Stargate: Ascension of the Fifth Race

Chapter Forty One

The Spear

Pegasus Galaxy – Volcanis – Castor Vault

The Atlantis team had been able to make their way through the vault into the deeper levels, something that had not been easy. The Vault security hologram didn't help them and acted more as a hinderance. It would distract them while security features activated and it couldn't tell them more about the security systems or deactivate them.

John and the small team had been attacked by various genetically engineered creatures, what they had been originally was not clear but whatever they were, it was old and they were mad. Being left in stasis had not been good for them and the team thought the experiments had never been sanctioned by the Ancient Lantean High Council.

Other security features were also activated, automated mechanical drones, weapons systems and shielding activated numerous times and the team had been forced to defend themselves or work a way around an obstacle.

In reality the entire vault was a security system, the further they travelled into the deeper levels the hotter the vault got. The Vanir had not been as fortunate as the Lanteans having tripped many of the defences and killing four of them, if it hadn't been for the bodies the Lanteans might have also fallen prey to the weapons fire.

They discovered that the Vanir while unsuccessful in their first attempt to enter the vault had managed to fine another way in by exploiting a weak point in the structure and the shielding to smash a way through themselves and they had got ahead of the Lantean team.

Oddly there was a second layer of security which they found, controlling some of the defences. To access them required the mental key that only responded to one of the twins and John hadn't even been able to detect the interfaces let alone use them once active.

The twins were able to open numerous doors thanks to their odd level of access, but most of the doors had been forces open by the Vanir. They didn't have the key but their technological prowess was superior to the humans.

After forty minutes they caught up with the Vanir who were trying to penetrate another large metal door which like the one which was guarded by the hologram was impressive and impenetrable but that did not deter the Vanir and they were now trying to cut their way in.

John, Ronon and Frederick crouched behind doorway for cover as they watched, the cutting instruments they were using were having no effect on whatever the doors composition was.

"You are ill advised to continue trying to access Castors Vault." The Hologram said pointedly, "That door can only be opened by either Castor, Pollux or even Zeudes."

"Your function is to protect this facility, not lecture." Said one of the armoured suits which contained the Vanir. "Your creators are long dead, their people have all left this plane of existence, your continued operations are redundant.

"Your conclusion is flawed." The Hologram said simply, "That door can only be opened by Castor, Pollux and Zeudes Genetic imprint. Should you continue to try and penetrate the Vault you will be killed."

The Vanir were getting frustrated and increased the output of power to their cutter but it still had no affect.

"You got a plan?" Ronon asked John, "We are even in numbers but those suits are protection against all weapons fire."

"Those suits are based on Ancient Lantean or Alteran technologies could we not exploit a flaw or something?" Frederick asked his brother, "Have you ever studied them?"

"There are no examples of those suits or even a precursor on Atlantis, but we have seen references and some schematics." Matthew shrugged, "Its not my area of research, although from what I am aware other than those found on Destiny no research has been conducted by anyone."

John ground his teeth as he thought, they had to get passed them.

"Any idea on a weakness?" John asked him, "Anything at all?"

"Aim for the back of the neck?" Matthew said half heartedly but he frowned, "From what I remember from the reports filed by Dr Jackson and Dr McKay those suits are used to overcome their physical restrains and because their home is toxic and uninhabitable."

"That's how they managed to evade the Wraith." John agreed, he knew that, "How does that help?"

"Well the ancients created them to EVA, but from what we know from Destiny they can be damaged." Matthew said quickly thinking hard and studying them around the corner, "They are not employing a shield, and I doubt that the alloy is thick. If we aim for the Regulators on the back and other weak points with the P90's we might actually have a shot."

Frederick groaned at the pun but looked concerned, "What about our energy weapons?"

"I do not think they will work." Matthew said cautiously, "If they have any dampening tech within the suit the energy from the weapons will be dissipated not unlike the Institute Combat suits."

