A girl garbed in a dark green raincoat smeared with gore carefully approached a small supermarket. She took a moment to adjust her ski goggles so they fit over her ski mask more snugly, then slowly crept across the parking lot to the front of the store.

She stopped at the door and grasped a small sports bottle clipped to her belt. She removed a wadded up piece of paper from the bottle then sealed it. She placed a gloved hand on the door while clutching the bottle in the other. Slowly she pulled the door open, then started shaking the bottle, which rattled loudly in her hand. After a few seconds she relented, then scanned the area to see if anyone was approaching.

Not a soul in sight. She replaced the paper and clipped the bottle back to her belt. She switched on a lantern and carefully stepped into the store. Standing before the aisles, she took a moment to remove her backpack, taking great care not to drop the tomahawk hanging from her shoulder.

She quickly darted down the aisles, collecting a few cans of each food that remained before moving to the next shelf. She stopped at a sales rack full of batteries and stuffed a few packs into her bag. Moving through the personal hygiene aisle, she stopped in front of a shelf full of small boxes. She read the labels and packed one box into her bag.

Zipping up her bag, she threw it on her back and ran to the front door. The girl darted across the parking lot as fast as she could and reached the street without incident. Looking back at the parking lot, she saw no signs of trouble, but she did notice a shopping cart. She studied it for a moment, then had an idea.

The masked girl took off her backpack and tossed it into the shopping cart, along with her tomahawk, then placed the lantern in the baby seat. She took hold of the cart and pushed it into the store. She revisited the aisles she visited before, grabbing more of everything she took.

She strolled through the building, searching for more things she could scavenge, then stopped abruptly when she noticed a pair of double doors. After a quick application of the noisy sports bottle, the girl pushed the cart through the doors and found herself in a storage area. There were several pallets of goods, far too many for her to carry.

She looked up and down the area, trying to settle on something to take. before stopping in front of a stack of bottled waters. She tried to lift one of the packs of water, but it slipped from her hands as she pulled it from the stack. Quickly determining that no one was coming in response to the noise, the girl removed a knife from her belt.

She cut open the packing and piled the bottled waters into the cart a couple at a time. She also approached a couple of stacks of canned goods, taking some time to remove some cans from each and placing them in the cart. Pushing on the cart, the masked girl found it incredibly heavy now, requiring great effort to move.

The girl removed some of the water and canned goods, then moved back into the store. She located a can opener and a novelty spoon and quickly returned to the storage area. The girl sat down on the floor and opened a can of peas. She rested for a moment, eating peas. catching her breath, drinking some water, then stood up and placed the can opener and spoon into her bag.

Pushing on the cart again, it still felt heavy, but was at least manageable now. She pushed the cart out of the store, past the parking lot, and back onto the road. The girl briefly checked her compass, then continued on. As she pushed the cart, the masked girl constantly eyed the sides of the road, concerned the rattling of the cart would attract attention.

It was a very long walk on an empty stretch of road, made all the longer with the need to push the cart along. With every step the masked girl felt the noise of the cart would provoke some kind of attack from the dead, or worse, the living. The girl eventually began to breathe easier as she saw signs of civilization again, or what remained of it as she finally arrived on the outskirts of a small suburban neighborhood.

A sudden rustling sound stopped the girl in her tracks. She let go of the cart and placed her hand on her gun. Looking to her left, she saw a walker about thirty feet away in an overgrown hedge bordering a house. Watching it free itself from the shrubbery, the girl realized it must have come right out the window when it heard the noise. Seeing nothing else dangerous, the girl took her hand off her holster and removed the tomahawk from the shopping cart.

She moved beside the walker, her bloody raincoat concealing her scent as she circled behind the clueless corpse. She swung the tomahawk into the walker's ankle, causing it to collapse onto the ground. Before it even realized what was happening, the girl flipped her tomahawk over in her hands and brought the knife end down into the walker's skull.

With the walker dead, the girl quickly scanned the area, making sure no others were coming. Seeing none, she took a moment to search the dead's pockets. Her first discovery was a wallet. Looking through it, the girl found some plastic cards, some photos, and some money. She took the money, then put the wallet back in the walker's pants.

