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Part 4

Kevin's POV: Ruffled up...

I opened my eyes to find a familiar figure on top of me. His raven hair barely drapes over his cold, blue eyes. My skin froze as he stared into my warm emerald iris's. I sat up instantly almost hitting my head against his. Eddward's lips curved into a smirk as he towered over me. My face burned with a deep shade of blush and I quickly tried to push him off of me by his bare chest. He quickly moved my hands away leaning in closer to plant a kiss against my neck. My heart hammered in my chest as he began to bite and suck at my soft skin. I moaned to his touch and a warm feeling rushed down between my legs. No. This isn't happening.

"E-Eddward- Ah!" I moaned as he bit into my neck once again. My hands instantly gripped onto the back of his hair. His hair was like silk between my fingers. Our bodies began to sweat from all this activity. Eddward grabbed my white-T and pulled it up off of me. I laid back down on the bed and squeezed my eyes shut. I felt his hand rest against the side of my head.

"Kevin, look at me," he compelled in a low soothing voice.

My heart skipped a beat and found myself opening my eyes to look into his. Why? "E-Eddward, What are you doing?" I asked dazed as my senses kept spinning.

He smiled... not like a smirk or a smile of satisfaction, but a smile with pure affection. He dragged his hand down my already nervous body and down my shorts. I arched my back as he firmly squeezed my erection. I let out a throaty moan. Why am I'm letting him do this!? T-This isn't me! I-I don't... I-I do... He continued to stroke my hardening member and peered into my eyes once again. "Kevin, you're mine. I can do what ever I want by starting to show you how I feel about you..." Eddward trailed off kissing my neck and leading down. I arched my back gripping onto the sheets as he got closer to my lower region. No, No, No, NO!

I quickly shot up quick feeling a bit of sweat drip down my forehead. Thank goodness it was only a dream! I quickly took an uneasy glance at Eddward to see him still deep asleep. I sighed in relief and glance at the clock besides him. 4AM? It's still pretty early, and why am I- I looked down and almost flipped out. I quickly jumped off the bed and check the sheets. I sighed in relief once I realized I only made a mess in my shorts. I frowned and awkwardly walked to my dresser and grabbed a new pair of shorts and a clean pair of boxers. I squinted in the dark taking one last glance at Eddward to reassure myself he was out cold. I quickly made my way to the bathroom and stripped off my boxers and shorts in one motion. I blushed embarrassed of my situation and grabbed a clean rag. I turned on the faucet and placed the rag under warm water. I turned off the faucet yawning as I squeezed out the water so that the rag was only damp.

I began to wipe my legs and accidentally grazed my semi erect penis. I let out an hiss of irritation. "Curse human body functions..."


I quickly got dressed in my clean clothes and began to make my way back to my room. I can't believe I just- all because my mind decided to have an erotic dream about... about.. HIM! I blushed deeply thinking about my shameful act. No more reading fanfictions for a while... I lazily let my feet drag against the carpet until I entered my hardwood floor. I shook my head and yawned lightly. Man, I'm still tired... I squinted in the darkness and carefully made my way to the bed. I lifted up the covers and nuzzled my way in. From the warmth of the bed, it didn't take me long to surrender to sleep.

Edd's POV

I narrowed my eyes trying to not get up. Seriously, I just want to sleep... I sighed irritated. I forced my eyes opened, rolling them with anger. I sat up, surprised that the dork wasn't glued onto my hip. I turned around and checked the clock behind me. 5:10? See, this is why I didn't want to open my eyes! Letting out a growl, I reluctantly untangled the covers from me and left the warm bed. I don't have full trust in my body, I usually don't wake up to an alarm because my body on instinct always gets me up at six. I don't know why lately the past couple days I've been waking up around five. I rubbed my eyes to remove the haze feeling they were giving. I took a look at the dork and snickered at the sleeping angel. He looked like a puppy taking a peaceful nap, the way he's hugging his pillow.

I shook my head and grabbed my bag, slinging it around my bare back. As I was about to exit his room I suddenly stopped. I turned around and faced his computer. A devilish smirk grew along my face as I quickly sat in the seat. I wiggled the mouse and in less than a second the screen flashed on. The background image contained a picture of Kevin,his mother and father apparently. They looked like they were having a cook out and someone had took their family of three pic for them. Heh, Kevin look's so young in the pic... maybe like thirteen. I shrugged it off and opened the internet browser. Google quickly popped up, so I typed in what I was searching for. I clicked images and almost laughed out loud. I quickly covered my mouth with my left hand and picked out what I call the 'Best One'.

