Ink Avilov Rabinovich is the half human daughter of Loki, but she's a superhero. Ink goes by the name of the Jotun, since she's half Frost Giant. Deadpool is hired to kill her; Ink's life is turned upside down. She pays Deadpool off but he just won't go away. Ink's life has another unexpected twist which will send her on a journey with the very same man who was hired to kill her.

AN: Welcome to Blood and Ink! This is my first Deadpool story, so I hope you like it. I've been working on it for a while so there are a few chapters already written, so you don't have to worry about any huge time gaps between chapters. I hope you like my OC, Ink. Please read and enjoy!

Chapter one

I woke up sometime around midnight. I shook the last lingering feeling of fear the nightmare had induced. Normally I can't wake up during a nightmare, which makes them all the more terrifying. So I don't know what woke me up, whether it was a loud noise or just intuition.

I got up, needing to stretch my legs. I couldn't stay in the bedroom any longer. It was too stuffy and humid. I opened the window and left the door open as I left. I hoped a draught was going to come through. I probably wouldn't be able to sleep any more tonight any way.

I traveled through the small, tiny really, hall and entered the living room come kitchen. The kitchen was along the back wall and was separated from the living room by the counter/breakfast bar. As I walked into the spacious living room, flipping on the kitchen lights, I didn't notice the open window that I had closed and locked earlier that night. Nor did I notice the tall dark figure that stood in the darkest part of my living room, the part where I hadn't turned on any lights.

Half asleep, I rummaged through the gigantic freezer until I found the posh ice cream and grabbed a spoon from the drawer.


I froze, not daring to turn around. I knew that noise, the noise that didn't belong in my living room. A bead of sweat trickled down my spine. The noise that I knew so well was the sound of a gun being loaded, two from the sound of it. I swallowed hard and turned around slowly.

The dark figure I hadn't noticed before had moved in front of me with two guns aimed at my head. Both of them, I noticed, were loaded and ready to go.

I gulped.

What scared me more wasn't the guns themselves, oh no. What scared me most was the person holding the guns. That is what scared me the most.

It was Deadpool. Deadpool was here to kill me.

He was more intimidating in real life than what you heard and saw in the papers. He was tall, really tall, like 6'1" or 6'2". Which compared to my 5'7" self seemed gigantic.

I racked my brains, trying to think of something to say, anything that would prolong my death and get him to let slip as to why he was here to kill me. I was thinking of something smart and witty to say, but all I could come up with was:

"Hi." I wasn't sure what was going to happen next but it would probably end with the contents of my head all over the floor; my nice, clean floor.

"Hi!" Deadpool replied happily, like he wasn't holding two guns to my head. "I'm here to kill you!"

"I can see that," I said, focusing on the two guns. "Um, if you don't mind me asking..."

"Shoot," he said. I gulped.

"Um, well, why are you here to kill me?"

"Someone paid me to do it," he said casually. Ok, not the answer I was looking for.

"Oh? How much?" I asked, trying to keep the quiver out of my voice and trying to sound interested at the same time.

"One mill. One million dollars to kill you, lil' lady." I blinked. One million dollars to kill me? If I wasn't scared out of my wits, I'd be impressed that someone wanted to kill me that much.

Just then, an idea popped into my head. An idea so obvious I felt like slapping myself for not thinking of it sooner.

"I can pay you off," I said. I had a power, a mutation mixed with a little bit of magic, which could allow me to become the most powerful person if I wished... which I didn't. I had the power to bring any kind of drawing to life.

I know what you're thinking. That doesn't sound powerful at all, but imagine it. I could bring anything to life, and not just move around on the paper (which I could do) but actually bring it into this world, actually make it exist. Any type of ridiculously powerful gun, all I had to do is draw it and BAM! It was cold metal in my fingers. A huge sum of money became paper at my touch. Hell, even any type of animal, real or legendary, it would become real.

Deadpool tilted his guns up. "You can?" he asked, sounding apprehensive, he probably looked it to, but I couldn't see much because of the mask.

"Yeah easily." I always kept paper in an easy to reach place in all of my room in my apartment. "I'll pay you 5 million dollars and in return you never bother me again."

Deadpool whistled; his guns already in their holsters. "There's a lot I could do with 5 mill."

I set down my ice cream and spoon. I moved carefully around him, which was hard seeing the space to get around him was quite small and he didn't move; it didn't make it any easier. I grinned nervously, well more of a flash of teeth, and walked into the unlit part of the living room. I rubbed my neck and ran my fingers through my long, black hair nervously.