Searching the other pocket produced a bundle of keys. Looking over from the direction the walker came, she noticed the house it likely emerged from. Double checking to make sure no one was nearby, the girl moved to the shopping cart. She emptied her bag's contents into the cart, then slipped the pack onto her back.

Approaching the modest two-story dwelling, the girl tried the door. It was locked. Quickly flipping through the keyring, the girl selected what she hoped was a house key. It fit and a quick turn unlocked the door. The girl pocketed the keys and pulled the door open. She employed the noisy bottle again, then stepped inside.

Moving into the kitchen, the girl checked the cupboards. They were mostly empty, as if someone had cleaned them out, but there were a few canned goods in the back. The girl started packing them into her bag, but stopped when she noticed something.

She looked at an appliance sitting on the kitchen counter with the word 'Cuisinart' stamped on the front of it. Examining it closer, the appliance appeared to be a blender, but much stockier. Turning away from the Cuisinart, the girl looked at her bag, then emptied out the cans of food she had just packed.

She took her pack in hand and headed into the living room. The first thing she noticed was the bookshelf. She scanned the titles carefully before deciding on a couple of select books to take. Noticing a handheld radio on top of the bookshelf, the girl quickly scaled the shelves and grabbed it, stowing it in her bag.

Moving into the garage, the girl located a fairly large truck. She climbed into the driver's seat and tried the one key that looked like it was for a car. Turning it slightly she heard an electronic beeping. Turning it fully she heard an engine try to roar to life, which prompted her to hastily turn the key back. The girl quickly abandoned the truck and headed back into the house, going upstairs this time.

She entered what appeared to be a master bedroom. Some of the dresser drawers were empty, but the ones that weren't only contained clothes too big for her. The girl looked under the bed next, and found nothing. Digging through the closet, she found a small ornate box. The box was mostly empty, but there were a couple of pieces of jewelry sitting on the bottom. The girl removed a single gold necklace with a small red heart at the end of it, and carefully placed it in her pocket.

Moving into another bedroom, the girl located a portable CD player. It had a plug, but examining the back, the girl noticed there was a battery compartment as well. The compartment was empty, but the girl recognized the kind of batteries it needed. She placed the player in her bag, then looked at a shelf full of CD's.

She wasn't sure which ones she should take, so she grabbed a couple at random. She did notice one labeled 'Best of 70's Supergroups' and made sure to grab it. Pulling another CD from the stack, the girl studied its cover. There was a woman in white playing with two young girls in a sunny meadow. The girl shrugged and placed the disc in her bag.

Turning away from the CD's, the girl also honed in on an unusually thick chessboard lying on a shelf across from her. Examining it more closely, she noticed a small drawer tucked into the board. Pulling it out revealed a complete set of black chess pieces, which the girl pushed back into the board.

She tucked the board under her arm and continued her search. She quickly checked the bathroom, but found nothing extraordinary. At the end of the hall was another bedroom, which seemed to belong to someone much younger. The girl located a pack of colored pencils and a box of markers. She weighed the items in her hands for a moment, then simply stowed both of them in her bag, along with a pad of drawing paper.

Zipping up her bag proved difficult as it was now nearly overstuffed. With some effort, she managed to close it, then put it on her back. She took the chessboard under her arm and was ready to leave, but then noticed a pile of stuffed animals in the corner.

She found them all fairly appealing, but as she looked over the veritable plush menagerie, she couldn't help focusing on a stuffed elephant. She wasn't sure why, but she couldn't stop looking at it. Maybe it was the big ears or the long trunk, but the girl found her free hand gravitating towards it. She took the elephant and headed back outside.

She placed her pack in the cart along with the chessboard and the elephant. Then started pushing the cart again. It was heavier now, but the girl figured she didn't have long to go. After a short, if not slow trek back, the girl arrived in front of a small house with a chimney.