I quickly set the gruesome picture as the background image and set the setting where the computer screen will shut off in five seconds. I got up from the seat, a smug look of satisfaction pasted on my face. I stretched my arms and headed for the door, before I left I glanced back at Kevin. Oh, you're going to love my surprise... Ha! Pay back's a bitch! I left to go across the hall and entered the bathroom. I shut the door as I entered and glanced around as if something was familiar. I sniffed the air for a second. Um... It seems stuffy in here... I shrugged it off and set my bag on he closed toilet seat. I pulled back the black shower curtains and turned the knob on hot water and turned on the shower head. The water began to rush down making a shhh sound. I unzipped my bag and pulled out my boxers and tooth brush. As I waited for the water to get hot, I quickly brushed my teeth. Man, if staying at his house was this easy... I bet it's just as easy to manipulate him. I shook away my thoughts putting my toothbrush down and stripped off my boxers.

I stepped into the shower letting out a groan of pleasure. The hot water felt good against my skin. I quickly showered for twenty minutes and hopped out. I turned off the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off. I placed the towel over my hair and rubbed it enough that only some water still dripped down, but not enough to annoy me. I put the towel in the hamper; I grabbed my pair of clean boxers from my bag and slip them on. I grabbed my bag and headed back to the room. I looked back at Kevin, who was still sleeping, and stared for only a minute. I don't know, but for some reason something draws me to him, probably the fact that I like to see him get so angry. Heh, yeah that's it. I went around to the side of the bed that I was lying on and picked up my phone. I checked the messages that I had from last night. After that message from that blue hag, I turned it on silent. I had a message from... of course Marie.

(Hey, call me when you get up! -MK yesterday 9:00pm)

I rolled my eyes and dialed her number. I don't even know why I had done this, but she did say to do whatever she asks and this is okay I guess. The phone rang only two times before she actually answered. "Yo, you actually called!" she sounded surprised from the other end.

I rolled my eyes and began walking around the room silently. I turned on a lamp on Kevin's computer desk that lighted the room with a soft orange glow. The dork didn't even move. "You said anything. What are you doing up so early anyways?" I asked a little bothered. I can't stand Marie, she enrages me to no end. I hate how she's so nosy and always have to be a blackmailing bitch. I'm actually considering hanging up on her and changing my number then beg my dad to move away. Although I still consider doing this, I really hate my dad and in no way what-so-ever will beg to that bastard. I'll just have to deal with this pest the best I can.

"Oh yeah, well I was just wanting to know how it went last night. Is the little virgin sore-"

"Okay. Marie. Shut the fuck up, or I will literally run my ass down to your place and beat the living shit outta you!" I whispered yelled with as much venom as I could. She needs the lay the fuck off and stop saying things like that. As if I'd consider liking this weakling, I'm just trying to make sure he can protect himself... right? I mean... Why am I helping him again? I probably had a good reason, right?

"Okay, geesh, I was just teasing. Well I'm gonna let you go. See ya in school D," she replied not scared of my threat.

I rolled my eyes irritated. "Yeah, whatever."

"Oh, and D."

I sighed even more irritated. "What?" I growled.

"It's nice hearing from you again. Bye."

She hung up the line and left me speechless. I stared at my phone and tried to get what she meant by that. I shook my head and threw my phone on the bed. Something caught my eye.

Kevin's POV

I heard a soft voice talking. I knitted my eyes together and confused that there would be someone in my room. My mother doesn't come home till ten when I'm already at school. I knitted my eye brows together and sat up slowly feeling my muscle tense to the sudden movement. I opened my eyes slowly and saw a blurry figure on the phone. I squinted my eyes to see better and a sudden blush formed on my cheeks. Eddward was only in his boxers and his black hair was damp. I watched as a drop of water fell off his hair and trail along his well built body. My throat felt dry and I just stared at his body with my mouth slightly open.

"Like what you see?" Eddward's voice brought me to a sudden realization. I blinked several times and rubbed my eyes. I heard him chuckle deeply, amused by my flustered state. I ignored his question and glanced towards the clock.

"It's only five-forty. Why did you get up so early?" I asked. He only smirked and stared at me. I felt goosebumps when I remembered those ice cold blue eyes in my dream. I honestly felt a little scared, I don't know why. I wasn't scared of him, just nervous because... well that dream.