"So projectile weapons." John said agreeing and he pulled up his P90 as did Frederick, Ronon took the gun from Dr Weir as she didn't even know how to fire it.

They stepped out from the doorway and John was just about to announce them but the Vanir detected them.

"The Lanteans have come." Said the lead Vanir and he opened fire with his plasma pistol.

The firefight was fast and brutal, luckily none of the Atlantis team got hit and Frederick and John shot them straight in the eyes of the suits to blind them while Ronon peppered other areas and they killed three of them before they had to retreat back out of the room.

"As you can see, you are susceptible to our weapons fire." John shouted, "You are trespassing on a Ancient Lantean facility, the Vanir and Asgard have no right to enter this facility. That right is reserved to the people of Earth as the Ancient's children."

"You may be their children, you may even come from Terra where they made their home, but you have no claim to their entire heritage. All humans are their descendants." The Asgard dismissed, "We seek to save our people and we will fight to our deaths to make sure we succeed."

"Then you will die!" Ronon spat and he expanded a magazine around the doorway but no idea if he had hit anything.

"Death is meaningless to the Vanir." The leader stated, "You are aware of the Asgard species you know how we endure."

John knew exactly what he meant, their dead would be reborn once more in new bodies and their consciousness downloaded into them, it was perhaps an advantage of being a clone.

"Let me try." Elizabeth said and John paused not wanting to put her in danger but knowing if any of them had a chance to prevent bloodshed it would be her and her diplomatic skills. "My name is Dr Elizabeth Weir, I am from Earth and I was once an Asuran Replicator. But I also briefly spent some time among the Ascended."

"What do you tell us this?" The Vanir asked, "Your history is of no consequence."

"Then perhaps you would be interested to know who it was that I met in my brief time among them." Elizabeth continued barely registering the interruption. "My return to this life was given to me by one name Odr, perhaps that name means something to you."

The Vanir paused and there was a long silence, before it was broken.

"You seek to deceive us." The Vanir said but it sounded less sure of itself now.

"No, I met Odr once after I broke the rules of the Ascended." Elizabeth said and John watched her with surprise she had never mentioned meeting this person. "From my own research I believe that she was a Asgard, I am not sure whether Aesir or Vanir but I think she might be one of the only Asgard to ever achieve Ascension."

"Your deduction is correct." The Vanir said, "If what you said is true then our efforts here must be doubled."

"So you seek the device, a device that can interact with the high plane?" Elizabeth stated, "You wish to what? Force Odr to return to the mortal plane? For what end?"

"That is our concern Dr Weir." The lead vanir said, and it pointed towards them, "enough of this incapacitate them while we get through this door."

"You will not open that door." The Hologram said, "It can only be opened by Castor…"

"Deactivate that program." The Vanir said sternly.

John, Frederick, Ronon and Matthew looked at each other, they would have no choice but to kill them, they launched themselves out of cover and fired. Frederick took a glancing shot to his arm leaving a painful burn and missing tissue but it did not stop him and he continued to shoot, his brother came from now where and reached his side in order to protect his flank.

The room was getting hotter and hotter, the air thinning with each breath and it was making it all the more harder for the humans to breath, while the Vanir had the advantage of their suits.

But thanks to the new ammunition received from the SGC having been developed in tandem with Area 51 and the Institute the Diamond and naquadah tipped explosive rounds which had been designed to combat the wraith advanced healing factor, but they were just as effective on Vanir exo-skeletons.

Only the lead Vanir remained alive and it was putting up a very hard fight, but it would not stop and time was running out.

John and Ronon flanked the vanir while Frederick and Matthew drew its fire head on, and the Vanir may have advanced sensors within their visors it four on one was bad odds even for them.

The Vanir must have known this so tried to run away but it didn't get far as John and Ronon's bullet hit the exo-skeleton in the back and cut its power and it fell to the floor crippled.

