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Chapter 30

Hermione Granger was late for class. She had overslept. Professor Snape would be furious with her. She tried to right her robes and ran down the stairs and into the dungeons. The classroom was empty. Hermione's heart raced quickly.

"You are late Ms. Granger." The man hissed but did not look up from his parchments.

Hermione felt dread pool in her belly. She was never late, the girl tried to explain. "Professor, I." She started but was silenced when the man stood up.

"I am giving my precious time to tutor you Ms. Granger. It was you who chose to come back for your "NEWTS." You requested my help in potions." He was closer to her now. Hermione felt something else pool lower in her belly. She felt his breath near her face. He crouched to be at her height level. Hermione tried to move away but she felt hard stone at her back.

"Our lessons have come to an end." He hissed and stepped away from her personal space.

Hermione cried out. "Please professor. I will do anything." She cried pitifully. It was fuzzy in her mind but she had to get her NEWTS.

The man arched an eyebrow, "Anything?" He asked and moved closer once more.

Hermione nodded. "Whatever you want." She rasped when she felt him get closer and closer. She felt him between her legs. Her professor ran a hand over her leg and sat her on the desk.

"I want to fuck you Ms. Granger." He whispered while he fingered her. "No knickers." He said and then licked his lips.

Hermione felt fear but incredible arousal and clenched her legs around his hand.

Hermione Snape woke up aroused. She was sopping wet. It took her a minute to understand her situation. Her husband was sound asleep. It was close to summer now. Severus slept only with his underwear. He had said something about easy access to her once. She would take advantage of that easy access now.

The young woman sat up and removed her knickers. She piled her hair up and moved to kiss her husband's chest. Sev moved imperceptibly. Five years ago he would have stood up and shoved a hand to her throat. They had grown complacent. There was no threat for them in Muggle London 1940. Hermione was very aroused from her dream and straddled him. She touched him through his black boxers and began kissing his chest. Hermione was not disappointed. Her husband sighed and thrust up to meet her.

He opened his eyes and pulled her up for a kiss. Hermione rubbed against his growing erection.

"Fuck Hermione. You are so wet." He growled and tweaked a nipple. Severus was obsessed with her breasts and hair it seemed. He lowered the cups of her nighty and licked them. Hermione let him and grabbed his hair.

She helped him lower his boxers. He entered her quickly. She moved against him and bit his earlobe. "I had a dream."

Severus nodded and continued to help her move against him. She kept talking as he kissed her neck. "We were in the dungeons." She said quickly. She really wanted to create that feeling back. Severus smirked.

"What were you doing Ms. Granger?" He hissed and Hermione almost came.

She blushed a little and rested her head on his shoulder. "I was late for tutoring sessions with you. I overslept."

Severus growled and flipped them. She could see his eyes turning almost black. "What did the big bat of the Dungeons do to you Ms. Granger." He pumped inside and out. Sev needed a haircut. He looked like his old self. Hermione moaned and bit his lips. He was not being gentle anymore and she loved it.

"Speak up Ms. Granger." He hissed just like in her dream.

Hermione opened her eyes comically and felt a wave of pleasure rip through her when Severus moved her legs up his shoulders.

She came hard and wrapped herself around Severus as he fucked her some more. She was sweaty and let him stay on her chest. Their hearts beat rapidly.

"Tell me more about your dream." He rasped as he played with her nipple.

Hermione turned to him. She kissed his lips. Suddenly, she felt embarrassed about her fantasy. It was silly really.

Severus reacted to her kiss and ran a finger over her hip. "Tell me." He said with a teasing smile.

Hermione couldn't resist that wandering finger and that smile. She explained clearly. Severus smirked. "You know that would have never happened."

She laughed. "I know Sev. I don't know, maybe is your hair. You need a haircut." Hermione ran her fingers over his hair.

Severus kissed her. "I would not be opposed to enacting your little fantasy."

She looked at him. "It was silly. You don't have to. It was wrong." She said once again embarrassed.

