Elrond's Prejudice

Chapter 1
She had been walking for days since the Wargs had eaten her supplys and left her to die. She would soon die of starvation if she didn't find Imladris soon. Ah!
Imladris. She had heard many tales about that wonderful place. Nestled in a valley with
trees and water all around. How she would have loved to be there. 'Hang on' she told
herself. 'Almost there.'
The next day found her near death in a beautiful wood. "Water..............." she moaned in a broken voice. On she staggered, just four miles from Imladris. Two miles away, she
fell to the ground. "Water............ please....................... help.........." She lost her grip on the world and slid into darkness. What she saw next would haunt her for the rest of her
life. Nine figures. Nothing bad about that, but it was who was with them that would leave a scar in her mind forever. Sauron. Somehow she knew it to be him, despite the
fair form he had taken. Sauron. Suddenly her heartbeat was loud as a drum, beating against her ribcage. She was sure he, and the others he was with, would hear her and
kill her for intruding. Sauron gave to the men nine rings with stones in them. Caution thrown aside, she screamed "NOOOOOO!!!!! IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!" but if they could hear
her they paid her no heed. Before her eyes the flesh of the nine men became semi transparent and then disappeared altogether. In it's place was withered ghostly white
skin stretched tightly over bones. Crowns, tall and terrible, were on their heads. As one they turned toward her and drew out swords. Swords as terrible as their masters. The
Morgul blades of the Nine Nazgul. Metal grating against metal. Wispers of eternal torture. Compelling her to give in. Calling her. Voices inside her head. 'Come, daughter of an
elf........................... Come to us....................... You will live forever......................... Come to
'You cannot resist'
"I will resist"
Bone chilling laughter. 'Oh no she-elf. So sorry to disappoint you.'
"I will NEVER turn to darkness"
'You will if we command you' They advanced on her, swords raised. "no...... no......" She was drowning in darkness. A cold was penetrating her bones. She wouldn't be able
to resist much longer. They were almost upon her. With her last shred of streangth and will she screamed in defiance "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
darkness swallowed her and she knew no more.

Chapter 2

Perhaps a description would be in order now. A name too. The elf's name is Laicalasse. She's a little bit shorter then other elves. She has green-grey eyes. They're more green
then grey. They also had a hobbit-like sparkle of mischief in them. Her hair was blonde but it turned gold when the sun struck it just right. It also has a slight curl at the end. Her
skin was fair and her ears were pointed of course. Her clothes were torn and dirty but if they were not they would have been rich. She didn't know where she came from. She only
knew where she was going.
She awoke slowley to stare up at a richly carved ceiling. Someone spoke and she jumped nervously. "AI!" "Sorry to startle you" She didn't know what to say to this so she returned
to wondering where she was. "Suilad. What happened?" "Wargs........." "Ah. How many days have you been traveling since the Wargs attacked you?" "Five. Where did you find me?
Who found me? Did you know I was coming?" "One question at a time. Glorfindel found you when he was scouting out the area. No we didn't know you were coming. It was a lucky chance
that Glorfindel found you." "Who are you? Where am I?" "I am Elrond and you are in Imladris." "Elrond Half-Elven?" "Yes." "I'm hungry. And thirsty." "What is your name?" "Laicalasse"
"Greenleaf in Quenya?" "Yes. Can I have a drink and some food now?" "Alright. Don't rush yourself though. You haven't eaten for five days." "Six. i was about to eat before the Wargs
attacked me, eating all my supplies." "Are you injured?" "I think one bit my arm." "Well let me see it." "You can see it." It was true. The Warg had torn away the fabric of her sleeve and
her arm was almost bare. "How could you miss that?" "I was too busy thinking about my stomache." "Oh. Right." "Where were you attacked?" "I was just out of Mirkwood." "You traveled
from Mirkwood to here in five days." "Yes." Elrond gasped and set about tending her arm. "Who is your father?" "I do not know." "Who is your mother?" "I do not know." "Why did you scream
when you were in the forest near here?" "Evil dreams." "What kind?" "Sauron dreams." Elrond shuddered and said, "I will leave you now. Food will be brought to you. Eat it slowely. I'll be back later."
"Alright" "Call if you need anything." "Okay." "Don't get up yet. In a few days you'll be ready to get up." "Okay" "You can tell us your history when you get up." "Okay. Is that all?" Elrond
laughed and said "For now" and left Laicalasse to eat and drink her meal.
A few days later, she awoke alone and saw a dress laid out on the bed. It was green with bell sleeves and embroidery of leaves and vines on the skirt. She got up and pulled it on, carefully
because her arm still hurt a lot. She was brushing her hair when someone knocked on the door. "Come in." she called out happily.The door opened and an elf came in. "Hello. My name is Meldanar"
she said. "Beloved sun?" Laicalasse asked. She smiled and nodded. "Nice name. It sort of flows." "Yes. I always liked it. What's your name?" "Laicalasse" "Greenleaf?" "Correct" "I know of a prince
with the name Greenleaf." Who is he? What is he the prince of?" "His name is Legolas Greenleaf and he is the prince of Mirkwood." "His father is king Thranduil?" "Yes" "Why have i not heard of him?"
"He is only 3000 years old." "Oh. young isn't he" "Yes but he shows experience beyond his years." "Interesting. I'll have to meet him and see if this is true." "Good luck." "What do you mean?" "His father
is hard put to with all the marrige offers. The laidies are all trying to impress him" "Ah" There was an akward silence until Meldanar said "Well i was sent here to lead you to the dinning room and here I am
talking to you. Come with me and I'll show you to the Hall of Fire." "Thank you" "It's no trouble." Laicalasse followed Meldanar down the twisting maze of hallways. When they got to the Hall of Fire they
heard singing. "We're almost there," said Meldanar. When they stepped through the doors everyone looked to see the newest person in Rivindell. Laicalasse grew uncomfortable under all those stares.
Meldanar led her to a seat near Lord Elronds' seat and left for her seat. "Welcome to the Hall of Fire Laicalasse. Here we tell tales, sing and relex. We would be honered if you would tell us your tale."