She pushed the cart around the side of the house and into the backyard. Parked under a large tree was an almost as large RV. The girl pushed the cart up to the door of the RV, then approached the house. She headed to the back porch and stooped down by the stairs, where she removed a set of keys hidden underneath the bottom step.

Unlocking the RV, the girl toted several canned goods inside and stored them in a closet near the back. She then stored several bottles of water, as well as a pack of batteries. The girl left the RV, locked the door and returned the keys to under the porch.

She pushed the well over half full cart back towards the front of the house and approached the door. She knocked twice, then once. The girl pulled back the hood on her raincoat as she waited for an answer. She listened to the locks click for a few seconds then watched the door crack open slightly, revealing a familiar pair of brown eyes.

"You're back," spoke a relieved Sarah. "I was getting worried because you were gone so long."

"That's because I got a lot of stuff today," explained a cheerful Clementine as she removed her ski mask and goggles.

"Really?" said Sarah.

"Yeah, and not just food and water this time. I got some cool things too," boasted an eager Clem. "Open the garage door and I'll bring it in."

Sarah closed and locked the front door while Clem pushed the cart towards the garage, taking care not to knock over any of the buckets or bottles Sarah set out to catch rainwater. She gave the older girl a hand opening the garage door, then pushed the shopping cart inside. Clem switched on the lantern as Sarah closed and locked the door.

"Wow," awed Sarah as she looked at the shopping cart.

"I know," said Clem as she hung up her raincoat, ski mask and goggles. "And there's lots more in that store we saw on the way here. Way too much for me to carry in one trip."

"Did you find any baby formula?" asked Sarah as she started unloading the cart.

"Not yet," reported Clem as she put her tomahawk up next to Sarah's machete. "How much do we have left?"

"About half a container," answered Sarah as she stacked some canned goods on a shelf.

"How long will that last?" asked Clem as she helped Sarah offload.

"Probably about a week," said Sarah while arranging some bottled waters on another shelf.

"That's it?"

"He eats a lot."

"Okay, well now that we got enough food for a while, we should work on getting more for OJ," reasoned Clem. "Also, I want to make sure the RV is ready to go."

"You want to leave already?" asked Sarah as she collected a couple of cans. "I was thinking if we found more formula, we could just stay here for a while."

"I just want to be ready, in case something happens," explained Clementine. "Plus, if there's no formula here, we'll have to drive somewhere else to find it."

"Okay, that makes sense," conceded Sarah. "I was reading the manual and checking out some of the stuff on it today. There's actually a gas generator in it. That's what powers the fridge and microwave."

"And the oven, right?"

"No, the oven uses a propane tank. So does the heater, including the one for the water."


"Yeah, there's a whole built in tank for it on the RV," explained Sarah. "There's also three water tanks. One to put water in, one the sink and shower drains into and one the toilet drains into. And the engine is diesel, but it looks different from a lot of other parts. Like someone added it later."

"Do you think Pete did that?"

"It was probably whoever owned it before. The engine looks way too big and complicated for just one person to change."

"The whole RV sounds complicated."

"It's not so bad. It's kinda cool actually. Although, I do like this house."

"Well, if we find some formula, we could stay here, at least until we use up all the food," reasoned Clem. "There's almost no walkers here or even bodies. Also, there's almost no cars in the driveways of most of the houses, or on the roads. And this one house I checked today, some of the clothes in the drawers were gone. Like somebody packed. I think most of the people who lived here before went somewhere else."

"Like they were evacuated or something?"


"To where?"

"I don't know. But after I get a few more carts of food, I think I'll start checking all the houses. See if I can find out."

"Maybe they went somewhere safe," suggested a hopeful Sarah.

"Maybe, or maybe they ended up somewhere bad." Looking at Sarah, Clem realized that suggestion may have scared her a little. "But, we'll worry about that later."

"Yeah, let's do that."

Clementine reached into a mostly empty cart and removed a box from the bottom. "Oh, I got that thing you asked for. Tam—"

Sarah snatched the box from Clem. "Thanks," she said in a meek voice as she headed out of the garage.

