Author's Note: This is for Jamie. :D


She smiled, tracing her fingers in aimless patterns over bare skin that glowed with a celestial aura in the moonlight. Slipping an arm around the torso of the body beside her from behind with caution, she sighed her contentment. Her love let out a small sound - sort of a cooing sound, gentle and light, and shifted back against her body, hand touching her arm and resting there. She smiled at her lover's unconcious action, enjoying the warmth against her body and placing small kisses to her love's neck.

As the familiar swill of giddiness welled up within her body, she resisted the urge to burst into a fit of giggles, for fear that she would wake the sleeping angel beside her. Brushing back a wisp of chestnut brown hair, she smiled, nuzzling the back of the neck of her love, still restraining joyful giggles.

Why, oh why, had she kept her love secret for so long? Looking back on it now, she wanted to smack herself for not realizing before that her lover held the same feelings for her as she did. It should have been perfectly obvious, with the way her beloved acted around her - She was the only person they were not antsy and nervous around, the only person that they kept contact with after their change, and, she had noticed, the only person her love spoke fondly of, though it was veiled at the time.

But, none of this was relevent. They were now together, and for the first time in year - She was truely happy. Although the persona she let others see on television was a bit.. unbalanced, she was, in fact, a very gentle, very sensitive person. One might even call her shy. Her love had been the only one able to see through her little facade--the only one she LET see through. And in turn, she had seen through her dear's mask.

And as the moon began to fade away, and the promise of morning held in the sky, her beloved stirred beneath her arm. Smiling, she watched, as her angel's pale eyes slowly fluttered open, and an odd little smirk spread across perfect features.

"'Ello.." Her dearest murmured, gazing back at her with sleep-fogged eyes.

"Hiya." She said, propping herself up on an elbow to better look upon her one and only, who reached up an arm to brush fingers across her face fondly.

"You're up mighty early.. But that's ok.." Her love let out a small, tired chuckle. She nodded.

"Yes, I am.. I wanted to watch the sun rise." She said simpily, running her fingers through her love's soft hair.

"Mm.. I see.. Well, I think that'd be the perfect way to start out the morning!" Her love said with an intoxicating perkiness.

Throwing the covers away, she smirked and sat up, pulling her lover up with her. Together they left the comfort of the bed, walking hand-in-hand to the balcony, and throwing open the doors. They huddled against one another instinctively against the sudden chill of the morning, walking out, onto the balcony, arms wrapped around one another.

The sun peeked up over the horizon just then, bathing the landscape with a brilliant wave of flame, illuminating the two with the rays of the morning light. She peered down at her love, who was staring out at the world, giggling slightly.

"I love you, Molly." She murmured. Molly gazed up at her with eyes that sparkled in the sunlight, and placed a tender kiss to her lips.

"I love you too, Victoria." She said back, resting her head against Victoria's chest, arms wrapped securely around her waist, looking back out. Victoria grinned a proud grin, arms wrapped tightly, and a bit protectively, around her shoulders.