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Chapter Eleven

One Year Later

"Hurry! We're going to be late!" I urged Edward along from my side of the car.

He took his time removing Evan from his carseat and rolled his eyes at me.

"Relax, woman. They can't start without this guy," Edward said and jiggled Evan a little. Evan looked so adorable in his tiny bowtie.

"LeeLee hold me," Evan grumbled as he pushed himself out of his father's arms.

I laughed at Edward's annoyed look and grabbed for him. The past few weeks had been stressful, but Evan's love and accepted was something that had kept me grounded.

"All right," Edward sighed. "Let's go get hitched."

He smirked at me and we made our way to the small church where Angie and Ben were waiting to get married. The ceremony was going to be a small one, with a big reception after. Angie had fretted for weeks over her bridal party saying that it was difficult to choose because she only wanted Edward or I to stand up with her and she thought it might be weird.

We'd just laughed, but agreed. Over the past year the four of us, including Ben, had grown very close. We sometimes joked about being sister-wives and moving in together to raise Evan. It was amazing how he had brought us all together; we really were like one big, happy family.

One that was only going to get bigger.

Inside the church Edward and I were both stopped in our tracks at the sight of Angie in her wedding gown. If I weren't so comfortable in our relationship (and if she hadn't become one of my best friends) I might have been worried about the way he was looking at her.

"Wow," Edward smiled, but Angie just rolled her eyes.

"Hi, Mama," Evan waved from my arms so I set him down. Angie didn't seem to care about messing up her appearance as she pulled him into her arms.

"Finally," she grinned at us. "Let's do this."

We nodded and left to take our seats in the front o f the church. I shot Ben a thumbs up as we sat down and he gave me a nervous wave. The ceremony was quick and sweet. Evan lasted about five minutes up front with Angie and Ben before he slipped away and into Edward's lap. Edward's hand slipped into mine as they said their vows and I squeezed it back tightly. We were both so happy for her.

At the reception we took turns shuffling Evan around on the dance floor. His grandparents cooed over him, as did everyone else. His personality had grown so much in the short year that I'd known him. He was smart and inquisitive, a perfect mixture of Edward and Angie. He was also stubborn, which Edward said he got from me.

I looked over at Edward and smiled. His sleeves were rolled up, tattoos on full display. His glasses reflected the twinkling lights but I could still see his smiling eyes as he held his son- our son- and danced with him.

"We got lucky, huh?" Angie handed me a glass of champagne and nudged my shoulder.

"Yeah," I agreed and set the glass on the nearest table, then hoped she wouldn't notice.

"You're not going to drink that?" She asked and I took my time turning to her.

"Um..." I tried not to look her in the eye, but it's almost impossible with someone as honest as her. "Not for another six months?"

"I knew it!" Angie cried and threw her arms around me. "I was just testing you."

"You're a jerk," I shoved her away, but laughed. "We didn't want to spoil your day."

"My boy is going to be a big brother! This is so exciting. I'm so happy," she all but gushed and her eyes sparkled with tears, so mine did too.

"Thank you," I whispered and hugged her again. "For everything."

She didn't respond, just squeezed me back just as tightly. Angie knew what I was thankful for, we'd talked about it very early in mine and Edward's relationship. She let me into her son's life without question and over time Evan became ours. We were aware that most step-parents don't have it so easy but, like she said, we got lucky.

"Hey, I think we should be going," Edward's voice interrupted our moment. When Angie pulled away she had to wipe tears from her cheeks. "This guy is tired and- did you tell her?"

I shrugged. "She figured it out."

"You should have told me," Angie growled and smack him in the arm that wasn't holding Evan.

"We were going to wait," Edward sighed and rolled his eyes. "Today is about you and Ben."

"I know, I know." She smiled at us and reached out to smooth Evan's hair. "This is going to be great."

"Yeah," Edward said as he winked at me. "We think so."

"Just think: the next wedding will be yours."

"Maybe," I said at the same time that Edward said, "One day."

We grinned at each other, not worrying about the fact that we hadn't agreed with her. We knew it would happen eventually. Whether it was before the baby came or after wasn't really a worry for either one of us. We knew that were in it together: no matter what, and no matter when.