Stargate Ascension of the Fifth Race

Chapter One

The Origin of Terra

In the large galaxy known as the Milky Way or Avalon was the Sol System.

It was a small system with only eight planets as well as several dwarf-planets, planetoids, and asteroids all orbiting a single main sequence star, but this small and isolated system was perhaps one of the most historically important and diverse systems in a number of Galaxies.

It was not the system itself that was so important. No it was a single planet, the third from the yellow dwarf star, a green and blue world, the only planet in the system that supported life.

Many names had been given to this small planet throughout its history. To the original settlers it was known as Terra. To the frequent observers it was also called Midgard or Tau'ri by those that pillaged it, but to its inhabitants it was simply called Earth.

To know the start of the planet's long history, you would need to look an estimated sixty million years in the past when the planet was discovered by the first evolution of Humanity, a highly evolved and incredibly advanced race of humans called Altera who had travelled from the very distant Celestis Galaxy after splitting away from their own society due to two different factions pursuing two different ways of life.

Arriving on the ship known as Genesis after many longs years of travel, they landed on the planet of Dakara and began to settle in the Milky Way. They discovered Terra during their exploration and chose the planet as their new Homeworld. It was to become what would be the centrepiece of their domain.

The Ancient Altera, as this group were called at this place in history, were responsible for many inventions and advanced technologies being created, and one technology became their most iconic and is believed to be their greatest achievement.

The Stargate.

In their language the device is called an Astoria Porta. Its purpose is to allow for near-instantaneous transportation between two different points in space, for example two planets on either side of the galaxy. It did this by creating an artificial wormhole between two gates through which a user could step through one gate and exit the other in an entirely different location and on a different planet.

They created a vast Stargate Network throughout the Milky Way that connected all of the worlds that the Ancient Altera had colonised and visited and allowed for a speedy method of transportation across their large domain. The network itself was expanded out into neighbouring galaxies where they occasional interacted with the native advanced races.

The Ancient Altera colonised many of the planets within the Milky Way Galaxy and carried out great terraforming projects, creating a huge number of worlds fit for habitation.

As a race, they were focused on scientific study, and during their travels to the Milky Way aboard Genesis they had discovered a mystery in the very fabric of the universe. Once they had settled on Terra, they built a series of ships that would venture out into the unknown regions of space and lay a path.

The pathfinding ships were sent out unmanned to gather data from the many galaxies that they encountered and even provided a rudimentary gate system to each galaxy it passed through. The data they collected was streamed directly into a larger ship, a ship that was built not to find paths through the many galaxies but to find the answer to the oldest question in the universe, an answer it would spend millions of years collecting portions of the answer to. But, the ship would never be visited by its creators and would continue on a lone, long after they had left the universe.

Five to Ten Million years ago saw the fall of the Ancient Altera domain when a Great Plague spread throughout the galaxy and seemed to predominantly target Ancient Altera physiology, but other races were also affected to various degrees, the plague decimated the Ancient Altera population. In a short time their population dropped to a mere few hundred.

In order to escape the Plague, the remaining Ancient Altera came together and planned to relocate the great city of Atlantis to the neighbouring Pegasus dwarf galaxy, but first they enacted measures that would seed new life into the galaxy that they had called home. Using their own genetic template, they created a second evolution of themselves from a much earlier point in their own development so that the seeded species would not be affected by the plague, and so Human life in its primate state was created.

From Dakara the Ancient Altera unleashed the power of the device they had built and used their own Gate Network to spread out the field that would nullify the effect that the plague was having on the galaxy and reseed life, and with that done the remaining Ancient Altera amassed in Atlantis and travelled to the Pegasus with the hopes of rebuilding their civilisation.

The humans of Terra continued to develop after their creators left and began to evolve and eventually created civilisations, and the Planet came to be called Earth by its new natives.

Earth was discovered in 9,177 BC by a species called the Goa'uld, a sentient parasitic Race that took other beings as host for their own purposes. The being found that human-kind would make for more suitable Hosts than the Unas from its Homeworld and would make for suitable labourers.

The being used the current belief system of the population to install himself as a powerful god, using the image of the sun god Ra to subjugate the humans into his service, and created the means for others of his species to take new hosts and take on the names and personifications of the ancient Egyptian gods.

