April 17th 1347

'Papa!' I shout 'No, please leave them be. Please, Papa!' I try to grab his shirt sleeve as he rushes past me but he just bats me away as if I was a petty fly. I rush into my sister's room just after my father bursts in. The tears streaming down my beloved sister's face as our father tears her daughter from her arms, breaks my heart and abruptly I am furious.

'PAPA! NO! STOP!-' Before I can finish my sentence, I am hitting the wall and landing in a heap upon the floor. Tears of pain flood my vision and my head swims dizzyingly. Katerina cry's out 'Nooo, papa leave her alone!'

Suddenly, my father whirls to face her again. 'I am not your Papa. Not anymore. I am going to take this child away and by the time I return I do not want to see either you or your sister. You are both to leave and never return.' He spits out the words as if they are leaving a vile taste in his mouth. All the while Mama is soundlessly crying, propped up against the wall. I look to her imploringly, but her eyes tell me how sorry she is and that she loves me but that I must do as my father says, thus I nod despondently. As soon as papa turns and leaves the room, I stand up straight and start to gather mine and Katerina's things. I help her to get dressed and silently we say goodbye to Mama and then leave all that we have ever known behind. Tears trickling silently down both of our faces.


January 8th 1350

Katerina's screams of agony tears my soul in half. Knowing that I can do nothing to ease the pain shreds my heart into jagged pieces; except, one thing.

'Kat, shh. It's going to be okay. I'm going to get help. It will all be over soon. I promise you darling girl.'

'Iza?' 'Yes, Kat, it's me'

'Pllleeassse do nooottt leave meeee'

'I shall be back shortly, do not worry. You will be alright in just a short time.'

I rush from our little house into the village, frantically searching for one Dieter Brandel. He is the only one who can help Katerina now.


May 29th 1352

Looking into Katerina's eyes, I know what is about to happen. I don't want it yet I am powerless to stop it; especially since I know that it is for my own good. Katerina promised that that was the only way it would happen, therefore I bow my head in a silent show of agreement. The next moment we are flying. My darling sister places me gently down on the bed in our room and whispers 'I'm sorry'. She bites into her wrist and offers it to me. Gulping, I grasp her wrist in my shaking hands and lift it to my lips. I take a few gulps of her blood before she tenderly takes back her hand and then places them to cradle my face. She kisses my forehead; a sharp pain jolts through my neck and down my spine and then all I know is darkness as my eyes fall closed.


December 12th 1690

'Run Isa, Run. Do not look back' I chant to myself. The wind stings my cheeks as I run. 'Please, God. Please, let my sister be alright.' I need to find my sister but I know that I cannot for that will mean I am captured and Kat would not be pleased if I get myself captured in a fool's attempt to save her. 'Isa, we did not spend the last 300 years on the run from that madman for you to get us caught trying to save me'; she would say. So I hope and I pray that she knows that he has come for us and can get away. If not for those two boys. 'Please, God. Please.' I can hear the footsteps fading but I keep running; I must not stop running until I am as far from this town as possible. My dress slows me down, the wind tears through my hair, the rain on my face blurs my vision but I do not stop; I do not turn back and eventually I reach a small town somewhere where I can finally take a breath, feed and focus on trying to find my sister without putting us both in danger.


October 31st 1910

It's dark, and cold; so very cold. I run but I know it is futile. My dress hinders my every step. The rain and the tears streaming down my face blur my vision so deeply I nearly run into the trees. I can hear several pairs of footsteps pounding the forest floor behind me but I daren't look for I know they will catch me then. They get louder and closer with each beat of my heart– thump thump; thump thump; – I try to hurry my steps but my feet feel heavy and disconnected from the rest of me… The air seems to get thicker with every sharp, panicked breath I suck in. It presses in, closer and closer. Suffocating me. The footsteps are suddenly much closer… I can feel ice cold breath on the back of my neck sending violent tremors shuddering down my spine; fingers lightly trail down my back and across my shoulders looking for something to latch onto. I can't let them catch me. I won't let them catch me. Suddenly, so suddenly, a whisper echoes through my ears and across my mind… 'Isabella. Dear Isabella. We will catch you. We will always catch you. You cannot run from us.' And then I trip and I fall and they are upon me…