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Well, here comes the epilogue:

Family Portrait


Family Portrait


I'm not exactly for sure why I'm doing this.

            Hermione says it's because I miss him.  She may be right, I do miss him.  I miss him a lot.  Ron thinks I've finally gone off the deep end.  I'm pretty sure he's right as well. 

            Something, somewhere inside of me possessed me to come to the graveyard, and to bring with me my granddad's journal, which is what I'm writing in. Ron thinks I'm a nutter for even touching the damn thing. But...

            I don't know how many times I have read this: Over and over, wondering exactly what it means...Granddad, if your out there somewhere, please explain to me what you meant in the last line of your journal.  I don't get any of it. 

            It has been two months since he died, and I'm still not over the fact that he is dead.  It seems...almost like a dream, better yet, a nightmare.  I just...can't believe he's gone.  He was like a father to me.  He even brought to me my real father, if only for a night.  For that I love him more.

            I sit in front of his grave, like I have so many times before, and I weep.  Ron and Hermione wanted to come with me, but I wouldn't let them.  I need to be alone, if only for a little while.  Come now, I'm regretting it.

            When I first heard the footsteps, I ignored them.  Lots of people come to cemeteries, correct? Who am I to bother them? It was only when the footsteps stopped, and I felt a cold rush down my spine did I turn to see who it was.  It was the last person I ever wanted to see in my life.

            Now, when I think about it, I probably should of ran, jumped, screamed, or done something other than sitting there.  But I didn't.  Something inside of me told me that for once in his life, Voldemort wasn't trying to kill me.

            "He was a great man, you know." Voldemort said, and I turned to look at him.  He wasn't dressed in a dark, bold cloak that hid him, but a nice shirt and some jeans.  Something you would have seen a muggle wearing, which surprised me.  If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn that he wasn't Voldemort, but he was.  I could tell it in his voice.

            "Yeah, I know he was." I said, and an uneasy silence came upon the gloomy gravesite.  It was a few minutes before both boldness and recklessness came over me, and I spoke.

            "What are you here for?  To kill me?" I said, a little too sarcastically.  Voldemort looked at me, and for the first time he looked remotely human.

            "Not today, Potter.  Mark my words, one day I will. By tomorrow I'll be back in a dark cave, trying to come up with another brilliant plan to kill you.  But not today. Think of it as you've got the day off." I smiled, still unsure of what was going on around me.

            "If you must know though, I'm here for the same reason you're here: For him."  If you don't believe me, I won't blame you.  But I swear to God his eyes were watering.

            "He was the first, Rich was.  The first Death Eater... My first supporter...  My first, and only friend.  And now he's...gone.  Damn you, Potter! If it wasn't for you, he still be alive, and at my side like he should be!"  He screamed, and my anger took over me.

            "It's your own fault, you know.   If you weren't so hellbent on killing me this might not of happened!" I screamed, jumping off the ground I had implanted myself in.  I should have killed him right there.  I had the chance.  I was armed, he wasn't.  But I couldn't bring myself to do it.  Why? I asked myself later on in life.  Why didn't I kill him, when I had the chance?  Because mercy is a bitch, that's why.

            "It wouldn't have mattered, anyway.  If he knew he had a family, even if I didn't try to kill the family, he would have quit.  He wouldn't have wanted you or your pathetic excuse for a father to be involved with the dark arts like he was."  For once I didn't get angry when he insulted my father. 

            I sometimes wonder if I had dreamed the entire thing up.  It doesn't seem real.  But I know it was.  Watching Voldemort break down like that...I must be the only person alive to have seen it.  It was a few minutes later before I left, but it felt like much longer.

            I didn't want to go back.  When I get back, I would have to go to the Dursleys.  I don't want to, but I know I'll have to.  Remus is talking about adopting me, but he'll have to confirm it with Dumbledore first. 

            I think I finally understands something someone had once told me: Love and Hate are the same emotion, but the way you express it determines what it is.  The same is for me, I guess.  One path I could be one of the greatest wizards ever.  The other I could end up being the next Voldemort.  I'm not for sure what to choose...


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