Ra abducted vast numbers of humans from Earth and distributed them among his planets throughout the galaxy using the Stargate network, as did other Goa'uld. They used the cultures of the people to create a false perception of themselves in order to keep them under their control with the help of technology.

Earth was ruled by Ra until 3,000 BC when a rebellion against his imposed slavery occurred, and he fled the planet. The planet was cut off from the Galaxy when the Stargate that Ra had installed on the planet was buried.

Because of the actions of the Ancient Egyptians, the true history of the planet was lost as they tried to remove all evidence of the slavery to the false gods, and for two thousand years this truth lay hidden from the population of Earth.

Ra never told his fellow System Lords of his defeat on Earth, and so the planet was left alone out of fear of Ra's retribution. It allowed the planet to continue to develop without the oppression of the Goa'uld. Due to the loss of the gate network it remained undiscovered, allowing Earth to develop to a home of billions of Humans, enter an industrialised age, and develop weapons technology.

The Stargate was discovered at Giza in Egypt, and after years of study the secrets of the Stargate and galactic gate travelled was unlocked. However, Earth found itself in a galaxy that was under the control of the System Lords of the Goa'uld, who had once enslaved Earth. In order to defend the planet, the Stargate Program was created to produce viable technology to protect the people of Earth from Alien threats.

The Goa'uld were technologically superior to Earth, possessing weapons and ship technologies they lacked but they perceived Earth as a threat as they would not accept their authority of status as gods. And so began the Earth-Goa'uld War.

The war had lasted a long time, but eventually the System Lords had been defeated. The people of Earth had contributed to their defeat greatly with the help of their off world allies. From the war they had begun develop faster and soon had built their first interstellar ship.

The second mass conflict that Earth had participated in was the war against the scourge known as the Replicators, a form of advance robots whose only directive was to reproduce themselves indefinitely but would protect themselves and would assimilate advanced technologies in order to continue to primary directive.

Replicators, so named because of their prime directive, had been at a war with the Asgard, one of the most advanced technological races in the known Galaxy since the Ancient Altera had left. They were winning. However, Earth and the Asgard were able to win strategic victories over the Replicators, and eventually the threat ended when Samantha Carter of Earth, Sel'mak of the Tok'ra and the Ba'al of the Goa'uld were able to re-program the Ancient device on Dakara and destroy the remaining replicators in the Milky Way where they had fled.

Stargate Command had inadvertently rekindled an ancient feud when they had been researching the origins of the Ancient Altera and had used an Ancient Communication device to travel to the Celestis galaxy.

The Ori were the Alterans that the Ancient Altera had fled from. They, like their fellow beings, had followed the same evolutionary path and ascended. They had also seeded human life in their galaxy but had forced humans to worship them as gods through the teaching of a religion called Origin.

When the Ori discovered the untapped human populations that their Ascended brethren had hidden from them, they had begun a crusade of the Milky Way Galaxy in order to convert the population to Origin and finally destroy the Ancient Altera, whom they perceived as a threat.

The Ori were one of the strongest enemies Earth faced, having technology that rivalled only the Ancient Altera, but Earth found a way of defeated the Ori using Ancient Altera technology to destroy the Ascended Ori and to show the truth of the Ori to the Priors, ending the Earth-Ori war.

While the three conflicts had been happening within the Milky Way Galaxy, a small expedition of humans from Earth had been sent through the Stargate to the address of the legendary city of Atlantis in the hopes of finding the Ancient Altera, who had fled millions of years previously.

Instead, they discovered the fabled city at the bottom of the ocean, dormant and empty.

The Ancient Altera, when they had arrived in the Pegasus Galaxy, had arrived on Lantea and had begun to expand and rebuild their society, but something unforeseeable happened: the creation of a race of beings called Wraith.

The Wraith were a race of humanoid creatures that were native to the Pegasus Galaxy. They fed on human life for sustenance. A war had broken out between the Wraith and the Ancient Altera, who became known as the Lanteans. The war had lasted years, and eventually due to their superior numbers the Wraith had beaten back the Lanteans until all they had was Atlantis. Despite their most advanced technology and weapons, they were defeated. They decided to go back to Earth and return at a later time and deal the with the Wraith.

