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My take on the Reptilia28 challenge, this is definitely an AU story. Harry has died at 17 again, he had been manipulated all his life, his magic had been bound, he had been potioned, and he had been lied to by almost everyone he had ever trusted. He was finally given a chance to do it his way, with memories in tact but all in his prime, all due to the whisper of his name.

Harry/ Hermione

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Life in Prime

Harry Potter was stuck in the cupboard again, his stomach hurt, grumbling its discontent, as usual it was nothing new, he was cringing into himself, curling into a tighter ball. His stomach always seemed to be folding in on itself, probably shrinking due to the little that he did eat. Tears were slowly sliding down his thin cheeks, he was tired, lonely, hungry, so unhappy.

The tattered blanket barely covering his small dirty feet, if it were not for his cousins' clothing that practically swallowed him, he would be very cold, even at the end of July. For this time of year he could not recall it being this cold, but then again what more could he know he barely left his cupboard, he barely knew when the seasons changed to even decipher them, he was just 'the boy', 'the boy who lived under the stairs.

Even though his relatives did not specifically tell him it was his birthday, he knew it was close, they always became more brutal and hurtful around this time, and he spent more time then usual in his cupboard. If he was let out of his cupboard on that occasion they would probably physically harm him, they usually did on 'special occasions', especially his birthday.

His last birthday, it was similar to his situation right now, he cried within his cupboard, trying to keep down the sobs that racked his body. Morning approached and he had finally dosed off, when his Uncles' large beefy hand reached into the room and yanked his small form from the cupboard. He didn't go far, his Uncle tied him to the banister and had a go at his back side with a studded belt. His Uncle had laughed at the pain, at his tears in which he had inflicted on the small child. Saying over and over how he was a freak and no unnaturalness would happen in his house. His voice had went louder with how much of a waste it was for the young boy to be alive, that freaks like his parents didn't understand that when they died he should have went along with them.

Tomorrow he would be seven and he was not looking forward to it. It brought tears to his eyes at the thought that this birthday would be the same, just like the others. There would be no cake, no ice cream, no presents, no love for the boy who stayed locked up in the cupboard underneath the stairs.

He couldn't understand why he was in there, he could not understand why he was always in trouble. He listened to his Aunt and Uncle; he washed the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, cooked, and did the gardening and whatever other menial chore they came up with. He wasn't even properly fed for his troubles, it didn't make any sense to him.

His breath was finally slowing as he finally dosed off, his disappointments of everything that had been happening to him, and the dread of the morrow that hung low and hallow over his head. The boy, the freak, the burden, the other crude names that constantly reminded him of the family that didn't want him and a world that didn't love him.

"My poor little one, my baby, my little Harry. Things will come together, soon. I'm sorry I cannot take this pain from you, I'm sorry I cannot fill you up with my love," the soft voice spoke over the young boys' head. Green eyes sparkled in the dark of the room, tears sliding down her cheeks. "But there is one thing that I can give you my son. One thing that I gave you, that not even Dumbledore can take from you. Your name, Hadrian James Potter, your heritage, every thing that has been passed down to you is yours."

His breath seemed to catch, as if he heard the whisper of the red haired, green eyed woman who stood by his head, in the very cramped space. Lily reached her hand and touched the tear on his face, the one of many that she was sure he shed laying on the very bed that her 'sister' gave to him.

3 5 7 13 Prim 13

"So Mr. Potter, this is over." This was the last thing that he heard before his soul left his body.

Harry Potter was now sitting in a chair in an all white office. The woman behind the desk did not look pleased at all. Her blonde hair was down and blue eyes sparkling as her fingers tapped on the desk, her skin a beautiful bronze sheen. Her face while beautiful did not look pleased to seen classic features of the woman spoke in a tone of authority and power. Here blue eyes were flashing dangerously from blue to pitch black at the young man before her. She was not happy, he was sitting in her office AGAIN.

"Harry James Potter, what the hell am I going to do with you?" the woman spoke low, but it rang high in Harry's ears. "This makes no sense."

A bright light flashed as a file appeared on her desk. She opened the file as Harry sat there looking at her, his eyes were wide, his lips in a straight line he didn't know how to feel at that moment. He knew he was dead though, he just didn't understand why he was in this office instead 'moving on'.

"I take it I've died, but who are you? How long will I be here? Will I get to see Hermione again?"

"My name is Celest, and I am your death angel, as well as guardian angel. Let's not even go there at this point, I'm so tired and frustrated, and if I get fired," Celest held one hand with white fire, which held blue overtones to it. Snapping her fingers the file opened,"Let's read this file, shall we? Hadrian James Potter..."

That was as far as she got as Hadrian 'Harry' James Potter head was thrown back and a bright green light enveloped his body, almost like the killing curse, the emerald green glow encasing his body. A wisp of black smoke left from the scar on his forehead, a small scream could be heard as it dispersed and the light began to pulse as it turned to a blinding white.

Celest could not believe it, this was the first time that she had ever identified him as Hadrian, she could not believe that she totally missed the fine print of his name having a very old and very ancient spell that would active his inheritance. She had read this file more time then she could count but never could consider that small thing be the key to him having the life that was his to have. Hadrian had seen her on at least three other occasion, he was so young the first time, 3 years old.

Thanks to the meddlesome old man Albus Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, he put a binding on his core that was stronger then necessary. The little mop of black hair had covered the young boys face as he cried in her arms. He was so small, when she called him Harry, he could not believe he had a name even at such a young age. He even called her mother. The tears in Celest eyes that day were as close to human as she had felt while being a guardian angel/ death angel.

