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Chapter 3: Wounds

Danny's p.o.v.

We landed in my room. I set Danielle gently onto my bed before collapsing onto my floor. A blast of light made my realize that she had switched back to human form. I assumed that the adrenaline was fading, so my energy was spent. I could feel a wetness in my clothes, and guessed that it was blood. Breathing heavily, I tried to gain back what little energy I could to patch myself up, but then remembered that Dani was more important.

Standing up, I slowly bent down and searched under my bed before finding my new medical kit and quickly opening it at the end of my bed. I went to Danielle, my own pain forgotten, and took off her blue hoodie and white t-shirt, leaving her in her undershirt. I took it off to see a wound on her chest and a few inches above her belly button. Feeling sick just looking at it, I quickly disinfected and cleaned the wounds throughly, wincing as she flinched.

I gasped as I realized that the cut was too deep and had jagged edges, so it most likely needed stitches. Her ghost half was too weak to heal the cut. Getting the needle and thread from my kit, I felt nauseous at the thought, but I knew I had to. I rushed to the hallway and looked in the closet full of random junk before finding a candle. I lit the candle with a lighter once I got to my room and stuck the needle in the fire. Then I wiped the needle and cleaned it before threading the string. My hands were shaky so it took several times before I was able to finally get the needle threaded.

I did it as fast as I could, but was careful. Since becoming half ghost, I've been injured numerous times, and have done it to myself and have seen Sam do it to me. Once I got the cut stitched together, hopefully well enough, I got the string. I made sure that I cleaned the blood with a piece of gauze as I stitched. I then wrapped it in gauze, as well as the less severe wound that had luckily stopped bleeding before I stitched the other one.

I then put creams and cleaned all the less, and more minor cuts and bruises. I wrapped more bandaging around her stomach when I realized she had two broken ribs. I felt my heart go out to her every time she whimpered or tensed or cried out in pain in her sleep. I put her t-shirt back on and sighed.

Once done, I felt intense relief. But, it soon went away when the pain of my own wounds got to me. However, before I could start on bandaging my own damage, I heard banging on my door. I flinched and was scared it was my parents, until I heard a familiar voice.

"Danny? Danny!" I heard Sam. "Open up dude!" came Tucker's worried voice.

"H-hang on a sec," I managed to choke out before staggering to the door.

They gasped at my appearance as soon as I opened the door. I knew it'd be bad, considering there was blood staining my white shirt and blue jeans. I had a blow to the upper leg and to the center of my chest, as well as some minor hits to the left arm and stoamch.

"D-Danny, are you guys okay? We heard what happened. It's on the news!" Tucker stated in seriousness.

"G-guys, I already patched up Danielle." I murmured. "C-could you leave so I can get my injuries situated?" I asked, not wanting them to worry about my wellbeing.

"No, Danny. We'll get your wounds wrapped." Sam stated.

"We?" Tucker asked, inching away from the medical supplies like they were the plague. He knows first aid and all, but his old hospital fear comes up at the worst of times.

"No, Tucker, I will." Sam muttered.

"Lovebirds," Tucker whispered, but I only heard. I decided to ignore his antics, more worried on gripped my stomach where the pain hit most.

It went by so fast, I barely registered the removing of my shirt or the gasps of the damage. I barely remembered the disinfectant, or the pain, or the wrapping. I was almost out of it when Sam put me in a long sleeved, fresh black t-shirt and when Tucker made fun of her for the color choice. Tucker changed my pants to some grey sweatpants, laughing at Sam's blush. The last thing I remember before passing out was being set in bed, right next to Danielle.

I woke up. At first, I let my eyes stay shut as I tried to remember what exactly had happened. When I remembered, I sighed. Why? Why did those sick b*stards hurt MY daughter? Would she even want my as her dad? Or did she just scream out daddy in fear, and didn't want me to answer her? This is all just so wrong.

I slitted my eyes open to see a mop of raven hair right next to me in a long, messy ponytail. Danielle. She hasn't even changed since two years ago, except for her hair growth. That's pretty peculiar. She doesn't even look taller.

"Danielle?" I gently shook her, only to hear her groan in protest. Judging by the blackness outside the window, I assumed it was still dark. But I still wanted to check up on her stitches.

"Dadd- Danny?" I heard the slip up, but decided not to pester her about it. I was too worried about her injuries to really care at the moment.

"Dani, I need to check your stitches," I murmured tiredly as I got up and turned on a lamp, pale yellow light engulfing the room.

Once I could see a little, I lifted her shirt to inspect the damage. The cut wasn't healing with her ghostly abilities, but it looked healthy and the stitch was even. Then I checked the bandages to make sure she didn't bleed through. I put her shirt down and looked her straight in the eyes, the same bright blue orbs as my own.

"Danielle, are you alright?" I asked. I was worried about her emotional state after saving her from the guys and white. She might have been in a tween body, but she was only really about 2 years old mentally.

Tears pooled in her eyes as she shook her head. It broke my heart to see her broke down. Before I could ask what was wrong, she held out her arms in a gesture for a hug. I realized that would comfort her, so I did just that. I climbed on the bed and wrapped my long arms around her small frame. I tightened my hold on her when I felt a muffled sob on my chest. Her body shook and I felt a dampness on my chest.

"D-Danny, I was so scared." she whispered so quiet that I almost didn't hear her. "They c-came out of no where and I couldn't escape. T-they said they were going to experiment on me."

"Sshh, Elle. I won't let them get you." I told her. She lifted her head from her chest to have eye contact with me with her glossy blue orbs.