Mojo's Scheme

Townsville: Mojo's lair

"The City of Townsville, a peaceful city, yet also the main wrecking spots for many villains, and especially an evil monkey named..." the PPG narrator said.

"Mojo Jojo!" Mojo Jojo shouted, and then followed by an evil laugh, Mojo was now in his hideout with a machine that looked like the frame of a desk mirror.

"Now with my newest machine, which is rightfully mine, since I created it. I, Mojo Jojo, will use the fabric of space and time, to go back in time and destroy the Powerpuff Girls when the town thought they were a menace! And this thing can even be used for alternate dimensional travel." Mojo said.

Townsville: Utonium residence

The Powerpuff Girls are playing with their toys, when the Hotline goes "Buzz-Buzz!" before being picked up by Blossom.

"What is it, Mayor? WHAT!? We're on it!" Blossom talked through the phone.

She flew towards Bubbles and Buttercup. "Girls, Mojo built a device to manipulate time and space! We have to stop him! Let's go!" Blossom said, and the girls zoomed through the wall.

Townsville: Mojo's lair

The three girls fly to Mojo Jojo's lair, where they noticed beams of light coming out from the windows.

"This looks bad." Blossom said.

"I'm not just gonna stay here and let Mojo go through with his plan!" Buttercup said.

"Let's go." Blossom said, and the trio flew off.

Meanwhile, inside Mojo's lab, the frame was glowing while it charged up, and Mojo was waiting on his chair for the machine to charge up. "At last, soon there will be no more Powerpuffs."

"Not so fast!" Buttercup's voice said.

Mojo looked up and said, "The Powerpuff Girls!" And he pulled out a blaster. "You girls will not stop me, unlike the others, this plan is too important for you to wreck, and thus I will not allow..."

"Oh, shut up!" Buttercup said as she served him a knuckle sandwich, which sent him flying.

Mojo got up, but accidentally pressed the start button, and the frame generated a portal, which grew lager, and also unstable.

"Ah, great. Now the machine's unstable." Blossom said.

"Oh no!" Bubbles said, "Does this mean the end of Townsville?"

"Not yet, there's still the shutdown button." Blossom said as she flies around the machine.

"Got it." Blossom said as she finds the shutdown button, she was about to press it when Mojo aims the blaster at her. "You stay away from that button, so it'll continue to be left turned on."

"But the thing is unstable, and if I don't turn it off, who knows what could happen, especially to you." Blossom said, and this started to confuse Mojo, and before he could make his final decision, Blossom hit the shutdown button. "NOOOO!" Mojo shouted.

"Way to go! Blossom!" Buttercup said.

However, their victory was short lived, as even though the portal closed, the frame exploded, and created a vortex, which created a suction.

The PPG and Mojo grabbed onto something. "What's going on!?" Bubbles asked.

"When the portal was closed, due to the machine shutting down, it caused the machine to collapse on itself, and created a vortex similar to the black hole." Mojo replied.

"How do we fix it?" Buttercup asked.

"You can't fix it, we have to wait for the collapse of the machine to complete, and therefore, when it finish collapsing, the vortex will become stable and stop the suction." Mojo replied.

The suction kept on getting stronger. "Uh, I don't think it's ready to stop soon." Bubbles said.

Then, the girls and Mojo suddenly lost their grips, and got sucked into the vortex.

The four all screamed as they were sucked in, and the suction started to weaken.

As they all got sucked in completely, the suction died out, and the vortex disappeared.

Mojo Jojo creates a device to manipulate the fabric of time and space, and plans to use it to destroy the Powerpuff Girls in the past. The Powerpuff Girls arrive to stop Mojo, but they accidentally end up activating the machine, and they all get sucked into the portal. To be continued...