Six months later

"Would Kevin McCallister come to the stand?" Kevin unfurled his shaking fingers from his mother's hold as the child approaches the front of the court room.

"Do you swear to tell only the truth in the court of law?" Kevin's right hand lands a top the large bible "I swear"

The lawyer beacons Kevin into his seat "Now Kevin is it true you know my clients Marvan Merchants and Harold Lime?"

"Yes, I know them all too well." Scoffs the now nine year old

"Would you care to elaborate on just how you know them?" Begins the defense Attorney

"They took me from my home, beat me, tied me to a chair, locked me in a closet, chased me through the woods and ..."

"And what Kevin?"

At this Kevin stutters to get the words out, he'd been unconscious at this time, but he just knew what happened after the polka van crashed.

"A very good man found me freezing to death and saved my life by bringing me into his van. At some point we crashed and he carried me to safety, only he was shot in the head."

"Do you know exactly who shot him? Can you 100% say that one or both of my clients killed this man?" The attorney lefts a photo of a smiling Gus for all to see

" ... No, I can't" Kevin turns to glare directly at his former captor and tormentors "But I know they did it and I also know the shot was meant for me."

A loud gasp from the Jury takes the silent courtroom by storm, the judge smacks his hammer to demand order in the court. "That's a pretty big accusation without proof." Claims the attorney smugly.

"Those men don't care about anyone but themselves, they lie and steal for a living, they treat others worse than scum. They broke into my home and kidnapped me!"

"Were you not left home alone while your family went on vacation? Couldn't these men have seen a child in danger and attempted to aid him?"

Kevin crosses his arms over his chest, he'd been warned they'd play this card "They took me before they stole all of our stuff, I was tied up with tape across my mouth in their van."

"Kevin, did you not indulge in the delicious sweets of ice cream and candy while home alone?" A picture of the large bowl of ice cream is flaunted.

At Kevin's nod the man continues "Couldn't all of that sugar cause a child to see things differently than what they are?"

Kevin's attorney rushes forward "Objection! Your honor what does the fact my client ate ice cream before his attack have to do with the events?"

"Sustained" slams the judge

The questioning attorney grimaces, he'd hoped to use that sugar high as an excuse for Kevin to believe he'd in fact been abducted.

He knew the kid wouldn't convince them without a doubt his clients had been the murderer, but the kidnapping charge wasn't going away anytime soon.

Angrily Kevin stands up, he'd had enough of being dumped on "I live with four older siblings, so I know when someone doesn't believe me, but I'm telling the truth. Those two men deserve to be locked up for the rest of their lives for all they've done."

The jury remains silent at the fury upon Kevin's tanned face, defense attorney sorting through his thoughts to come back with something more to twist.

Kevin turns to face the jury now; they held the final decision of Marv and Harry's fate, they were his last hope.

"Harry and Marv hurt me and they enjoyed it, what's to stop them from harming another kid, it could happen to anyone! They don't care if others get hurt and it doesn't bother them to harm innocent children. When I was tied up and locked in a closet I was terrified I'd never see my family ever again, that the last thing I said to them was to disappear and then they did! Letting those two off the hook for kidnapping and murder is unforgivable, the man in that picture saved my life and I'll never get the chance to thank him for it because he blocked the bullet that was meant for me!"

Kate runs to the stand, taking Kevin in her arms as her baby breaks down, he'd felt awful that Gus was killed "That's enough! What's the matter with you? You'd put my son through mental torture to try and convince these people that those two are decent human beings?"

The courtroom grows silent as Kate carries her crying son off the seat and out the double doors.

"I'm sorry" expresses Kevin as he slowly begins to calm down "I shouldn't have freaked out like that"

Kate lifts Kevin's fallen head to face her "Kevin don't ever apologize for breaking down, I know what those men put you through and I wish to god I could take all that pain and fear away."

Mother and son embrace, a mutual agreement shared as the pair hug one another "It's going to be alright"

A small cough interrupted the peaceful moment, Peter stood before them holding on the courtroom door "The jury finished deliberating and is giving their verdict."

Kate holds his mother's hand as the family makes their way back into the room, ignoring the stares and tearful looks they were receiving.

"As the jury reached a verdict?" Questions the judge

One lead juror stands in behalf of the group "We have your honor. We the jury find the defendants Harold Lime and Marvin Merchants ... guilty of breaking and entering, theft, kidnapping and imprisonment in the first degree."

Kevin's heart flutters at the news, the smile adorning his own and families faces as Harry mutters angry gibberish and Marv face balms the desk.

"And in the case of the murder of Gus Polinsky?" Asks the judge

At this the juror takes in a deep breath "We the jury have found the defendant Marv Merchants ... Guilty with accessory to murder."

Marv shakes at the verdict, it wasn't the worst he could have gotten, but he'd be behind bars for quite a while. "And Harold Lime's verdict?" Encouraged the judge

"We the jury find the defendant Harold Lime ... Guilty of murder in the first degree, life in prison with no chance of parole."

Harry and Marv are re-shackled and hauled away as the case is closed. Kevin stood to his feet shakily, it was officially over now, his kidnappers were going to jail for a long, long time.

"You ok sweetie?" Asks Kate as she suns a smooth hand through his blonde locks

Kevin smiles for the first time since the incident, no words needed to be said, the subliminal message was received by the twinkle of mischief returning to the boys' blue eyes.

Merry Christmas! Thank you GIJoefan985 for making me realize this story was indeed incomplete, Harry and Marv had to face justice and who better to drive that task but Kevin? So now this story is officially done and closed :) also a shout out to Majors Mask Freak184 for helping me with this and my other stories! Thank you so much and I dearly appreciate all your help.