"It's true, Odin." Loki said, averting his eyes from everyone by looking at the floor.

"So we have going after the wrong person all this time?" Tony raises an eyebrow, wondering how much more strange things are going to happen.

"But it is still unforgivable. The amount of people he killed and Coulson…" Clint stared intently at Loki with hatred.

Lori and Loke looks at each other for a second before looking at the Avengers at the same time.

"Emm, about that part, we make sure there are no casualties for this war, you know?" Lori said, frowning a little.

"But I did saw Loki stabs through Coulson." Thor said with a puzzled look.

"You mean that no one is killed in this war?" Steve asked in surprise.

"Well, we are not known as best sorcerer and sorceress for nothing. It is just an illusion and matter of strategies. It's just like chess. Just that it is look like some soap drama to me." Loke smirked in a devilish way.

"Then why you both didn't help to stop Loki?" Bruce asked, cleaning his specs to stop his emotions from rising to a dangerous level.

"It's because it is a test for you all." Lori said firmly.

"Great, we are guinea pigs now." Tony said, rolling his eyes.

"But he still have mind-controlled me!" Clint roars out in anger.

Loke looks at Clint with a bored look.

"So temperamental. I can help you forget it if you like." Loke said with a dull tone.

"As if it can help anything! Clint exclaims out loud in anger.

Odin looks at Loki solemnly, unable to think of any form of judgement.

"But he still has tried to subjugate Jotunheimr." Odin stated.

"You know you should be bloody glad he didn't go crazy from that fact and tries something crazier you know, old man." Loke said with a shrug.

"Plus you should be glad we are not both with him when you decided to declare that fact. It could have been worse." Lori said with a smirk.

The Avengers paled with the thought of dealing with the triplets instead of just Loki alone.

"Anyway, we already negotiate with Jotunheimr about Loki's crime long ago. You are getting too old, Odin." Lori sighed, as if it is Odin's fault.

"So we shall declared Loki is free." Loke smirked, waving his hand to get rid the Loki's chains.

"Not so fast, Loke. I have not pass any judgment based on Loki's crimes." Odin frowns.

"You have no longer any rights to pass any judgments on us. Loki already announced that we are not your blood children so we are no longer under your rules." Lori smirked.

Odin remains silent at that statement.

"Allmother, please forgive our rudeness for not being with you since our youth. We present this golden flower of dawn as an apology." Lori bows with respect and gives Frigga a beautiful flower which shines a warm golden light. Loke and Loki also bows to her and presented her with their own gifts.

"And so we shall say farewell to all of you people forever lol. Bye~" Loke said gleefully, disappearing instantly with Lori and Loki in a flash of green light.

The Avengers look at the empty spot, unsure what to say.

"So what do we do now?"


"Now that we are out of Asgard, what should we do?" Loke asked with a frown, restless from the amount of boredom he is feeling which is bad for him as he loves chaos. He already starting to feel bored the moment when they left Asgard.

"How about we mess with someone for fun?" Lori said gleefully, wondering who to prank.

"How about Shield and Avengers Tower?" Loki said with a smirk.

"Sounds like a plan." Lori purred.


"I hope you all have enjoyed your stay in Asgard." Frigga said warmly with a gentle smile.

"We sure did enjoy it!. All that interesting magic thingy was so cool! Though look down upon here for brains." Tony said excitedly, only sulking and mumbling at the last sentence.

"Thank you, Madam. We shall now return to Earth." Steve said with a salute.

"Do look out for your brothers and sister. I hope they didn't go to out of hand with their pranks." Frigga smiled at the thought of the triplets when they are young toddlers.

"Don't worry, Mother! I shall bring them back one day and make sure they tried not to be too mischievous!" Thor said cheerfully. These words are the famous last few words where he is going to regret later.

"Well, time to go or else Fury is going to blow off his head about the time." Tony shrugs.

Heimdall looks at the group of mortals and Thor coolly.

"Better be prepared for the chaos ahead of you. Good luck." Heimdall said, as he activated the portal.

"Somehow, I have a bad déjà vu about going back. " Clint sulked.

"Maybe you are thinking too much, birdy." Tony smirked. "What could go wrong?"

The most famous last words before doomsday…


After landing at Avengers tower,

"Did we land at the wrong place?" Bruce asks uncertainly.

"Welcome back, Sir."

"Yup, this is Avengers Tower." Clint sighed.

The formally imposing Avengers Tower has just become a completely pink tower with lots of Hello kitty and nyan cats posters around.

Tony is too stunned to say anything other than just leaving his mouth wide open at the sight of his beloved tower becoming the most outstanding pinkish tower.

"What on earth is going on? We just leave for a while and it's all…" Tony is unable to say any more than face palming.

"Probably it's a prank from the triplets." Thor suggested, frowning at the sight of hello kitty and nyan cats.

"And what-" Steve's phone started ringing out loud, interrupting Tony's rant.

Steve quickly answers the phone.

"Fury? Yes, we are back from Asgard. What? Shield is -" Steve quickly jerks the phone away from his ear when it suddenly generates a loud static noise.

