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Prologue: The sacrifice of one to save many

A sad smile crept across an old man's face as he thought about what he intended to do.

It had only been a month ago now that Jiraiya had found out about the rise of a new group who planned to take over the world. They called themselves the Akatsuki and they planned on gathering all the Jinchuriki and using their power for something that Jiraiya did not yet know.

Never the less, being the gallant man he was he immediately went to work finding out a way to stop these villainous men from achieving their goals. He was happy to say that he had found a solution in the form of a seal he had found while searching through the ruins of Uzu no kuni.

This particular seal was able to send an object or person to another dimension. Now obviously in the case of a human Jiraiya had no way of knowing what would happen on the over side, nor where anyone would end up… if they survived in the first place.

Either way, at the end of the day the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a single boy. Yes he was going to use this particular jutsu on a young Naruto who had just recently achieved the rank of gennin by gaining the use of Shadow clones. Quite an achievement as far as the sage was concerned but it appeared it would all be for nought in this case.

Now some of you may be thinking 'How could Jiraiya do this to an innocent boy' or 'how could he do this to his own Godson' but the answer is simple. Naruto's life had been a shit one to put it simply and no matter what the young boy did in the future Jiraiya knew full well that the kid would be forever judged for what he was.

It was because of this fact that Jiraiya was able to do this with a clear conscience as he deemed as giving the boy a second chance at life. One not filled with so much pain and loneliness that he barely knew what the word hug meant. No if anything Jiraiya saw it as an act of kindness to his Godson that he would receive a chance no other human sacrifice had before.

It was with this thought in mind that Jiraiya crept behind the orange clad twelve year old while in his transparent escape technique just to be extra sure. He was glad he did when he saw just what level the boy was training at. It was now obvious to the old sage that Naruto had been using a ninja's most important tool for probably the majority of his life: Deception.

How the blonde managed to trick his sensei and the third Hokage was beyond Jiraiya but in a way he was kind of proud that his Godson was so talented to be attempting high chunin to low Jonin level chakra control techniques. But he quickly wiped that pride away as he had done nothing to deserve it. He'd left the boy to fend for himself in a village full of hate just because he couldn't get a grip of his vices.

But he would makes amends for that now as he snuck up on the unsuspecting pre-teen. His surprise skyrocketed however as just as he was performing the strike that would knock the boy out he noticed a slight twitch in the boys shoulder telling him the boy had actually managed to detect him while he was invisible.

The boy would've gone on to become great, Jiraiya decided but unfortunately that would not be the case this time… but maybe in this new world.

Catching the boy as he fell backwards he took notice to a large amount of smoke rising out from the surrounding forest.

'Odd' he thought as he could not smell a fire.

Deciding to leave the matter alone… he had a job to do after all, he set about taking the boy out of the village and away from any prying eyes while cursing to himself about how incredibly easy this was for him to do… he would have to have some words with his sensei after all this was done and dusted.

Once he was a good hour or two outside the village he found a cave and began to write up the seal on the floor before drying it with his chakra and placed the boy in the centre lying down with his face looking up at the roof of the cave. The next thing he did was place a few scrolls on the boy's body that could only be opened with his blood.

These scrolls would explain everything the boy deserved to know about his heritage as well as his father's favourite jutsu's among a few others that Jiraiya decided to add in to help out his Godson on his trip to adulthood… as well as signed issues of each of his books. Hey he had to give Naruto something to remember him by… and the chance to spread his perverse creations to another dimension was just for the old man.

All things aside Jiraiya was now full prepared to begin the seal that would send his Godson to hopefully a better life in a new dimension while at the same time saving the elemental nations from the threat of the Akatsuki. Yes, Jiraiya would now sacrifice one to save the lives of many.

Slowly the toad sage's chakra ran throughout the seal as the dark cave soon became lit with a wide arrange of colours as Jiraiya soon found himself struggling with the sheer amount of chakra need for this technique to work. He would not give up however as he pumped everything he had into the seal as the lightshow it was producing became more and more intense.

Naruto's body began to waver right in front of Jiraiya's eyes, in and out of existence. Soon the lightshow became so powerful that Jiraiya was forced to close his eyes as he continues pumping chakra into the seal. A boom soon went off that shook the cave but it managed to stay strong, which Jiraiya was eternally thankful for as he thought to himself that maybe he hadn't thought things through enough.

