Chapter 1: The door

"I now remember the words you once said to me. That when you're with me, you finally understand what it's like to have a brother… And when I think of it that way… That feeling… I finally get it now. I've been traveling around the world and I seem to recall these memories a lot. We were alone and starved of love. Kids that lived in a world full of hate. And from that point on, we went our separate ways… and fought. But time has passed and now I'm thinking… Could it be that… just like how the hope and and pain from my father, mother and my brother, Itachi flowed into me… I'd understand your pain and hopes too, Naruto? You never abandoned me, no matter what. And you never gave up on me, coming closer when I pulled away. It wouldn't have surprised me if you hated me, but you didn't… You kept insisting that we were friends. And even that, I nearly destroyed. You fought to stop me… to the point you lost an arm. All because you were my friend. You saved me. The us that quarreled over the smallest things… are now able to share the pain in each other's hearts. On my journey around the world, I noticed… That all these feelings of mine aren't just about us, I'm sure it's the same for everything else. But… there aren't a lot of people like you. And things won't go as planned, look at us. It's especially true when it comes to bigger things. I think it's the same as praying. And until I can do it, I'll stay strong. The beings that have been entrusted with hope… that's us. That's what makes us shinobi." an elderly man, sitting in front of a small group of children, said, finishing his long story.

The old man looked to be almost ancient, with long pale spiky blond hair overshadowing his eyes, along with a goatee that reached all the way down to his waist. His covered eyes eyes were a pale shade of blue and they lacked the shine of like as most eyes did, as if they hadn't been used in years. The winkels on his face did little to hide his natural whisker birthmarks and his loose orange robes revealed that he still had some muscle on his body. Around his neck hung hung a necklace with six black magatama and another one with a single lavender colored crystal. In his left hand was a wooden walking stick, no doubt to help him keep his balance.

"D-did all that really happen sir?" a young girl in the crowd asked, while the elderly man tilted his head in her direction.

"Oh yes child, those events really did happen and those were the last words that Sasuke Uchiha said to be, after all he was my best friend. Now, if my story his inspired, or simply entertained, any of you then you may show your appreciation as you see fit, preferably with coin of course," the old man said as he slowly got to his feet and set down a wooden box, only for that same child to ask another question.

"Naruto-sama, are you the last of your generation?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so," Naruto answered honestly, while the crowd around him slowly began to disperse, with a few of them dropping coins into the small box that he had just put down, although he didn't notice a hooded man sitting in the front row of makeshift seats.

"What about chakra, can you still use chakra?" the hooded man asked, his voice also old and worn from many years.

"No, I got out of the practice a long time ago and besides, no one has any use for chakra anymore," Naruto admitted, almost sadly, but he grew confused when the hooded man just continued to sit there, well unless he was incredibly quiet and Naruto simply didn't hear him leave.

"It's over my friend, my story has ended," yet still the man didn't move.

"That's not the way I remember it...dope," the hooded man said as he got to his feet and lowered his hood.

The once hooded old man had long grey hair, which covered his left eye while his other was was simply black. He had an almost mocking grin on his face while his left right hand rested on, what looked to be, a katana that had seen better days. When a gust of wind blew buy, his hair moved showing his covered eye. The eye was a light purple color, almost grey with four rings around the center and six tomoe around the two innermost rings.

"Teme... is it really you?" Naruto asked, taking several careful steps forward until he felt a hand rest on his shoulder.

"Yet, it's me," Sasuke answered before the both of them began to laugh an old sounding laugh while giving each other a friendly hug.

"I must say Naruto, you do tell a rather good tale, terribly exciting and all, but I was intrigued change certain things," Sasuke said in a confused tone, only for Naruto to wave his hand in dismissal.

"Oh well that's how these young people like it and besides, I don't think they would believe it if I told them the way it really was. Now, how are you doing you old teme?" Naruto asked as he picked up the box full of a few coins, pocketed them inside his robe, and went for a walk in the busy city with Sasuke by his side.

"Well there will always be a need for an skilled man in this world and I was, and always will be, one of the best." Sasuke boasted ever so slightly, earning a chuckle from Naruto.

"You always did love to brag, so what brings you back to the rest of humanity, finally finished traveling the world?" asked Naruto as they left the city and began to walk into the country side, with there being no rush to get anywhere in particular.

