Chapter 4

Flight to the nest was slow and quiet. Hiccup was flying ahead of the guardians, North steered the sleigh following after the hybrid, Tooth was somewhat paralyzed and Bunny with Sandy was eagerly trying to get Jack tell them what happened. Jack did not hear Bunnys angry shouts of 'What happened?' and 'Tell me ya bloody show pony!' Jack was too deep in his own thoughts that everything around him just went blurry and unimportant. Jack hadn't given much thought on what had really happened on that ship only few minutes ago but now he was willing to do so. He had seen "Fury" leave them be after being so cautious and even threatened them for trespassing his territories. Then there had been a ship with twenty or so dragons stalking it and waiting for a signal to KILL these humans. The men had SEEN and tried to KILL the autumn spirit and had ended being dead themselves. Fury had found a baby dragon caged, wounded 'now that he really thought about it, the dragons head was slightly off with that green stained smooth head of his' and panicking. The room where they had been being stained with dragon blood all over and the odour had been something so disgusting that Jack could gladly eat rotten food than smell something so disgusting again. He remembered how the dragon yearned for affection and clung to Fury so tightly like its life depended on it. Jack was brought back to reality when Bunny started shaking his shoulders in mad manner.

"ANWSER ME YOU BLOODY CLOWN!" Bunny was shouting angrily at him. Jack stirred ever so slowly and looked Bunny blankly, winter freeze eyes meeting spring green.

Bunny was taken aback by the winter sprites usually so mirthful eyes, that now held something akin to despair. Jack only averted the older spirits gaze and went back staring at the black figure flying in front of them.

Hiccup was flying at fairly fast pace, if he flew faster he would reach the nest faster but the baby speed stinger could die from hypothermia in the freezing air. The hatchling was curled tightly against Hiccups chest and was shivering violently. Stormfly was sitting on one of the reindeers watching her master intensely. The hunting dragons were returning from their tasks in small packs, greeting the shadow walker and speeding towards the nest, probably to inform the elders and the king about Furys not so successful rescue trip.

It only took them few minutes to reach the nest, since their territories weren't that vast anymore, not after the humans had shown up and taken over majority of the northern archipelago.

The nest was surrounded by mountains, so that only small tip of the iceberg was showing. Fury landed on a stray rock before the nests entrance. There was a pack of speed stingers waiting for him and the baby speed stinger. Fury lowered the youngling to rest on the rocks and backed away slowly. the pack inspected the baby long while before roaring in delight and fussing over the lone survivor.

The guardians landed on the same piece of rock, Jack watched as the speed stingers took their youngest member over the sea and into the nest. Hiccup was now eyeing them warily and what seemed like trying to sink in himself, until Bunny came to his senses.

"What the hell is going on 'ere?" He turned sharply to meet the autumn spirit head on, daring him to lie.

Hiccup knew this day would someday come, that the guardians would find out about the war and try to stop him from protecting his own.

"You killed those people" Toothiana said quietly, only now getting over the shock.

"Yes, I did kill them" Hiccup confirmed although he wanted to argue that most of them killed one another while trying to kill him, but arguing about it wouldn't help him on the long run.

"WHY!" Bunny shouted, having had enough of the endless questions and wanting some answers. He took hold of Hiccups shirt and lifting the spirit up against a rock.

Hiccup tugged his ears flat on his skull, squinted his eyes to glare at Bunny and growled in the back of his throat.

"I only did what I had to, to keep my family safe" Hiccup snarled.

OK. Short chapter, but hope you like. personally I hate the cliffhanger but no can do when the story stops writing itself. I don't even know why I write these after chapter author notes, it's not like someone actually read these. see you soon :3