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Isabella POV

Why did I move here again?

Ow right because I didn't actually have a choice. I wasn't going to tell my dad this but it wasn't me who decided I would move here. No that decision was my mother's. I was finally getting fed up with her reckless and flighty behaviour, so in typical Renée fashion she decided it was my fault and as punishment I had to move to Forks.

What a punishment it is. I finally had a parent that actually gave a shit and that wouldn't expect me to do everything. I had seen his face at the little amount of luggage and knew he would ask questions. No normal teenage girl had this little clothing, hell even tomboys had more clothing than me.

I could see he was itching to start asking about what had happened. He knew I didn't come here just because I wanted to see him and spend some time with him. That was the bullshit line Renée had fed him.

"What actually happened between you and Renée Bella? You didn't decide to come here because you missed me so much." I could see the hurt in his eyes as he said it and I couldn't bear it.

"I did miss you dad, that's true, but you're right it's not the whole story. I didn't decide this Renée did. I started doing things for myself this year, making a life of my own. I started looking into colleges and all that and one day I talked back to Renée. She was appalled, I had never done that and now suddenly I was. I did it a few more times, I think five and she just decided she wouldn't deal with it anymore and told me she was sending me to you." I could see the anger in his eyes clear as day. He was angry at Renée I hoped for how she treated me and not at me for talking back to her.

"Bella honey, I can promise you right here and now that I will never do that to you. You are my daughter and I would never send you away for talking back to me, never." Thank god, I didn't really have a place to go besides him and I really did miss him. He was my dad after all.

"Thanks dad, that means a lot to me." I gave him a one armed hug which was a bit hard since he was driving but it send the message I needed it to send. Forks wasn't going to be that bad.

We got home quite fast and as we pulled up I could see a black Ford Mustang in the drive way. Charlie hadn't bought me a car had he? And especially not such an expensive one?

"I know what you're thinking and I'll explain in a minute, just let me park." I nodded mutely and refocused on the car standing there. It was magnificent. "I didn't buy it Bella, I don't know who did but there's a note on the window shield addressed to a Isabella Marie Swan. I haven't touched, just sweeped it for anything dangerous."

Holy crap! Someone just bought me a car like this? Are they crazy? Or just incredibly filthy rich? But still, this was amazing.

Without hesitation I got out of the cruiser and walked to the Mustang. I pulled the note from the windshield and folded it open.

Dear Isabella,

I do hope you like the car. If you don't just have your father bring you to school tomorrow and I will switch it for another. Same goes if it ever breaks down or if you do want another at a later time.

I looked around real quick to see if anyone was watching me but I couldn't see anyone or anything, only Charlie who looked curious.

Don't worry I won't spy on you, I would simply know.

The reason I am gifting you this is because 1 your father wanted to give you an old truck and that just wouldn't do. 2 because it will give you no reason to ride with anyone else but yourself and 3 well I felt like it.

I have given more than enough information now so this is the end of this letter.

Greetings from Captain P. Whitlock.

P.S. Please do not trust the Cullens. Only Jasper can be trusted. Do NOT under any circumstance talk to Edward Cullen. No matter what!

What a strange note. Who was this Captain Whitlock? Why would he care about me? And who were the Cullens and what did he know about them? All these questions were running trough my head and I just couldn't figure it out. What made me this important.

Charlie came up behind me and took the note, he read it and looked as puzzled as I felt. There was no reason at all for this to happen, so why did it?

"How did he know about your truck? I only talked to Billy about it." So that was true. Then the rest must be true as well. I was half tempted to leave the car tomorrow morning and see if it was actually replaced. But that was stupid. I already loved this car and would never want to trade it in. I would have to find this Jasper Cullen and ask him about all of this. For now I would leave it.

"I'm going to find this Jasper Cullen and ask him about this. If this note says he can be trusted he has to know more." Charlie's face lit up. He knew something.

"The Jasper from the note is actually called Jasper Hale but if I'm not wrong his birth name was Whitlock. So he probably does know more." Thank god for Charlie being a police officer. It was the only way for him to know all this.

