Chapter 2.

We arrived to a huge house placed in a very beautiful neighbourhood. Danny parked the car in the garage of the house and I jumped out of it to take my suitcase. I was really excited about this! Danny and Georgia got off the car and we three went inside the house. On the inside the house looked so awesome and it was so pretty. In the hallway there was a bench with drawers underneath to put the shoes. I took my shoes off and put them in one of the drawers and got inside the house.

"Well I guess you'd like to see the house don't you?" Georgia said.

"Sure! Sounds nice!"

"Okay then while you show her the house, I will prepare something to eat for dinner" Said Danny going inside the kitchen. We nooded and Georgia took me for a walk around the house.

First, we went into a room where there was a big TV hanged on the wall and a big brown sofa in front of it. In front of the sofa there was a wooden table and two bean bags next to it. Next to the TV, there was a cupboard full of movies and videogames. On the other side there was another cupboard with different consoles I've never knew before. The walls were beige and the carpet was a hairy red one. It was a really beautiful. (The stuff it had was like this: living_room/set?id=145111493&lid=4157771 ).

"Well this is our living room. As you can see here we watch movies, eating snacks, play videogames and that kind of stuff. Do you like videogames?" She explained.

"Ahm, I've never played any videogames before my parents didn't want me to get addicted to them and in the orphanage we didn't have them so I don't know if I like them or not." - I said admiring the room.

"Oh I see. Well then you'll have the opportunity to get addicted to them here. Danny loves videogames" She said laughing.

" Sounds awesome. The living room is so cool." I smiled.

"Alright I will show you the backyard now. Let's go" I followed her outside the house and we ended up in a huge backyard. There was an enourmous tree with a swing hanged on one of its branches. It had a swimming pool too with two chairs to sunbathe next to it. Near the swimming pool it also had a trampoline and it had some streetlights around the grass. ( backyard/set?id=145112277 )

"This is truly amazing. Can I go on the trampoline?" I asked walking to it.

"Thanks but you better go later firstable we better eat dinner and I will show you your room too, do you wanna see it?" Georgia said getting inside the house again. I followed her and she took me upstairs. She showed me a room with a big bed and a wardrobe. "This is mine and Danny's room so if you need something during the night we will be here."

"Ok thanks." We went to another room that was next to theirs. The walls were light blue and it had a mint green carpet. The bed was in the middle of the room and it had a wardrobe next to it. On one of the walls there was a big window overlooking the backyard and a desk underneath it.

"This is your room. I hope you like it" Georgia said smiling at my surprised face.

"This is amazing I love my room thank you so much!" I hugged her so tight she lost her breathing.

"Oh okay sweetie I'm glad to hear that" She said trying to breath and I let her go.

"Ah sorry I didn't mean to hurt you"

"It's alright. You can leave your stuff here and then come downstairs for dinner."

"I will." With that she left the room and I put the few clothes I had on the wardrobe. I climbed on the bed an lied down for a while thinking about how amazing the feeling of living with a family again was. After a few minutes Danny came into my room.

"Dinner's ready, Charlie. Come downstairs" He said smiling.

"Ok I'm coming" I jumped out of the bed and ran downstairs. I had the bad luck I slipped on one of the steps and I faceplanted on the floor making a big noise. Danny and Georgia came running and he picked me up making me be stood up again. "Auch, that hurt" I said rubbing my nose.

"Oh my god! Are you ok?" Georgia said checking my red nose.

"Yeah I guess I am. I'm used to this kind of accidents." I answered laughing. They laughed too and we went into the kitchen.

Danny had made mashed potatoes with meat and some vegetables for dinner. It was the most delicious meal I've eaten in ages since I am in the orphanage. The food there wasn't very good and I used to throw the most of it to the trash. I finished dinner and put my plate in the sink. I sat back in my seat and waited for Georgia and Danny to finish their meals. They put their plates on the sink and they sat in front of me again.

"Charlie, we need to tell you something." Danny said. I nooded and waited for the news. "Well, remember the music we were listening in the car?"

"Yeah I do. The band was Mcfly or something like that right?" I said.

"Yes. The thing is that I am a member of that band and we are pretty famous" I opened my mouth in surprise. "And Georgia was Miss England in 2007 so we can say that she is a celebrity too"

"Wow" That's all that came out of my mouth. They chuckled and keep explaining.

"Well, as you know summer is about to end and you'll have to join the school soon. So tomorrow in the morning we will need to go to the school and sign for you to go and then to the mall to buy you clothes and the stuff you need for you know, living." Georgia said. I became excited about the mall thing but I went down about hearing of the school.

"But, I don't wanna go to school" I said with a puppy face.

"Sorry honey, but you have to go. And don't worry it will be fine. You'll make a lot of friends." Danny said putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Fine" I responded crossing my arms.

"And while you're in the school you cannot say that you are living with us ok? That won't be good for us" Georgia warned me.

"Why wouldn't it be good for you?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Because everyone here knows about us and I am sure that in the school there will be Mcfly fans and if they find out that you live with us they will follow you and us everywhere we go so it's better they don't know anything."

"Ok I won't say anything." I smiled.

"Awesome then. Well, how about watching some movies before going to bed?" Danny asked getting up and going into the living room. We followed him and sat on the big sofa. I sat next to Danny and Georgia next to him. They picked a movie and placed it on the DVD player.

"This movie is my favourite one and the reason of our band name. It's called Back to the future, it's the first part" Danny said. I nooded and the movie started. Georgia went back to the kitchen and brought some ice-cream to eat during the movie. The movie ended around 11 pm and I found out that I almost couldn't keep my eyes opened.

"The movie was really awesome. I really liked it" I said rubbing my eyes.

"Sounds great. Now I think you should be going to bed. You look tired" Danny said.

"Ok, then I am going to sleep now. Good night guys see you tomorrow." I said getting up of the sofa.

Danny and Georgia kissed my cheek and I went up to my room. I put an old sweater I had in my suitcase and some grey sweatpants. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. After that I went back to my room and lied on the confy bed. I fell asleep in less than 10 minutes thinking about the clothes I was gonna get the next day.

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