"Are you ever going to tell me why you need those?"

"Um, someday…" spoke an embarrassed Sarah. "When you're older." Sarah left the garage while Clementine gathered her backpack, along with the chessboard and the elephant. She moved into the living room and dumped her stuff on the floor, then headed over to the fireplace.

Sarah had already stacked some wood made from cut up furniture. Clem removed a lighter from her pocket, then some folded dollar bills. She laid them under the wood and used her lighter to burn them. The flames spread to the wood and before long there was a cozy fire going.

Clem then picked up the stuffed elephant and headed towards a crib in the corner. She looked down at Omid Jr, resting under his covers. Clem dusted off the elephant, making sure it was clean, the laid it in Omid Jr's crib.

"Hi OJ," said Clem in a quiet but sweet voice. "I found someone to keep you company. I hope you like him." Clem leaned down and kissed Omid Jr's forehead. "I love you." Clem left Omid Jr to rest and collected her backpack as she strolled into the dining room.

Approaching the dining room table, Clem set out the books, radio, CD player, CD's, colored pencils, markers and paper. Looking at her spoils, Clem first decided to retrieve some batteries for the radio and CD player. She went back to the garage to grab some, also stopping to grab her own radio. Approaching the dinner table, Clem saw Sarah admiring their spoils.

"Wow. You did get a lot of stuff."

"Yeah, and look at this." Clementine loaded some batteries into the new radio, then switched it on. She changed the channel, then handed it to Sarah. "Try it," suggested Clem as she turned her own radio on.

"Hello?" Sarah heard her voice come out of Clem's radio. "Now we can stay in touch while we're out."

"Yeah, but we shouldn't call the person who is out, the noise might cause problems," warned Clem as she turned her radio off. "And we should keep them both off when we're together, to save batteries."

"Right." Sarah switched her radio off. "It's just for emergencies."

"Well, not just emergencies. If I'm out, you just need to wait until I call you, so you know I'm somewhere safe to talk," explained Clem. "Next time I'm out for a while, I'll call you to let you know I'm okay."

"I'd like that."

"And if you see something, then you can warn me about it."

"I thought I saw someone today."

"You did?" asked Clementine, unnerved by this news.

"Yeah, but it was just a lurker." Clem breathed a sigh of relief. "I killed it."

"Did anything else happen while I was gone?"

"Not really. I fed Omid a couple of times and burped him. And I did some laundry. I think I finally got my jacket clean. Although, it's getting warmer."

"Yeah, it figures I finally find a jacket that fits me after it stops being cold," commented Clem as she unzipped her own jacket.

"Well, at least you got it for next winter."

"By then I'll probably have outgrown this one," quipped Clem.

"Well, then maybe you can borrow mine when that happens." Clem smiled at Sarah. She looked at the purple sweater the older girl was wearing and thought something was missing.

"Oh, I got this, just for you." Clementine removed the necklace from her pocket. "I think it'd look really good on you." Clem approached Sarah and strung the piece of jewelry around the older girl's neck. Taking a step back, Clem admired the heart draped in front of Sarah's purple sweater.

"You… you look beautiful Sarah," complimented Clem.

"Thanks Clem." Sarah turned back to the table and picked up one of the books. "What to expect the first year.' I'll start reading this right away."

"Well, I got you this one too." Clementine slid a book with a rural fantasy village on the cover towards Sarah. "I thought you might like something to read other than the encyclopedias we found here."

"Actually, a lot of that stuff is really interesting," said Sarah as she thumbed through the parenting book. "I looked up the sun today, to see if it takes a billion years for it to explode or not."

"Does it?" asked Clem, somewhat anxious for the answer.


"How… how long does it take?"

"Five," answered Sarah.

"Five years?" asked a horrified Clem.

"Five billion years." Clem looked at Sarah in confusion for a moment, then laughed.

"Yeah, so, we really don't need to worry about that anytime soon." Sarah chuckled a few times, then started crying. She covered her eyes and looked away from Clem.