"Then I'm going to approach him the first time I can." I had steeled myself in this resolve and it wasn't going to change. I would be getting my answers from Jasper Whitlock.


I had fallen asleep easy enough last night and I was now ready to take on this day. It was sure to be an eventful one, no doubt about that. Charlie had told me everything he knew about Jasper Hale so I would be prepared. Apparently he and his family were a bit weird, nobody saw them eat, all adopted yet looked alike and they were all paired up. Jasper himself was with someone as well, only Edward was without. Maybe that's why I had to stay away from him. He was desperate.

I simply grabbed some breakfast since Charlie had already left. I was out of the door soon after with my backpack for the day. It wasn't raining right now but if I knew Forks it would start soon enough. I didn't want to jinx it so I grabbed my rain coat and hopped into my car.

The inside was a beautiful as the outside and the leather was the perfect softness. I was so keeping this car. There was another note saying to look in the dashboard. I was a bit confused because the keys had been on my pillow, but whatever. I opened the dashboard to find a brand new smartphone there.

A text was bleeping and I opened it.

Glad you liked the car.

Jasper will give you a few answers

but not all sweetheart.

Captain P. Whitlock

This was just getting weirder and weirder, how was this guy doing this? At least I would get some answers today. Not all apparently but all the little bits helped. Now I just had to get to school. I put the phone in my pocket and drove off.

Getting to school was an experience. Everyone was gawking at my car, guys and girls. It must look like I was rich. Well that would be awkward to explain. No I'm not rich, a random person just bought me a car and gave me an expensive phone. That would be believed, yeah right!

I walked to the office to deal with the transcripts and everything. The woman was helpful and send me on my way with slips that had to be signed and a map of where everything was so I wouldn't get lost on my first day here. I parked my car and got out, ignoring the stares.

I walked to where my locker was and opened it. I quickly threw my stuff in and walked of in search of my first class. Before I could even touch the map stuffed into my back pocket I was approached by two girls.

"Hi you must be Isabella." Okay... friendly much. She didn't even try to look genuine as she smiled at me.

"I am. What do you want?" I so had wanted to avoid this. Why were there airheads in every school. Seriously, what did they even use for make up? Paint most likely.

"We saw you coming into the parking lot and figured you'd like someone to show you around." Really? Cause I thought you just wanted to get to know me for the money you think I have.

"No need I have a map. So bye." I pushed past them and quickly walked off. No need to encourage them. I looked back to see them staring at me in outrage, how dare I ignore them.

It didn't take me long to find my first class, American History and the teacher told me to just take a seat. I took a seat in the back and the teacher looked amused for a second before he looked back to his work. Okay... this was one weird town.

I took out my newest book and decided to read until the lesson started. It wasn't like I had anything else to do. The teacher brought over my book and signed the slip, right I should have asked him that, well now he already did it.

The rest of the class started filling in and most just left me alone. I kept on reading until a throat was cleared in front of me. I looked up to see a guy with half long blond hair standing in front of me.

"You're in my seat darlin'." What a delicious accent he had.

"There is a perfectly good seat next to me so just sit there." It wasn't like he had to sit here right?

"I'm sorry where are my manners, I'm Jasper Hale." So this is the guy that was supposed to give me some answers. He sat down next to me, obviously aware of the fact I wasn't about to move.

"So you're the guy that's going to give me answers?" He looked confused so I took out the note and my phone so I could show him the text. He got a look of understanding and a smirk started to grace his features. Well fuck me.

"So you're Isabella, pleasure to meet you darlin' and don't worry I'll explain what you need to know for now." Well at least that would help. I was about to tell him to start when he continued. "I can't explain here, I will come to your house after school to explain. Until then just follow what the note says." God why was everyone in this town so weird! It was becoming highly annoying.

The lesson started and Jasper and I concentrated on the lesson, halfway through the teacher announced we would do a project in pairs and that we would work with the person next to us. He set us to work and I quickly noticed just how smart Jasper was. He was great to work with. He actually knew what he was doing.

