A racing team

Ninety-nine looked up at Elaenys, as if asking what he had done wrong. As Elaenys looked down at the dragon she noticed three other tentacles on the dragon's side.

"Let's just get you exercised," She said calmly giving the dragon a comforting pet on the shoulder.

Ninety-nine hummed in agreement before trotting forward and toward one of the nearby equipment storage sheds where he magged Elaenys gently off and onto the ground. His mag stream had surprisingly become a great deal stronger, and she presumed it was from draining the energy of the other dragon.

She returned from the shed with a saddle and some red thrusters, which ninety-nine eagerly magged onto himself.

Elaenys only planned on doing a soft set of exercise as she was not sure how good he was at using gear. Ninety-nine magged her into his saddle once it was secure before continuing off in the direction of the training tracks.

As they walked past the outside stables, Elaenys noticed Propheci poke his head out of his stall and watch Ninety-nine curiously as he walked by with a hint of scepticism in his expression.

Once they reached the track and Elaenys lined up Ninety-nine in line with the starting line. Due to it being a lower level training track there was no starting gates, only a line across the ground.

As soon as Ninety-nine was ready she gave him a nudge on his side, causing him to leap into action and bolt down the track at full speed. For once he seemed to be enjoying himself with his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth and a happy humming sound resinating from his throat.

When they reached the turn Elaenys had to pull him back in order to make the turn without slipping or falling. At first Ninety-nine was resistant and tossed his head in objection, but eventually complied and slowed down.

Once they reached the open track again Elaenys allowed Ninety-nine to speed up again before activating the thrusters to give them an extra boost of speed.

The Muhorta hybrid let out a shriek of what Elaenys presumed was delight at the ability to go faster and faster than normal. With every step the circular bumps along Ninety-nine's legs, back and tentacles would pulse with a bright pink colour.

"Come on Ninety-nine, let's see how fast you are," She called, urging the dragon to go faster and faster and turning the thrusters up to a higher setting.

The dragon responded by retracted his tentacles to his sides, making his body more aerodynamic and causing him speed up.

After a few more laps Ninety-nine had tired and slowed down to a fast paced trot and eventually once they were back at the starting line on their last lap Elaenys pulled him to a stop.

Ninety-nine magged her off his back and down onto the ground. He was panting heavily from the running, but appeared to be in high spirits none the less.

Elaenys led him over to the nearest water trough and watched as he submerged his muzzle and began lapping up the water. While Ninety-nine was drinking Elaenys looked around them and spotted Sophia and Malevolence nearby, walking back from their own training.

Sophia waved at Elaenys before leading Malevolence toward them. Once they had reached where Ninety-nine was drinking they stopped.

"I see Ninety-nine is finally showing his true colours," Sophia stated, "Once he's finished drinking there are a few people I would like you to meet."

Elaenys nodded, "Sure," she replied, watching as Ninety-nine finished his drink.

Malevolence leaned closer to Ninety-nine to get a better look at him. Ninety-nine narrowed his four eyes and moved his tentacles into a strike position, ready to attack the other dragon.

"Whoa Ninety-nine, don't you dare," Elaenys warned, gently slapping one of his tentacles.

Malevolence growled at the Muhorta hybrid and backed away to stand closer to Sophia and as far from Ninety-nine as possible.

Ninety-nine relaxed when the other dragon gave him some space and again retracted his tentacles before lowering his head to nuzzle Elaenys, earning a pet on the snout.

"Come on then," Sophia called, ignoring the small incident with Ninety-nine and Malevolence. Elaenys nodded and gestured for Ninety-nine to follow her.

They walked back toward the stables, where they met two other teenagers. One was a girl around the same height as Elaenys, she had long flowing neon green hair and light blue eyes. The other teenager was a tall boy with blonde hair and deep hazel orbs.

"This is Pamera and Karzan," Sophia said, gesturing first to the girl and then to the boy.

"Pleasure to meet you," Elaenys greeted with a smile, "I'm Elaenys."

"Nice to meet you," Karzan said, "Nice dragon, what type is it exactly?" he asked curiously.

"He's a hybrid, crossed between a black psi-class dragon and a Muhorta," she replied, giving Ninety-nine a pet.

"Wow, awesome!" Pamera whooped, "What's his name?"

"He currently doesn't have a name, but he's experiment number ninety nine," Sophia answered for her.

"Where are your dragons?" Elaenys asked.

"Well Karzan and I were talking to Professor Scarlett, and she said you were looking after two dragons that were in need of riders for the races," Pamera replied.

"You mean Disa and Echo?"

"Yeah, she said we could meet them today," Pamera replied.

