Hiro was hiding himself in a dark corner as he spots his bullies. Even being an 8 year old, Hiro was considered a prodigious genius at age of 4, advance than any kid of his age. But being a genius had its price, Hiro couldn't make any friend because of his high intelligence, becoming a victim of bullying.

"Did you find him?" One of the bullies asked.

"Not yet. He must not have run that far."

Hiro stayed silent from his hiding place. If he didn't get out now, his bullies would find him and beat the living day lights out of him. Then, he heard a small voice.

"Down here."

Hiro looked down and saw a small black cat with a red ribbon around its neck and he had two tails? The cat looked at him once more.

"Follow me. I know a great place to hide," The cat said, walking off.

Hiro had a blanked expression on his face. He thought the bullies must had hit his head pretty hard to start to see things that he shouldn't exist because: One -cats do not have two tails, unless it's a grotesque mutation and two- cats do not talk.

"Come on! Do you prefer those jerks beat you up?"

Even if it's the beginning of madness, the young genius listened to the cat and followed him to wherever he's taking him. Hiro followed him until they arrived to a vacant lot. The cat encouraged the young boy to cross the gate. He gulped; not knowing what will happen if he crossed the gate. Taking a deep breath, Hiro closed his eyes and leaped through the gate.

As he crossed the gate, the boy opened his eyes, expecting to see the vacant lot but to his surprise, he saw a big traditional Japanese building before him.

'That shouldn't be even possible,' he thought bewildered.

When he approached to the building, the young boy noticed there was a written plate at the entrance.

"Kyuubi Hot Spring SPA? What kind of name is that?" Hiro asked to no one, though that kind of explains the two nine tailed fox statues at both the sides of the entrance.

The young child and the cat entered the building and they went into a room that looked like a reception hotel room. The cat jumped to the table and rang the bell.

"Robin! I brought a friend with me and he needs a bath!" the cat yelled out.

"I'm coming!" a very happy voice shouted from the back.

Hiro's jaw dropped the moment the owner of the happy voice came to the reception room. The owner of the voice was an anthropomorphic fox wearing a traditional yukata. The fox looked surprised when he spots Hiro in his reception room.

"Wow, what a rare sight! Berlioz, why didn't you mention that your friend was a human child?" the fox asked to the two tailed cat.

"He's cool, Robin." the cat named Berlioz answered. "He helps his aunty in that cat themed café and he even feeds stray cats. He's a good kid and he can even see my true form outside of the spirit plain."

Hiro could not believe what he was seeing and hearing; two animals were talking just like if they were humans. Then, the fox smiled at him.

"Well kid, my name is Robin, I am the owner of Kyuuni Hot Spring SPA. Would you like to have a good bath? Our hot springs are the best!"

Hiro only fainted from the shock. The fox roars with laughter.

"Hahahaha! He reacted just like Arthur when he first came here 50 years ago! Marian! There's a kid in our spa who needs your motherly attention! "

That was Hiro's first contact with the Ayakashi- the supernatural spirits.

End of the chapter

There it is. My first Big Hero 6 fanfiction! Since I love japanese folkloric creatures, I decided to use disney's other characters to be akayashi.

The fanfic story will be much like the BH6 movie story, except Hiro will able to see ghosts and Ayakashi spirits along the way.

Ayakashi disney

Robin- Kitsune ( he's from Robin Hood movie)

Berlioz- Nekomata ( he's from The Aristocats movie)

You're welcome to suggest any disney character to be akayashi

I want to thank Golden feathers Edward for beta editing the chapter