The rest of the day went by quickly, only Biology was awkward since I had to sit next to Edward Cullen. I did as the note said though and simply ignored him for the entirety of the lesson. I wasn't about to jinx my good luck by going against my beneficiator.

Edward almost ran out of the class room and I simply continued on to my last class, PE. My own personal hell. It wasn't that I sucked at sports, I just hated team sports. There were always people who thought they were great but actually sucked and they annoyed me to no end.

Luckily I was allowed to sit this one out so instead I started reading. I was already halfway through my book when the bell rang to signal the end of class. I walked out of the gym to my car, only to find one blond leaning against it.

"I thought you'd come over, not drive with me." He looked amused for a second and simply smiled. Seriously? He wasn't going to answer me?

"My ride was a bit impatient today and when he found out I talked to you he decided to leave me here. You won't make me walk will you?" Ugh just great.

"Hop in and explain why your ride doesn't want you to talk to me." It wasn't a question and he seemed to pick up on it. Nevertheless he got in and I drove off to my home.

On the way there he explained about his brother, how he thought he had some claim to me. I burst out laughing when he explained that Edward thought I was his soul mate. We hadn't even talked. Not at all. He really is desperate then.

I relayed my thoughts from the night before and Jasper burst out laughing. He was obviously glad I had no interest for his brother. Why though, I didn't know.

When we got to my house he jumped out of the car and before I could open my door he had done it for me. He tipped an imaginary hat and I could just see him as an old school cowboy, especially with that faint accent of his.

"Okay, so you need to keep an open mind for this, 'cause it's one hell of a weird story." That was the only warning I got before he started telling his story of vampires, werewolves and just the supernatural in general. To say I was shocked was an understatement. This wasn't just weird, this was life changing. Why did I have to know this! I would have been just fine never knowing any of this.

He continued on with his story, how he was changed and who the captain was. He explained that I would have a place in the supernatural world soon enough and they had wanted to prepare me. That was kind. I would have hated to just burn for three days and then find out about everything. Especially with this bloodlust he mentioned. That would have been hellish.

Jasper went home after ensuring I was doing okay with all this new information. After he left I started dinner and started mulling over everything. Jasper hadn't told me what my place would be in the supernatural world but it would be a place only I could take. He had also told me how Edward couldn't hear my thoughts and Alice, his physic wife, had a hard time seeing me. He thought I was a shield.

When I went to bed I had decided to just make the best of it all and just see them as people, well all except Edward, little creep that he was. He didn't even know me and he had already tried to claim me! Seriously brain damaged that boy.

Charlie didn't seem to mind my contemplative state, he was just happy I was here. Maybe he should pay a little more attention, but at least he cared.


School carried on much in the same way as that first day had. I would have fun with Jasper in the classes we shared and completely ignore the other Cullens. Edward had been adamant in talking to me but I never reacted to anything he said. No way was I falling for his little tricks.

The only other Cullen that I even came close to liking was Jasper's 'twin'. Rose was a major bitch but once you broke through her shell she was a nice person. Peter had texted me about her and had said I could trust her as well. I was thankful for that since she seemed to be able to keep me sane.

My life had become weird but it was a good weird.

Garrett POV

What had that fucker done this time?

He better have a good reason for stealing one of my cars. I may be a nomad but I did keep a house with cars on every continent. I had arrived back at my home in Montana, only to find one of my cars missing, in it's place a note from Peter.

Before you go all cavemen trying to find out who stole your car, I did. You can find it with your mate. Yeah I know. She lives near the Major and he knows what is going on. He explained about the supernatural to her but not about you.

I suggest you go and find her because the mind raper will go after her as well. She's a shield so you also keep her away from the Volturi.

Do you still want to rip me apart now?

Have fun Garrett!

Seriously? He couldn't just call me? Well I guess I would be taking a trip to visit my old friend Carlisle. Maybe now I would finally get to rip apart the mind raper as well, if she was a shield he would have most likely tried to claim her.

Forks, Washington here I come.

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