"You may have defeated me Humans but you will never unlock the Vault, and should you accomplish that we will come, our survival depends on it." The Vanir said and as it did the suit pulsated and the back withdrew and it revealed the weakened Vanir inside who clambered out.

"We are not your enemies by choice." John told it sternly, "This is your own doing."

He lifted his gun to kill it and be done with it but Elizabeth stopped him with a touch to the arm.

"He is defenceless and unarmed, he poses no threat in his condition and he is without any technology." She told him, but she was looking at it sympathetically, "Earth was very good friends with the Asgard, and one our leading military members was personal friends with Supreme Commander Thor. The Asgard killed themselves to prevent their technology being pillaged by an ancient evil and chose to end their lives due to unsuccessfully overcoming their failed cloning process."

"We too have not overcome the constraints our forebears created by the errors in the early cloning stages of our development." The Vanir said, "Our experiments with humans failed, this is our only choice should we wish to continue our existence."

"So this Ancient Lantean device actually works?" Frederick guessed, "How did you find it?"

"We found mention of this facility in the outpost where the Ancient Janus conducted the Attero tests." He said, "We were able to deduce the location and we heard tell of Castor long ago, his father was also known to us."

"As a genetic expert I would guess he would be of help to you." John said darkly, and he turned to the doorway and regarding it carefully, he was not sure they could ever bust it open, even a drone didn't look like it could make a dent.

The Hologram was standing next to the door smirking and watching, or at least that was what its program was making it do.

"Can you open this door?" John demanded.

"I have already said that this door requires the imprint of Castor, Pollux or Zeudes." It said, "Only their imprint can open the door to access what lies inside."

"And what lies inside?" Frederick asked.

"Only that which Castor did not wish to be destroyed." The Hologram said, "you have but five minutes until this facility is engulfed in fire."

John turned to Matthew as his normal go to guy for anything relating to advanced technology was lost to the Wraith currently. "Any idea?"

Matthew walked forward and looked at it critically, "I do not see any terminal, socket or any way to interact with the door, it must have some type of secret way of opening."

"Only the genetic imprint of my creator, his brother or father could open that door." The Hologram said once more.

John looked at it again, and frowned, despite the hair colour difference at the fact that the hologram was of an older man with long hair and a bearded otherwise looking like Merlin or Dumbledore there was something about it that bugged him.

"Yes you have already said that, how about something helpful?" Frederick muttered darkly, "We are on a time limit here."

"I have told you, only the genetic imprint…"

"Ignore him." Elizabeth said, "We need to get that door open, and we need to leave soon."

Nodding and pulling out his handheld device Matthew walked forward and began to try and scan the door to find its open button. "I think there is something here." Matthew said pointing at a spot a moment later, the reading is weak but something is in this spot." He reached out and prodded a single spot.

As he touched the door light danced across the metal, and it formed a large network of interconnecting lines across it and the shone like stars and then words formed in the air on a holographic display sprang up and ancient script appeared.

Genetic Profile Accepted.

Recurring genetic template and Isomorphic Lantean genetic key detected.

Profile Match: Pollux

Genetic heritage: P.

Origin: Unknown

"What did you do?" Frederick asked in wonder, "Why does it think you are Pollux?"

Matthew didn't get to say anything else as the door opened and then the metal structure of the room they were in began to melt away and molten lava came pouring in only to be stopped by a shield.

"RUN!" John shouted and he grabbed hold of Elizabeth's Arm while Ronon picked up the frail little Vanir and they ran into the room.

"You were warned." The Hologram said before its holographic projector was consumed by the lava and it dissipated.

The Vault was not large, it was perhaps fifty feet and circular and filled with all manner of devices, it was a vault or depository where the brothers and perhaps their father left all their inventions.

"Do we even know what we are looking for?" Ronon shouted.

"Spear." The Vanir said.

John hardly heard what he said and he saw at the very end of the vault was a large platform and suspended over a podium was the spear or device he had seen in his dreams.

