between his legs was his escape. He ran for it, and was home free... Until the fat man sat down on him. Krillin gave out a yelp of pain and surprise. This made said fatso laugh as he came up with something.

"Up and down! Up and down! Up and down! Up and down! Up and down! Up and-!" Bacterian said over and over, as he did just that getting a yelp from Krillin every time until before the man could do it again, he stopped it by grabbing Bacterian's dirty underwear with his bear hands.

"What's this? Krillin seems to have Bacterian by the pants seat."

"He's gonna want to wash his hands after this." Naruto said from his place on the wall.

"Are you kidding me? He's gonna need a bath when this is over." Goku retorted.

"Holy crap. Point to Goku." Naruto said taking the book out to give him a point. It was a rare thing to see that happen, but it just did.

"Here's a surprise." Bacterian said as he began to make pushing sounds and that look of concentration did not look good. He farted on the poor child.

"Oh, what cruelty. Bacterian, has resorted to chemical warfare." Announcer Guy said. "This could be the end."

Krillin did not expect this, and lost his concentration as he let the man go, and he fell on him. And started rubbing his fat rear on him.

"Oh my goodness. How could one person do so many disgusting things?" He commentated. Bacterian stopped his assault to see Krillin twitch from his nasty body odor. The fat smelly man raised his foot in the air, and began stepping on the young monk again and again. A yelp of pain escaped his lips every time.

"Bacterian just keeps on stomping. Wow folks I've never seen a beating so ruthless. And Krillin is too stunned from the body odor to defend himself."

"It's so awful." Bulma said. Bacterian continued his assault, even rolling the boy on his foot. He stopped to see Krillin foaming at the mouth. His entire body twitching.

"I AM TRICKY! AH HAHA!" Bacterian shouted in victory.

"One! Two!" The monk that was to count began. The crowd began to cheer for Krillin to get up, because they didn't want that 'stinker' to move on. Bulma began chanting his name and many followed her lead. The monk continued counting though. And it looked like Krillin was gonna loose it.

Goku positioned himself up a little higher to try and call out to his short friend. "COMMON! It's not over yet!" Goku realized something. Something that made him feel stupid. Quickly getting over that, he yelled these words to his bald friend. "Krillin! Hey! Focus your mind you won't smell him!" Goku called out. Naruto knew exactly what Goku was talking about.

'How could I be so stupid!?' "He's right! YOU DON'T HAVE A NOES!"

"Hey, he's right!" 'But why can I still smell it? Genjutsu! It's a genjutsu! Common Krillin focus! You are the closest to figuring out Chakara from Naruto's lessions.' Krillin quickly got up, and used the ram sign. Used what little chakara he could muster, and... "RELEASE!" A small chakara pulse left his body, and it was gone. The stench was gone.

"It's incredible! Not only has Krillin stood up, but he appeared to use a jutsu, or ninja tecqunice. The 'Release' if I'm not mistaken. Used to undo genjutsu which is an illiosuion tecqunice."

"He figured out my big tricky?" The stinky git asked.

'Not bad kid, not bad at all.' Jiraiya said.

'So Naruto has taught his friends how to use chakara. Impressive.' The Third Hokage said from his place among the crowd.

"I did it! I used my first jutsu! Thanks for the tip guys. I can't smell you anymore! And now it's my turn." Krillin had a smug grin on his face towards the smelly obese man.

"Okay, stinky not enough for you. Well then, here's 'Super Special Tricky'." It looked like he was going to do a battle cry, but it was quiet, and he was up to something.

"Oh my could it be? Bacterian is preparing for his most notorious attack move. It's the 'Deep Throated Mucus Filled Lugy of Death'. No opponent has ever withstood it"

Bacterian spat his attack at the young monk. Krillin dodged it at the last second by jumping back, then jumped forward to kick Bacterian in the face with all his might. Knocking him down to the ground. Krillin landed on the ground, but didn't stop there. He ran up to the fat man's face, pulled his pants down, and farted in his face as payback.

"I'm done...for." And Bacterian conked out! People began to cheer for the young monk's win.

"What a roller-coaster folks! Krillin has won the round, with a come from behind knockout!"

"Yeah!" Both boys shouted for joy jumping off the wall, and running toward their friend.

"WE MADE IT! WE MADE IT! WE MADE IT!" The three boys laughed as they jumped up and down in glee.

"Awesome job Krillin!" Goku said.

"Thank you Goku."

"Yeah, nice work on getting out of the genjutsu. It makes a lot of sense now, why you smelled it since you don't have a nose. But Goku's right. You need a bath." Naruto said half jokingly.

"Common Naruto! It's not my fault that I had to fight the stinkiest guy in the tournament!" He shot back.

"Point to Krillin." Goku said, both boys laugh knowing that he was correct. Goku and Naruto held Krillin's hands in the air in victory.

