Hi everyone, I know I have plenty of other stories I should be working on, but I just had such an inspiration to create this story and have been putting all my focus into it, some facts will be switched around and certain events will have occured earlier then in the film so please just bear with me, there is a reason.

Chapter 1.

The chilly night air was crisp on the two burglars faces as they approached the crown jewel, Harry's smile widened with each passing step as the pair made their way to the back door.

Marv chuckles at his partners delight, he'd known how much this house meant to Harry, that this house was the prime reason the two began their breaking and entering

"How you wanna play this?"

"The vans already parked, we just slip in through the back and we're home free" declares the short man as his hands jiggle and work to free the locked door.

Seconds later the pair were inside the large estate, but were a little turned off and confused when the sound of singing is heard emanating from the living room.

"Is that the Grinch?" Beams Marv as he quickly makes his way over to enjoy the ending of his favorite Christmas classic.

He's not expecting small feet to be resting up on the rest of a chair, nor did he think to see a young boy sleeping the night away in said chair.

"Harry, we got a problem!"

Upon hearing his partners rushed whisper the short man makes his way towards the living room.

Marv stands next to a reclined chair that's housing a small occupant, both men's eyes widen at the discovery and realization.

" I thought you said they wouldn't be home?" Declares Marv as his hand combs through his unruly kept hair "There's a kid right there!" His small finger points to the now waking boy and the man leaps away

Harry attempts to calm his partner down, kid here or not he was going to have this house, he wanted it from the moment he'd set eyes on it and he was going to have it.

"Will you shut up Marv? Jesus we don't wanna wake the kid."

Marv nods vigorously and begins to bite at his middle finger " If the kids home then the parents gotta be."

Harry frowns at the thought " I'll take a look around, but for right now we gotta secure the kid."

Upon sight of his partners impending scream of fright the man rests his hand a top his shoulder " It will be fine, were just gonna tie him up, rob the place and leave."

After a few seconds of deliberation Marv nods his head in agreement, while Harry removes a roll of duct tape from his pocket. The two returned to the room to see the TV still playing, but no kid vacating the recliner

"Shit! We gotta find that kid Marv."

Marv heard sets of small footsteps from above and sneakily made his way towards the sounds, he was lead into a large master bedroom, the blankets thrown about on the bed, small breathing can be heard from under the mattress.

Marv smiles to himself and lowers to the ground "Hey, kid."

Kevin blurted out a terrified shriek as the intruder drags him out from under his safety net and heads for the stairs.

Kevin struggles and goes to shout once again, but was silenced by Marv's hand being tightly pressed over his mouth.

"Shut up, kid. We don't wanna wake your parents."

At the mention of his parents, Kevin's body went limp with fear, he was all alone, no one could or would help him this time, Megan was right, he really was helpless.

Harry turns round and round searching for both his partner and the missing child, he couldn't let that kid phone the cops.

Good thing that storm had blown the land lines so no phones could work.

"Marv! Marv where are ya?" When nothing but silence greets him the man begins to get upset "Jesus Christ Marv!"

Suddenly a yell is echoed through out the house, a yell belonging to none other than a child.

Seconds later Marv is dragging a reluctant Kevin McCallister into the room, his hand covering the boys mouth.

"I got him Harry! The kid was hiding under his parents bed and get this, no sign of the family anywhere, looks like he's home alone!"

Harry stares as the widening smile on Marv's face grows and the boys cries only quicken in fright

"All alone little fella?" Questions the smaller thief

Kevin only glares, he hadn't wanted the crooks to know he was alone, but that Marv guy had found him hiding under his mom's bed and quickly put the missing pieces together.

He'd heard their plan to secure him and rob his house and he wanted no part in any of it, but here he was at the two's mercy.

Harry's frown quickly turns upside down as he motions towards the kitchen, Marv and Kevin not far behind, he drags out a chair and pulls the duct tape free from the roll.

Marv forces Kevin into the seat as Harry begins his taping, starting with the struggling child's wrists bound behind the chair, followed by his ankles and lastly his mouth encased in silver.

"Perfect!" Beams the two intruders happily.

Kevin struggles in any way he can come up with to get free as the pair begin to steal all their belongings, his mother's jewelry, his dad's new fish hooks that he was planning to make into Christmas ornaments and all their TVs, stereos and records are loaded into a van parked in his very own drive way.

Soon there was hardly anything of value left in the McCallister home and Kevin's fear began to grow, what did that mean for him?

Would they leave him tied up and gagged like this or would they do even worse? He knew from watching crime shows that most of the time people who steal from your home will kill any witnesses.

Little did Kevin know, but just outside the two Wet Bandits were discussing what should be done with him, they couldn't necessarily leave the boy how he was now, but neither wanted to kill Kevin either.

"So what are we gonna do with him Harry? He's just a kid."

Harry sneers, Marv had always been to close and involved to want to hurt a child, but this kid most likely had heard his plan considering he had to be caught by Marv.

He could even bet the boy could easily identify the pair when he went to the cops. That only left two options.

"Load the kid in the van, were takin him with us."

Marv nods and heads back inside the home he'd planned to flood the place anyways, now he could leave their calling card without the grief of murdering a young child.

The tall male quickly approaches the bound Kevin and lowers to his blue gaze "Guess what squirt? We're all going on a little trip."

Kevin's eyes widen in fear as he's pulled off the chair, unfortunately the bindings remained in tact.

Kevin fights with everything he's got as he's forced over the man's shoulder and lead outside, his bound feet kicking at his captor as they draw closer to the van, his muffled cries only increase as he's loaded inside and stuffed in his families trunk.

Kevin can only stare in fear as the lid is shut and the locking sound vibrates throughout his small, dark prison.

After locking the kid up Marv makes his way into the passenger side of the van

"Got the kid?" Questions Harry as he starts the vehicle

"Locked him in a trunk in the back, he's not going anywhere." The pair smile as they pull out of the driveway and down the road.

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