I grabbed a piece of paper from my coffee table, which was extremely messy, and walked over to my drawing desk. I turned on the lamp and shuffled some papers around to make room. I grabbed a pen from the pot and set my paper down.

"Uhh, what are you going to do, draw my 5 mill?" Deadpool asked as he peered over my shoulder.

"Um, yes, it's my super power." I said. Damn it! Why was I telling him this? He could still shoot me in the back of my head, which was possible, seeing as my power didn't always work. I prayed to whatever god might be listening that that didn't happen.

I shuffled some more paper around, disturbing some of my magical creations. They were all mainly dragons, who were all sleeping in a pile of one piece of paper, and a few other exotic animals. They opened their eyes slightly, a few grumbled but all settled down to go back to sleep.

I got to work on what I thought 5 million dollars would look like.

"Are you seriously drawing my 5 mill?" Deadpool asked. He was really starting to think that I was crazy now. He was going to do what he was hired to do, I could feel it.

"Yes, believe me, you'll see why in a minute." I said before he could ask why.

I had gotten really good at speed drawing over the years. Drawing 5 million was really easy. "Ok." I said and stood up behind the chair. Deadpool scooted back a little.

I threw my hand over the picture hovering a couple of centimetres above it. I concentrated hard. I concentrated on how the money would look like, how it would feel like, even smell like! Sure enough, money started pouring out from the paper. A thousand dollars, ten thousand, one hundred thousand... well it was a lot of money.

"Money!" Deadpool yelled and pushed past me to get to it. "Oh money, how I love you!" he started scooping it up and putting it any place he could fit it. "Ok," he decided, "I won't kill you."

I sighed in relief, suddenly very tired. That would always happen after I used my power. Sometimes I'm only a little tired, sometimes it's a lot. My power could be incredibly draining. The first time I ever tried anything with it, I was asleep for a week. Literally.

"Now remember our deal," I said, once Deadpool had finish stuffing himself with money. "You don't ever bother me again, and that includes more hires from people trying to kill me."

"Sure, sure," he said. He sounded kind of out of it, like he was high on money. "Thanks lil' lady."

"Ok," I said. I had been wondering about something. "I have one question."

"Shoot." He said.

"How'd you get past the dragons and the tiger?"

"Say what now?" He was very suddenly into it.

"Ah, then we have a problem." I said, just as the growls erupted from the tiny hallway. Two figures prowled forward on four legs, the other slithered on none. "You should get out of here before they get really pissed at you."

"Good idea." Deadpool ran, with a few dollar bills floating out of his suit, and jumped out of the open window.

Wait... we were ten stories up!

"Wait!" I ran to the window, "Deadpool!" I was expecting to see a falling red and black figure, I didn't. I didn't see anything, not even a red and black splat.

I was puzzled. The entire front of this building was covered in sheer glass. I looked up towards the roof and saw a dollar bill floating down from the top of the building. As it neared me, I snatched it out of the air and looked at it. I shook my head. I had heard a lot of stuff about the infamous Deadpool. Not all of it was good but not a lot of it made sense either. I closed the window and turned to the dragons and the tiger.

"Some security you are." I locked the window. They had calmed now that we were alone looked ready to go back to sleep.

The tiger was a Siberian, and he looked at me with heavy eyes. His name, and I'm not kidding, was Mr. Rhododendron; I mainly just called him Sir. He wasn't named by me. He was probably named by a young girl who had heard the word somewhere and then found the friendly tiger. Even though he was as tame as a kitten it wasn't the coolest thing about him. He could talk.

Well he could talk to me but wouldn't when other people were around, which made me look like I was crazy.

The two dragons however, could not talk.

Hissing Soul and Drakki were two very different types of dragons. Drakki was my riding dragon. She was sleek, stealthy and a midnight black, and could release an immensely powerful blast of explosive semi-solid, mass of acetylene-oxygen flames. The flames are purple mixed with bluish-white in colour. Her best form of attack happens at night when no one can see her, which gave her species their name; Night Fury. It made getting to places at in the day time easy and in the night time even easier. We were completely camouflaged... well we would be if she didn't have markings which were a vivid, electric blue. They even flickered and flashed in lightning storms.

