This is my first fan fiction and it's about a girl named Charlie who is 15 years old and she is adopted by Danny Jones from the band Mcfly when she has been living in an orphanage for several years since her parents died in a car crash when she was 8 years old. Charlie has brown long hair and brown eyes. Her high is 1,68 metres (5,6 ft). She is also thin, about 56 kg, (123 pounds) She is a very nice girl but sometimes she gets in trouble even she doesn't make big deals about it. She loves doing sports too but you will know more about her if you read this fanfic!

Hope you like this story!


Chapter 1:

I was in my orphanage's room when Mrs Finster called my name from downstairs.

Charlie! It's lunch time come downstairs with your roomate!- She said.

Ok I'm coming! - I turn around to my roomate's bed to find her in a deep sleep. I shook her till she woke up.- Come on, Becka it's lunch time, we have to go downstairs now.

Ok I'm coming now – She said rubbing her eyes.

Becka is my roomate since i came to the orphanage 7 years ago. She is 2 years older than me and she came to the orphanage when she was 4 years old when her family abandonned her when her younger brother died of pneumonia when he was 2 years old. She is a very beautiful girl with long blonde wavy hair and green eyes. She likes to spend her free time in the room reading books or staring out of the window. I don't really get on well with her cause she doesn't seem to want friends on the orphanage so I am kind of alone in here waiting for someone to adopt and love me again.

She woke up and we both ran downstairs to join the rest of the kids in the cantine. Mrs Finster was in the door counting if one of the children is missing. I grabbed a sandwich, an apple and a bottle of water and sat on a table. I finished my lunch in less than 10 minutes and I was going to go back to my room when Mrs Finster grabbed my arm and took me to her office. She made me a sing to sit down on a chair in front of her desk and I obeyed.

Charlie, today is a special day for you so I want you to listen carefully.- She explained.

Ok what is it? - I asked raising an eyebrow.

This morning a family called me and they told me they wanted to adopt a child and I told them about you and they are coming today to meet you in the afternoon.

What? Really? Oh my god! This is so great!- I said jumping off the chair. Suddenly i felt like something didn't match.- But why did you tell them about me and not about Becka? She has been here longer than me.

Because I don't think Becka would be confortable with that family and I have already another people that want to meet her so.

Oh ok! I will get ready then!- I came out of the office and went to my room to prepare my suitcase which was almost empty cause we didnt have too much stuff in the orphanage. After that, I stared out of the window and waited for my new family to come.

At 4 in the afternoon, I heard a car parking in the front yard of the orphanage and I ran downstairs as fast as i could. Mrs Finster told me to go to her office again and I waited in the big chair I was this morning. After 10 minutes Mrs Finster and a couple of a boy and a girl came in the room. The were around 24 years old and they both seemed so nice. The guy was had brown hair and blue eyes. He was quite tall, about 1,80 m (5,10 ft). He had a muscular body too. The girl was blonde with blue eyes and he was a bit shorter than her boyfriend. She was thin and she had a bright smile. They sat in front of me and Mrs Finster started to talk to them.

Well, Charlie, this is the family I told you about this morning so be nice to them.- I nooded and the couple smiled at me.- This is Charlie, the girl I told you about this morning too I hope you get on well. I will go to check the other kids for a while so you can know each other a bit more. I will be back in around 10 minutes.- Mrs Finster went out of the room and left us alone in the office.

Hello, Charlie, we are really happy about meeting you and be able to have you with us in our home. We have been thinking about adopting for a long time and finally we found you so I hope you get confortable with us.- The boy said smiling.- By the way, my name is Danny Jones and this is my girlfriend Georgia Horsley.

Hi darling. It's nice to meet you- Georgia said shaking my hand.

Hi, it's nice to meet you too. - I responded blushing a bit as Danny chuckled.

Well, maybe you could tell us a bit more about you?- he said.

Sure, - I thought about what to say and I started to introduce myself – Well, my name's Charlie as you know and I am 15 years old. My favorite colors are blue and mint green. I like to play football (soccer) and my favorite food is spaguettis with bolognese. My favorite animal is the monkey and, uhmm... that's all I guess.

That's nice! - Georgia said – I love mint green color too and Danny loves to play football too maybe you two could play together – She smiled at me and I smiled back.

Sounds awesome! I am so excited to go to your house today.

Then how about we go now? So we will be able to show you it and know about eachother a lot – Said Danny getting up of his chair. We went out of the office and Mrs Finster appeared from one of the little kids room.

Oh, hi – She said.- I guess you're done with the presentations so I need you Danny and Georgia to sign some papers for the adoption. While they sing them, Charlie you can go and get your stuff to go to your new house.

Ok I will see you in a while then. - I ran up to my room and took my little suitcase and I found that Becka was on her bed again. - Oh, hi Becka. How is it going?

It's going good. I heard that you were adopted today and you're leaving to your new house. I hope everything will be good on your new life.- she said looking a bit sad.

Yeah a family came to pick me up now. But Mrs Finster told me that she found another nice family that wants to meet you soon too so cheer up! - her face became brighter.

Really? That would be super awesome. Well, I guess you gotta leave now. I hope we will meet again soon. It's been cool to be with you in here. - She hugged me and I hugged her back. I was a bit surprise of her words cause she has never talked to me in that way but I felt happy for her and hoped that she will be adopted soon too.

Yeah I can say the same. Well I gotta go now they are waiting for me down stairs. I wish the best for you too. Hope we meet again soon. See you then Becka! - I ran downstairs and found Danny and Georgia waiting at the door talking with Mrs Finster. - Okay! I am ready!

Awesome honey. I hope you have a great life with this family and that you will be really nice to them. - Mrs Finster said giving me a hug.

Thank you Mrs Finster I'll miss you a lot – I hugged her back.

Me too. It's been so nice to have a nice girl like you in here and know that you can come to visit me whenever you want.

Okay I will. See you then Mrs Finster, tell Becka to let me know if she gets adopted, please.

I will I promise. See you Charlie.

Danny took my suitcase and placed it in the boot of his car and I sat in the back seat. Georgia and him went into the front seats and we drove to their house while we listened to some cool music from a CD of a band called Mcfly they had. I was so excited to arrive and see my new house and to have a normal life with a family that will love me again. I started to feel so happy to be with them already.

So this is the first Chapter guys! I hope you enjoy this story! I'm sorry if my english is a bit bad but it's not my native language. I will try to update as soon as I can so let me know if you like this fan fiction!