Starting a new story again. I could just slap myself because of it, but what is done is done. I decided to write after a long time and I know you are not interested in my excuses so I'll just cut the crap. I came across with an interesting story and I want to continue this story even thou the original writer labeled the story complete.


The original story is named And Thus Fall Heralds a Time of Fear, thewriter of this masterpiece is Rikkamaru. Before even considering this story read the original, NOW.

I will be chancing some things like, Hiccup did not enter the world of spirits immediately, it happened several hundred years later, Hiccup remembers his own past and Jack has already been a guardian for two hundred years. The Hiccup in this story has a personality between the movie and the book, but since I have not read the books before ROTG movie I cannot squeeze anything about it. This WILL NOT contain ANY pairings AT ALL and even thou some of the characters are close it does NOT mean that they are in a relationship. Deal with it. And the Stormfly in this story is from the books, she is like hobblegrunt but smaller. The green dragon is Sharpshot from the series. The story will contain death and blood but not enough to be rated M, so for now it will be T.

It was a pleasant night with the water slightly warmer than usual and the air still and intense, one could almost slice it with sharp talons. Despite the pleasant feeling breeze under my wings the air reeked of unfamiliarity with small whisper of danger I could just feel it from the tips of my horns to the fins in my tail. I was still young for spirit and dragon standards, but I knew something big was coming and I wouldn't like it, not one bit. I had been living here as long as I can remember, the northern archipelago was my territory and my family lived here under my protection. But, as the spirit of autumn I still had duties to the human world. Thou small they may seem the other spirits considered my presence needed, even thou I wasn't constantly falling the world over 'pun intended'. There had been several invitations to meetings from spirits and guardians even, something about mistreating new spirits, probably about the winter spirit few hundred years older than me. Effort acknowledged not appreciated.

But this time the invitation had been something to pay a second thought. The message had been one of Santa clauses, neatly wrapped with caramel red paper and green ribbon, usually I just burned the card before even opening it, but this time it was different.

The carrier was not the usual snow white dove with ribbon like Christmas candy, it was one of Pitch Blacks birds carrying the invitation. It landed on my shoulder with menacing glare dropping the card on my claws and melting into the shadows. The "present" 'seriously who in their right mind wraps cards to seem like Christmas presents?' seemed normal so I got rid of the wrapping and looked at the invitation, a card with too much glitter stickers, written with neat letters saying…

Spirits thru out the world, Toothiana has invited everyone to her palace to celebrate new years first full moon. I expect everyone to be there at the right moment when the moon is full and those who won't come don't get any Christmas presents this year. do vstretši.

Yours truly Nicholas St. North

The invitation was normal enough but the interesting part was an insert letter from the nightmare king himself.

Hiccup my boy, I apologies for my absence in the near decade but I was busy with different matters. Invitation to the tooth fairy's full moon celebration didn't go under my notice and I'd like to meet you there too. I know you wouldn't have even considered reading it without one of my messenger birds and I hope to find you at Toothianas castle when the moon is full again.


My familiarity with Pitch Black was considerable, he had been my guardian in life and helped me as a spirit, heck the man even knew what I looked like, when the other spirits didn't even know that much, truth to be told I loved the night and kind of loneliness that came with being a spirit, but something about Pitch coming too made it a little pit of more interesting. Thou I still hate the fact that the man knows my full name and human story, I try not to linger on it too much. When I became a spirit I renamed myself, not wanting to remember anything from my human life. He just called me 'hiccup' for the fun of it… on other hand I just labeled myself as Night fury mainly because I relied on the theory that I wouldn't have to introduce myself very often. Guess I was wrong. The dragons called me the great one or the mighty one, those brave enough called me the shadow walker and the dragons closest to me called me Fury and so on.

I only knew little about the other spirits, standards of the guardians, Pitch I was most familiar with but even so not enough to let him inside my hunting grounds without my permission. Jack Frost was also someone I hadn't met but knew enough to burn his frosty ass into crisps, he had been crossing my hunting grounds one too many times, meddling with hibernating rouge dragons, creating snow storms so wild and icy that the smallest of us couldn't even fly straight and sometimes even freezing large fishing areas for me to melt to get some fresh fish for the nesting dragons. Did I hate the guy? No. was I irritated? Extremely so.