"Its there." He said and they ran towards it even as the lava followed them in, he was sweating profusely now and the smell around him made him fill sick.

But like the door there seemed to be no way for them to get it, no on of off switch and even Matthew was unable to deactivate it by touching it, although he was running his hands across every surface like a blind man.

"Here!" He suddenly said while examining a wall which was slowly growing hotter, he was pointing at a hole that had appeared not much wider than a fist, he was now pointing his small diagnostic device into it and it was beeping and glowing, "I think there is a control device in there."

"Reach in and press it then." Ronon exclaimed and he placed the Vanir on the floor where it lay unmoving now.

"There is a stream of lava between me and the button." Matthew said desperately, "In order to push it you must push you hand through the lava."

Matthew pocketed his device and went to thrust his hand into the hole before John could even stop him, but just as he hand reached the hole a stunner hit Matthew in the side, John spun around and saw Frederick bolstering his weapon.

"What the hell!" John exclaimed.

"My brother is not going to maim himself for this!" He stated firmly and without further talk he moved forward and pulled his brother out the way just as he was coming back around, obviously only hit with a mild powered stunner. "He is not gonna be happy about this."

Frederick thrust his arm deep into the whole and his face contorted in pain and every muscle in his neck could be seen but he didn't cry out even when they knew his arm was being burnt.

The smell was awful, but it was nothing compared to the shout of anguish from Matthew when he woke up and saw what his brother had done, but Frederick didn't here him, the lava and fire was spreading up his arm and it could be seen at his elbow which was at the edge of the hole.

But then a shield sprang around platform, another then appeared in front of it and began to sweep away from them pulling the lava and molten rock away and back out of the structure, the shields then remained and the building was secured once more and oddly didn't even look damaged.

Suddenly Frederick screamed as the fire spread further up his arm, and it ate away his flesh.

Matthew was aghast not knowing what to do, and it was then that Ronon came out of no where and swung his largest knife from the back of his belt at Frederick's arm and slashed through it easily.

The blackened flesh was sickening to see but some of the tissue was not burnt and blackened was red and fleshy and bleeding profusely.

John rushed forward and grabbed hold of his arm, with no time to be delicate he with the help for Ronon thrust his arm back into the hole and used the remaining fire and lava to cauterise it.

Matthew was still shocked but seeing what they had done pulled him out and he looked murderous.

"What have you done!" He demanded.

"Saved him." Ronon grunted.

Frederick fainted only to be caught by his brother.

"We should leave." Elizabeth said weakly and they could see she was trying not to be sick, "the spear is here."

She held it up carefully, it was rather ordinary looking but none of the three men with the ATA gene went to take it, they did not want to activate it. Slowly they made their way back through the vault structure so they could get back to the jumper.

Unnamed Galaxy – Billions of Light Years From Earth

It had been four hours since the crew of Destiny had woken from their long slumber in the stasis halls and slowly they had been getting settled back into their quarters and normal duties were being resumed.

The stasis hadn't caused any adverse effects on the crew at least that they knew, the only observation was that they all lacked an appetite, didn't have a need for water and all bodily functions had stopped.

TJ had ordered every member of the crew to the Mess to eat and drink to force the body back into its natural rhythm.

The only incident had been Eli.

Colonel Young has arrived in the Gateroom to find the dialling console was on and it was showing a data packet with very detailed instructions for how he could dial the ship from itself. It took Young thirty minutes to get the dialling program to accept the instructions and the gate began to dial and then the event horizon appeared.

Eli stepped out of the gate and he smiled at Young but as the gate shut off and then he fell to the floor unconscious.

They transferred him directly to the infirmary and TJ began to work on him but she didn't know what was wrong with him, his brain waves were erratic and he was in an unresponsive coma. She was not sure that he would pull through but she was keeping him comfortable, but the ships instruments said that he was fine.

