"Gah… Such a mess…" Sakuya sighs. Ripple nods lightly. Ripple blinks upon seeing Flandre fly into the room. She nudge's Sakuya. "What are you doing, Lady Flandre?"

"I'm here to help! See I even have a maid uniform on!" Flandre shouts. Ripple sighs upon seeing Remilia also enter the room.

"For the record this insane idea is hers." Remilia says as she points to Flandre. Ripple calmly hit's Sakuya on the back of her neck knocking her out. "Why was that necessary?"

"Sakuya was about to maul you. Will have this cleaned up as soon as Sakuya comes to. Please go change." Ripple says. She calmly sits down before looking at a refraction crystal. She looks over all the burn marks and cracks running across the walls.

"A drunk Marisa isn't a fun thing to deal with." A fairy in a red dress asks as she hovers into the room.

"Hey, Aka. Do me a favor and get your room mates in here to help." Ripple says. She pauses before motioning to the chandelier. Aka nods before hovering up. She pulls the sleeping Mercy out of it. Ripple calmly steps forward before picking up a note that Sakuya dropped last night.

"Ha… How to serve men… I didn't know Sakuya liked that kind of music…" Ripple says. She places the song request in Sakuya's hand before walking to the mop that is laying on the ground. "I wonder how Marisa is doing…"

Ripple sighs as Flandre hovers back into the room.

"I asked you to change."



"I'm in charge here!"

"…Yes milady?"

"Let's play!"