Hey guys, this is the last chapter, it's more of an epilogue, but whatever. My next fanfic is going to be 5sos, I'll be uploading it on wattpad this time and it's going to be called life. Here you go for the last time.

Time Travels-

4 years later

"Hey, clary?"

Ii turned my head to face in the direction the voice came from. It was jace, he was walking towards were I sat on the couch in the library.

"Yeah?" I replied.

"I know you don't like being asked this, but," he paused and took a deep breath, "could you ever tell me what you are? I mean eventually, not right now."

I sighed, "If I did decide to tell you, it would be years from now. Not just five years, but about forty years more like."

He looked disappointed, but he gave me a tight smile, "ok clary."

Half a year later

"Ready?" his voice asked me.

Jace had taken me out, but before I stepped out of the institute, he blind folded me. I had just stepped out of a car and could feel the cool breeze against my skin.

"JACE! Of course I'm ready, hurry up!" I said impatiently.

He laughed, "Ok, ok, stay calm! We don't want you to-"

"JACE!" I yelled, cutting him off, "take the god damn blindfold off!"

He responded by doing so, chuckling to himself. I blinked in the sunlight; we were on the coast, right next to the beach. There was a 5 metre drop in front of us separating us from the beach. I stared out at the ocean; I hardly noticed that I was walking towards the edge. I stopped about a metre away from the drop. It was beautiful, absolutely stunning.

I noticed jace walk up next to me, though I didn't turn my head to look at him. His arm wrapped around my waist, and though the view was amazing, he was looking at me.

"So, what do you think?"

It was only then that I looked up at him, staring at him in disbelief, "jace, this is stunning! It's beautiful!"

He chuckled, "though I think that we both agree that I'm better looking."

I whacked his arm gently, though I didn't argue with him. I stared out once again, taking in the beach, the ocean and just everything.

Then I noticed that jace's arm unwrapped itself from my waist and moved away. I turned to face him, confused, only to see him getting onto one knee. My heart stopped when I realised what he was doing.

"Clary, you are the most wonderful and beautiful person and thing in the world, the universe actually," he began, "and I love you, will you marry me?"

I stared at him for half a second before nodding, tears pricking in my eyes, "yes."

30 years later

I stared after Isabelle as she walked away from the institute, bags packed ad in her hands.

It had been only two months since Simon died in a greater demon attack, she was more than devastated. As her children were all grown up, she had taken up the offer that the silent sister had given her about joining them.

And now here I stood watching her leave with her children, my children, jace, Alec and Magnus by my side.

Jace reached out and squeezed my hand causing me to look up at him, I gave him a sad smile before turning back to watch her leave.

2 years later

We stood here at Lake Lyn, his ashes in jace's hand. Magnus could barely keep himself together as jace opened his parabetei's ash case and let the go into the wind.

Alec died like most shadow hunters, in battle against a demon. Though he would have survived, but if he saved his life, it would have been his nephew, Isabelle and Simon's son, who would have died.

Alec's died with great honour.

3 years later

I was strolling through the park keeping clear of the duck pond as otherwise jace would think he needed to come charging to my rescue. Jace and our children, who are now grown up, are currently having a picnic, which I am part of, though I decided to go for a walk on my own.

It was then that I noticed movement in the bushes; I turned to face it, only to see my mother, Raziel, come out. I stared at her in surprise, she was in her human form, her wings were not visible, and she wore human clothes.

She smiled at me; we approached each other and hugged. When we broke away, she spoke, "Seraphine, Clary, how are you?"

"I'm well, and you?" I replied.

"Exceptionally well, the war is over now, that is why I have come, just like I said I would."

I stared at her, "that's great!"

"You know I can't stay long, but you were to know, and are you going to come, or wait?"

I looked over my shoulder; jace was standing looking at us, my children just starting to look. I turned back to my mother, "I'm going to wait, just until after jace is gone. Then I will go."

She smiled and nodded knowingly, "ok, when the time comes, summon me and I will take you. I must be going now though."

I nodded, understanding why, "good by mum."

"Bye Seraphine, Clary."

She turned and left, disappearing into the bushes.

I turned around to see jace walking towards me, and my children staring after him, at me.