When Eli had come out of the gate, Destiny had begun to move from its stationary orbit of the sun and it adjusted its trajectory so that it would pass through all fifteen of the planets in the star system, as the ship moved the countdown clock came online.

Doctor Rush gained access to the bridge after the clock activated, and he began to siphon through the vast amounts of data on the star system that the seed ships had set them. He found four habitable worlds, one of which was an Earth-like world.

Colonel Young was content with the state of the crew and the overall status of the ship hasn't changed since they entered stasis. They were fortunate that the ship hadn't developed any further problems during that time but they had a more pressing concern.

Resources were incredibly low on the ship, all of their fresh food had expired, their water supply was low, and their stockpile was the Earth protein powder they had brought from Icarus base was almost entirely depleted.

The food stores were of gravest concern as the hydroponics lab plants had died during their stasis without the power on. The dome had breached while in they were recharging in the blue giant which meant their secondary site for growing their own resources was beyond their reach.

Added to the low food and water supplies, they were also low on munitions, even the supplies that the Lucian Alliance brought with them wouldn't be enough to defend the ship, defend off world teams and hunt for food for long if they found hostile threats.

Young was walking into the bridge when the ships systems beeped and he saw that Doctor Rush and Kyle Brody, and Chloe Armstrong were at consoles.

"Update?" he said taking his own seat in the captain's chair, not that he used its systems.

"The gate has just connected with the gate on the Earth-like planet" Brody said spinning around on his chair to look at him.

"Bridge this is Volker in the gate room" said a voice over the radio.

"Go ahead." Young said .

"We are getting telemetry from the kino, patching it through now" he replied.

The kino feed was fed to the monitors and showed them a vast open plain of grass, surrounded by forests.

"Readings look good, breathable, no pollutants or detectable pathogens." Volker said, "based on the database I would say this is a good place to restock."

Young sat and looked at the feed from the Kino and contemplated their next move, but it was obvious to him as they didn't have a choice.

He pressed the button on his radio, "Lieutenant James assemble teams, we are going to need everything we can get from that planet as our stores are low." Young ordered, "five teams of eight with two military personnel per team and each team must have one of the scientists on it."

"Yes sir." She replied and cut the radio "Do we have a list of what we are looking for?"

Young looked at Rush and Brody, "Can we get some?"

The doctors looked at each other but didn't say anything but Brody nodded, "Sure, give me a few minutes." He then stood from his chair and hurried out off the Bridge.

"We are getting you a list, you will need to split it between the teams and coordinate between you." Young told Lt. James, "We have two hundred and forty hours on the clock, so that should give us ample time to ressuply, we might even get in some R&R."

"Colonel, I would suggest taking the shuttle down to the planet." Rush said unexpectedly

"Why?" Young asked turning his attention away from the cheers he could hear on the other end of the radio.

"From the data we have on this star system, two of the planets in orbit of the star contain vast mineral deposits." Rush said in his usual testy manner, "Those minerals can be used to carry out the repairs this ship needs, the repair robots will need the raw materials to enact repairs as I am sure whatever stores wherever they are must be low."

"Have we found any mining equipment?" Young asked "what about refining equipment?"

"We could use the shuttles weapons systems to remove the raw materials from the planets surface, and then use the shuttle to get them here." Chloe told him.

"I cannot be certain, but in the database there is an area of the ship that is marked as maintenance area in the forward section that we have yet to explore." Rush said bring up the ships schematics, "We wont know for sure until we get someone down to that area, but if I am right then there should be some type of Ancient refinery machines we could make use of."

Volker who had been listening to them over the radio then added, "Even if we don't have access to that section of the ship yet, having a stockpile of materials wouldn't be a bad thing Colonel. As we know this ship requires a great deal of repairs."

"Bullets." Rush added quickly "We could also start to manufacture our own bullets if we got the materials we needed."

