Giovanni's whole life he had been obsessed with this pink, floating catlike creature he saw in the woods as a child. He spent his better years hunting it down trying to find out what it was. You can only imagine his astonishment when, at the age of 18 he saw the spitting image of the creature in a Japanese video game called Pokemon under the name "Mew". From that moment his goals changed. No longer was it a pursuit of knowledge, he saw how powerful the creature was in game he wanted that power for himself. No, he DESERVED that powered that power. After all he sacrificed looking for the creature it's power was rightfully his. Today, after 30 years he sits on his chair smirking as he oversees the work of the organization he formed to search for mew.
They finally found found it... Giovanni thought to himself as he looked at the most recent search results. Finally, that power is within reach, now all I need do is reach out and grab it!
He stood up and walked over to the grunt that had handed him the search results.
"You say that mew has been trailing a child?"
"Y-yes." Said the grunt, obviously terrified of Giovanni.
"Good..." Said Giovanni as his lips moved into a mischievous grin. "Tell the others that we are leaving for this child's hometown. I'd like to have a chat with him."
The grunt ran off leaving Giovanni to his thoughts. Team Rocket... He had named his organization after the in-game criminals led by the brilliant Giovanni, who just so happened to share his name. He had a great deal of respect for the virtual gangster, though he was disappointed that he was defeated by a mere child.
"That won't happen to me." Muttered Giovanni. "I've got to much to lose."

Thanks for reading! I'll update the story soon, in the next chapter I'll introduce the main character. I don't think I'll be doing to many chapters from Giovanni's POV.