"I woke up at five and decided to take a shower," he replied nonchalantly.

"Great idea!" I said positively. Anything to get away to think for a while. I got up and walked to my dresser and grabbed a pair of boxers and a outfit. "I'm just going to take a shower now..." I replied smiling. Eddward gave me a suspicious look, but shrugged it off. Before I left the room I grabbed my contacts to take with me. I left the room in a hurry and quickly entered my bathroom. I shut the door and locked it, heart beating fast. I exhaled deeply relieved that I was finally separated from him. I placed my stuff on the toilet seat and grabbed a clean towel from the towel rack. As I looked in the mirror I totally forgot about the bandages on my face. I placed the towel on my clothes and went back to the mirror. My fingers softly grasped the bandage and I began slowly peeling it out with only a little winces from me. Once it was off I threw it in the garbage and checked on the healing wound. It seemed it was getting better and it didn't look affected. I have to thank Eddward for his help after I'm done showering. I turned towards the shower and pushed the shower curtain to the side.

I turned the knob to warm and took off my sleep wear. I frowned as I glanced at my bruised body. There were blue and purple and still quite painful. I rubbed my arms and stepped into the shower. As I cleansed myself my thoughts invaded my train of thought. What is it about Eddward that makes me so nervous? He's such a cruel person and he thinks he can do whatever he want! But... why did I dream about him like that? Why does he make me blushed like mad?

"Oh please tell me you're not developing a crush on that boy," I mumbled aloud to myself.

Once I stepped out of the shower I dressed in my black cargo pants and white dress shirt with a tan sweater vest over it. I placed my contacts in blinking twice and combed my hair in the mirror. Once fully dressed and refreshed I went back into the room and saw Eddward finally dressed, texting on his phone. I wonder if he's texting the same person who sent that message? I shook my head remembering not to be nosy. I grabbed my hat on my side table and placed it upon my head. I smiled and turned towards Eddward who was now staring at me intently. I felt nervous all over again until he finally spoke.

"Your wounds look better today. That scar wasn't as deep as I thought... that means it won't scar," he smirked. I blinked dumb-founded. Oh yeah! I forgot about that, but I looked it the mirror and didn't even notice. Wow, my mine must be pretty occupied. Eddward went to the bed and pulled the aid kit out from under the bed. He sat down with the aid kit on his lap and motioned for me to come forward. I hesitantly sat next to him, but apparently not enough. Eddward frowned and pulled me closer rolling his eyes. He opened the kit and quickly pulled out a cotton swab and put ointment on it. In the inside I was nervous as hell to be this close to him. Why did that dream have to make this so awkward!? He grabbed my chin and carefully applied on the ointment. I concentrated on his face until he released me to get a bandage.

I looked at his choice of wear: black, ripped skinny jeans, a purple shirt with some type of band on it, and a chain belt that didn't really do anything except add to the style. I head a chuckle and a finger tilted my head upward. Eddward stared into my eyes amused and I froze. "I'll ask again dork," he announced. "Do you like what you see?" he asked with a smirk along his face. his voice was low and soothing like in my dream. I blushed madly and turned away nervously.

"No- I mean, you're not not good looking. Wait- I meant that you're good looking and all, but I was just checking your appearance. Wait- I didn't mean like checking you out-" I replied shakily. Eddward just began to laugh and I quickly checked the clock again. Six-twenty? How early... Oh yeah! I need to email my mother about my glasses. I don't mind wearing contacts, honestly I don't, but with glasses you can quickly take them off and put them on, i just find it easier that's all. I smiled brightly and made my way to my computer.

When I sat in my chair Eddward started to snicker. I glanced at him confused. "What?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders and turned his head, but I can still he his eyes in the corner watching me. Creep. I turned back to the computer and wiggled the mouse. I jumped up surprised and horrified that someone had changed my screensaver. I glared at Eddward face red with humiliation. Eddward was sure getting a kick out of this, but I was beyond mad. "That's disgusting! Why did you mess with my stuff!?" I yelled hurt and angered. My screensaver was a pic of my parents and me when everything was normal. Eddward just continued laughing almost in tears.

"It's payback," he answered still laughing.

I clenched my fists. "Stop it! It's not funny! Why are you such... such... an ass!" I shouted. Oops... I didn't mean to curse! Eddward noticed that I was almost in tears and narrowed his eyes seriously.