"I'm sorry," she said as she tried to force herself to stop crying. "I'll stop. It's just…"

"Sarah," repeated Clementine as she moved in front of the forlorn older girl.

"I know, I know, I gotta be strong," recited Sarah as she tried to swallow her sadness.

"No." Sarah looked at Clem in surprise. "You don't have to be strong right now, just…" Clem thought to herself for a moment. "Just let it all out."

Sarah threw her arms around Clementine and started crying loudly. Clem grasped the older girl as tightly as she could, moving her hand up and down her back to help soothe her.

"It's okay Sarah," whispered a sympathetic Clem. "It's okay."

"I… I just can't stop thinking about him," sobbed Sarah.

"I know, I still think about my parents sometimes."

"Does… does it ever stop hurting?"

"I… I don't know," confessed a saddened Clementine. "But, it does get a little easier the longer it's been."


"Yeah, and it helps a lot to talk about it too. So, anytime you want to tell me about it, I'm right here, whenever you need me."

"Th… thanks Clem," spoke Sarah as she tightened her grip on the younger girl. "I… I don't even have a picture of him."

"I don't have any of my parents, or anyone I cared about," realized a dismayed Clementine. "But, I was thinking about drawing some pictures of them, so I'd have something to remember them by."

"I'm not very good at drawing things."

"My drawings are kinda messy. But, if you draw it yourself, anytime you look at it, you'll remember the person in the drawing and what they looked like."


"Yeah, when I look at my drawings, I don't just see the picture I made, I see their faces too, and…" Clem took a deep breath. "It actually makes me feel a little better. Like they're not really gone, as long as I keep remembering them."

"Oh, that reminds me." Sarah let go of Clementine and moved to a shelf in the living room. "I was digging around in the attic today, and I found this." Sarah handed Clementine a photo album.

"What is it?"

"Open it." Clementine opened the cover and saw her drawing of Lee carefully placed on the first page. "It was empty, so I thought you could keep your drawings in it." Clementine turned the page. On one side she saw her drawing of Kenny, Katjaa and Duck, and on the right was the photo Sarah had taken of Clem back at the cabin. She ran her fingers over the picture, noting the wide smile on her face.

"I… I'll need to make some more to put in here," suggested Clem.

"And I found something else you might like in the attic."

Clementine closed the album and set it down. "What?"

"I put it in the bathroom, along with your hat." Clementine headed into the bathroom. She saw her hat sitting on the counter near the sink. Picking it up, Clem noticed Sarah had washed it. There were still a few stains on it, but otherwise it looked almost new.

Clementine picked up a toothbrush, dabbed it in a cup of water then applied some toothpaste. She methodically brushed her teeth, but stopped when she felt a soreness near one. Reaching for the offending tooth, she discovered a tiny application of force caused it to pop right out of her mouth.

Clementine looked at the baby tooth for a moment, a little surprised it was free of her mouth. She pondered what to do with it. There seemed to be no point in putting it under her pillow anymore, yet it felt wrong to just throw it away. Instead, she set it on the counter and figured she could think of something later.

Clem finished brushing her teeth and rinsed out her mouth. She was about to collect her hat, but then she noticed what Sarah had left out for her. Clem found a bright red dress hanging on the shower rod. She looked at it in disbelief for a moment before moving closer. The dress appeared to be about her size and the fabric looked very fine.

Clem removed her gun and knife and then pulled the lowest drawer out of the counter. Carefully she set her weapons inside the space under where the drawer sits, then replaced the drawer. Clementine then quickly changed out of her clothes and grabbed the dress. Putting it on, she found it was a little big for her, but only slightly. Walking over to the mirror, she stopped to admire her reflection.

There was still a mark on her nose from where it had been broken, and a large scar on her left arm from the dog bite. Clem looked at Christa's hair tie sitting next to the sink, eager for the day her hair was long enough to use it. And putting her hat on Clem couldn't ignore the small bits of smeared blood on it that Sarah couldn't get out.