"That boy did a good job cleaning his filthy clock. However, there is still so much more to be done." Jiraiya said with Jackie Chun chuckling right next to him.

"I'm surprised that he was able to grasp the concept of chakara the way he did. I haven't figured it out yet."

"Show's the boy has potential. And Naruto isn't a bad teacher."

"They all exchanged information with each other."

"What did they share?" The Toad Sage asked cocking his right eyebrow.

"Well Naruto had no other choice but to try and teach them chakara if they were to do the Kage Bunshin. It wasn't half bad. Goku tried teaching them the Kamehameha. It took me fifty years to figure that one out, and that boy did it in seconds."

"Shows his potential as well. What about Krillin?"

"He's teaching them how to gauge their enemy's strength. It was something he learned under the table at the Orin Temple."

"Nice. Did Goku learn everything he knows from you?"

"Actually no. He was taught by his grandfather Gohan."

"Something tells me that there's more to this than you are letting on."

"Well he's not his grandson by blood if that's what you mean."

"Did he know his parents?"

"Afraid not. He found him abandoned in the woods as a baby. No family to be found. They either, died protecting him, or abandoned him. I'm hoping it's the former, and not the latter."

"You and me both." The Toad Sanin said watching the monks clean the arena. "If you'll excuse me, I want to talk to my godson." He walked away from their chat, and saw Goku and Krillin leave to go the hotel room so Krillin could take a bath. Naruto would stay behind so he could tell them what happened when they got back. Plus Goku's fight was the last one for the day, and who knew how long that bath would take? Krillin smelled so bad.

"Your friend did well in that fight." Jiraiya said to his godson. He saw the boy's father and mother in him. Those eyes staring at him, and that smile...

"Well I did kinda help him out with using chakra. I'm not the best at teaching, but I gave it a shot, and Krillin figured it out." Naruto said modestly scratching the back of his head. "I'm Naruto by the way."

"I know kid, Sarutobi-sensei told me you'd be here." He told him.

"Wait a minute. That's mean's you're-" Naruto was cut off by Jiraiya's intro.

"THAT'S RIGHT! I am Jiraiya of the Sannin!" He shouted and theatrically placed his fists on his hips. He had a huge grin on his face.

"That's right! The old man did say a student of his was in the tournament."

"I'm glad he gave you the heads up. You know, the council really got their butts verbally handed to them on a silver platter, by the Hokage after you left."

"Really?" Naruto asked perking up a bit more.

"Yeah, he said you'd never left if they hadn't been a bunch of idiots and chased you away that night. But I can see it turned out to be a good thing for you since you made some good friends."

"Yeah, Goku and Krillin are amazing."

"Are you going to tell them about 'Your Furry Little Problem'?" The sage asked making the boy flinch.

"I don't know. What if... What if they hate me for what I have inside of me?" Naruto asked in fear.

"If they end up hating you, then they aren't real friends. However, seeing how you kids interact. I highly doubt that'll even happen. They'll most likely accept you for how you are. Who knows? Goku might have some kind of a crazy Kekkei Genkai with that tail of his that he has yet to discover. Did you tell them about sealing scrolls?" He asked as an afterthought.

"Yeah, once or twice. Why?"

"Because you, in a way, are a Sealing Scroll." Jiraiya said making Naruto's brows furrow until it hit him.

"Oh, if I explain it like that, then they'll understand." Naruto said, his confidence building.

"You just have to tell them." At that Naruto's confidence wavered. "Don't worry, I'll help you." Jiraiya said to the blond.


"And Ganji is out of the ring. The winner is Redd The Ripper!" The Announcer proclaimed. Many cheers were heard for the man's victory.

"So that's who Krillin will be facing in the next round." Naruto said looking at Redd.

"He'll have to be careful when he faces him. He's no pushover." Jiraiya said. Naruto nodded.

"He'll need to learn the Academe three in order to beat him. One of them at the least."

"I got it covered. He'll need this." he said pulling out a scroll that contained the three jutsu in question.


"Now for the next match. The Desert Bandit Yamcha, V.S. Otokaze of Suna!"

"Good luck Yamcha." Naruto said as Yamcha passed him.

"Thanks kid." Yamcha smiled.

"Don't underestimate him. He's a Jonin so watch your back out there." Jiraiya warned.

"Alright." He walked out and sees Otokaze. He has spiky brown hair and his eyes take to squinting. He's wearing the standard attire of the Suna-nin inclusive of flak jacket and forehead protector with an hourglass on it.

"You ready to loose?" Otokaze asked brimming with confidence.

"Don't underestimate me." Yamcha said taking his favored stance.

"How's this gonna play out." Naruto asked.

"Not sure if he's gonna make it." Jiraiya replied.

"And begin!" The Announcer called out. And to everyone's surprise Yamcha went through several hand signs. It was for the one jutsu that Naruto for the life of him couldn't master for the simple fact that he had too much chakara to do it.