"Who was that?" he asks.

I see no reason to lie to him, "my mother, birth mother."

His eyes widen, "your mother! What did she want, why didn't she stay and eat with us?"

I raised my eye brows at him, "yes jace, my mother. She just gave me some information that you don't need to worry about, I'm only going to act on it once your gone, and she didn't stay because firstly, she can't stay long, no more than a few minutes at most, and secondly because of who and what she is."

He stared at me for a moment, then gave in and nodded. We walked back over to our picnic.

1 year later

"Jace?" I called out from the front of the institute.

"Coming!" he yelled back at me.

Soon enough he appeared at the door.

"What was it that you wanted to tell me?"

I grinned at him, "something that you can't tell anyone else, and to ensure no one hears us, we're going out."

He frowned at me, "ok, let's go."

He grabbed my arm and almost dragged me out of the institute.

We ended up in a park a block from the institute, we had glamour's on so no one could hear or see us. We sat down under a tree and he looked at me expectantly.

I sighed, "well jace, I've decided to tell you what you longed to hear, what I am. But before I do, you must swear not to tell anyone."

"I swear on the angel that I will not tell anyone."

I took a deep breath, "ok jace, I'm an angel."

I stared at me, his eyes widened. Seeing as he didn't respond, I spoke again, "an arch angel actually. The daughter of Raziel and Gabriel."

He finally spoke, "your, an angel."

"yes." I stood up and showed my wings, they stretched out before relaxing at my sides.

He stared in shock out them, then I brought them back in and they vanished.

"What's your real name?" he asks silently.

"Seraphine." I state simply.

He didn't respond for a moment, and then he whistled, "That's pretty big news; I can see why you didn't tell anyone."

"Magnus is the only other person that knows."

"Aha and why are you on earth?"

For the next half hour I told him everything that I could think of about me being an angel.

10 years later

The silent brothers leave the institute, and I walk into the room that they had come from. Jace is lying in the bed. I sit on the edge of the bed and hold his hand.


He looks at me with sad eyes, "I'm sick Clare, and they said I might have a year left to live."

I stared at him, I couldn't think of anything to say for a while, when I finally spoke, all I said was, "well, we better make this year worth it."

1 year later

I stood at the same spot I stood when we spread Alecs ashes. This time it was me, Magnus and my children, and their children. This time I was holding the ashes. This time they were not Alecs, they were jace's. We were going to spread his ashes were we spread his parabetei's.

I closed my eyes, tears spilling from them, when I opened them again, I through the ashes out into the wind. I stood there and watched them until they were settled on the earth and I could no longer see them.

My daughter squeezed my hand. I looked down at her, her eyes wet with tears. I gave her a forced sad smile, then turned back to face the lake.

Half a year later

I left a letter for each of my children. I wasn't a coward, I wrote the letter to explain everything. I handed it to them personally, said goodbye to them individually, hugging them before leaving them with their letters.

I didn't need my clothes; the only things I took with me were memories, thing like notes, pictures, etc. All of my friends, my family and of course jace.

I left to Magnus, I had to say goodbye to him.

"Magnus?" I said, opening the door to his house without knocking.

He came into the room, "ahhh, Clary!"

Then he looked more carefully at me, frowning.

"I'm leaving Magnus; I'm joining my mother and father."

His eyes widened, he came forward and hugged me tightly. When he released me, I handed him a piece of paper. He took it, looking at it curiously.

"It's how to summon me, if you ever need me, I'll come. I left one for my children as well."

"You're a young angel, I always wondered why you looked old, you immortal, you should have stopped physically aging a long time ago."

I nodded, "I did, I used spells to make me look my age."

I hugged him again, "I've got to go Magnus, goodbye."

"Goodbye clary, for now." He said waving the piece of paper in the air.

"For now, and Magnus?"


"You can tell the clave that I'm an angel."

He nodded and I left his house. I arrived in the park, glamered so now mundanes could see me. I summoned my mother. She came like she said she would, a smile on her face, "Seraphine."

I noticed how she didn't say clary this time, "mother, I've decided to go."

"I gathered that, come, let's leave." She said holding out her hand.

I took it and gave earth one final look before we left it behind us, heading for heaven.