Severus frowned at her and then arched an eyebrow. Her husband massaged a breast. "You would not get aroused if I wore my black teaching robes and then fucked you over that oak workbench in the basement or if I went down on you while you were seated on my desk."

Hermione blushed and felt tingling down there. "Not fair. You are touching me." Severus never played fair. He used his "I am going to fuck you voice."

"I could just picture you with a skimpy skirt, no knickers of course. Your white shirt and your Gryffindor red and gold tie." He rubbed against her.

Hermione smirked back. "Did you have fantasies about your students? Severus, you old pervert." She grabbed his shaft and moved her hand up and down.

Her husband shook his head. "Never, and I'll have you know that I was not so old when I started teaching."

Hermione kissed him some more. "Were there any ex-students Severus?" She wanted him again.

"No one." He growled and pinned her down once more. Severus had his moments where he was rough, possessive.

Hermione kissed him some more. Severus looked at her and smiled. "Do you want to?" She was confused. There was no need for him to ask. "Of course I want to." She said and tried to thrust up to touch his cock.

Severus sat up. "I will be in the dungeons. Be there in thirty minutes."

Hermione blinked twice before understanding that her husband meant to fulfill her fantasy. She had half a mind to tell him to come back. Hermione went to the loo and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked younger than her twenty-six years. She still looked like she was nineteen. Hermione showered quickly and went to her wardrobe. She found her beaded bag at the back of the last drawer. She accioed her old uniform. She had saved that from when she and Severus burned the past away. She had forgotten a suitcase with all her clothes. The uniform had been there. It was all there, the socks, the skirt, the blouse and the tie. She even had the prefect pin. She tried it on and frowned. She had saved the uniform as a sentimental thing. She had a last growth spurt during sixth year. It all fit, her blouse, was a little tight and the skirt was shorter than she remembered. Hermione finished by putting one her outer robes. She transfigured a pair of shoes into the sensible mary janes she used to wear during school. Hermione looked at herself in the mirror once more. She looked like her old self but different. She smiled and decided that she could pass for a student.

She ran down the stairs and entered their basement. Hermione was immediately struck by her husband's brilliance. It was not their basement but Hogwarts' potion's class. There were the benches that she remembered and the ingredients. There was a cauldron boiling and Severus hunched over his desk.

"You are late Ms. Granger." He said and did not look up.

Hermione was taken aback and aroused once again. "I'm sorry professor. I overslept."

He husband stood up and it was not her Severus anymore. It was professor Snape." His hair hung lower. He wore the dark suit and the outer robes that he usually wore when she was a student.

Professor Snape billowed to her work bench. "Professor I,"

"Silence." He hissed and looked at her with dark blank eyes. Hermione was thrilled. He was a great actor and she would play her part well too.

"Our lessons have come to an end." He hissed and tried to move away.

"Professor, please. I will do anything." She pleaded.

Snape turned back to her and arched an eyebrow, "anything?" He came close and crowded her.

Hermione nodded and tried to fight a smile when he ran his hand over her leg. He was an attentive listener and had a blessed memory. He dipped his fingers into her. "No knickers Ms. Granger." He rasped and dove for her neck.

Hermione moaned when he grabbed her from the waist. Suddenly, she was seated on the bench. He arched an eyebrow and undid the outer robes. He could see the "P" pinned on her blouse. The professor ran his fingers over her hard nipples.

"This blouse is indecent Ms. Granger. You should not be wearing this." He licked his lips when she unbuttoned her blouse. She breathed harshly when professor Snape played with her belly button. "Leave the tie." He said and played with the cups of her white brassier.

Her professor opened her legs and touched her thighs. He removed her shoes. Professor Snape placed himself between her legs. "Tell me Ms. Granger, has anyone else been here. He ran a long finger over her slit and pressed on her clit. Hermione was wetter than before. She needed some friction and tried to squirm.

He kept looking at her and moving his finger up and down. "Tell me, Ms. Granger." He pressed on her clit again.

"Yess." She said and gasped when he looked up.

"Why Ms. Granger? Who was it?" He asked with a frown.