The Atlantis Expedition inadvertently awoke the Wraith from their slumber, and so began the Earth-Wraith War. Despite overwhelming odds, the Expedition won many victories with a small number of losses. Their greatest loss was their first commander, Elizabeth Weir.

She had been lost to the Asurans. The Asurans were a failed experiment of the Lanteans using nanites. They were more advanced versions of the Replicators from the Milky Way, and they had assimilated the technology of their creators. They had been a powerful enemy. Elizabeth had been lost to the Asurans, but the Atlantis team had their revenge eventually when they had destroyed Asuras.

Despite the off world activities and threats to Earth, the general population of the planet had no idea just what a pivotal role in galactic affairs their small planet had had. Even when the planet had been in danger from enemy fleets had been above the planet or otherwise in the Sol system, they have been blissfully unaware of the danger.

In fact, they had been blissfully unaware that not three hours ago a ship never before seen in the Milky Way had appeared above the planet that they called home.

It was a Wraith Hive ship unlike any that had ever been seen even in the Pegasus Galaxy from which it had travelled. The Hive had been augmented from the power of a Zero Point Module (ZPM) a Lantean power source with incredible potential. The Hive had used the available power to upgrade their organic ships beyond their normal limits.

The zpm-hive had defeated the Earth Defence Fleet as its hull had been impervious to their weapons, and just as the hive arrived over Earth, which was defenceless as the Weapons Platform had been destroyed, the City of Atlantis returned to Earth for the first time since it had left millions of years ago.

The city used its experimental wormhole drive in order to reach Earth in a last ditch effort to stop the Wraith from attacking the planet and had served as a distraction in order to allow the small Atlantis Reconnaissance Team to set off a nuclear device within the Hive, destroying it from within.

Atlantis had been in trouble after the battle. The city required a considerable amount of power to operate, and utilising the stardrive, inertial dampeners, shields, weapons and the wormhole drive had taxed the city to its max. The city began to fall into Earth's Atmosphere.

Many sightings of a gigantic fireball had been posted on social media and been shown on the news but what had been dismissed as a satellite that had fallen from orbit due to a stray asteroid by the governments of the world had been the city. Its descent had finally been controlled and had landed off the coast of San Francisco.

They had moved the city into a private bay just off the coast. It was privately owned by an American billionaire, but the US government and the IOA had rented it to protect the City, and US ships guarded it to prevent its discovery. It had nearly been discovered by a commercial vessel that sailed too close before they had moved it.

Of course, a great city of glittering spires and glass would be easily seen if not for the fact that it was covered in a cloaking field that rendered the city invisible to anyone outside of the field. The downside to this was that the shield required a continuous supply of power to maintain the cloak, and the City's three ZPM's had been drained extensively. To alleviate some power requirements, seven new Mark III naquadah generators had been fitted into the base of the control tower, but their power was not a permanent solution.

Standing in Stargate Operations within the city's Control Tower was Richard Woolsey, the former leader of the Atlantis Expedition, but his future was now less certain just like that of the city had he had grown so fond of. He would need to wait for the IOA to tell him what would happen next.

When the city had touched down, they had moved it into the private bay and finally deactivated the propulsion systems. However, a subroutine in the Atlantis's mainframe activated automatically. The long distance sensors began to peer out into the space around the planet and into the neighbouring systems. The city sensors expanded and then began a detailed scan of the planet. As it did so, the city operating system entered a slumber and became unresponsive.

"Doctor McKay, can you please come to Operations?" Woolsey said into his ear piece after he had been updated on further failures to reboot the City systems from other scientists.

"On my way," Rodney replied over the radio, "I have just finished calibrating the generators; they should last for a few weeks at least."

It only took a few minutes before he arrived from the transport booth.

"Still offline?" Rodney asked impatiently, walking over to the consoles.

"Yes, all stations are online, but the systems will not respond," Chuck told him.