"After two hundred and seventeen years, I'd say I've seen everything at least once, besides I've come looking for you for a rather specific reason," Sasuke admitted, catching his blind best friends sudden pause, before Naruto cut it.

"Looking for me, after nearly a hundred years, aw shucks I think you made me blush teme," Naruto teased, only to run into a tree that Sasuke accidently forgot to warn him about, oops.

"It's important Naruto, now hurry up, we've got a long walk ahead of us and we aren't getting any younger," the ancient Uchiha demanded as Naruto slowly got back to his feet and followed after the sound of Sasuke's footsteps, while also making sure not to hit anymore trees.

For three days they traveled, without so much as stopping, in complete and utter silence. By now their bond had deepened to the point that they no longer had to talk in order to communicate to one another. Yet, at the same time, their silence told more than a lifetime of words ever could and, on the evening of the third day of traveling, they got ambushed by bandits hiding in the woods. You would think that this day and age wouldn't have such things as bandits and yet here the two old men were, surrounded my ten armed youngsters.

"Alright you two, hand over everything ya got before we end your already ending lives," the apparent leader of the group said, holding out a single shot pistol, a weapon that had replaced chakra not many years ago, yet Naruto and Sasuke just stood there, back to back.

"You," Sasuke said, drawing the attention of the bandit leader.


"You said it wrong, its "you" not "ya". Honestly, you young people these days are growing dumber and dumber. Don't you agree Naruto?" Sasuke asked, on purposely teasing the bandit leader, if nothing else but to get a rise out of the young whippersnapper.

"That's it, you old bastard, you die first," a loud bang echoed through the area and smoke now came out of the man's pistol, yet every bandit's eyes were wide and it wasn't because their leader just shot an old man.

Mere inches from Sasuke's face were Naruto's middle and index fingers. what caught everyone's attention was what the blind Uzumaki was holding between his two fingers. There sat the round bullet, still intact, right in between Naruto's finger. Now the old Uzumaki couldn't see anymore, but he could just imagine the freaked out look on these youngin's faces at the moment.

"In the world of the Shinobi, speed and strength has always determined the winner, don't you brats know that?" Naruto asked as he and Sasuke let out a menacing aura that actually made projections of a six headed asura stature, accept in the shape of a fox, and a purple samurai like warrior.

"S-Shinobi, b-but that's not possible, they're all gone. You two can't be that old!" one of the other bandit's screamed, taking a step back in the hopes of getting away from such powerful auras, only to realize he couldn't.

"Sasuke Uchiha, the last of the Uchiha clan," Sasuke introduced, his voice becoming ice cold while his visibly eye narrowed dangerously.

"Naruto Uzumaki, the Nanadaime Hokage, at your service," Naruto introduced with a bright smile on his face as he dropped the metal ball, only to hear the sound of several people running away.

"Oi, did they just run away?" asked Naruto, his aura vanishing as quickly as it came while he tried to look around, completely forgetting that he was actually blind, but that just amused his companion.

"Yea, I guess we still got it huh," Sasuke laughed, only for him and Naruto to suddenly sit down on the ground, holding their backs in mild irritation.

"Man, I didn't even know I could still use that, man my back is killing me!" the ancient Uzumaki groaned in pain.

"I guess we aren't as young as we used to be, come on, lets keep moving," Sasuke demanded, forcing his old body to get back up, bringing Naruto with him, as the two continued on their trip towards wherever Sasuke was taking them.

Their trip lasted for another day before they arrived at a cave entrance, although it wasn't exactly a cave entrance. A normal cave entrance doesn't have giant stone door, rather creepy looking carvings, or an ominous aura practically radiating off of it. So no, this wasn't a cave entrance, it was a creepy cave entrance with bad pictures drawn onto it. Yet the look on Sasuke's face told Naruto that there was nothing to fear, beyond pain and death of course.

"So...lovely place," Naruto commented, feeling the evil aura all around him.

"It's something I found nearly fifty years ago, but I haven't been able to understand what it truly was until just a few days before I went looking for you. Do you recall how Kaguya could seemingly transport us to other dimensions by simply willing it?" Sasuke asked, getting a nod from his companion.

"Yea, you nearly died in a desert wasteland and I nearly froze to death in a block of ice, what does that have to do with this place?"