Steve frowns at the phone while the other Avengers look at him in concern.

"We need to go to Shield now."


"Are you sure we are at Shield headquarter?"

"Yes, this is definitely Shield's headquarter." Clint said, looking at the famous signage of Shield headquarter.

"This is definitely the triplet's doing." Tony said with a deadpan look.

Thor could only look shocked with an open mouth.

"Seriously? A smurf?" Tony gaped in shock, staring at the smurf which cheerfully sings it's village song as it skips by.

The Avengers look at the formally magnificent HQ of Shield being painted unicorns with rainbows all around it. There is also cheesy words on the building.

"You all seriously took your time." Fury grumbles, greeting them grouchily.

"Are you dressed in-" Steve stared at Fury in disbelief while Tony and Clint are openly sniggering at the sight of Fury. Bruce is also trying to control his giggling while Natasha just quickly uses one of hidden camera to snap one photo as a memorial. Thor can only try to continue processing what just happen as he reaches a state where he needs brain bleach.

"Don't you dare to finish that question! I just had enough of all these pranks!" Fury grumbles, marching stiffly away in bright pinkish tutu topped with a lacy top, courtesy of the triplet's magic.

"Well, of course we will not laugh at you, Fury." Tony pretends to cough, before quietly asking Jarvis to take as much pictures of Shield and Fury as blackmail.

"What is going on now? Why is Loki free and now there is another two with him, messing up Shield?!" Fury demanded, angry at the trickster and ignoring the care bear which seems to walk by happily. The care bear waves at them happily, hugging Fury's leg. And Fury just kicks the poor care bear away angrily.

Steve then kindly explains, while the rest of the Avengers 'admires' the changes the triplet's handiwork.

"So you are telling me that he is innocent plus now he is free with his other brother and sister?" Fury said with a frown.

"Yup, that is about it." Tony agrees with a nod, staring at Donkey from Pooh story walking by tiredly.

"Well, do you like our little decoration?" Loke cheekily said, teleporting in front of them.

Fury quickly whips out his gun which immediately turned into Hibird. Hibird then started chirping frantically, trying to desperately fly away from the Fury's hand. Fury, shocked by the sudden change of his gun, immediately released the little fluffy bird. Hibird then flies to Thor and lands on his hair, chirping happily.

"So how do you like the chaos we provided?" Loke smirks.

"Now you better change it all back or I will-" "Loke, you should seriously stop teasing him. It's no good for his heart, you know." Lori smiles warmly, hugging Loke from behind him.

"I am sure a little anger is good for him. It improves blood circulation anyway." Loki smirks, appearing beside Lori and Loke.

"But that's the reason where men have shorter life." Lori giggles at the sight of Fury's anger increasing.

"That's why you shall see me trolling and rolling~" Loke said singingly.


"Do you hear an adorable puppy barking around?" Lori pouts, ignoring the increasing amount of steam whistling from Fury ears.

"Well, this is going to be troublesome." Steve thought.

After a few weeks of the trio pranking, all the heroes and villains of the world had enough of the amount of pranks and humiliation they are receiving.

Currently, the villains are protesting about the trio pranking are interrupting their 'masterfully' plan to conquer the world. As for the heroes, they are not very happy about their 'newly' decorated house and are giving pressure to Shield as they believed that Thor is probably able to control the mischievous trio.

"CAN'T YOU CATCH THAT IRRITATING MEDDLESOME TRIO!? " Fury screeches at poor Thor, as the Avengers are unable to do anything about them.

"It is hard to capture my brothers and sister when they have magic." Thor said bluntly, earning him another screech of anger.

"Maybe they are so bored that they want to do something to get rid of their boredom. We can actually use their help with stopping the villains." Bruce said, cleaning his specs with a cloth.

"That is an absolutely worst idea I ever heard." Tony exclaims, while trying to get rid of the angry birds flying around him.

"On the bright side, they have something to do and the villains are going to suffer. On the down side, if things go wrong, we can just blame Thor." Clint decided to chide in.

Fury's face becomes so terrifyingly black in anger that they swear they can see black clouds gathering around his head.

'Worst idea ever.' The Avengers thinks before they get grilled by Fury.

"Do you think mortals are pretty entertaining? They are just nice to prank on." Loke chuckles, as he sees through a magic crystal at the amount of chaos they created.

"They are all just so sweet and cute when they are mad." Lori giggles, as Wolverine tries to get rid of the pink dye in his hair.

"We could keep this up for all year round. Maybe we should have a little contest." Loki grins devilishly, making both Loke and Lori look at him in interest.

"I am listening~" Both Lori and Loke answers back with an evil grin.


"We should actually get the triplets to our side. All their pranks are really getting annoying." Doom said angrily, raging at the fact his doombots are all pink and sparkly with makeup on it. Not to mention that it makes the nyan cat sound as it moves around.

"There is nothing I can say to agree with you. At least the hero side will be the one suffering and not us." Amora screeches, trying to remove the ugly thing on her staff.

"So let's make the first move." The villains decided to conclude this finale of this prank war.