With a roar and mighty leap I flew towards something new and unfamiliar. Toothianas castle was far to shout-east so I'd have to leave late into the evening since I had zero interest in flying in broad daylight, not that I hated sun I just liked night better. Leaving at sunset from my territory flying about four hours and reaching the castle before midnight, Workable plan.

The flight had been what I expected quiet and pleasant, no one to interfere my flying and lot of ocean to lay my eyes upon. I landed on one of the mountains near the castle, out of anyone's sight to sit down for a second. Only light came from inside the palace, looking up the moon seemed already in highest point. 'oh great, coming late will instantly get everyone's attention'. Maybe few sleek maneuvers away from the other spirits, quick 'hi, goodbye' to the host and other guardians would be proper then find Pitch catch up with him and then leave without any major situations, good enough of a plan for me.

Jack had been having some major fun first frosting several spirits drink then teasing the Easter kangaroo with some ice cubes and cream pie, ending with twenty downed spirits, Aster creamlicious and a cherry between ears and Jack being scolded by North AND he wasn't allowed near the bunny or the candy stand for the rest of the night. So it wasn't surprise when he spotted an unknown dark figure with huge wing that it flared his interest the second he saw it.

Jack followed what it was up to with eyes sparkling from mischief. The figure seemed to be avoiding everyone, going on all fours and trying to be as small as possible, well small considering that it had huge black wing on its back. Jack didn't know where it was heading, but it was obvious that it didn't even give him a second glance and one thing to annoy Jack Frost was if someone ignored him. So without a second thought he leapt from his level to the lowest where the stranger was coming to a full stop only when the creature was right in front of him.


Considering how high in the air the creature jumped Jack assumed he had scared him pretty badly. Now that Jack got a better view of it he started to consider was the greatest idea to startle i… Him? He was as tall as Aster due to his animal like legs, no feet's just paws with razor sharp talons. His arms being more normal but still ending on black talons instead of fingers. He had auburn messy hair with black ears and small horns. His forehead and cheekbones were littered with black scales accompanied with forest green normal looking eyes. Then there was the black wings and tail swinging from side to side in a casual manner. His clothing wasn't flashy, unlike the other spirits he had light green tunic pattered from the years and something probably labeled as a pair of suffered brown pants. To sum it up this was the weirdest looking spirit Jack had ever seen and he was slightly unnerved by this strange spirit.

Well this was just perfect, I had been easily avoiding the crowd first 5 minutes 'I'll consider it personal best for now on' then at some point I sensed that someone saw me but didn't pay any attention to it hoping that they would just let me be because of my appearance, but alas I wasn't so lucky 'wow what a shock'.

And to make matters worse the spirit that saw me was probably the most important spirit in the world because when that spirit moved the whole castle grew just slightly tenser like they were all waiting for something terrible to happen and terrible it was. I was too busy trying to find proper shadow to hide in when the temperature dropped considerably. I quickly whipped my head around just in time to see white haired winter sprite landing too close for comfort and hearing my own startled hiss… 'This wasn't how it was supposed to go, oh not at all'.

Now the major of the spirits were staring right at us, I tried to glare menacingly but the boy was not paying any inters in me personally, he was taking in my appearance. I was irritated but I let the teen have his time, I mean it's not every day that just anyone sees a dragon/human spirit with admittedly the most torn outfit ever. The other spirits were eyeing us, mostly me and I didn't like it one pit. Looking back at the sprite he was done taking in my different limps and now was only focused on my eyes.

"Why is it that your eyes are normal when otherwise you seem like an overgrown lizard?" He was nervous I could sense that much but he hid it under smirk and some smart comments. I gave him an unimpressed look and tried to get around him to avoid any kind of contact but the boy was having none of it crapping my wing and stretching it open.

"Wow! you've got wings, I'd love to have a pair of these" snarling I snatched my wing back and walked past him, bad idea, very, very bad idea. "And a tail! Can you fly?" 'OH MY GOD' he's so much worse than a hatchling.

I had been cleaning myself from the cream pie after Jacks little prank, otherwise the party had been good one all things considered. Starting with Norths speech leading to the introduction of all the spirits present, all had presented themselves except the newest autumn spirit whom no one knew anything about, even Pitch Black was here and he wasn't even invited. On the other hand the celebration was annual and to all of the spirits so he was allowed to be here not that others wanted to talk to him, he had always loathed the full moon celebration but he seemed unusually cheerful tonight.