Chapter 3
"Well, i suppose my tale starts when i was a child. I was raised in Lothlorien. My parents were killed by orcs when i was very small. I was told that my mother was a hobbit but i was not told her name.
I assumed my father was an elf because i have lived long. For 6000 years I have walked this earth. After 5090 years in Lothlorien my heart grew restless. I wanted to see the world. I decided that Imladris
would be a good place to start. I went around the edge of Mirkwood but when i was about to make myself a meal, some Wargs decided that i would make a good snack. I barely escaped with my life. They
ate all my supplies. I walked to here. I collapsed on the forest floor and slipped into a dream. A dream so horrible that i will tell no one of it unless we be out of Imladris. Imladris was not made to indure such
horrible accounts." Elrond, Glorfindel and Celebrian all said "You are half HOBBIT?" Laicalasse replied "Yes." Elrond said, "Come with me." "What's this about?" "I can't tell you now. i'll tell you when we get
to your room." When they got to her room Elrond opened the door. "I think you should know that I dislike hobbits. I swore that the first person who came to Rivindell with hobbit in them would become a servent.
You are the one. I was begining to like you but i can't go against my pledge. You will get a new room. Pack your things. Get ready to move. You will sit with the servants. That is all for now." "One thing. What if I
don't WANT to be a servant? What if I refuse your oh-so-kind offer?" "Command" "Whatever" "Anyway, you CAN'T refuse. I won't let you." "Ohhhh. I was planning on relexing here. What if I run away?" "My
brother's decendents will track you down and bring you back." "Elros was your brother." "Yes" "The Dunedain will track me down if I run away?" "Correct." "Oooohhhh," said Laicalasse. There was nothing elso to
say. She moved to her new room later that day. It was small and not decorated like the guest room. She moved her things in and tried to feel at home. Meldanar came later to tell her what to do and how to do it.
"First you will cook breakfast at dawn. Then you will serve breakfast. After that, you will clean up the kitchen and mop the breakfast room. Then, put out snacks on the table in the Hall of Fire. Next, if there is a
feast planned, start cooking for it. If not, mop the Hall of Fire. Polish the weapons hanging up in the feasting hall. Cook lunch. Clean up after lunch. Acompany any guests we may have to lunch. Lead the guest where
they want to go. Leave and start cooking dinner. Tune all of the instruments that are used in the Hall of Fire. Polish them and set them up. Lead any guests we may have to dinner. Serve dinner. Clean up dinner. Set
out snacks in the hall of Fire and stand in attendance so that if someone wants something,they can ask you. Put the instruments away and then you have free time until you go to bed. Do you want a map to find your
way around?" "No thank you Meldanar. I'll be fine," She said in a hollow sort of voice. She thought, 'Why do I have to be half hobbit? Why is it me?' as Meldanar gave her a tour of Rivendell. Later that night, alone
in her room, she threw her clothes, her necklace, her bow and arrows, her dagger and her sword at the walls. She felt like screaming. 'At least i know how to cook,' she thought when her temper was spent and she had
fallen to her bed in exaustion. Her room was a mess. Like a tornado had come and whirled around it for a while. She fell asleep and Meldanar woke her up at dawn. "My, my, my Laicalasse, what a temper. One would think
you had the temper of a dwarf from looking at your room. I'll help you with your chores today but tomorrow you're on your own." Laicalasse thanked her and asked where the kitchens were again. Meldanar laughed and
said, "Come on. Do you remember nothing of my tour yesterday?" "Indeed I do not." "Well I suppose I'll have to give you a map after all," seeing her expresion which said, as clearly as words, 'I won't take a map if I
get lost a thousand times.' Meldanar asked her, "Can you cook?" "Yes. I learned when I was very young." "Good. The menus for the day will be laid out on the counter for you to see. If you're unsure about how to make
something, there's a cookbook on the shelf. Good luck," she said as they reached the kitchen.