This is the product of too much champagne. It'll day? Killerlashes reads it for me and makes sure it isn't too lame. Happy New Year, folks.

Chapter One

"This is a nice place- do you rent or own?" I asked, trying to make conversation even though his lips were skimming my collarbone and his fingers were undoing my jeans.

"Own," he answered with warm breath against my skin.

My knees buckled. I didn't do stuff like this. Okay, I didn't do stuff like this anymore. My friends encouraged it, though. It's New Year's Eve, they said. He's hot, they said. You haven't gotten laid in a long time...those assholes.

"I bet it cost you a fortune, this is a great-" my words were cut off by his hand over my mouth.

"Leah, just stop talking," he said before pressing his lips to mine.

So I did. I stopped talking and thinking too. I couldn't really think about anything other than the way his able hands ran over my body. How he gently removed my clothes and not-so-gently pushed me up against the wall by his front door. The way he said my name and how I'd already forgotten his.

"I'm Edward, by the way," he said once we were in his bedroom and he was handing me a t-shirt and kissing my bare shoulder.

"I knew that," I scoffed and he smirked at me.

"Well, if you knew it I'm pretty sure I would have heard it."

Edward grinned and pulled my hips against his.

"Oh, I just thought it was God," I replied while his hands snaked around and grabbed my ass.

"Good recovery."

"I thought so."

He took the shirt from my hand and threw it over his shoulder before pulling me onto the unmade bed. His body stretched over mine, deliciously long and lean, and I sighed while relaxing into the mattress.

"Ow!" I cried, reaching under me and pulling out a little plastic object. "What the hell?"

Edward gazed down at the thing in my hand before quickly pulling it away and throwing it over his shoulder.

"Was that a pacifier? Kinky?" I teased.

"Shh," he said before kissing me again. I obliged and let myself, again, get lost in the feel of him. I didn't even think about what I'd found until the next morning when I was trying to sneak out.

When I woke up the sun was peeking through the window of Edward's bedroom, but I couldn't remember what side of town he lived on. I knew he worked at the bar I'd been at for New Years Eve and that I'd seen him plenty of times before. He had tattoos covering his pale skin, a mess of auburn hair, and glasses. They were thick, black-rimmed and I couldn't tell whether he was being ironic or not. Whatever he was doing, the look was working for him. I was also pretty proud that I'd remembered his name after last night. The water was running in the bathroom, so I assumed I would sneak out while Edward was in the shower.

It took a while to gather my clothing, but I didn't do much inventory of the apartment while I was doing it. Instead I pulled on each article quickly and made my way to the door as quietly as possible. My escape didn't work, however, because someone was waiting on the other side of the door.

She was cute: tall and brunette, wearing scrubs and a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and holding a kid on her hip.

"Oh!" She seemed surprised to see me (I would have been too) but not in a rude way. "Is Edward here?"

"He's...he's in the shower," I replied, my voice sounding foreign to my own ears for some reason.

"Shoot. I'm sorry, can you tell him I had to go into work early? I'm not supposed to drop this guy off until ten, but I can't help it," she said everything in a rush and I felt my eyes widen when she finished. My gaze drifted from her pretty face to the kid that was clinging to her scrubs.

"Wait, what?" I blinked, trying to register what she'd said while noticing the baby's big green eyes and thick auburn hair.

"Hey, Angie," Edward's voice interrupted me and I felt myself shiver at the sound of it. "Hey, big guy." He stepped past me and took the baby into his arms.

"I'm so sorry, Edward," she apologized while Edward grabbed the bag from her other hand and I stood by feeling like an idiot.

"It's fine." He shrugged, smiling. "We'll see you in a few days."

"Okay, bye sweetie," Angie said before leaning forward to kiss the kid on his chubby cheek. She gave me a quick little wave before turning

Edward closed the door and turned to me, his smile fading a little bit. "Ah, sorry about that," he said sheepishly and ran a hand through his damp hair.

"I guess that's what I get for trying to sneak out." I gave him a weak smile, but I couldn't pry my eyes away from the kid in his arms that looked exactly like him.

"This is Evan." Edward jiggled the baby, who gave a soft giggle before resting his head on Edward's shoulder.

"Yours, obviously."

"It's hard not to claim him," he said with a warm smile.

"He's cute." I shrugged.

"You're freaked out," Edward countered.

"No, it's just...I'm sorry. I've really got to go. This," my words came out in a rush as I inched toward the door. "Thanks."

I barely got a glimpse at Edward's confused face before the door closed behind me.

"Thanks?" I said to myself, rolling my eyes and pressing my hands to my face.

This was definitely not what I had in mind for my wild and crazy New Year's Eve.