"This place was built by her in her earlier years, before she became known as a demon to her people and became drunk on power. It was a conduit to channel her dimension traveling ability until she learned to do it at will. I've discovered that it only has enough power to send one more person to another dimension, where their help is needed the most," Sasuke explained, before Naruto smacked him in the head with his staff.

"What the hell teme, traveling dimensions without me, what the hell is wrong with you?!" Naruto roared, not believing that Sasuke would go on more adventures without him...the audacity!

"It doesn't matter if we had tried to go at the same time, I was needed in that world and, if you touch the door, you will be needed in another. Naruto, what I'm trying to tell you is that you could live through one more adventure before it's our time to leave the physical world. Don't you want to save just one more world, bring peace just one more time, before you die?" asked the last Uchiha while Naruto scratched the back of his head in mild irritation.

"I don't know, I've lived for over two hundred years now, what good can an old man do in a world he's never been a part of?" Naruto asked, only to be roughly shoved towards the door and, the moment his body touched it, suddenly everything around him faded away.

"You'll thank me dope, just try not to cause too much trouble on the other side eh?" Sasuke laughed as the aura around the door slowly began to fade away before the door itself crumbled into dust on the ground.

For a split second, Naruto felt nothing but weightlessness, as if he was floating in a never ending void, but that soon changed. There was a rush of cold wind and Naruto felt his body hit water, yet he still couldn't move his body. The raging current dragged him below the water's surface and his old lungs cried out from the lack of oxygen. Yet, not a few moments later, he felt himself wash up on soft sand, the water making the tiny pieces of dirt stick to his clothing and get into his hair. There was also a noise, like the sound of shouting in the distance, but he couldn't quite hear who was shouting and his tired old body didn't want to keep him awake any longer. With that, the last Uzumaki fell into unconsciousness.

As Naruto slept, he dreamed about things that he hadn't seen in nearly a hundred and fifty years. He dreamed about his wife, Hinata, and his two children, Boruto and Himawari, it gave him a sense of peace. Naruto never felt quite the same after they died, with his two children going out into the world to have families of their own. They had invited him to come along but it was never the same, and he knew he would outlive them as well.

"Look at your Naruto-kun, letting your hair grow out till it's even longer than mine," an all too familiar voice said, causing Naruto to turn and, for once in almost a hundred years, actually see his one and only wife.

"Hinata-chan, how are you here?" Naruto had to do his best not to stutter, and it wasn't just because he could see again.

"We both know I'm not really here Naruto-kun, after all how could you be so young again?" Hinata asked and, sure enough, Naruto looked like he was twenty one again, with his short blond hair and goatee missing from his face.

"I don't want this dream to end," Naruto stated, wrapping his wife in his arms, holding her as close to his body as he possibly could.

"I know," in another flash of light, everything became pitch black again and Naruto could feel his own body again, although this time it felt as if he was on a soft bed.

He felt weak, weaker than he has even been in his entire life, and there was a coldness in the air that was driving him crazy. His eyes hurt, his ears were ringing, he felt more helpless now than when Kurama had been ripped from his body, and that had killed him!

"Where do you think he came from?" a man's voice, deep yet caring all at the same time, from the surrounding area.

"I don't know, but he's our responsibility now," this time it was a woman's voice, a mother's voice.

"Senna, he could be someone elses child, we can't just take him in without looking for his own parents," the male said, but there was one word that made Naruto's eyes shoot wide open, revealing to him the surrounding world.

'CHILD!' Naruto thought and, sure enough, he was in a crib with two giants looking down at him.

Just to make sure he wasn't imagining things, Naruto lifted his hand up to his face, showing that he had the hands of an infant. Naruto blinked several times, in an attempt to figure out what had happened to him and then he remembered Sasuke pushing him towards some door...that son of a bitch!

"Tonraq, look at him, he's all alone and we have a chance to have a child in our lives," Senna protested, only for her apparent husband to place his right hand on the noticeable bulge in Senna's stomach.

"We're already about to have a child, I just don't want us to make any rash decisions. I'm sure one of the other families would love to have a child, just as much as you would," Tonraq argued, only for Senna to grab him by the front of his coat, pull him down to eye level, and give him a glare that only a wife could.

"Tonraq," she said harshly.

"Yes dear?"

"Built our new son a crib."

"Yes dear."

Just an idea I had after two of my favorite series ended. Let me know if you all want me to continue it or not.