When he was 15 years old, he had returned to his relatives to be beaten to the point of no recognition, his whole face could have been swollen. If it wasn't for the emerald green of his eyes Celest would not have known him either. The young man looked so tired and worn, no self confidence and he felt what his Uncle did to him was fair and just. His godfather, Sirius, had died that year as well, he had already grown thin from not eating from depression of the situation. His magic could not heal him, could not contain his spirit with him drowning in so much heavy and dark emotions of hate for himself and sadness of everything.

"Well this is going to take a while," she mumbled as she waved her hand, ringing a bell. A man appeared, with bright red hair. "Godric I have a favor of you."

"Is that who I think it is?" his gruff voice heavy of Gaelic accent.

"Your many times over grandson, yes, and I just released his inheritance."

"They used the inheritance ritual, James and Lily were like myself and Rowena in so many aspects of their young life from the courtship on," Godric touched his grandsons' forehead, where the cursed scar was oozing a dark blackish blood. "He will go through life again, he will do what needs to done and do it right this time. His soul mate will keep him from going down the path Salazar took so late in life."

The green-blue glow of his eyes turned to Celest, " What else can I do to help my grandson reach what he must?"

"I need you to get Lily, her son needs her. His soul, even though he is here, his 7 year old soul is calling for relief of life, even more now. She needs to be there to activate his inheritance," Celest explained to Godric as she looked at the boy who had now grown a few inches and looked to be in a deep sleep on a cot that was conjured by Godric as she explained the situation, "due to the protections of his soul done by her, she is the only one who could activate the spell on his name and get the best results even more so then what has been released here."

Godric nodded, " I will go to his mother and give her what she needs for him. He will finally get his blessing from me, through his mother. Everything else will come in time, and he deserves it. Don't be to harsh on him. All those spells, all those potions and the bindings, there was nothing to be done for him until now. You have the contract right there, and with him in his own right mind, I don't see you losing your job any time soon."

3 hours had passed and Celest had put everything in place, Harry was now going over the contract.

"Harry, I hope to never see you again, until your at least 107. Any sooner and there won't be a devil in hell to save you from me."

Harry James Potter, he was 17, tanned, 6'2 with hair hair passed his shoulders, bangs just covering a faded famous lightening scar. He looked up from signing the contract that sat on the desk, his emerald green eyes bright with an outline of blue stared at her as he leaned back in the chair.

"I told you Celest, I will do it right this time. I have so much to lose but yet a lot more to gain, besides the contract states you're sending me back with memories, I won't forget," his voice was calm and low as his voice carried.

"Well I don't want you to lose much of anything, your memories is what you need to do things right and to not fall into traps. If anything I want you to gain that kiss from that Granger girl, gain your rightful place in the wizarding world, gain your independence, gain some real friends, gain some much needed skills to please the Granger girl," Celest grinned as she saw the young mans' face flush. "Next time you see me I want you to be able to comment back without being embarrassed."

"I'm not embarrassed! Just can you please just call her Hermione and I'll work on everything else," he spoke eyes flashing to a deeper bluish green.

"Well come on now, I've meddled enough on your behalf and time is not on our side, " Celest stood up, her flowing gown billowing lightly behind her. "This change in you would have happened in the last time line when you were ten, but that meddlesome old man had already put that binding on you, when you were eight. So the ancient spell on your name could not transcend to you. Because the way this happened every thing will happen as it should with the help of prime with your own making, making these powerful numbers even more so with the month, date and year to be on your side. But remember you have to do everything with a continued honest heart."

"I understand."

"Once you go through that door, that's it. The contract will be binding, the things discussed will be yours. Your life will be your own, but I will be there in certain aspects, but for the most part you have the general guideline," Celest grinned.

He stood up, his bare feet touching the cool tile of the floor, white slacks on his long legs, with a button up white shirt, slightly opened at the collar, his hair loose around. He was a beautiful picture, and if his soul wasn't already promised to another, Celest wouldn't have minded being his soul mate. He walked to the door and put his hand on the door knob, he turned around and grinned. His green blue eyes sparkling with youth that she did not see in his when he entered.

"Until I'm 107, Celest, maybe later then that," Harry smiled. "I won't let you down, and I won't get you fired either, of course that's partly cause I'm scared either way."

35713Life in Prime35713

"Hey mum."

Lily looked up startled at the soft tenor voice. Even as a spirit, as an angel, she was shocked at seeing this young man standing next to her. His clothes were similar to her own, however was more should she say 'solid' than she was.

"You look just like James, if it wasn't for those eyes I would have swore that you were," Lily's voice was softer then what he dreamed it would be standing close. "I know that my husband was an only child and green eyes with that blue tint only runs within my bloodline. So who are you?"

"My name is Harry James Potter and I'm here right now because I died again at 17 years old."

"Again?!" her voice was raised, her hair crackling with power. Even as a ghost she was still a sight to see when angered. Her hair crackling in with electric like quality. Her voice dropped low to an almost growl, "That bastard got you killed didn't he? He used you like a martyr didn't he?"

"How you come up with you deductive reasoning has always astounded me," spoke another voice in the room. "However, Lily, I am sorry but Harry only had a three minute window otherwise his chance would be lost to make things right, if he were to answer all your questions right now."

"But how did he die? Why is he here now?"

"Mum, I'm sorry I don't have time, everything good that is happening is all because of you. Thank you once again to giving me a chance at life," Harry watched the two women for a few seconds, as he sat on the mattress next to his younger self.

He would be seven again in 7...6...5...4...3...2...1

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