Young gave him a look, it was a blatant attempt to sway him using their need of munitions to gain the support of the military commander, but he needn't have bothered he all ready saw the advantages this could have.

"What are we looking for?" Young asked "what minerals?"

"Destiny's hull is an alloy, I have identified a mix of carbon, trinium, naquadah and two substances that are unknown to us." Rush said "however we can patch areas of the hull using any metal alloy, I believe the robots will be able to repair some of the damaged areas. But given the time we have we could use every mineral we can get our hands on."

"Given the composition of the hull, we could patch some small areas with any strong alloy we could produce, but it would be weaker than the original hull." Volker added, "But the other metals can be used to repair internal systems, this ships tech is not as refined as that found on Atlantis, its was built predominantly with circuitry rather than crystal technology."

Young nodded, "do it." he looked up at the countdown "we have ten days, let's make every minute count, I want every member of the crew on the planet on rotation, we need to resupply urgently and it will do everyone good to get off the ship even for a few hours. Rush can you lengthen the time on the countdown?"

"No, the clock is not something we control. Even with the master code," Rush stated sounding irritated and he glared at the offending clock "The AI has initiated a full system diagnostic which is why we have so long on the clock, and I would not want to jump to FTL yet, the drives need a rest after so being used so continuously."

"I would also suggest we carry out a physical inspection of the drive." Volker told them, "the diagnostic isn't always right, we have learnt that to our own cost."

"Yes thank you Mr Volker." Rush snapped.

"When do we check in with Earth?" Chloe asked, "You know people will want to do that after three years of not seeing their families."

"As soon as we are back up and running." Young promised.

Milky Way Galaxy – Lucian Alliance controlled space – USS Sun Tzu

Deep within the Lucian Alliance controlled space the Sun Tzu was crippled, its propulsion drives had been severely damaged and repairs were underway to get the ship operational once more.

Under normal circumstances they would have broadcast a distress beacon or sent out a sub space message but given where they were and how they were stuck it was too much of a risk.

The Alliance had scored a lucky hit on the ship, it was stuck between the Mark I and Mark II design of the Daedalus-Class and its shields were down in the jump to hyperspace.

Captain INSERT NAME watched the space outside the ship with a critical eye, the ship was drifting and it still had its weapons and shields but without propulsion they were sitting ducks.

EVA teams were out even now carrying out maintenance and repairs to the key propulsion systems that couldn't be reached in the ship. It had already been hours and they still had at least three hours left.

The Alliance has known they had fled the area, but they were bound to send out patrols to check the system for any Earth verses, it was just a matter of who got there first, either the repair team or Alliance.

A warning sounded on the bridge alerting them to a the presence of an incoming vessel.

The captain issued very strict orders, "All teams be advised we have incoming, preparing to activate the cloak."

Shimmering the ship disappeared from view, it was a gamble but the Alliance did not have the level of technology needed to detect them so far as they knew.

Two Al'kesh dropped out of hyperspace and began to sweep through the space.

"Do we open fire?" One of the crew asked.

"And give away our position?" The captain asked sternly, "We do nothing."

Another hour went by but the ships did not leave and were sending out pulses, whatever there purpose it didn't do anything to the larger ship.

But then one of the ships changed course and was on a direct intercept path to the Sun Tzu.

The captain looked at the screen detailing the repairs that were complete, they were not going to move anytime soon.

"Order Sir?"

"Get ready to transfer from cloak to shield." The captain ordered, "power the weapons and prepare all missiles."

An alarm for general quarters sounded, the lights in the bridge dimmed and the crew was scrambling to be ready.

"What about the repair teams?" His second in command asked.

"They stay outside." The captain told him, "We can destroy two bombers easily, but they will call reinforcements, we need our engines back online."

His second in commanded nodded, it went unsaid but the chances were those men and women were not going to return to Earth.

