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Fun Times

In the following days, Arya Stark and Alys Karstark became friends with Meera and Asheyne. The young northern girls admired the wild swamp ladies. Lady Meera Reed was the heir of Greywater Watch, but she was friendly and not in anything arrogant, and she had a nice smile and a positive spirit. Once she tried to do some neddlework, but Meera always stung her fingers with her neddle. She was worst than Arya!

"Didn't you sew in Greywater Watch?", asked Alys.

"I can stitch, but we don't need embroideries in the Neck.", said Meera, still trying doing something, "In the Neck, we don't live like in the rest of the kingdoms. We don't need useless things."

Septa Mordane looked disdainfully at Meera. The Septa felt a certain repulsion for the "frog eater".

"Sewing is not a useless thing.", said the Septa, very serious.

"I'm sorry, my lady. It wasn't what I meant.", said Meera in a challenging tone, "I was trying to say that we simply don't need embroideries to adorn our clothes."

Septa Mordane seemed to not like the answer.

Lady Asheyne Greengood was older than Meera, but she seemed like a child while wandering through Winterfell.

"Winterfell is so beautiful and warm.", said Asheyne, during dinner "And huge... and I thought that Greywater was enormous."

Alys and Arya tried tried to imitate their style. Alys used her hair as Asheyne: a simple braid. She also used green short dresses and leather trousers. Arya imitated Meera: she had her loose hair and she sometimes wore leather vests with her grey short dress, like sometimes Meera Reed wore.

"You look beautiful, Arya.", said Lady Catelyn once. Arya blushed when Mother said that. No one said that she was beautiful. Maybe Father and Jon, but not Mother.

Arya also began to pray more next to the weirwood heart tree with her direwolf Nymeria, Meera and sometimes with Jojen. It was quiet and nice.

"For what gods did you pray?", asked Meera to Arya. In King's Landing, a man once said there is only one god: Death.

"For the Old and New.", answered Arya.

"Only the Old Gods, the gods of the Children of the Florest, listen us, where there always a weirwood tree.", said Jojen, "They listen our prays, our words, our wishes and help us.", Jojen was a strange boy. He spent most of his time with Bran and Rickon, but sometimes talked with Arya. Meera, Jojen, Bran, Arya and, sometimes Alys, wandered through the godswood.

Winterfell returned to be lively and cheerfull again.