The mysterious seasonal spirit was feared to be a myth already, no one had seen him (or her) and no one knew what he looked like. The guardians have had three or four discussions about the new spirit, considering if they should seek the seasonal out or let him be, he had been doing his job fairly well and keeping out of every other spirits way so there was no particular need for him to show himself willingly. All they did was invite him to annual celebrations like these and hoping that eventually he would come to us. Or so North said about 90 years ago, I on the other hand would be fine without another seasonal causing havoc, all of the sprites were infuriating. The blond spring pretending to help me by sneaking into my warren and messing with my Easter eggs. The flame haired summer doing nothing but making the summers burning hot and firing arrows everywhere including my warren. And then there was Jack, I swear when I get my paws on him I'm gonna squeeze the life out of him (literally).

North had forbidden the candy stand from him so he should be somewhere socializing himself with the quests, hopefully won't see the little bucker anymore.

Nope, there he was with someone Aster had never seen before, a man with lizard skin and black wings 'A dragon?' The man was trying to avoid Jack and seemed vary of the whole crowd in fact. I motioned North to come and see the situation too.

"Bunny, what iz the matter?" he asked, with a jolly mood like always.

"Hey mate, have you ever seen 'im?" North looked the way I was pointing and immediately grew serious.

"No, I do not think so, I wuld have remembered" North scratched his beard before southing.

"Jack! Who might be the friend of yours?" The man grew deathly pale after Norths shout and slowly turned his head towards us.

"Oh him?" Jack pointed at the man next to himself "I saw him sneaking around and said 'hi' don't know his name tho'" Grapping the man's arm he leapt to our level, the man didn't seem scared more unnerved and highly irritated.

'nononono' this was far from being okay in my books, but there was nothing I could do about the situation now that things had gone this far. 'oh bother, why did I even came here in the first place, oh I know, PITCH BLACK, the man is nothing but bad fortune' I muttered to myself while a man the size of a small hotburple was giving me confused looks.

"Who are you boy?" his voice reminded me of my own father but his ascent was different, it took me few seconds to register what exactly he asked and still I wasn't eager to answer, so I decided to conform his question with an explanation, 'cause that always worked…'

"Well you did sent an invitation so I thought showing up would be proper" I was fiddling with my feet, a habit that didn't seem to leave no matter my age.

"So are you the spirit of autumn?" The man's face lit up like northern lights and before I could say anything he gave me a huge bone crushing hug laughing joyfully the whole time. He let me go and presented me in front of all spirits.

"Friends, fellow spirits this here is our newest family member, the spirit of autumn" North introduced me without even knowing my name or confirming the fact that I was the spirit of autumn. 'I would like his luck for a chance'. If the other spirits weren't paying him attention before they sure were now. Their attention was immediately drawn towards me. I didn't know what to do, so when the first wave of interested spirits tried to swarm me with questions I spread my wings and leapt onto the first high stand that was above everyone else. The crowd watched me with amazed eyes as I kept my wing open while grouching on the platform.

The whole area went deadly silent when familiar sinister laughter echoed throughout the palace.

"ooh I knew this would be worth to see" Pitch materialized right next to myself laughing creepily, considering bogeyman doesn't usually laugh.

"Pitch get away from him you…" Jack started but I beat him at it.

"I knew there was something fishy when the all mighty king of nightmares out of all was willingly going to a moon celebration, it was not funny in the slightest" Pitch smiled sweetly at me.

"Hiccup my boy, I was merely concerned about your own wellbeing, it is not healthy to be cooped up with those flying lizards for hundreds of years" Pitchs smile had transformed into a creepy one with gleaming yellow eyes, I stood up on my full height considering this as a challenge.

"They're dragons and please stop calling me that I'm not a human anymore" Oh how he loved interfering to everything. He was after a little battle of wits that's all, fine. "I…

"Hold on, hold on, do you know him!" Jack who had been listening the conversation hovering just ten feet away from us, was eyeing me suspiciously. The question was for me.

"… Yes I know him" clear, true and my voice didn't crag, perfect answer.

"… How?" Jack asked. 'oh thor…'

"Well how do you think people meet each other's" I could just slap myself, I saw Pitch snickering to my left and Jack looking slightly baffled in front of me.

Only then I saw her, mood dragon named Stormfly one of my most trusted trainees. She was pale green colored and shrieking in panic and alarm. She landed on my shoulder and pleaded something I would have never wanted to hear. I took off so fast that the spirits below me felt every fiber of my fury. The only sound that repeated itself inside my head was Stormflys weak plead.