a story I came up with out of the blue after watching the gargantia series. warning, content may not be for all readers. enjoy

this story takes place after the events of the main series. a few weeks after the defeat of kugel's army things returned to normal for the citizens of gargantia, but for one young man, his world was changed forever.

after his battle with striker and the sacrifice of his A.I partner chamber ledo was finally able to put the war against the hideauze behind him and focus on his new life and newfound freedom. of course without chamber to aid him ledo must now adapt to life on his own, which he has done for the most part. he had full understanding of the earth's language and could speak it well, also he learned to make a life of his own outside of battle having made a living as a full fledged scavenger working under bellows and pinion and learning the value of money. he even acquired a place of his own, a small living quarters given to him by the citizens as a thank you for saving them countless times. all seemed well, though ledo still had one problem. he has yet to truly understand all human emotion as he was about to discover.

it was a calm day as the sea wind blew a gentle breeze, a beautiful day for the fleet of gargantia to pass through. in the dock area several yumboros surface from the water and come up on the dock. one of them opens up and bellows steps out looking around

"well that was quite a haul, though not as much as I though there would be" she says stretching

she then turns to one of the other yumboros and says "hey, ledo. you find something good?"

then the one she was facing opens and ledo hops out of the cockpit.

"no not really. I don't think I got any relics or anything, just some metals" he says looking at the yumboro

"oh, well that's ok we can still use that stuff for valuables. good work as usual. you can take off the rest of today if you like" says bellows

"oh ok, thank you miss bellows" he says

"oh heh no need to be so polite ledo" she says smiling

then on a upper level looking over a rail pinion waves down at them "hey, ledo! when you're done helping the angry cow there I may need your help" he yells

"hey, who are you calling angry cow you prick!?" she yells with a scowl

"ho ho, your fangs are showing bellows. better go take a shower before you burn out" says pinion tauntingly

"why don't you come down and say it to my face, loudmouth?! oh wait, you're not going to. you been real tame since lukkage pussy-whipped you." says bellows with a snicker

"wha?! she did not "pussy-whip" me!" yells pinion

meanwhile ledo has left the docks and is walking around the fleet "hmm what should I do in the meantime? I suppose I will use my money to buy more good food" he says to himself walking

"hey! ledo!" shouts a voice

he looks around hearing it. then from the sky a familiar face flew toward him from a glider. amy lands right in front of him wearing her usual outfit with a bright smile on her face

"ah, amy" he says, a bit happy seeing her

"hi ledo, you just getting back?" says amy

"yes, I am finished for the day" says ledo

"oh good. I have a few more deliveries to make before I finish. so what are you gonna do now?" says amy

"well I'm not sure. I was thinking of getting something to eat" he says

"oh, I'd love to go eat with you. but I can't, haha. not now anyway" she says with a giggle "um, ledo?"

"yes, amy?" he asks

"oh I was wondering, would you like to come to my place later? my brother would like you to visit and... so would I" she says blushing and rubbing her arm

"oh um actually... I was thinking.. I have a place now and I'd like you to come see it.. if you like" he says blushing a bit looking away

"ah, I'd love to ledo! hehe ok it's settled. meet me here around 5 o' clock then show me your place ok?" says amy happily

"ok, here at 5" says ledo nodding

"right well see you later!" says amy as she waves smiling then turns and jumps flying away on her glider

"bye" simply says ledo watching her leave.

he seems entranced looking at her figure from behind as she dashes away. then when she takes off he sees a glimse of her panties from underneath her skirt. at that moment the feeling he had before making his heart beat faster and his body heat up increased. it seems to hit him every time he sees her. the more he sees her the stronger the feeling got. at that moment also he felt the thing between his legs get hard and press against his pants. he of course did not know this feeling as he had never felt it when he was a soldier. he knew he liked amy, but it was becoming an extreme like. he had felt different emotions in his time on earth. happiness, sadness, anger, compassion, but never anything like this. this was lust.

"amy... I feel like... I want to have her... and touch her..." he says to himself.

he decided that he must find out what these feelings were. his next stop, the gargantia library.