Hey Artimproves2 here and I decided to post this reverse KevEdd fic. Just so you know this fic is also on Deviant Art on my account... same name Artimproves2. Well this story goes back and forth on Point of veiws. Well hope you enjoy.

Edd's POV

'Great! School is about to start and I still don't see any dork aka the new kid'
Letting out a growl I stormed to my locker extremely pissed. From what Nazz told me, there was a new family that move next door to her. This 'New Kid' happens to be some super smart dork with polite manners. I rolled my eyes at the thought, scowling at my old past memories.
As I reached my locker, I grabbed my stuff for my first period. I shut my locker and made my way to mathematics. I ignored every ones greetings, and noticing I wasn't in the greatest mood they kept their distance.
There's the thing I smirk at, all the respect people give me. At my old town I use to be called a 'Nerd' or 'Dork' in middle school. When I moved here I got tired of being bullied, so I put up an reputation of pure hatred. Anyone who even gave me the wrong look got their ass beat! Everyone here respects me, but having a new kid here I have to put him in his place.
I narrowed my eyes as I entered the small class room. I scanned the room and recognized everybody. I was about to find an open seat till I froze and scanned the class room again. There was this nerdy-looking boy sitting in the middle row organizing his materials.
I scowled and took a empty seat to the right of him. He gave me a nervous look as I just smirked at him, resting my chin on the palm of my hand.
Getting a closer look at him I studied his posture. He wore a red cap and black glasses that made the light reflect off his green eyes. He had thin, cute orange hair that showed from under his cap. He wore a green sweater vest on an white long-sleeved dress shirt and had light brown, slightly baggy jeans on.
'Yup! This kid practically have Dork written all over him,' I thought suppressing a snicker.
"Um.. M-may I help you?" the nerd asked.
"Yes, is your name keef? or something?" I pondered.
The nerd shook his head, "My name is Kevin, and yours?"
I smirked, 'I'm already taking a liking to this kid.' "Call me Double D or Edd, which ever you favor," I replied winking.
The nerd blushed slightly, which only made me chuckle. The tardy bell went off signaling that class is now starting. The class filed in with kids of this class and the teacher followed behind. The teacher made her way to the front of the class.
"Okay first off... your seats are permanent and we'll do the attendance now," she announced.
I scowled at that because she names off your first name, which of course everybody hears my dorky name. At least I don't have to worry about anyone making fun of me unless they'd get a serious pounding.
The teacher went down the list, "Alex...," she only stopped for a second to hear a reply. "Anisa... Becky... Britney... Colt... Cain..D'wayne...," I narrowed my eyes waiting for my name to be called.
"Eddward?" she called out.
I rolled my eyes and lazily lifted my hand, "Here."
She nodded and went on. My gaze shifted and landed on Kevin. I noticed he seemed a little nervous when he heard his name being called. I also snickered when he answered in reply earning a stern confused look at me.
I swore I heard a couple people gasp when he did that, and I rolled my eyes because that means I'll have to give this dork his punishment for looking at me like that unless I'll loose my appearance. I glared at the red head and he seemed to look away scared as hell. I shrugged my shoulders and leaned back in my desk.
The class was quiet boring because I already knew everything there is to know. I swear I could've got on my knees and screamed 'Hallelujah!' when the bell rang, but... that would be embarrassing. I waited for the new kid to exit and so he did after collecting his stuff. I followed Kevin, but as soon as he was passing by the boys bathroom I shoved him in it.
He fell inside and his stuff scattered all over the tiled floor. I eyed the scared dork angrily and motioned for Johnny who was watching in horror holding plank to get out. Johnny did as told and ran out the bath room.
I picked up the pathetic student from the front of his shirt and slammed him against the wall.
Kevin tensed and grabbed helplessly on my arm holding him in place.
"E-Eddward please... Um.. What did I ever do to get you angered towards me?" he yelped.
I tightened my grip and glared at him, "Don't ever give me a funny look again," I growled. Personally I didn't want to hit him, I honestly didn't want to even threaten him, but you know... he needs to know his place.
Kevin's eyes widened as I pulled back my fist delivering a punch at his stomach. I released him and he sprawled out on the floor gasping for air. A unpleasant shiver went down my spine, "You better not say anything about this encounter, unless I'll give you bruisings that'll last for a month!" and with that I left the rest room.
Things could've gone better because I only have that dork in three of my classes. Mathematics of course: Honors English, third period; and Study Hall, fifth period. In Honors English, Kevin seemed to stray as far as he could away from me. Though, Study Hall became my new favorite because if we have no work we're allowed to just walk around and talk. However, everybody always say they have his/her homework done when they really don't.
So here I am seated by Nazz and Nat. They both are what I consider my friends because we do exchange actual normal teen conversations.
"So... Double D, Johnny said something about you throwing Kevin into the boys room," Nazz questioned wanting to know the details.
I glared around and saw that Kevin was actually sitting in the seat exactly behind him. Kevin quickly looked down hoping that I didn't see him, but I did. I ignored Nazz and took my chair and turned it around to face the red head.
Kevin didn't seem to notice me because his gaze was super glued tight to his desk. I put my index finger under his chin and lifted it to see his emerald green eyes. I smirked as he gave me a nervous expression.
"Eddward... How may I be of assistance?" he asked blushing cutely.
I frowned instantly, "Dork... Call me anything, but Eddward," I stated.
Kevin only nodded, "Y-yes, I'm sorry Edd."
I removed my hand from his chin, and rested my chin in the palm of my hand like always. "So whatcha doin' after school?" I questioned.
Kevin glanced nervously at the table then back to me. "I will be attending Quiz Bowl..."
I thought for a second... 'I haven't been in Quiz Bowl for ages...' "Okay dork," I quoted as he winced at my nickname. "I'll pick you up at the front doors at 4 sharp!" I demanded turning away from him without a reply.

'Oh yeah... This shall be fun'