However when the old man opened his eyes once more he was happy to see that Naruto's body was gone just as the seal was. After a few more minutes of rest he once again set a course for Konoha to tell his sensei about what he had just done.


Naruto had woken up to find himself in what by now was a very familiar sewer while wondering who the hell had been able to sneak up and knock him out let alone send him here of all places. Walking up to the bars in front of him he called out.

"Yo, Fuzz ball what the hell's going on?" in a questioning if slightly ticked off tone of voice. Let it be known that Naruto was not the type of guy who liked to be fucked around, no he left that to the man in the pink Kimono. The blonde was answered by a roar of defiance from behind the bars before a fox head the size of a mountain suddenly shot out of the darkness with a menacing snare at the small boy in front of it.

"You would dare to talk to the king of all demons in such a tone… I should rip your throat out" If Naruto was phased however he sure didn't show it as he merely grinned back at the 'demon' in front of him before he replied in a deadpanned tone.

"First of all we both know that you're not even a demon… let alone the king of them. You are merely a hunk of chakra concentrated together to form an agro fox who thinks he's all that. Second of all we both know that even if you were to try and kill me the seal would undoubtedly prevent it. Now, just what is happening to me that made it so I needed to be here?"

Kyuubi or Kurama as Naruto knew him as just snarled at the agro fox comment before full on scowling when he heard the question being asked.

"It would seem your supposed Godfather had returned to the village only to knock you out, take you to a cave roughly an hour or so outside of Konoha, where he finally set about resting you on top of an ancient Uzumaki seal with a letter from your mother and father along with your rightful heirlooms and a few jutsu's and techniques. He then decided like an idiot he would activate the seal in an attempt to send us to a different dimension"

Naruto then had a look of indifference cross his face before he asked Kurama in a slightly hopeful tone.

"… And did it work?"

Kurama simply snorted in amusement but decided to help the second human he had ever respected, with the first being the Hagoromo (otherwise known as the Sage of six paths).

"Yes, it worked but in doing so it did something that even I could not predict… The sheer forces acting on your body was too much for it to handle and before I could manage to do anything it had already severely damage your chakra pathways meaning that while you can still use it for Tai-jutsu like Rock Lee, you won't be able to use it for any jutsu outside of the occasional weak E or maybe D-rank jutsu but even then it is risky." The nine tailed chakra beast let that settle in for a bit before he continued at Naruto's nod.

"Now normally I could just shot some of my chakra through but unfortunately in order for us to even survive I had to have nearly all of my power stripped from me as I now only have enough to survive… like some common civilian… *sigh*… but I did manage to give you one thing before I lost all my power."

Now that got Naruto's attention as he now paid it in full towards what the not so giant mass of chakra was saying to him. Kurama once again allowed a smirk to roll across his features as he let the silence continue just to spite the boy before continuing once more when he was sure the still slightly childish boy lost it completely.

"I managed to give you a sort of Kekkei Genkai that gives you control over everything to do with heat. What I mean by that is that you can Control the heat around you, whether it be at the warmth of a sunny day or the heat of a molten furnace you can control it through touch alone as long as it is hot and who knows maybe in the future once you gain more control you might be able to send it out in waves."

Kurama now grinned at the response he was receiving. It had been damn hard to come up with that on the fly and he had to admit he was pretty proud of it himself and knew that if Naruto trained with it even half as much as he did with jutsu in Konoha then he would go far in this new world no matter how powerful the people there were.

"Hmm so I'm pretty much the opposite of an iceman huh?" asked Naruto. Kurama just looked perplexed for a moment before he replied.

"I guess so, though I don't know what that's got to do with anything." Naruto simply shrugged before he stated.

"I don't know I just got a strange feeling that I'll be pissing off a snowman sometime soon."

This just confused Kurama further before he finally decided that it was safe for Naruto to go back to his body.

So he did… only to wake up in a real sewer where the water really could stain his clothing… of all the luck. After a quick brush off Naruto began to head for a ladder out of there and when he got to the top and open the metal disk he could only utter one word.



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