"Bunshin no jutsu!" Yamcha called out trying as hard as he could. Only to make seven horribly done clones of himself.

"Man that's bad, and I should know. That was my worst jutsu." Naruto blanched. He wished he had been able to teach him the Kage Bunshin.

"Trying to confuse me huh? Well it didn't work. Take this fool!" Otakaze punched Yamcha only for his fist to faze through him. "What?

"WOLF FANG FIST!" Yamcha's voice rang from behind. Otokaze was shocked, unable to defend himself and Yamcha's assault knocked him out of the ring.

"Whoa folks! Yamcha lured Otokaze into a trap with the Bunshin no Jutsu. It allow the user to make copies of themselves. Yamcha made several horrible looking bunshin, and made one perfect one to throw him off the Jonin. And Yamcha attacked him form behind, giving Yamcha the victory. Give them both a hand folks." The crowd was cheering for him but none more than Bulma because he boyfriend made it to the next round.

"Here." Yamcha said, offering his hand to Otokaze. "I know I only won because you underestimated me, and my strategy. Maybe next time you won't underestimate someone from outside the elemental Nations."

Otokake took Yamcha's hand. "I will, Where did you learn the justu from?"

"I get around." Yamcha said not wishing to reveal where he got it from. He knows a little bit about ninja.

Yamcha walked in with Otokaze side by side, Naruto smiling broadly. "Nice one Yamcha. Now it's time for the 'Closet Pervert' to fight that old man that I've seen reading the same orange book Master Roshi's been reading."

"I wrote them." Jiraiya said

"You did?" Naruto and Yamcha asked simultaneously.

"Yes I did. Now let's watch."

"There is no way you'll win this old man. So just give up now." Ebisu said adjusting his shades.

"What is up with you ninja underestimating people that aren't from the Elemental Nations? Yamcha can use Chakara, and outsmarted Otokaze. And while I can't use chakara, I could still beat you." Roshi said taking on a fighting stance, knowing that he'd have to fight hard to defeat him.

Ebisu charged at his appointment at nowhere near full speed, and Roshi was just barely able to block it in time. Every punch and kick came from Ebisu, and all Roshi could do was either block or dodge.

"Wow folks, this is intense. All Jackie Chun can do is either block or dodge. It doesn't look good for him at all. Ebisu's chances of coming out on top are high."

'I really wish I did some training before the tournament. He has to tire out or at least give me some kind of opening sooner or later. I just have to wait for an opening.' Roshi thought to himself. That was when he tripped and found himself near the edge of the ring.

"You're finished!" Ebisu screamed at the top of his lungs. Charging blindly to kick him out of the ring. Roshi used the afterimage technique to move behind the Jonin without him knowing, got behind him, and punched him as hard as he could across his face, making him fly out of the ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I don't believe it! Just when Ebisu thought he had Jackie Chun, turned it around using the afterimage technique, and punched him out of the ring! The winner of this fight, Jackie Chun!"

"That's one less person to possibly teach my grandson." The Third said looking at where Ebisu was sent flying.

"I told him not to underestimate me." Roshi said as he left the stage and received congratulations from the younger fighters.

"Dang, that's two ninja to loose because they underestimated what people outside their lands can do. Both are Jonin." Yamcha said.

"Hey! What did we miss?" Krillin asked running up with Goku after taking a bath to wash the filth of his fight away.

"You're gonna face Redd in the next round Krillin, Yamcha beat the Suna Jonin, and Jackie Chun just won his fight."

"He beat the closet pervert!" Goku cheered remembering what Naruto said just last night.

"Little brat." Ebisu grumbled.

"That means your fight is up next, Naruto."

"Oh you're right! I'm going to have to fight Ranfan." Naruto realized.

'What a lucky kid.' Roshi and Jiraiya said in their minds at the same time.

"Good luck Naruto." Yamcha said with a smile.

"Thanks." Naruto said walking up to the stage.

"Hey Krillin, you did a good job out there. You look like you have a lot of potential." Jiraiya said to Krillin.

"Think you sir." Krillin with a bow.

"I think you can go far with this. It explains in depth the academe three. Train hard, and you should be able to at least be able to take on Redd. He's no pushover." He said handing him the scroll.

"Thank you again sir. I think I may use the Bunshin." He was going to look at it later, right now he was busy watching Naruto's fight.

"Ladies and gentlemen! It's time for the alluring Ranfan to take on, and I'm quoting the Hokage himself on this one. 'Konoha's number one prankster since Kushina the 'Red Hot Habanero',' Uzumaki Naruto!"

Naruto ran out with a huge smile and when he walked out to his side of the ring, he proudly declared, "That's right! And I'm gonna be Hokage one day! BLEIEVE IT!"

"Well you heard it here folks, this boy plans on becoming Hokage. Let's get this match started!"

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