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Touhou is owned by Zun.

"Calm yourself… It's only an imposing mansion. They are looking for hired help though. I wonder if they know that the ad has a double meaning." A black haired woman asks as she steps towards the gate. She pauses and stares at the sleeping gate keeper. She pokes the gate keeper.

"What do you want? Oh, you're new. What do you want?" The gate keeper asks. The woman holds up an issue of Bunbunmaru.

"You have an ad for hiring?" The woman says. The gate keeper takes the newspaper and reads over it.

"We do? Well come in I'll go get Sakuya." The gate keeper says as she leads the woman inside. The gate keeper leaves the woman in the foyer. Ten minutes pass before a maid with silver hair teleports into the room.

"Well I'm surprised that someone actually responded. What do you know about servant equity?" Sakuya asks.

"Most likely not as much as you." The woman says. A fairy flies by and grabs a crystal hanging from the woman's bag.

"Ha! I got something precious!" The fairy shouts. The woman fires a laser into the crystal. The resulting blast pichuns the poor fairy. The crystal hovers back to it's owner.

"Uhm, sorry about taking out a staff member." The woman says.

"Let's get you measured for the uniform. I think you'll do fine. You will need to see the mistress tonight though." Sakuya says.