She had a lizard like face with cat like eyes and intelligence. She had long ears which would perk up whenever she heard something of interest. She also had several appendages around her long face, two between her ears and two pairs on either side of her face. She had a cat like body with bat like wings. Her wingspan was massive at 48 feet. They made gliding around on the air as easy as sailing. She could fly up to 100 mph and when she was diving, she could reach up to 140 mph. She had short, stocky legs, but they were powerful and could power her along at 20 mph.

She had two large fins at the base of her wings and a long, muscular tail. There were two smaller fins at the end of it. Dull, leathery like fins ran down her spine, and then split into three rows along the tail.

Hissing Soul, or Hiss as I called her, was another matter entirely. She was huge, her snake like body was 25 meters long and it was covered in sharp, shootable spikes, not counting the crown around her head. She didn't have scales, she had spines. She didn't have any legs, so she slithered around on her belly. She had two rows of spines that lined the edges of her body and could move them to help her slither around, but she only did that outside; I had already yelled at her for tearing up my carpet.

She had a huge head and mouth. When Hiss opened her mouth, it was completely round with spirals of barbed teeth that line the entirety of her inner mouth. She had huge fangs on her top jaw and another set of barbed smaller teeth on the bottom jaw. The six inner rings of teeth are rotated in opposite directions from each other. When these teeth moved, they made a terrible noise that sounds like a knife scraping against stone and the sound of drills. Hence her species name, the Whispering Death. Her species usually lived underground, making a system of cave tunnels by its self. Their teeth can just about bore through anything, except metal. Her body colour was a cold steel blue and her spikes were highlighted red. Her eyes were large and had no pupils. She had very poor eyesight and was agitated by sunlight.

Hiss was my hunting dragon, and she scared the % #& out of everyone.

I had created both Hiss and Drakki with my power, but I had found and rescued Mr. Rhododendron.

"You could've helped when Deadpool was holding two guns to my head." I grumbled to them. I was incredibly annoyed with them. Drakki only shrugged and Hiss averted her eyes.

"We were asleep," said Mr. Rhododendron, "You didn't make any sort of distressing noise so how were we to know? And Deadpool teleported in here; he only jumped out the window to make it dramatic."

I rolled my eyes at them and picked up my ice cream again. I grabbed the spoon I had dropped and sat on the sofa. It was going to be a long night.

(Line break)

Deadpool POV

Deadpool sat on the edge of the roof, swinging his legs like a kid, counting his money. It was a lot of money. The girl he had been SUPPOSED to kill had paid him off. Instead of the combined offer of one million from his clients, he got five million in total.

"Dude we are soooo rich now!" One of Deadpool's two voices said. The writer had put this one in italics.

"What should we spend it on first?" The other asked, this one was bold.

"A new place," Deadpool replied out loud. "The last one's getting kinda boring."

"You wanna get closer to the lil lady don't you?" Italics asked.

"What? Pfft no." Deadpool lied.

"Dude I'm IN your head, I know what you think." Italics retorted, "you thought she was hot. "

"Yeah, but completely spineless, she was terrified!" Bold pointed out.

"So? I heard she can be scary when she wants to be." Deadpool said.

"Yeah right, you must've got the wrong person, no way was that Ink Avilov Rabinovich... Why does she have such a long name?"

"Dude you're such an idiot! There's no one who can create the money's like that, except for Ink." Bold said.

"Do you think we could get more moneys off her?" Deadpool asked.

"Probably." Italics said.

"Are you kidding me?" Bold asked, "did you even SEE the dragons she had?"

"Why does she have dragons?"

"The writer was obsessed with that kids film How Ho Train Your Dragon for a while, all she ever wrote about was dragons, dragons, dragons." Bold explained. "She thought it would be a good idea to just throw them in any story she had been thinking about for a while."

AN: Guys! They weren't supposed to know that!

"Oops." Italic said. "That one's on you."




"Guys, shut up!" Deadpool said and stopped the hissy fit happening in his head.

"Can we go back noooow?" Italics whined, "our butt's getting cold!"

"He wants to stalk the lil lady!" Bold said, "be patient for a sec!"

"Dude! Why do we have to stalk her now? All she's doing is eating ice cream and looking mopey! Boooooorrring!" Italics whined.

"Ugh." Deadpool groaned as the shouting match started in his head. He honestly didn't know why he was still hanging around her building, he had the money's! He should go! But no he was sitting on the opposite building's roof, watching the lil lady mope and eat ice cream while his butt fell asleep.