But, Clementine liked what she saw in the mirror. It wasn't perfect, but it was good. Better than good really, she felt great. Clem left the bathroom, a certain spring in her step as she came back into the living room. Seeing Sarah sitting at the dining room table, Clem carefully sneaked up behind the older girl and placed her arms around her

"I love it," Clem whispered in Sarah's ear. "Thank you so much."

"I'm glad you like it, but I just found it," reasoned Sarah as she looked down at the piece of paper she was writing on.

"Are you drawing a picture of your dad?" asked Clem as she released Sarah.

"No, I'm making a list of things we need, and trying to put them in order of how important they are," explained Sarah as she continued writing. "Right now more formula is the most important thing, then diesel for the RV so we can keep moving," listed Sarah. "After that I'm kinda guessing. The RV needs things like oil, and maybe antifreeze, and other stuff. And we probably should get some gas cans and fuel stabilizer."

"Okay, I'll start looking for things like that next time I go out."

"And, if we do get enough formula to stay here for a while, I was thinking we should start a garden in the backyard. So we'd need seeds, watering cans, shovels, fertilizer…" Clementine watched as Sarah hastily scribbled things onto the list, frantically trying to think of everything they would need. Looking at the older girl, Clem found herself bothered by the anxiety hanging on Sarah's face and the sadness in her eyes.

"Sarah, how about you come sit with me by the fire for a while?"

"Maybe in a minute." Sarah stood up. "I was going to check the maps Pete left us, in case we can't stay here we should have somewhere else picked out to go next." Clementine watched Sarah shuffle over to the living room where she retrieved the road atlas sitting on a shelf.

Clementine looked back at the cluttered and hastily written list Sarah had made and sighed. Reading all the things they needed to find, Clem found herself growing tired just thinking about it. But then she noticed something else. Sitting just past the list was the CD she took earlier that had the picture of a woman in white playing with two girls on the cover.

Clem added batteries to the CD player, placed the disc inside and turned it on. As the player started up, Clem flipped the disc case over. Looking at the track listings, she found one song whose name caught her eye. She pressed a button on the player to skip ahead to the right track. Clem eagerly stood there, waiting anxiously, then it happened..

Clem listened as orchestrated music started playing, the first music she had heard since her night at the ranger station. A swell of stringed instruments accompanied by an angelic harp found their way right into the small girl's heart. And the sounds of a plucky flute sent her skipping into the living room and right towards Sarah.

"Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high,"
sang the singer. "There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby."

"Sarah." Clementine slowly slid her hand over the older girl's hand. "Come sit with me by the fire." Clementine tenderly grasped her fingers in between Sarah's.

"Okay." Sarah closed her fingers around Clem's, then accompanied the younger girl to the fireplace.

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue,"
serenaded the singer as Clem sat down with Sarah in front of the fireplace. "And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true." The younger girl wrapped one arm around the older girl's waist, and then wrapped the older girl's arm around her own waist, firmly holding her hand as she did so.

"Sarah," spoke Clem in a sweet voice. "Tomorrow, I think I'm just going to stay right here."

"You want me to go out and look for supplies?" asked Sarah.

"No, I want you to stay here too."

"But, we need things, and—"

"And after tomorrow, we'll both work on getting everything we need, for as long as we need to," said Clementine. "But tomorrow, you and I are both going to stay right here."

"And, do what?"

"Whatever you want to do."

"I… I can't really think of anything."

"Well, I found a chessboard today. Maybe you could teach me how to play."

"That… that might be fun."

"And we could listen to music together, and talk."

"I'd like that."

"And we could play with OJ, and draw some pictures. You could read me that book I found."

"Maybe I could read it to you and Omid," suggested Sarah as she eyed the sleeping newborn in his crib.

"That sounds great." Clementine felt Sarah tighten her grip, grasping the hand Clem had tenderly wrapped around the older girl's waist. They sat closely entwined in front of the warm fire, enjoying each other's company as everything outside the walls of their humble home seemed to disappear from memory in the soothing sounds of the music.

"If happy little bluebirds fly, beyond the rainbow, why, oh why, can't, I?"

"I love you Sarah."

"I love you Clementine."

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