"I know. I had to bypass all systems just to initiate the city cloak. It wasn't a pretty fix" Rodney said. He pulled a laptop towards him, "I think the city is still scanning, but I have no idea why –"

The city systems suddenly began to reboot, and all displays woke again, showing them telemetry for the planet and the Sol System. The city's sensors had discovered the Ancient Weapons platform in the Antarctic Outpost. The SGC was flagged as the location of a Stargate, and it detected the technologies being studied in Area 51, including Asgard science, which the City recognised.

The screens showed the scans that the City had done of the local system, and it identified the many thousands of satellites that encircled the planet and even probes, but it showed the planets that were in the system, too. Then, the Gate Room came to life.

The Pegasus Model Stargate's chevrons lit up, but it wasn't dialling. The constellations that encircled the gate flashed and changed into new ones before reverting back again. Then, the chevrons went dark.

The floor around the Gate suddenly opened up with parts of the floor retracting, leaving and from within the space two metal claws rose up on either side of the gate and gripped the gate.

"Doctor McKay?" Woolsey asked, looking very worried.

"I don't –"Rodney said, stepping forward, just as confused.

The Gate was lifted from its setting, and the floor retracted further. From the new opening, something began to rise out of the floor: a Milky Way Model Stargate. It wasn't the normal grey. Instead, this gate had a metallic golden sheen, but it was a Milky Way model with blocked constellations and red chevrons.

The Pegasus Model was retracted within the opening, and then the floor was returned to normal, looking no different than it would normally apart from the gate that now graced the room.

"I never knew that was there!" Rodney said, walking down the steps to look at the gate, "I carried out a detailed scan of this floor after the lockout device was used by the Lanteans, but I did not get any readings on this."

"Rodney, this gate is old," Zelenka said, looking at it, "but it has the same point of origin symbol as Earth."

"That's impossible!" Rodney exclaimed, "our symbol came from the gate Ra brought to Earth. That would mean that the Goa'uld somehow changed the symbol, but why?"

"Well the symbol does resemble a pyramid and a sun, and he was the god of the sun," Woolsey said. "Why wouldn't he keep it?"

"No –" Rodney said, staring at the symbol critically. "This symbol is slightly different. The circle has marks on it, nine lines…It's a Stargate!"

"Well, it stands to reason the network was built from Earth," Zelenka said, shrugging, "the Ancients must have taken the Earth Gate with them and installed another before they left. They must have created the Pegasus model when they were there and just placed this into storage? Or where ever it just came up from..."

"True, but why has the city changed gates? The Pegasus gate would take precedence automatically," Rodney said as he stormed back up to operations and checked the systems.

"Atlantis, this is General Landry at the SGC," came a voice over the radio.

"Go ahead, General," Woolsey replied.

"I don't suppose you will know why our gate systems just turned off," he asked, sounding very annoyed.

"I think we might have an idea," Woolsey said, raising his eyebrows in surprise and looking at McKay and Zelenka in question

"General," McKay said, tapping into the frequency, "Atlantis has changed the gate that in Stargate Operations to a Milky Way Model. We believe that this may be the original Earth gate. It might be possible the gate network itself recognises it as the dominant gate for this location and has locked yours out, like a Pegasus model does if introduced to this network."

"Can you not deactivate your gate?" he asked gruffly, no doubt glaring at his communication terminal.

"No, the system was automatic, and I haven't found access to it," Rodney said honestly and a bit put out.

"Doctor, I have seven off world teams scheduled for check in within the next two hours and a further seven teams waiting to go off world. We need our gate back up and running," General Landry demanded.

"General, I think for the time being Atlantis can deal with all off world travel," Woolsey said, "at least for the time being before a permanent solution can arranged."

"Very well. For now, please have your Atlantis Reconnaissance Teams stand in for now. I will have the SG teams transported over. Landry out."

Over the next few weeks, Atlantis had seen a great many people walk its corridors. Stargate Command had temporarily been relocated to the city. The SG teams and AR teams had merged to become a united team of people travelling the Milky Way.

John Sheppard, for his services whilst Ranking Military Officer, was given the promotion to Colonel, while Evan Lorne was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Other personnel were similarly advanced.

The Atlantis science department was kept on the city permanently, as had the operations technicians. John had appealed directly to General O'Neill after the IOA tried to have the SGC technicians and Area 51 scientists replace the Atlantis personnel. Many scientists could not wait to get into the database and technology in the city, but they had to be curtailed to prevent accidents, and areas of the city were locked down.