"It was just a joke, calm down," he said in a serious tone.

I shook my head. "Well I don't like jokes! Next time don't change things that were valuable to me!" I barked as my throat started to itch. Eddward got up and walked to the computer.

"Loosen up, I'll change it back!" he growled back now irritated. I just shot him a dark glare. He doesn't even care about what he's done!

I quickly grabbed my bag and my jacket. "Fuck you!" I cursed with as much venom I could muster. I quickly left my room and ran down the stairs ignoring the ruthless idiot calling my name. I quickly slipped on my shoes and slammed the door shut as I left. Once on the side walk I put on my green jacket and tried to calm myself down. I was about calm until I heard footsteps a little ways behind me. I turned to look back and Eddward stopped in place.

"Kevin wait! I fucking changed it back!" he growled. I rolled my eyes and flipped him off. I continued to walk the path I took yesterday to school and satisfied with the sigh from Eddward. As I kept walking along the pavement I kept getting deeper and deeper in my thoughts. I swear if I was in a cartoon you could see the steam from my head. I did kind of felt bad for cursing... I hope my mom doesn't find out! I just can't believe he changed something like that as my screen saver! That is so inhumane and disgusting on so many levels. I continued walking ranting in my thoughts until a powerful scent hit my lungs.

I began coughing and my eyes watered painfully. I looked up towards the source of the horrible smoke and froze. My heart sped up it's pace when I caught sight of the blonde that Eddward described. The blonde dropped the cigarette and put it out with his shoe. He had hazel eyes and was about the same height as Eddward. Oh my luck... I should have just stayed with Eddward... What am I going to do? My mom is going to be home today and she'll flip seeing my cut, so more damage will just put her over the edge. She'll probably contact the school and complain, but that would be so embarrassing! We just moved here four days ago and we're still not done unpacking, and now I am making enemies at the school, and I don't want to put more stress on my mom. She just got promoted and I don't want to have to make her decide to go back to our home town. I was rambling on and on in my thoughts that I barely heard the blonde clear his voice.

"Sorry about that," he apologized about the cigarette. I blinked in response then forced a smile. I nodded my head slightly and began to walk slowly past him. I heard a soft sigh from him, but continued to walk. "I'm sorry about the bathroom incident too..." he called out towards me. I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face him. At least someone has the courtesy to apologize. The blonde walk towards me and stood beside me. "Nat made me join them... I should have stopped them, but peer pressure got to me..." he explained with a guilty face.

I widened my eyes. "O-Oh! I understand! It's okay, I forgive you!" I blurted out feeling bad. The blonde put his hands in his pockets and looked me in the eyes with a half smile.

"I'm still very sorry. Anyways, My name's Owen and yours?" he asked putting out his hand. I smiled greatly. Such manners! I shook his hand firmly.

"My name's Kevin, Kevin Barr!" I beamed. We disconnected hands and I continued. "I moved here four days ago due to my mom's promotion; just in time for second semester I suppose," I explained.

Owen smiled fully now. "That's good. So what are you doing out so early?" he asked as we continued walking our way towards the high school. I had to stop myself instantly from frowning. I continued to smile.

"I'm just getting early to school I suppose." Lie... Eddward ticked me off... Owen nodded to my answer.

"Do you mind if I walk with you?" he asked with cute wondering eyes. I couldn't believe what I was hearing... I quickly forgot the anger from earlier and smiled brightly.

"No! Not at all!" I accepted gracefully. I think I made a new friend!

"So what do you like?" Owen asked trying to engage in some small talk.

I looked at him. "I enjoy reading books and school," I answered honestly. I waited for him to call me a dork, nerd, but he just listened.

"Cool, I also enjoy reading," He replied with interest. I looked at him shocked. He didn't... I smiled happily.

"It's quite wonderful! So, what do you enjoy doing!?" I asked all excited. Owen smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

"I love playing football and I'm quite good at boxing. I'm more of a sports person," he replied boldly. I smiled and listened.

"Interesting, although I'm not a sports person myself." I found this fun. Talking to him like a normal person, sharing our interests. He's really quite the gentleman. I felt comfortable with him, not even the slightest nervous. We continued talking about our hobbies as we walked to the high school.

The walk from the Cul-de-sac to the high school was only twenty minutes and as we entered the building Owen was just finishing his football story.

