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*3 weeks later*

I dust my hands off on my jeans. I know that if I don't unpack everything before Tori gets home she's going to insist on helping me and she's already done enough for me. Besides this is my last box.

I grab my knife and cut through the tape. I remove the flaps on either side of the box and see the purple envelope on top of all my school supplies.

How did I forget about that? I carefully grab the envelope like it's about to explode.

Tobias has visited me every weekend I've been gone but he and I decided that if he keeps visiting too frequently it might be harder for me to forget about him and focus on the new life I'm about to start here tomorrow at my new school. Wingrove academy. It sounds fancy and nice and nothing like Gallagher High but if I'm being honest Tori was the only reason I even kept going to school there. And now she's teaching at Wingrove. She and I were there for round up last week and we both agreed that the students seemed much nicer than Gallagher's. The fact that there's no porn drawn on the bathroom walls is just a bonus.

I carefully lift the seal off the envelope, not wanting to rip anything. I pull out the letter and unfold it. I begin reading.

Dear Tris,

If you did what I asked you're in your new house reading this letter. I hope you like it there. I also hope people at school are more nice to you. I already kind of miss you just writing this letter. I'm sad that you're leaving because I really like you. A lot. I thought you'd want to know just in case I didn't kiss you goodbye beore you left. You can see why I failed my writing exam now. I know that I'm not perfect and that I'm a dick. A huge one. But you bring out the 'un-dick' in me. Why do you think I felt so guilty at the party? If it were any other nerd I would've been fine and partied hard into the night. But you're my nerd so of course I felt guilty. And when you totally smashed Peter at mini golf I could've kissed you after seeing the look on his face. I would've done it earlier but he would've gotten me in trouble with my dad so I usually let him win. I remember trusting you with all my secrets at the coffee shop. I knew that I could and I now live with my mother, away from that ass. Thanks to you. Thank you for this summer Tris. I won't forget it. I'm not sure if we'll work out in the way that I hope but I know I'll never forget you either. See you in Spring at the Club life tour. I'm counting down the days. I miss you. (I mean you're not gone right now but I bet I'll miss you when you leave.) I should stop writing now.


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