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Twisted Fate

Mai groaned in annoyance at the continuous beeping sound in her ear. Sleepily she reached towards it to make it shut up, hitting it repeatedly. Rolling over, she attempted to go back to sleep but found herself wide awake. After laying in bed for a couple of minutes, she sighed to herself and decided to go ahead and get up. Throwing the blanket off her, she shivered at the sudden cold. She quickly got out of her bed and went to her dresser to get some clothes. They'd be warmer than what she was currently wearing. Throwing on some jeans, a shirt and a jacket she frowned. Why was it so quiet? Now that she thought about it, she didn't remember seeing Keiko's or Michiru's figures in the beds besides hers. Looking around, she noticed a clock sitting on the table nearby. Her eyes widened remarkably. Almost ten am?! She was late! Why didn't anyone wake her?

Mai rushed out of hotel room and ran to the elevator. All the way down to the lobby, she fidgeted. Had they left without her? What would she do if she got lost? This was England after all. And knowing her luck, she'd get lost and end up in some sort of trouble. Mai mentally huffed. She couldn't believe that even her teachers forgot about her. And what the heck were Keiko and Michiru doing? Surely they couldn't have forgotten her as well. Were they just too excited to tour England that they didn't even notice she wasn't there? She sighed, getting out of the elevator and heading to the reception desk. Maybe they left a message for her, otherwise she could try calling them. There should be some sort of emergency number...

"Umm, excuse me..." Mai tried her best to say in English as she reached the front desk. The lady looked up briefly and smiled.

"Hello, how can I help you?" She inquired. Mai gave a small nod, happy that she was a pretty decent student in English. Maybe not perfect, but it was a start.

"Was there a note left for me?"

"What's your name?" The lady asked her.

"Mai Taniyama." She replied, remembering to place her name before her last name. The older woman gave a nod to the teen before looking around at the papers on the desk. She grabbed one of them and handed it her.

"Is this what you're looking for, miss?"

Mai gave a small nod and smiled, grabbing the piece of paper. "Thank you." She stated before walking over to a seat and sitting down to read it. She huffed quietly though. If they thought of to leave her a note, then why couldn't they have woken her up?! Looking down she sighed and turned the paper over.

"Dear Mai. Sorry that we left without you, but you looked really tired so we thought we should let you sleep. You've been working really hard lately at your job so we figured you could use it. Miss Fujimoto said for you to call us when you wake up and we'd arrange a meeting place. Thanks, Michiru and Keiko." Underneath was the number to call written in neat print. The brunette blinked down at the paper. Sighing she got up and walked over to the girl at the reception area again.

"Thank you again, but um..." She mumbled. "Do you mind if I borrow the phone?"

"Oh, sure, sweetie." The woman said. Smiling Mai thanked her and entered the phone number. After the third ring, someone picked up.

"Yes, hello?"

"Uh, hey... It's Mai..."

"Mai! It's about time you called!" She heard Keiko's voice yell on the other end. Sheepishly Mai sighed.

"You should have just woken me."

"I know, but Mai, you hardly ever get any rest with working two jobs sometimes..." Her friend confessed.

"I know," She replied. "but I have to pay my bills and food somehow. Besides, I'm doing fine and this is a good chance for me to relax!"

Keiko sighed. "Alright, alright. Well, come on and catch up to us then. We just got here so you'll have completely of time before we leave for another area again." She said before giving her the location. Mai nodded before remembering that her friend couldn't see her.

"Ahhh, okay. I'll see you soon then I guess..."

"Okay, hurry so we can be here together! It's not every day the school takes us to England!" Keiko exclaimed before hanging up. Mai sighed before handing the phone back to the lady.

"Thank you." She stated. The woman smiled.

"No problem." She said and waved as Mai left the building. Looking around, Mai began walking in the direction she thought was right. She may be able to speak English decently enough, but her reading it wasn't all that great. As she continued walking, she kept an eye out for anything that looked like some of her class. It shouldn't be too hard to spot them if they were around. After all they were all overly excited. They'd be looking at everything and giggling.

Deciding to hurry up, Mai began to run a bit. She was jogging at a fairly normal pace when she suddenly found herself on the ground.

"Owww!" She cried out as she rubbed her bottom. That was not a soft landing at all. Looking up, she tried to find out the source of her fall. Her eyes widened when she saw two handsome guys with blue eyes and raven black hair. Twins! She mentally cried. Shaking out of her thoughts, she got up and brushed herself off. "Sorry." She apologised as best she could. One of the boys smiled apologetically while the other one looked at her with a bored expression, though she could see one of his eyebrows raised slightly.

"No, that's alright. You're not hurt or anything, right?" The smiling twin asked. Mai smiled.

"No, I'm fine. Sorry again, I was in a hurry." She explained talking slowly to make sure she got her words right.

"Obviously." She heard the other boy mutter. She ignored him. He didn't seem to be too friendly.

"So, where are you headed to?" The nicer one of the two asked after giving his brother a small glare.

"Uhhh..." Mai fished out the paper she had written the address on. "Here." She stated sheepishly. The boy nodded.