"You don't know him. He is older than me sir." Hermione said as her professor placed a two fingers inside her.

"You are still very tight Ms. Granger. I think I will enjoy you very much." He said unbuckled himself.

He was inside her in no time. He pushed her down and fucked her. Hermione arched her back and loved when he ripped massaged her breasts.

"Fuck." He said and smiled lasciviously when her breasts bounced.

He bit his lip and stopped mid-thrust. "I want you to suck me now." Hermione nodded and blinked.

"Anything you want professor Snape." She said and got on her knees.

She moved her head up and down and played with his cock. It was amazing to see her husband reduced to a few words. It was even more arousing to see him dressed as her professor. He was flushed and almost came when she played with his balls.

"Enough Granger." He roared and made her stand up. He put his hand under her skirt and whispered in her ear. "I want you to put your hands on that desk. I am going to fuck you hard Ms. Granger. You will never be late for one of my classes ever again."

Hermione put her hands on the bench and raised her bottom. She looked back at him and asked, "Is this how you want me professor?" She used her snottiest voice.

Her husband barely controlled himself. He was on her. He unhooked the brassiere and grabbed her hips. Severus fucked her and played with her breast. "Do you like it Ms. Granger? Your professor's cock inside of you?" He growled and thrust hard.

Hermione could barely speak. "Yes, professor." She did not want to ruin the moment. "Fuck me." She mewled.

Severus pressed her to that bench and let go. He came hard inside of her. "Hermione." He shuddered. She was not far from him. "Fuck Sev…RUS." The last of his name came as a hiss. She was spent. Hermione felt her husband's weight.

She was speechless. "Hermione." He said and nuzzled her neck. She turned. Severus smirked. "Did you like it?"

Hermione played with the row of buttons. "More than you can think."

He straightened up. Hermione had fluids running down her legs. She saw him all dressed with his cock out. The young woman was amazed she could still think of fucking him after he rocked her world a few seconds ago.

"Thank you Sev." She stood up and put his arms around him. He kissed her. Hermione circled him with her arms and legs.

"Take me to bed. We have to wake up early tomorrow." Severus nodded and walked up the stairs with her. They undressed and went to bed.

It was a busy morning. Hermione woke up before Severus. She put the dirty remains of her school uniform in the hamper.

She showered, made coffee and some light breakfast. The woman ran downstairs and picked the rest of the clothes in the basement. The room still looked like Hogwarts. She would have to ask Sev about that.

She realized that it was time for Sev to wake up. They had to pick Tom from the station soon.

She was surprised when she saw him dressed and ready. He had his hair tied back. "Do you mind picking up Tom by yourself?" He asked.

Hermione kissed him good morning. "No, but why are you not coming with me?" She asked.

He kissed her forehead, "I have to get a haircut and then pick some things from work."

Hermione smiled and touched his hair. "I don't mind your hair."

Her husband smiled, "I rather have it shorter."

She grinned at him. "Last night was amazing. I want to reciprocate."

Severus chuckled. "I don't have any exciting fantasies. You are the sexual deviant in this marriage."

Hermione laughed back. "You horrible man."

He kissed her and then apparated.

Hermione dressed and apparated as well. She would do some shopping before picking up her son. She bought some books and fruits before getting to King's Cross. The woman crossed the barrier and waited for her son.

The train pulled in and out came the outpour of Hogwarts' students. She thought she saw a familiar redhead and was not mistaken.

"Bilius wait up." Another boy yelled. He resembled someone else too. The redhead was a Weasley she was sure. The boy smiled at her, it was Fred and Ron's goofy grin.

"Good morning love." He said with incredible familiarity.

Hermione fought the urge to smile back. "What is a lovely bird like you doing here?" Bilius said.

"I am waiting for my son." She replied.

The other boy caught up and heard her. He guffawed. "Moody, you tosser." The boy said and his face became an amazing shade of red.

"We are sorry to have disturbed you ma'am." Moody apologized.

"Hullo mum." Tom said from behind the boys.

"Oh Sweetheart." She said and hugged him.

Tom endured the affection stoically. The older boys left whispering left and right.