"So, when I dived at him he landed in a weird way. I heard a crack like a stick snapped in half, so I instantly called for the referee." I cringed at the image it put in my head. Owen continued talking. "So, it turns out that he broke his wrist and was out for the rest of the season," he explained as I approached my locker. I opened my locker and put away my bag. I grabbed my mathematics note book and shut the locker.

"Was he okay?" I asked concerned.

Owen nodded. "Yeah. I apologized and he said it was cool, but I still feel bad about him being out the rest of the season," he replied rubbing the back of his head. I gave him a smile to assure him that it would be alright.

"Well at least he's alright with it," I hesitated wanting to talk to Owen longer. "I must be going to mathematics now..." I informed. Owen tilted his head cutely.

"Do you have Mrs. Connor as your teacher?" he asked. I nodded my head and he smiled brightly. "I'll just hang out with you because my first hour class is just across the hall," he replied. Owen looked towards the nearest clock. I studied his face, he had flawless nicely tanned skin. His hazel eyes were so beautiful that it made him look so sweet and generous. I thought his short blonde hair was hot! Oh, I feel like a wooing fangirl! He looked at me and said something, but I was caught in a bit of a daze. "Kevin?" he called out my name waving his hand in front of my face.

His action brought me back to reality. "O-Oh yes?" I replied embarrassed he caught me staring like that. I blushed embarrass a little nervous to be looking at him now. He seemed to look away and chuckled nervously. I swear I thought I saw him blush a little too, but it could have just been my imagination. Owen turned back to look at me and smiled.

"You know you're pretty cute when you smile... Anyways like I was saying, it's almost seven and I can only hang out with you for ten minutes because I promised to meet with someone soon," he explained. I blushed at the complement. He thinks I-I'm cute?

"Oh! Y-you don't have to keep me company," I smiled for the thought.

Owen grabbed my hand. "I want to," he said with a cute smile. He began leading me to Mrs. Connors room. I shook nervously clenching onto my stuff with my left arm, ignoring the bruises. As we entered the class room he released me. "So, where do you sit?" he asked with a cute curious face. I smiled and walked to my seat. He followed and sat at the right of me, in Eddward's desk. He faced me smiling and his hazel eyes caught my attention. "Listen, Kevin. Now that I met you a bit more I see that you're quite amazing and very friendly." Owen let out a sigh. "I just don't see how you could for give me so easily... I had hurt you..." he replied frowning a bit. My heart quickened its pace.

"Everyone deserves a second chance Owen," I reassured him with a smile. Owen was about to reply, but the classroom door burst open causing me to jump. In stepped Eddward who looked like he could kills someone. My eyes widened as he began to approach us. He smirked and looked towards Owen obviously pissed.

"Hey jockey," he greeted Owen leaning on his desk. I looked at Owen who didn't even looked phased... he looked bored of Eddward's presence though. Owen smirked back and narrowed his eyes a little.

"Hey... M," he replied in a hushed voice. I looked back at Eddward who looked even more pissed off.

"Get out of my seat before you start a fight..." Eddward growled. I sunk lower in my seat as I watched the scene before me. M?... Owen tilted his head and scoffed.

"The only one trying to start a fight is you, but if you are in love with the seat sooo much, you can have it," Owen replied getting up with no problem. Eddward rolled his eyes and they passed by each other. At the sudden moment I thought that they were kind of alike. I shook my head at the thought. Owen is more nicer and generous... Owen just took the seat of the left of me and Eddward took his seat at the right. I didn't even take one glance at Eddward, I just turned and faced Owen. I don't think he liked that though because I could feel his glare burning in the back of my head..

"Anyways, Thank you Kevin. You're too kind," Owen began again. I heard Eddward scoff from behind me, but I ignored it. I felt a light blush creep at my cheeks and I smiled brightly.

"No problem Owen." God I love how formal he is! Owen looked at the clock and frowned.

"It seems I better get going... See you in sixth period," he smiled getting up to leave. Wait! Don't leave me with Eddward! I just smiled and waved as he left. I totally forgot we had sixth period together, I smiled at the thought. I picked up my book and began to read hoping Eddward wouldn't talk to me, but no he had to.

"What a faker!" he growled beside me. I ignored his comment focusing on the tiny black print. I could hear Eddward shifting in his seat. "Kevin, stay away from him ya hear? He's bad news!" informed Eddward.