The Alliance ship coming in fast and unbeknownst to them were heading straight for the ship, as it got within twenty feet the shield operator had his finger held over the button that would transition from cloak to shield, it took only moments so they were waiting till the last moment.

Suddenly the Sun Tzu materialised and the bomber hit the shield dead on and it was destroyed on impact.

"Destroy the other ship before it reveals our location!" The captain ordered.

The white lance struck out but the ship dodged it due to the distance between them, and it fired its own weapons which hit the shield having no effect.

"Sir! Its broadcasting our location!" The sensor operator said alarmed, "and I have already detected four ships change direction to respond."

Milky Way Galaxy – PX7 MR77 – Human World of Dal'thano

Delphi was once a Goa'uld who had sought to record the entire history of the Goa'uld but she had been defeated and exiled by the first generation of system lords for her blasphemous idea as it could reveal there truth to their falsehoods.

After her exhale the System Lord Ra took control of the planet and made it a world devoted to the worship of him and on one of the many islands had the Grand Temple of the Sun built in his honour. The temple was made of polished black stone, gold and precious gem stones and told the false story of the God Ra.

After Ra was killed by the Tau'ri the planet fell under the control of Apophis and he ordered a new temple built, detailing a false story of how he defeated Ra and took his place as the supreme god. The temple was being built on a smaller island when Apophis was killed but the Dal'thanonan people completed the temple.

This temple was the smallest they had built, with only a twenty foot pyramid of unpolished stone, but surrounded by needles of gold and polished black stone, it might have been the smallest but it was still exquisitely built.

Anubis took control of the planet after, and while he didn't have need of a temple to keep them subjugated to his will he ordered his own temple to be built. It was built on a larger island and took up the most area of the ones they had built but it was only one story to represent his connection to the underworld.

The last Goa'uld to take control of the planet was Baal, he had only taken it to search for hidden secrets but had found none. Unlike he fellow Goa'uld he did not order a temple built as he was fighting the Ori and didn't return.

But the Ori soon arrived and exposed the truth of those they called Gods, the people were sour that their gods were false but refused to demolish the temples that their people had built, instead the Priors only asked that they build a new temple in honour of the Ori which they did.

When the truth that even the Ori were false the people of the world turned away from religion and worship. The temples remained intact to remind people of the falsehoods of gods, and instead they began to look for answers in rational thinking.

SG4 was sent to investigate this world, the Tok'ra had trailed a minor Goa'uld to the planet but had lost track of it, and so Stargate Command was investigating.

The oddness of the planet and its many temple islands made it a great discovery for Earth and the SG team believed that the temples should be visited by Dr Jackson but he was on another mission aboard the Odyssey.

The SG team however had a mission to do and they continued to look for the minor Goa'uld.

Ida Galaxy – Idavoll – Asgard Homeworld

The powerful ship Ragnarok sat high in the atmosphere of the planet, the underside of its hull glowed at five points as Asgardian Matter Stream technology created structures on planet surface.

The structure was large, with one very large cylindrical tower in the centre with others branching out from the centre point like a cross, between each point was water and the structure was encircled by further structures.

Supreme Commander Thor had built this capital building based on an old Asgard design which had been updated while in the Cascade. A large central power core was installed in the heart of the building and it would begin to power the start of the new city.

Ragnarock was in the process of finishing the outer construction of the building but it would require some finer construction needs in the interior by the actual Asgard rather than beaming technology.

A console chimed drawing the supreme commanders attention, he looked it over and was please to see that the construction of the capital building was now complete. The ship automatically ended the construction program.

"It is time." Thor said moving to another console and he moved a control stone and his ship began to move up into the atmosphere before returning to orbit. He sent a message to the Asgard fleet in the area to tell them what he planned, and he sent a subspace message to the High Council that was even now travelling towards their new home.

The Ragnarok powered up its sublight engines and began to move quickly away from the planet before a hyperspace window opened and the ship jumped into subspace, the navigation computer and the ships commander were fixated on a single world.