"Were they bothering you?" Tom asked as they exited the platform.

"Not at all. Do you know them?" Hermione asked playing dumb.

Tom nodded, "They are Gryffindors, from Minerva's house. They play quidditch. Weasley is half decent or so Minerva says."

Hermione smiled. "How is your friend?" She asked as they walked home. Hermione decided that it would be nice for them to walk for a bit. She placed a feather light charm to Tom's rucksack.

"She is well. A bit frustrated because they won't let her play quidditch still." Tom replied.

"Why not?" You will both be third years next September. What is the big hold up?" Hermione asked.

Tom shrugged, "she is a girl. There are no girls in Gryffindor's team. She's tried out three times already."

"Is she any good?" Hermione asked as they walked.

"Better than any of their current chasers or so I've heard." Tom replied.

Hermione nodded, "I am sure she will get in once she tries again. Maybe, Moody will let her in now that Prewett graduated." Tom said without much care.

"Where is dad?" Tom asked when they arrived home.

"He said something about a haircut." Hermione replied and served herself some water.

Tom sank on the couch. "Are we going anywhere this summer?" He asked.

Hermione had the time to appreciate how tall her boy had grown. He would be taller than her by his fourteenth birthday. "No, your father and I think is best to stay in London this summer."

He nodded, "fine by me. A friend invited me over for dinner." Hermione smiled.

"It would be lovely to see the McGonagalls." She said.

Tom shook his head, "I am visiting another friend. His name is Antonin Dolohov."

Her skin crawled a bit. "Oh how wonderful. Is he younger than you?"

Tom shook his head, "a year older."

Severus interrupted their chat. "Dad." Tom said and went to hug him.

"Good to see you son." Severus sat by her.

"You look a bit peaky." He told her.

Tom spoke before she could. "I was just telling mum that a friend invited me over for dinner sometime."

Severus could tell it was not Minerva, "Who?"

"His name is Antonin Dolohov. I had planned to go later this month. He is going to have a party for his fifteenth birthday. You don't have to come." Tom said honestly.

"Very well." Severus squeezed her hand.

"As long as you come back early." Hermione finished and tried to compose himself.

Tom spent the whole day asking about their work and telling them stories about school. He was again top of his class. Minerva would say that she was top of her class to her parents.

Hermione could not shake the ball of worry that settled on her stomach. It was late at night when she finally got a chance to speak to Severus freely.

"I don't trust that boy." She said.

Severus sighed and replied, "you don't know that boy."

She felt guilty but went to his drawer and took out that blasted diary. They had not checked it since March. Tom wrote from time to time. Sev and her had been worried about what was going through his head.

Tom had been quiet, resigned, and most of the time he had been wary of Dumbledore. He had detailed his homework. Her son was an outliner and a lister; the diary had become a way to keep himself organized. There had been nothing of importance really. Severus and her thought it was normal for Tom to be sad after Bilbo died. He worked through the grief and worked to do other things. Severus had told her that it was a good thing that Tom kept researching the Riddles.

Hermione had obsessed over two lines Tom wrote about looking for his biological father. Severus forbade her to look at the book ever since. She suspected Severus stopped looking after March when she stopped asking him to check.

Hermione opened the book and read over the pages. Homework assignments, deadlines and appointments. Severus pointed to April 20th.

"They may know." It said and then there was a list of events so to speak.

April 20th "Mulciber nodded at me in the morning."

April 21st "Rosier asked me for help with his DADA assignment."

April 23rd "Dolohov introduced himself and invited me to play chess with him and Nott."

The list went on until the end of term. Hermione paced. Severus looked at her and then at the book.

Severus would later say that it was the best idea he ever had. Hermione began to hyperventilate.

Her husband took the mirror diary from her hands. "Enough. He is our son. We are raising him to be a good person. Even if I fucked up. He loves you and will never hurt you. All you have to do is trust that he is going to make good choices. We have to let go a little and trust."

Severus placed the book in the drawer and then flicked his fingers. The drawer caught fire. The book was no more.