Earth's fleet had been badly damaged in the Battle with the Super-Hive. Only one ship had escaped the damage. Odyssey had been unavailable due to it being sent to a distant planet to set up a new base to study the mystery of the Stargate Ninth Chevron. They required the planets naquadria core for the research. Earth had been unable to reach the ship for fear of the Alliance discovering it on the edge of their territory.

USS Daedalus, Apollo sat over the planet undergoing repairs, getting them back to being battle ready. The newly constructed George Hammond had been rushed into service and had been sent to recover the crippled Sun Tzu, which was also undergoing extensive repairs that would take months.

This left the George Hammond the only ship currently operational that was readily available for the defence of the planet.

The Daedalus-Class had seen significant improvements and upgrades since the initial design of Daedalus. When the Asgard had fitted various upgrades to Odyssey before they committed mass suicide, the technicians of Earth had been able to retrofit some of the technologies like the Asgard designed Plasma Beam Weapons to other ships in the fleet, but others could not be so easily just be added.

When the Prometheus had been Earths flagship, they had made great strides with ship technologies and advances, which necessitated a new design of ship, giving birth to the Daedalus-class. The Class had been built from the ground up with the most current technologies. Since construction began, it had become a well proven design, so with the more recent advances made were being incorporated into a new series of the Class using information from the Asgard Core and the Ancient Database.

George Hammond was the first Mark II built, and its systems were the most advanced with better shielding, weapons and power generation. The command had been debated, but it had been given to the recently promoted Brigadier General Samantha Carter, a legend in the Stargate Program and a former member of SG-1, leader of the Atlantis Expedition, a woman who had pushed Earth technology into a new age and had been instrumental in the defeat of the Goa'uld, Replicators, Ori, Lucian Alliance, Asurans and the Wraith.

Odyssey was an oddity in the fleet. When the Asgard had built into it a database that contained the knowledge of the entire race, the Asgard Core had been built into the ship's own systems, and none wanted to risk the core by trying to remove it from Odyssey, so it remained aboard and was studied intently by scientists, helped by Doctor Daniel Jackson, but it was a war ship, which necessitated it being sent out on missions.

Command of the ship had previously been given temporarily to Colonel Cameron Mitchell for its the mission to the Celestis Galaxy to uncover the Ark of Truth, and in that mission Earth had finally defeated the Ori. Afterward, the command had been officially granted to him along with a promotion to Brigadier General.

The fleet of Earth was growing with a larger number of Daedalus-Class Battle cruisers in production, but it was also being debated whether to begin the production of an improved design of an earlier class.

The Improved-Prometheus-Class was in the initial stages of being designed, but the IOA had the idea scrapped as they would not help with its construction, preferring all efforts being put to the construction of the Daedalus-Class.

Rodney had been called on to help with the Icarus project but had refused to leave the city, and the SGC had even drafted in help from Jeanie, Rodney's sister.

The Atlantis database was also a cause of frustration due to the protections and redundancies built into it by the Ancient Lanteans. They had written into the very base code of the database that it could not be removed or the data would be destroyed, and the entire database could not be transferred to a new data core as the security features prevented this. It even stopped the transfer of many portions (of what?) to external data cores, so the scientists were forced to study it on Atlantis on the city's terminals.

The City had caused great debates across the world and especially with the IOA as nobody could agree on what should happen with the great city. Some wanted it to return to Pegasus. Others wanted it in the Milky Way to become a the first off world colony. Others wanted it left on Earth to serve as SGC and Homeworld Command but as an international facility.

However, a large faction of the oversight committees wanted the city to be stripped of all salvageable technology and material and be scrapped as they did not see what function it had. They believed that the Pegasus Galaxy was too far away to care about, and they were not a threat to Earth. They believed that the Wraith should be left to Pegasus.

An alliance formed between Woolsey, O'Neill, Carter and Sheppard as they believed they still had an obligation to the humans of the Pegasus Galaxy. If they were not in Pegasus, they would have no idea if the Wraith were trying to reach the Milky Way not to mention the possibility of finding further Ancient technology.

But one thing was for sure: the future of the Atlantis expedition was bleak.


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