"Pamera and Karzan will be riding and exercising Disa and Echo from now on, so you'll just need to feed and water them, it'll also give you more time to work with Ninety-nine," Sophia explained, "Come on, let's go find them."

Elaenys was a little disheartened by the fact she would no longer be exercising or training the two other dragons, but at least she got to remain in charge of their upkeep, and it, as Sophia said, would mean she had more time for Ninety-nine, and probably Propheci and Wickyd too.

They all walked into the laboratories and Elaenys led Ninety-nine back to his stall while the other three went about fetching their dragons.

As soon as Ninety-nine was back in his stall he curled up in a bundle on the floor and began to drift off. Elaenys gave him a last pet before making sure he had plenty of food and water, and then leaving Ninety-nine alone to sleep.

By the time she got back outside Sophia, Pamera and Karzan were all sat astride their dragons, and Elaenys quickened her pace top catch up with them.

"Wanna join us El?" Sophia asked.

"Sure, just let me go get Propheci," she replied, jogging down the pathway toward the stables.

Once she had found Propheci she noticed immediately he looked bored, and when he saw her he let out a roar, his way of telling her about his displeasure of being left along in the stall for such a long time.

"Sorry Proph, I got a little held up," she told the impatient dragon. He simply snorted in annoyance before taking a sip from his water trough. Elaenys quickly grabbed his saddle, which he magged on, before magging her onto his back as well and trotting out from the stall.

They eventually met up with the other three riders where Elaenys had left them. They all made their way toward the training track.

The track they arrived at was more advanced than the one she had ridden Ninety-nine on, it had far sharper bends, larger gaps to tackle, and the track in itself was a marathon. It was nowhere near as difficult at a real racing track, but they were only testing how well the two new riders worked with their dragons.

As Elaenys had expected, Pamera was riding Echo, and Karzan was astride Disa. The two dragons seemed happy enough with their new riders.

There was already the appropriate equipment by the trackside, blue balance gear, white rappel and aero gear, and as usual red thrusters. Each dragon and rider took their turn to mag on the gear before they all moved to the start of the race track.

Unlike the other track this one had a starting gate, and the four teenagers had decided a test race was in order before the new riders tackled their first race the next day.

As soon as the gates dropped all four racers leapt through the starting gates and down the track, leaving behind a trail of dust.

Elaenys watched as Pamera activated her thrusters and had Echo run full speed down the track. Propheci and Malevolence were almost in line and Karzan and Disa were bringing up the rear.

Approaching the first, and tightest turn, Elaenys kept Propheci at a steady rate before activating blue balance gear and white rappel gear, clearly making it around the bend.

Pamera had needed to slow down in order to make the turn and now Propheci and Elaenys were catching up to her and Echo, the latter of which was slowly running out of steam after racing so far ahead so early.

They all cleared the first jump, then the second, and the following turn, but then came the largest jump on the track. Echo and Pamera had slowed back in line with Sophia and Elaenys and were steadily falling back, and so when they took the jump, after activating the thrusters and aero gear they fell short of the next part of track and landed on the safety net below instead.

Now it was only three racers. One the final bend to the finish line all three dragons activated their thrusters and powered on toward the finish line.

Malevolence was a neck in front of Propheci and Disa was quickly making up ground, due to not losing as much stamina early on in the race.

And when the three dragons crossed the finish line Sophia and Malevolence had won, followed by Elaenys and Propheci and then Karzan and Disa.

They all slowed their dragons and met with Pamera and Echo at the side of the track, who had made their way back from the large gap.

As the dragons began drinking from the water trough the four teenagers began discussing their small race.

"You both did a good job," Sophia started, "But Pamera, you and Echo used up way too much of your energy too early," she continued, earning a nod of agreement from Pamera, "And Karzan, you and Disa had a good tactic of keeping behind until the very end, but you let yourselves fall too far behind."

Karzan nodded, "Next time we'll keep watch to make sure that doesn't happen again," he assured her.

"Yeah, us too," Pamera said, petting Disa as she drunk.

The four stood in silence, all waiting for their dragon to finish drinking, when Pamera spoke up again, "You know what? I reckon we could make a pretty good racing team," she stated.

The others glanced at each other before Sophia replied, "That sounds like a great idea, then we could all help each other out and we would have other people to reply on during races."

"I agree, all the other racers have a team," Elaenys agreed.

"Yeah, so should we meet up tomorrow at the trackside before the race?" Karzan asked earning a nod from each of the other teens.

The dragons had finally finished drinking and each magged on the riders. They each spoke words of farewell before each heading off in their own direction.

"You excited for tomorrow's race Proph?" Elaenys asked Propheci who replied with a roar as a sinister seeming smirk made its way onto the dragon's features, "Me too bud," she said with a soft laugh, petting the orange dragon before they began the long trek home.