"Okay, kids, whatta ya need me for?" I read ignoring the pestering teen. I heard him growl and he even shook my shoulder. "Kevin, I swear to God!" Eddward's voice rose louder. I continued reading. As Johnny, I studied Dally, trying to figure out what there was about this tough-looking hood that a girl like Cherry Valance could love. I blinked in confusion when the book was out of my hands and thrown across the room. I rolled my eyes as the anger started to build up in me again. Eddward tried to get me to look at him by grabbing my chin firmly, but I didn't even look at him. I just stared at the book halfway across the room. "Kevin! I changed the God damn screen saver back now listen! Owen is bad-"

I finally had it. I shoved Eddward harshly away from me and I got up to go retrieve my book. I heard Eddward walk slowly behind me and I started to regret being brave. "Big mistake," he growled. Before I could even pick up my book Eddward grabbed my arm and harshly tugged me out of the room. Oh no! Why'd you do that!? So stupid! I mentally yelled at myself for letting my anger control me. Eddward dragged me to the bathroom and threw me in. I felt pained as the cold hard tile floor caught my body. I shook nervously, but remained my gaze on the floor. I'm not going to give him the satisfaction of him winning. I'll keep my eyes anywhere, but Eddward. I flinched as he grabbed my shirt and slammed me against the brick wall. I was in a bit of a daze as my head slammed against the wall. This seems just like yesterday...

"Kevin! You little bastard! I'm speaking to you!" he yelled extremely pissed. I flinched at his cruel name calling and just looked at our feet. I tried to think of happy thoughts, but my pounding headache was making it hard just to do that. I felt like I had a knot on the back of my head. He kept calling my name, but I wouldn't listen. Suddenly i felt a fiery pain on my cheek. My eyes widened in surprise. He just slapped me... I felt my cheek with my hand and my eyes remained opened. It's hard to believe this is the same Eddward that cared to my wounds... I heard Eddward sigh and released me. "Whatever...," he said in a hushed voice. I could have sworn I heard guilt in his voice as he left. I shrugged it off and smiled. Haha! Point one for me!

I looked towards the mirror and instantly frowned. There was still a red mark against my cheek from where he slapped me. I sighed and glanced down seeing my hat by surprise. I quickly picked it up and placed it back on my head. I took a deep breath and rubbed the part of my arm where he tugged harshly. Come on Kevin... You can do this. All he has to say is sorry... I decided to leave the bathroom feeling sort of sad, but I tried to shrug it off. I walked slowly to the classroom and felt relief that more students were in the halls and classrooms. As I entered I saw Eddward laying his head in his arms, so I was enable to see his face. I walked to the spot where my book should have been, but it wasn't there...

I sighed and walked back to my desk with eyes glued onto the floor. My eyes flickered to a object laying on my desk. I narrowed my eyes confused as I sat down and picked up my book. He didn't pick my book up for me... Did he? I quickly stole a side glance at Eddward to only see him laying his head in his arms on his desk. I couldn't have possibly hurt him. I mean... he was the one who slapped me. I narrowed my eyes once more with a bit of anger, but then relaxed from the thought that he did something that small for me. I sat down getting ready for the class to begin. I couldn't help but keep glancing at the clock.

*class time skip.. ik ik I'm a lazy baster etc. etc*

As soon at the bell rang I quickly gathered my materials and headed out. There was no way I wanted to take my time and stay behind with Eddward. My next class is Chemistry, which is on the second floor. I waited for the opportunity to slip into the rushing highway in this schools halls. I followed the flowing traffic up the second floor which I managed to jump out at my classrooms door. Taking a breath I looked up to look for a new nice partner for the lab. Yesterday I didn't have a partner because we were an uneven class. A blue haired girl I recognized as Marie waved out to me. "Yo, Kevin! Come over here!" she called out to me. I didn't want to be rude so I walked over to her and took the empty seat next to her. She smirked at me and I smiled softly back. "So how'd it feel?" she asked me. I blinked in confusion.

"How did what feel?" I asked very confused. Marie looked around and lowered her voice into an exciting whisper I remained silent and waited for her explanation.

"When D fucked you!?" she whispered shouted. I widened my eyes for a split second before my cheeks burned into a deep hue of red. I shook with embarrassment and remained my posture. Marie was holding in her snickering and laughs. I could barely give a stable reply.

"W-We never had any s-sexual intercourse. In fact, I'm currently not speaking to him." I responded. Marie rolled her eyes dramatically and I didn't know if it was directed at me or Eddward. She snickered.