"That's not too far from here." He stated. Mai lit up.

"Can you show me please?" She asked before adding. "If it's not too much trouble."

"I don't mind..." Then he looked over at his brother. When he didn't object, which meant he didn't care, the boy looked back at Mai with a smile. "Come on, we'll show you."

The brunette smiled back. "Thank-you..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm being rude aren't I? I still haven't introduced myself." The boy smiled as they began walking. "I'm Eugene Davis, and this is my brother, Oliver."

"Nice to meet the both of you. I'm Mai Taniyama." She greeted.

"Not to be rude...but what are you doing here by yourself?" Eugene asked. Mai sighed.

"Ah. I'm here with my English class, but I overslept so I have to meet up with them." She explained. The other boy, Oliver, scoffed a bit.

"No one woke you? Or are you just hard to wake up?" He asked.

"No, they let me sleep. Said I needed it." She explained, leaving out the details. He probably didn't care anyway. Mai saw Eugene nudge his brother in the ribs in a reprimanding kind of way. Something which Oliver ignored.

"So... how many of you are there?" The nicer twin asked, trying to make conversation.

"Umm..." Mai tried to make a quick count in her head. "About fifteen...maybe twenty." She replied. His brother made an irritated sound. What was his problem anyway? Mai's eye twitch in annoyance.

"So you're here for an excursion? Are you from Japan?" The nicer brother continued curiously. The brunette shifted her gaze back to him and nodded.

"Yup! And yes, I am!" She smiled. "How did you know?" She asked curiously as they continued walking down the road. Eugene let out a smile.

"It's not that hard to figure out, actually." He said. Mai pouted slightly.

"Is my English really that bad?"

"What do you think?" Oliver asked her with an eyebrow slightly raised. She huffed.

"You don't have to be so rude about it. I already know it's terrible."

Eugene sighed in exasperation. "It's really not that bad." He informed her attempting to keep the peace. Mai looked at Eugene before flicking her gaze to his brother and giving him a small glare.

"It probably is."

"Whatever you say." Eugene said, giving a sheepish grin when Mai turned her glare to him.

"You aren't very helpful." She noted. The boy blinked in surprise.

"Sorry." He stated holding his hands up in mock surrender. When she pouted a bit and turned away, he cracked a smile. Mai mentally scolded herself for being so rude. Get it together, Mai. Your friends don't need to know how tired and cranky you really feel. She thought. "Almost there though." She heard one of the twins say. She turned to look at them and smiled.

"Thanks for helping me out." She stated.

"No problem." Eugene said, his hands in his pockets. "We were actually headed this way anyways."

Mai looked skeptical for a few moments before nodding. "If you're sure..."

"Weren't we, Noll?" He asked his brother for confirmation so Mai would believe him. "He never lies." Eugene told Mai with an eye roll. His brother chose to ignore him, obviously in an attempt to forget that they were there. Mai raised a brow and looked back at Eugene. He shrugged. "Fine then. Ignore us. Doesn't change the fact that we're still here."

"Is he always like that?" Mai whispered to the nicer twin when his brother still ignored them. Nodding he sighed slightly.

"Pretty much." He answered. Mai looked as if she didn't know whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. "So..." Gene started. "This is where you were supposed to meet your friends." The brunnette blinked before looking out in front of her. Sure enough, she immediately recognized some of her classmates.

"Oh! Thank you so much!" She smiled at both of the twins.

"No problem." The nicer twin replied, grinning. When Oliver gave a slight nod, Mai smiled again and waved before going to find Keiko and Michiru. It didn't take long for her to find them. They were over in a corner giggling.

"Hey, guys!" She called out, causing them to turn towards her with big smiles.

"Mai! I thought for sure you'd get lost." Keiko teased. The brunette gave a sheepish grin.

"I almost did, but I got some help." She admitted. Michiru nudged her.

"Was it a guy? Was he cute?"

Mai's face started to flush. It wasn't just one... She thought.

"Yeah," Keiko joined in. "so who was he? What was he like?"

"Why do you two assume it was a guy?" Mai questioned, turning away from them slightly in hope that they didn't see her blush. With a roll of her eyes, Michiru smirked.

"Because you're blushing. Honestly—you're like an open book."

Mai sighed in defeat. "Fine, yes, okay. It was two guys though... Twins." She bit her lip. Smirking Keiko glanced over at Michiru.

"Did you hear that? Twins." She teased. Michiru smirked in return and nudged her friend.

"They must've been hot twins if little miss Mai is blushing this red." She laughed. Mai huffed, crossing her arms.

"I'm not blushing that hard, and even if I was, that wouldn't mean anything." She denied defiantly.

"Uh-huh, sure." Keiko poked her, grinning. "Then why are you blushing?"

Mai looked away. "I'm not." Both of her friends just giggled and shook their heads at her.

"Mai!" Keiko laughed. "You just said earlier that you weren't blushing that hard, and now you're saying you aren't doing it all. You're sooo blushing!"

Huffing, said girl pouted. "Oh, shush." She muttered, crossing her arms. Her friends just giggled even more.