"Awh, that's too bad. You guys could've made a cute couple! A tough guy and a kind guy in love, so perfect! Anyways, Why? What'd he do?" she asked curious. I felt my mind go light and my heart race.

"Really? Uh, never mind, but he just changed my computer screensaver to something cruel. The original screen picture was something that mean a lot to me," I replied feeling angered once again. Marie nodded and tilted her head.

"What did he change it to?" she asked. I felt a wave of embarrassment and motioned for her to come close to me. She leaned in and i whispered into her ear quietly. She quickly recoiled and gave me one of the most disgusted looks I was ever given. She rolled her eyes and looked really pissed off.

"Da fuck? That's fucking gross, like why is D soo immature." She looked back at me and smirked. "Want me to kick his ass for ya?" she asked with an amused tone. I shook my head furiously. No, no, no, no. I don't want her to get in trouble! I also... don't want Eddward to get hurt too... Marie sighed and quickly whipped out her phone and began typing a fast message. The contact read "Dr. Vincent". That looks familiar...

"Um... who are you texting?" I asked feeling a bit bad for being so nosy. Marie looked up for a second and back down after getting a reply. I waited patiently. After finishing another text she looked back up at me and slipped her phone into her pocket due to the bell. She took a piece of gum and threw it into her mouth.

"Just D." That response made me jump and my brain start clicking. Was she the one who was texting Eddward last night?

I widened my eyes, "So you're the one so sent the message!"

She tilted her head, "Which one?"

I blushed deeply, "W-well Eddward said that a virus was on his phone pestering him... So I decided to help and I took his phone with out asking. A m-message popped up saying... umm..." I trailed off too embarrassed. She gave a bland expression before brightening up

Marie smiled, "Ohhh, was it the one that I asked if you guys were fucking yet? Or use a condom?" she giggled.

I widened my eyes blushing even more. "N-no! It said that you bet... he was... going to-"

"Oh. To fuck you? Ha ha yeah! I thought he might. Knowing him, it seems he taking a liking to you," she replied chuckling. I blinked confused. Taken a liking to me? So far he's been nothing, but a nuisance and a jerk.

"H-how can you tell that?" I asked shocked. For real? For someone like him liking me... Man I must attract the wrong crowd; however, if it were a nice guy like Owen-

She frowned with a brief flash of frustration written across her face. I was going to ask her what was wrong, but she quickly replaced her troubled state with a smile. "Well... when he moved here freshmen year I always teased him. He always stood up for himself, but never could hit me because I'm a girl and he's the respectful type... He would always remain a gentleman... but as for now he just doesn't hit women which is great about him," she sighed tapping her fingers on the desk. The look of past happiness shown from her eyes. She continued, "We became friends shortly after a week or so. He wasn't as tall or strong as he is now, back then. Though he would still kick some serious ass. Ha ha. However, we were the bestest friends in freshmen year, that was until sophomore year arrived, because he became friends with a jock." She narrowed her eyes a bit spitting out the work 'jock' as if it was poisonous venom.

I listened carefully trying to imagine a more decent Eddward but shook my head at the thought. "Who was the jock?" I asked. Marie looked up at me blankly as if she was lost in thought.

She shrugged, "I don't know. He just said that he found him interesting, and they became like criminal partners and hurt anyone that disrespected them. This jock wasn't afraid to hit a girl, but D still never did. This jock changed him into a hard, cold person. Changed him so much that D started to do whatever the jock did like a love sick puppy." The anger was light when spoken, but hidden deeper in her voice.
I widened my eyes, "D.. I mean Eddward liked him?" Could Eddward be capable to even like somebody?

She nodded with an evil smirk, "Yeah. So I got really pissed off and told everyone they were gay and fucking each other," she chuckled. "Everyone bought it and they denied it." Her eyebrows knitted together in concern and confusion. "Though... a month after that something happened to D, I think he was depressed. The jock didn't seem to care and even left him to his solitude, " she sighed laying her head down on her crossed arms. "I tried asking him what was wrong and he just cursed me out and never spoke to me again." She smiled a bit, "Till now.."

I blinked in surprise, "Wow..." There's actually a story behind Eddward? Well studies show that bullies do tend to have problems of their own. I just wonder... what made Eddward depressed?

I opened my mouth to speak, but the chemistry teacher beat me to it. "Stop talking! Class has begun!" I jumped and looked straight ahead at the board. I heard Marie snicker and I smiled as well.


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